The Green New Deal, the United Nations and Mindfulness

Green New Deal, Mindfulness and Open Borders are part of the Utopian Dream of  Tantric New-Agers and Western Tibetan Buddhists,  and a vocal part of the United Nations since Alice Bailey and Woodrow Wilson days; the First Progressives at the turn of the Century clamored  for World Citizenship. The Theosophists (first Progressives) channelled Tibetan Lamas for Advice. Then, they brought them to the West. 

Mindfulness has spread to make a significant portion of the American population, starting with women, as confused, over time, as those of us in these Tibetan Lamaist cults; where it all began.

Mindfulness eventually makes people NOT more awake and aware,  as it becomes another addiction to create a spiritualized bubble wherein one loses the ability to access common sense and survival skills.

Like this yoga instructor who walked into a forest in Hawaii and got disoriented and lost for two weeks after stopping to ”mindfully”  meditate.

It is disastrous when tied into a Marxist  political ideology since it separates people from \their reason and healthy discernment, over time, and creates a Double-Whammy GROUP THINK.

Tim Ryan got lost once he started following his Tantric Guru, Lama Tsoknyi, and the mindfulness trap these medieval clerics promote and he now believes would improve the United States.   How’s that been going Tim?  Over the last 10 years?  That’s generally the trajectory of what happens to people who start doing this form of meditation too much and become part of its groupthink. They become oblivious to the dangers all around them, while virtue-signaling  and ignoring real suffering as ‘just an illusion.’

This is NOT a good idea. Tim Ryan. You are following Sexually Abusive/Enabling Tibetan Lamas and their Inner Circles. Wake UP, Dummy! You are a Manchurian candidate.

Tim Ryan, was another  Presidential candidate, pretending to run as a Moderate Liberal ( I hear he is running, again)  like many of the Democrat candidates pretended to do in 2016, and will again.  He hangs out with Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  a Tibetan Lama, who tells his students he is the third incarnation from a lineage due to the copulation of a deity and a human. Tim and Tsoknyi attend Progressive  Eco-Globalist events together pushing their Climate Change Hoax on the world.

Tim Ryan is a real-life Manchurian Candidate for President. He dropped out of the 2016 race. But his Team Left Globalist Progressives,   and he, continue their ruse on the American people.

His Lama Tsoknyi, by the way, besides pushing Climate Change as the new “secular religion,” has his students prostrate to him as a ‘living Buddha’  in both China and the United States.  Tim Ryan has helped Tsoknyi Rinpoche pretend he is a Westernized Lama, instead of another deceptive, medieval guru with ties to Communist China, who narcissistically demands adoration and suspension of all reason to be one of his close students. As all the Tibetan Lamas do.

These Progressives of the Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley types, or the Divine Narcissism of Spiritualized (i.e. occult) New-Ager  “Christianity” of another presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson,  are part of a  formal Spiritual Alliance and have been espousing the Green New Deal and the Global Warming Catastrophe-Mongering, for decades.

Why do you think mainstream news  promoted her, and gave her national and international coverage? This spiritual con artist and fear-mongering, pretender of Peace and Love, who is widening her net to the Black Population?  Since Oprah endorsed her?  With reparation talk.   This is Oprah’s surrogate so she doesn’t have to run and can luxuriate in her billions she made, off her New Age persona and influential media platforms to separate African Americans from their Christian faiths. Promising them free things.

Democrats always promise free things to get you to vote for them, again. Only this woman is not a Democrat; she is a  New Age spiritual huckster who has helped bring real dark forces to our nation for decades to topple traditional Christianity, first and foremost, since it is the foundation of our American experiment.  And of individual responsibility, our ethics and values,  and our equal rights, that are being eroded by these shadow forces coming in the name of ‘peace and love.’

These spiritual con-artists  have always had this eighth-century medieval-thinking of  androcentric cult lamas, as their advisers and  ‘credentialing.’   And, wealthy elites bankrolling them.  Marianne was the protege of Barbara Marx Hubbard whose channeling of her version of Jesus Christ produced totalitarian messages:

“The New Age avatars proclaim their commitment to democracy and tolerance. However, they propose totalitarian solutions to mankind’s problems. The sacrifice of freedom and the acceptance of unlimited government power will be for our own good; necessity will be the excuse of tyrants. The New Age movement uses the theory of evolution — a theory of inevitable and desirable Progress — as a justification for whatever policies are needed to drive humanity and the planet to the next great leap upward.”

