Shambhala International’s Bill Karelis: The Tip of the Iceberg

 10/8/21 – “The Daily Camera reports the Boulder County District Attorney’s office filed a motion Wednesday saying the alleged victim has refused to meet with prosecutors “due to trauma from this case.”

Hollywood, filled with misogynists and their enablers, disguised as role models for our youth, accept pedophilia institutionalized in these primitive cults from the 8th century, pretending to be here for peace and harmony. Thank Richard Gere, shown here with his two role model sexual abusers and high Lamas, Gangten Rinpoche and the late Sogyal Rinpoche.

Karelis, 71, was arrested for sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. His alleged victim told investigators that she was assaulted by Karelis multiple times beginning in 2000 when she was 13 years old. Read more at the link below:

I know Karelis.  I took his arrest picture in article above down,  because it is too sorry and sad and sick that for forty-five years, Boulder Colorado, and now Denver D.A.s have let Shambhala International and Naropa University run their towns.  University of Denver’s staff is filled with Naropa cult graduates as staff from this Marxist Tantric College, part of the CCP-Communist network to weaken our country by brainwashing our children and young adults. They have turned the other way to what is really going on in these cults of Lamaist-encouraged sexual abuse in their Boulder, Co.  ‘sister city’ with Lhasa.  They didn’t care for forty-five years, until the quickly highjacked  #metooguru movement forced them to care.  But the Progressive Left,  who don’t care about the sexual abuse of American women, or any women across the world, for that matter, just virtue signal and then shut the whistle-blowers up, both inside and outside their New Religious groups.

What I feared was going to  happen,  but is worse than that,  was  that Bill Karelis will be another ‘scapegoat’ thrown to the crowds, so the institutionalized abuse of the Tantric Shambhala world of Lamaism and Lamas like Trungpa, and Sogyal, and Mipham the No Longer Great, and their sleazy western inner circle of enablers can be protected.   The latter two head Lamas (Sogyal conveniently now dead)  hightailed it to India, or South East Asia, where they could continue to act out their ‘bodhisattva activity.’

Instead, they are now as bold as the New Left Authoritarians  disguised as “liberals’  in our respective Governments to bring about the destruction of another Republic.  none in these two cult groups, Progressive Marxists and Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’,  care they are lying . They are all in a cult of GREEN New Deal groupthink, with narrow-downed minds who believe they are more enlightened than the rest of us poor saps who still care about ethics and the Bill of Rights, and Women’s Rights. Sound familiar?  That is because these Lama cults of undue influence, have made Progressives C.R.A.Z.Y.

of course Everyone knows that Bill Karelis is not innocent!! Do they come forward these cult members of Shambhala? No They Don’t. They are more mind-controlled than  women in Christian polygamist cults. Even they break free and Warren Jeffs is in jail.

Women abused in these Tantric groups will have to get much braver, come forward and go to the police; alone or together. And make these undue  female influencers and enablers in these sexually abusive cults be responsible for the cover-ups.  Since it should be clear, by now, that nothing is going to change unless they do. However, they have been so thought-controlled in these groups, that I doubt it will happen, now.

I am sick of the denial. Sick of the people who are more upset about reporting on this then the sexual abuse itself.  Who call it fake and that those that expose it ‘need help.’

What is really sick, is that Shambhala International just got a big influx of cash from another wealthy donor who always bails them out,  and who thinks protecting their Tantric sexual abuse to continue is more important than protecting young girls and women. This has been going on for decades in this group. And they will carry on, as though there is no truth to the explosion of allegations that have come forward in this window of #me too energy.

If the many dozens of women (hundreds more likely),  who were sexually abused in this group, don’t go to the police?  It will never stop.

The cult leaders, both the far-gone men and women, will just wait until it is over, as they continue to teach mindfulness to pedophiles in prison, with their Prison Program that Bill Karelis was involved with and in “Religious Studies” in Divinity Schools, and write articles for their flagship magazines  to spread their Tantra.

Shambhala Sun Camps, their intensive ‘rites of passage,’ were places where some inner circle meditation instructors, like Bill Karelis, and middle-aged and old men, were teaching the cult’s children about Shambhala Enlightened Society through oral sex and more.  Project Sunshine Report is replete with stories about sexual abuse of dharma brats at Shambhala International’s Sun Camp. 