This is Christianity influenced by eastern cult spirituality that Marianne Williamson is promoting and we have watched as it has tried to destroy our values and ethics over the last forty or so years.  Don’t be fooled!  These are the “Dark Forces’ brought to us by people like Marianne Williamson.  She has been groomed by the wealthy and crazy elite from California and by Oprah, Goddess of  New Age, for the last forty-plus years.  Who also promoted the sexually abusive Tantric cult of Pema Chodron.  Black people have to stop listening to Progressive Oprah. she has kept them enslaved while she is a billionaire.

Can anyone be more naive and dangerous than these Progressives? These are the people in major political positions in our Democratic Party. Who have been programmed to hate their own country and want to turn it into Venezuela. They are a delusional “team” of World Citizen Proponents, hooked up with the Radical Left and Eastern New Age Cults to scare us into crippling carbon taxes, and the Green New Deal to bankrupt America.

That is why, despite CNN and MSNBC and the DNC-  the Globalist Triumvirate Corporate Conglomerate-  trying to make this bunch seem like  ‘such a diverse group,’  of Democratic candidates,  they all sound the same.

Those of us, not in a cult state of mind, can see that they are all on the same page.  Some want this Orwellian nightmare now, and some want to slow-walk it a little bit more, to boil us like lobsters in a big pot. And, at least three candidates running for President in 2016 were Dalai Lama Tantric groupies. Not to mention the Speaker of the House, Pelosi,  of the now lunatic Democratic party. The Dalai Lama is the despotic current head of the longest-lasting, permanent slave and serf society who is still keeping his Tibetan people under his thumbs and now with the help of China. That should scare everyone.

Tim Ryan’s Lama, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, for example,  is one of the most steeped in medieval occult Tantra. I studied with this Lama for ten of the thirty years I was a western Tibetan Buddhist. He was always putting our country down. He would smirk and laugh at anyone that demonstrated logical and reason-based thinking. Taught us this was an obstacle to our enlightenment.   Tantric Guru-worshiping teachings eschew reason.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche is what left me disgusted with the hypocrisy of all these lamas. He was one of the worst. He was very successful with politicians and old liberal lady psychotherapists from California. It is one of the reasons no one is looking out for Californian citizens anymore as it turned into a one-party system. Same with New York. These Tantric influences have permeated that city. 

Tsoknyi Rinpoche also protected and enabled the notorious Sogyal Rinpoche, his pal, and egregious sexual abuser Lama,  for thirty years; so Lama Sogyal could continue his biting and kicking and sexually exploiting his students, particularly those in his illegal harems in the West.

After  fooling us with his Dzogchen ruse, that Tsoknyi  claimed was different than Tantric Buddhism, within a few years Tsoknyi had most of his students prostrating to him as another ‘living Buddha’ and giving him  money for Tibetan nuns, much of it illegally put in the pocket of his brother, Mingyur Rinpoche, China’s favorite lama,  to start his Mingyur centers in Minnesota to make that state crazy; who soon started filling our Congress with Anti-western women who are the Race-Mongering harridan squad in our United States Congress.

The spread of Tantra causes chaos. ALWAYS.

“RACISM, RACISM, RACISM”  and White Supremacy is their last attempt to topple the American Government and turn us into a socialist nation.  The plan of these Communist-loving Progressives, all along.

I also studied with the late Khyentse Rinpoche, Sam Harris’ s  new Tibetan  Lama.  You know, the celebrity neuro-psychologist and another Mindfulness purveyor, who presents himself as a rationalist and atheist?

Related image

Sam Harris is another change agent for the Lamaist hierarchy with a deer-in-the-headlights look;  if you look closely.  His newest Lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche is dead, ( for Tibetan Buddhists, Lamas never die, they live somewhere beyond time and space)  and was from the most occult Lamaist lineage of the Nyingmapa sect; the most irrational and superstitious and most mixed with the ancient Bon Tibetan indigenous shamanic religion.

 This is NOT a rational religion. It is a fundamentalist cult of obedient western devotees and a religious part of the Green New Deal. They will vote for anything their cult group tells them to vote for. They have taken vows to obey their gurus in all things. They hide their explosive numbers by checking off  ‘no religion’ on demographic surveys, like the Census.

Since there are millions of Western Buddhists in the United States,  who check “no religion” on demographic polls, but have now been influenced by  Tibetan Lamas, and Hindu Eastern Tantric yoga, and millions more by their mindfulness commodity, this is a hidden factor in the fundamentalist raving Lunacy that has struck the Democratic Party.