After grooming this young girl, Karelis, went in for the ‘pederast finale’ when she was thirteen.  Thirteen is still a young girl, for god’s sake! Some males in this Shambhala group have acted out sexually on girls as young as ten years old with no consequences. I will say it again, this needs a Federal Investigation to stop it.  Instead, Rigpa International, of Sogyal egregious abuse fame, will be having another joint ‘mindfulness retreat’  in the Fall of 2019, with Shambhala International leaders and co-directors, to join those Rigpa devotees in Europe.

This is an overarching, interconnected Tantric Cult Net of Shangri-la;  where sexual abuses are ‘blessings” and there is ‘no-good or bad.” Sexual abuse is just a ‘concept’ of delusional minds they were taught; and now believe. They are idiots bringing us this ‘mindfulness revolution.’

Until the institutionalized sexual abuse in these Tantric groups is exposed;  not just chatted about on Buddhist blogs and Facebook groups) sexual abuse and rape of young girls will continue in our country until we are India West. India has been filled with gurus and lamas. Now this Tantric influence is all over our country as women are made more confused, their reasoning faculties dimmed.

What will the Flagship magazines do,  like Lion’s Roar” or like Tricycle who has featured  all the sexually abusive Lamas, old Trungpa cult members, and western teachers of Shambhala International, in article after article since the 1990s; many, many  hundreds of pieces of featured propaganda for this Vajrayana Tantric cult  by this “independent voice of Buddhism”.

Tricycle even sponsored a “Sakyong Mipham/Pema Chodron i.e. Perpetrator-Enabler” month-long mindfulness retreat for Tricycle subscribers.  Thus, spreading the teachings of this sexually abusive cult much wider by actively recruiting for Shambhala International as they have for the last thirty years.

Their spread of Tantric MINDFULNESS and Eastern cult memes have so many western liberals so confused they no longer know the difference between Democratic forms of government and Totalist ideology forms.

Just glue a false label and false narrative over the movement, and people will follow like sheep. The spread of Mindfulness by these Shambhala groups and their magazine enablers is helping to create more sheep, who don’t judge anything, anymore, unless it is YOU who don’t feel and think just like them. It would not be an exaggeration to say Tricycle is the Tibetan Lamas’ and Shambhala International’s public relations arm.

Tricycle, after agreeing with the rest of the Buddhist Establishment Swamp to the temporary sacrifice of these two sexual abusers, Lama Sogyal and  Lama Mipham will continue to have their left-behind cult devotees push their Mindfulness and their “secular Buddhism” and “secular spirituality.” In other words, Tibetan ‘Lamaist Tantra’ in disguise.  In every academic institution, wellness center, grammar school and every government bureaucracy. To become as dumb and numb as their cult devotees. After everyone forgets the news scandals that had such a brief life, thanks to the colluding Left news.

Having these guru-worshiping devotees of Chogyam Trungpa and his son, and the Lama Sogyal Rigpa celebrity enablers, male and female, give online courses and write the articles advocating their  Mindfulness disguised Tantra as Buddhism- the basis and root of all this egregious sexual abuse in these groups- is what is ‘sick.’ It is sickening our Western countries more than we can imagine or know. It is a hidden cause , paired up with the Radical Left and Progressive cult craziness we are seeing in our Western Institutions.

This recent Tricyclebook review article link to X-rated monk  is one of the main, Vajrayana occult Tantric handbooks. It extols the rantings of the sexual exploitation of young women and girls. This was published in Tricycle by a deeply programmed Shambhala devotee and editor at this magazine, AFTER the widespread sexual abuse of women and young girls in Shambhala was revealed:

Tricycle had already taken hold of the storyline after the abuses went public. Suddenly, they were publishing articles about the sexual abuse at Shambhala and at Rigpa, after years of promoting these head Lama sexual abusers and their inner circle Western teachers and enablers  as ‘Buddhist heroes and icons’.  Thus, procuring new membership for the cult.

Tricycle articles could be written about the abuse, after it was mainstream exposed,  as long as the writers  stayed within certain parameters and were composed by still-stuck true believers to the cause of Lamaism, Mindfulness, the Dalai Lama and their Eco-Buddhism, to keep liberal westerners confused. In other articles, the usual Tricycle fare, they simultaneously continued to let Shambhala cult members promote the Lamaist model.

Playing it both ways is the typical double binding, doublespeak, of these Tibetan Lamaist cults to help control  the #metooguru narrative. Double binding/ doublespeak has kept people paralysed from taking action in these Tibetan Lamaist Tantric cults for forty-five years and still counting.