These are the ‘spiritually connected luminaries’ that is what they call themselves and they are here to topple Judeo-Christian traditional values, ethics,  and its connection with national sovereignty to implement their delusional Utopian World Citizen goals.

Like all Utopian movements of the Left or the Right in our recent history, they are openly supporting anti-Semitic rants from Radical Left Congresswomen while calling anyone, who rejects these tropes,  and their fundamental anti-Semitism AND  anti-Americanism,  as “RACIST.”

Progressive Democrats are embracing two medieval cults now: Islamic Fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas variety and Tibetan  Fundamentalist Lamas and their allied Hindu Gurus;  all groups here to nail female energy down. It is schizoid and crazy to have a #MeToo Movement and have harem-keeping, favorite religious cults that are riddled with misogyny,  Pedophiles and Sex Grooming of Children.  But THAT is exactly what occurred in Washington D.C. after these medieval, misogynistic  groups infiltrated.     Gaia Faux-Feminism and Egregious Sexual Abuse go together.

Mr. McMindfulness  has a new  Hindu Tantric Guru:  Neem Karoli Baba. Guru-followers share Utopian delusions with the political cult of Utopian Marxism that also relies on a  Western, educated class; who continue to push Collectivism as the answer. Even though every implementation of their political religion has resulted in millions and millions of deaths. Not to mention the Anti-Semitism growing again in its ranks.  They never learn.  This is a political cult, the Radical left.  A Political cult that has embraced two religious medieval cults in their quest.

The Shambhala Delegation to the Buddhist Leaders Conference and White House Briefing in the Briefing Auditorium at the WH

“Shambhala Visits the White House” 2014.

Obama’s White House, that is.  Obama, whose mother was a cult member of SUBUD when Obama was an impressionable child in Indonesia.  SUBUD was one of twenty-five World Citizen Cults in Crestone, Colorado, when I lived there. They were very busy repressing our free speech. They, like Obama, were big on the Green New Deal, and a more empowered United Nations, now inundated with misogynistic nations and medieval cultures; all given an equal vote.  U.N. Peacekeepers are now raping women and girls.

The headline under the picture above should be ‘Sexually Abusive Tantric Cult, Shambhala, Visits the Whitehouse” and promises to get all Buddhists to vote for the Green New Deal. 

That would be an easy thing to promise.  Since their groups always do what they are told.

Speaking of Ms. Green New Deal, AOC the actress, she wants to get very rich. Capitalism for her and Collectivism for everyone else.  Like her mentor, Bernie.  Who is now a millionaire.  That’s what the Green New Deal will mean.  Power and money for the Leaders of this movement, and very little for everyone else.

I also thought Christine Blasey Ford was not telling the truth.    Or I should say lying to herself and being a ‘good little girl’ for her radical Left handlers; now synonymous with the Democratic Party.   I used to detect when people were lying about sexual abuse accusations.  That was my job. To discern what was sexual abuse or false testimonies.  She had an odd,  emotional affect. Her body language was schizoid. She would appear a good little girl;  and then be professorial;  as her whole demeanor would change, in a flash.   She seemed like someone in a fugue and compartmentalized state. Something definitely happened to her,  I believe, but it was when she was a much younger child.   Sexual abuse victims can often be used and exploited again if they have never dealt with the original trauma.

Or worse,  she knew exactly what she was doing.   That could equally be true.  I just think she was spending too much time at Stanford  University;  a hotbed of third wave ‘pseudo-feminists’  under Tantric and Mindfulness Influences   

One of Ford’s research projects at Stanford was on Mindfulness.

Tim Ryan,  Marianne Williamson, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarett, Sam Harris, Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  and the Lamas’  inner circles of many thousands of western Tibetan Buddhists and Hindu Guru followers, as well as other Buddhist sects they have fooled,  are a big part of the Green New Deal, Lamas, and Mindfulness.

Long-term reasoning abilities are affected by too much Mindfulness and hanging out with Tibetan Lamas.  Like this bunch below:

The Land Baron’s and Wife’s Green New Deal

All the Throne Dwellers Gathered Together ant their
Justin Trudeau sitting next to Hanne Strong to his right ( pictured left) at a Canadian event honoring the Land Baron and Creator of the Green New Deal, the Late Maurice Strong

The Green New Deal and Lamas has been intimately connected with: China’s Communist Government’s United Front Work Department of the CPC the Mindfulness Movement; Tiny Houses, the end of fossil fuels, the end of national sovereignty and national boundaries.

Maurice Strong was China’s weapon in Canada and the United States.  He was the architect of the Green New Deal and the Climate Change Hoax.   A long-time Socialist, Malthusian and friend of China,  like George Soros,  he had the same goal: to destroy the ‘affluent middle-class’ (always an impediment to Communist  Dictatorships)  by taxing it to death. which is what the Green New Deal will do.  It is what Old Tibet did.  For a thousand years.  That’s how hard it is to get rid of them. Mao got rid of them by sending them West. Now, Xi has brought them back to Chinese-speaking countries with growing democracies and a middle-class,  given what success they had in putting Western liberals to sleep.

It will start with the West’s small entrepreneurial class and working people whose wages will be depressed to levels worse than before;  by taxing them to death for the Progressive agenda and the Green New Deal, so wealthy corporations can make fortunes on the Carbon Index Tax Commodities Platform and create Open Borders to bring third world populations grateful to work for lower wages and wipe out the American middle-class.

It is the attempt to blame the United States and  Western civilization for everything wrong in the world.  And to come to hate itself. Its goal is to end national boundaries and create  Continental Regions out of our sovereign nations, who will eventually be under the  World Government Directorate of the United Nations.  These are crazy Utopians who have been running the United Nations, behind the scenes, and who have the goal of destroying our Representative Democracies to impose their Utopian Communitarian Socialist dream.   We are watching it unfold before our eyes.

This has been the plan of a vocal and influential constituency in the United Nations since the Progressive  Woodrow Wilson, Vice President Henry Wallace,  and Alice Bailey days.  The latter two were Theosophists who believed in spiritually channeling Tibetan Lamas for advice. Now their twenty-first century Progressives physically go to these occult Tibetan priests for counsel.

No wonder the Democrats are acting crazy. That is what Tantra does. Makes people eventually crazy and stupefied; no longer knowing right from wrong. Or lies from the truth. Letting lies from their own lips cascade without knowledge or regret. And it always comes in disguise, this Tantra. To recruit and spread.

These are dangerous cults in our midst;  tied up with the craziest form of Utopian Marxism. It has been so since Bolshevik days. Rasputin was influenced by Tantric Lamaism. Yet, so was Himmler.  So was the Chilean dictator, Serrano, who greeted the Dalai Lama at the Indian border during his ‘escape’ in his Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ robes. Dictators and those with a Totalitarian bent, like the New Left Democrats, love Lamaism as their religion.

The Green New Deal and Mindfulness are the new, World Secular Religious view and its practices; practices  based on a World Buddhism that the Buddha never taught but Communist China is behind; the world’s heaviest polluter. Climate Change policies are not required of them. Nor of India, the next biggest polluter where gurus reign supreme and misogyny still thrives.  The United States of America must be destroyed and women must be made irrational,  for this new religious totalitarian movement to succeed.  And the Indian and Tibetan Tantric influences, supported by China, are going to see to that.

Because that is what the Green New Deal means: a neo-feudal world and the end of civilization as we know it. That is the plan.

This Green New Deal is a Malthusian plan by the billionaire Utopians amongst us, who,  for population redistribution and land control use ( ‘stack em and pack em’) have hooked up with the craziest of the Progressive millionaire class; and this has nothing to do with the environment. Nothing. That is why Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, said this Green New Deal would be the end of civilization.   I would imagine he witnessed Hanne and Maurice Strong hijack the real environmental movement he started.

Agenda 2030 goes by the ‘Green New Deal’ label to keep Millennials happy, making it sound like a ‘for the people’ deal, when it is the absolute opposite.  These are fanatic Utopians who are filled with hubris and are bullies if they don’t get their way. We have been here before. Anti-semitism is the usual red flag that we are headed in a Totalistic direction with the usual scapegoat throughout modern history.

Mark Zuckerberg is on Board. Prince Charles and Prince Harry and Meagan Markle are  on board. The Marxist Pope Francis is on Board. Most of Hollywood Goebbels is on board. So is Hanne Strong’s  Chinese Government and its Eco-Karmapa slated to take Dalai Lama’s place, now on board.

These Tibetan Lamas all work together and are supported by the New Eco-Spiritualized Corporatism of Big Tech, Big Censorship of Free Speech, BIG MIND.  As they all imagine what a great thing a  Future World Buddhism would be. As it makes people so easily controlled when under the State Religion.

Think Pol Pot. Or, Imperial Japan. Or, shudder, Old Tibet.