This above book review is a new translation of Chopel’s X-rated work, by the way,  that leaves out those parts about “youth as a requirement. ” Everyone was reading the earlier version, for decades, in Shambhala and other Tibetan Lamaist cult groups; as the author of this article well knows.  This is a strategy of all propagandists:

“A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.” – Wikipedia

The men, who were caught in sexual relationships with young girls, were reading this first edition of this ‘dharma’ book. And others like it:

“Youth is a further requirement which the mudra has to meet. The Maha Siddha Saraha distinguishes five different wisdom consorts on the basis of age: the eight-year-old virgin (kumari); the twelve-year-old salika; the sixteen-year-old siddha, ……. (Chöpel, 1992, p. 135). In addition, he recommends feeding a twelve-year-old honey and sweets before ritual sexual intercourse” (Chöpel, 1992, p. 177). *

*  You can read the full part of the excerpt here and more about how women were seen in Old Tibet and are still viewed inside their sanghas while put in a ‘dakini’ trance:

Notice also that the article about Gedun Chopel’s  “passion practices’ newly translated, (i.e., edited by Donald Lopez, (translator and promoter of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) who teaches at the University of Michigan, where a 2.5 million grant was given by a Chinese Billionaire for “Buddhist” studies is written by this long-in-the-tooth Shambhala cult member, an editor of Tricycle, and a devotee of both the sexually abusive, AIDS-carrying Regent, who  knew the Regent had AIDS and said nothing to us at that 1988 seminary( Thanks Doug! ) and a devotee of   harem-keeping Trungpa.  He emphasizes in his article that  this pedophile Gedun Chopel was an ‘ex-monk.’  This editor/cult member of Trungpa’s sexually abusive group has written many articles for Tricycle over the years. 

This author of the book review also promotes the false narrative  that there is some separation between religion and civilian life in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism!  Or that monks and lamas in Tibetan Lamaism are celibate!

Tibetan high Lamas have never been celibate. Tibetan Tantra is a culture and religion, with no separation between Church and State.  The Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Government in Exile is a fundamentalist medieval, androcentric Theocracy, in case anyone cares to notice. Still controlling every aspect of the Tibetans’ lives as well as the lives of their western Tibetan Lamaist membership, like this Tricycle author/editor; a forty-year member of this cult.

As for the western Tibetology propagandists and the inner circle in these Lamaist groups?   All they care about is spreading Tantra as ‘Buddhist.’  Fooling academia and nailing more female energy down. Every one of them is a misogynist because they know what is the fruition of all these Vajrayana practices. That is why they are attracted to:  an androcentric priesthood that keeps women in their place and under their thumbs.  It’s why they can so easily form an alliance with C-Street Christians who run Washington D.C.  Two sides of the same fundamentalist religions that want to keep women in their place; quiet and obedient and second-class.

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor – recently received this gift of $2.5 million to establish the Khyentse Gendun Chopel Professorship of Tibetan Buddhist Studies named after this Gendun Chopel. This is Dzongsar Khyentse’s way to trick the University into naming a chair after a Tantric pedophile-promoting Lama under a “Buddhist” studies grant. Dzongsar has also declared that this “Tantric Vajrayana view is above Western laws”. The Lamas love to pull the wool over prestigious university professors heads.  It is one of their greatest knee-slapping laughs when they are together:  how easy it is to fool the so-called ‘smartest westerners in the room.”” rel=”nofollow”>

Chopel was commonly read and sold at Tibetan Lamaist bookstores, and particularly at Shambhala Bookstores. And, through the Lamas’ family publishing houses,  like Shambhala Publications and Snow Lion Publications, which have now merged.  Just like all the Lama sects have merged, under the auspices of the CCP of China,  in their quest to spread their medieval Tantric views and practices to make more of the West insane, senseless and crazy. That is the goal.  To make a critical mass of more westerners unable to tell up from down, right from wrong, and whirled further and further into a crazy spin. Promoting views, and their implementation, that will destroy Western civilization, ethics, and women’s rights, over time.

Pedophilia was always ignored in this Shambhala group. They only slapped a hand or sent a pedophile on his merry way if he had no status in the group.

Others, like Bill Karelis, they let continue to teach and expose them to young girls.  How do you think it got this bad so that it was a stinking boil that exploded? This Chopel  is considered a great Dzogchen teacher, by the way. Dzogchen is Tantra, not Buddhism. Men felt encouraged, if they had that disposition, to act upon these ‘higher teachings.”

Did everyone become a pedophile? Of course not. Did too many?  Obviously. And how many that were attracted to Vajrayana Tantra in the first place? We will never know. It is hard to separate the pre-pedophiles from the post-pedophiles in Tibetan Tantra. Many of the men were always on the prowl with very young women.  Some went after ten and twelve-year-old girls. And one pedophile is too many. A dozen or more in a group? That designates it as a sexually abusive cult.

I am sick of the denial like this comment:  “Wow. Your statement “Tibetan Lamaism to ‘aspire’ to this practice with young girls” is such fabrication of the truth, and a lie…including the entire article. Please seek help.”  These censorious scolds can know that Trungpa kept a harem, with one of his ‘wives’ as young as fourteen, but deny that this is sexual abuse of young girls and is being role-modeled and endemic to Shambhala International.

Nothing and I mean nothing, is going to penetrate the thick skulls of these enablers and deniers in these cult groups of Tantra. They believe sexual abuse is just a ‘dualistic concept’. There is no ‘good and bad’for them. They have ‘transcended’ ordinary morals in their Shambhala Kingdom.

So, people can read about it, themselves, about what was in the Karme Choling library of ‘precious dharma books’ that only hint at all this at first, and then are explicit once they have you in a hologram trance. These are the   ‘fruition practices’ of their exploitative Tantra that is based on controlling the female sex from the earliest years.

Anyone who still believes this is just a coincidence, that all these young women are reporting sexual grooming and abuse in this group? Needs de-programming and fast.In India, inundated with Tantra, woman can’t go in the streets alone, and little girls are commonly raped.

Are we going to wait until the epidemic is like India’s?

The dirty secret has hit the global press.’ A protest in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, last week after the gang rape of a eight-year-old girl. Photograph: Reuters

Who needs help are those who do not ask themselves why Tricycle is featuring an article by a die-hard devotee of Vajrayana Tantra, right after the ubiquitous sexual abuse of girls and young women in Shambhala was exposed? While pretending to be exposing the sexual abuse in Shambhala and Rigpa? Or why Tricycle continues to feature online courses from the worst of the sexual abuse enablers in these Tibetan Buddhists sanghas?

This is a vast network of cover-up that will do everything in its power to protect their businesses; their ‘mindfulness consortiums;  their advertising revenue for the occult and misogynistic religious medieval practices and beliefs that depend on Tantra’s network of perpetrators and enablers and those kept in permanent double binds: the vast group of cult-mind controlled devotees, who buy the  ‘dharma’ books,  the ritual Tantric paraphernalia, attend the expensive Lamaist seminaries and retreats on mindfulness and  download all their mindfulness apps, to keep women and men as dumbed-down and UNWOKE as they can,  before the Hard Left takes over every State of the Union.

Buddhism is China’s soft power in the West. Vajrayana Tantra sells: it is soft porn for Buddhists,  a road map for pedophiles, and a  disaster for females and little girls.

Yet, here is the Buddhist Action Coalition in NYC, swamped by Tibetan Lamaism and Shambhala groups, “dedicated to bringing Buddhist morals and values into action” and claiming the ‘attacks’ by the current administration are redefining the ‘Violence Against Women Act” and that only they can get to “the roots of misogyny, that of a culture borne out of a mindset driven by power and greed, where women and whole groups of people are objectified  and commodified.” Yet, these same groups are in total denial about being surrounded by the institutionalized sexual abuse of women in their medieval Buddhist cults.

There is truly no deeper ignorance among women than in these Buddhist groups now; now that Tantra has infused their mindsets with a group herd-mentality and lobotomized their reasoning minds. Remember, these are the people that brag about how much mindfulness they do in groups. As they declare:”We Buddhists are made for these times. We get up and show up under all circumstances. We have the training, we sit, walk do work practice” referring to their mindfulness-soaked herd activity in their Tantric cult groups.

They are right,  they are made for these insane times, where truth is now lies, and denial and hate-filled mongering against all free speech and individual-thinking are considered a form of moral superiority. Never have western women been so totally brainwashed into destroying their own freedoms while embracing the most patriarchal and misogynistic of cult religions in our midst, as the answer to all misogyny in the world.  I can hear those Tibetan Lamas laughing amongst themselves in China.

Buddhist Women’s March 2019 in New York City Protesting Sexual Abuse

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S. ©

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