Copyright Christine A. Chandler © 2021

Published by

Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

75 thoughts on “The Green New Deal, the United Nations and Mindfulness”

  1. Truly being aware is not “mindful” states of non-existence but being aware of how the world really is-the horror that is life. I despise Buddhism, I try to live as non-Buddhist as possible, but “All life is suffering” is very true. Life is a horror. And humans are extremely skilled at distracting theirselves from the horror of their existence with religions like Buddhism, and things like meditation, mindfulness, prayer, yoga, etc. This “mindfulness” thing is used by aggressive individuals to control the herd, by convincing them of nonsense like “higher consciousness” and that their suffering is caused by “ego” despite the fact that ironically Buddha himself said all life is suffering! “Mindfulness” is really unmindfulness, drug-like states of non-existence.

    1. ****  In 1960, H.H. J.D. Sakya was invited to work on a University of WA research project on Tibetan civilization which was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. At the request of students, he co-founded with H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche the Sakya Tegchen Choling, a center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. In 1984, the center became the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism.  ****”

  2. From:

    “I call it repackaged Buddhism for western primates. Basically, everything about the natural world is denied. In spite of the Buddha’s admission that “all life is suffering” the denial of consciousness through redirection (spiritual bypassing) is collectively chronic in the metaphysical community.

    So why are humans drawn to such reality denying memes? One could say its simply our native wonderment and curiosity. Sure, that’s a given, but IRRATIONAL belief systems primarily focused on denying reality are pointing to, by their very definitions, deeper issues. I call it Subjective Escapism.

    For starters, let’s consider the effects of generational child abuse. Rather than deal with one’s real-life-story and the painful memories that haunt one’s present moment, its far easier to enter into a belief system that denies reality altogether. In this way, the solutions to life’s problems are instantly resolved complete with a villain such as the Archons, reptilians, karma, secret government etc (check David Icke). Sure, there’s conspiracies and a trickle down effect from the billionaire alpha monkeys at the top of the food chain, but one cannot escape from the immediate danger—that being—the unconscious energies rooted in childhood.

    Spiritual dreamers want to ASCEND from this fallen physical illusion and find relief from the abyss. Who wants to enter the cave and meet their father (Luke Skywalker)? Who wants to confront the blasphemous Dweller on the Threshold?

    Luckily, Hollywood provides an out for the passive aggressive human beast through its movies. Love peddling dreamers from all walks of life studiously watch acts of violence in sci-fi’s such as The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. And why is this an appetite for humans? Because humans are born killers. Whether they kill in war or attack over an idea, humans are especially talented at dominating their perceived enemies. And nowhere else does this ugly dragon show its talons than in religion and spirituality when their precious belief system has been challenged.”

    Interesting perspective on Buddhism being used as an escape mechanism and legitimization of life despite Buddha himself saying that all life is suffering. These “lamas” more follow that fat guy that starved a lot of people instead of who their religion is named after.

    Unspirituality has an excellent video on Buddhist violence and he even references your book:

    1. Re: Nick… I agree with most of your comment but for the love of all things PURE do not check David Icke! He is a piece of shit controlled opposition in the same league as Alex Jones and corporate feminist Gloria steinum etc…etc… Pay attention to the ones who died…like William Cooper’s book “Behold a pale horse” and his videos lectures on you tube,. . basically all the whistleblowers who were murdered are the ones who had something to say don’t fall for their cronies. Ex CIA agent Ted Gundersun who bravely spoke out… murdered. Etc…etc…

  3. Hi, Chris:

    It’s not that democrats and the left are fascists by choice; it’s more like they are fascists by trickery, just like you and I were tricked by Tibetan Buddhism, and just like you and I have been tricked by every damn thing in our whole life, just like everyone else. Human beings are very trusting; that is our primary fault in my opinion. The left has good intentions, but then the masters of manipulation come along who are always VERY interested in coopting the left, and they start tricking us, and we’re too stupid to know it. In fact, due to human psychology, we then claim that their ideas are our own ideas. We can’t stand to think that we’ve been tricked. No, no one every controls us — that’s other people!

    Take for example the Deep Ecology movement, which is rife with white-light nutcases (unlike “Social” Ecology which was its predecessor and much more democratic and social). What left person wouldn’t be attracted to a movement that has the word “ecology” in it? The trick is in the word “Deep.” Who could imagine that it would be filled with fascists promoting anti-semitism, anti-science, authoritarianism, irrationality, “overpopulation,” mind-control, nihilism, mysticism, one-world-order, German volkishness, and the idea that all beings, including the small-pox virus, are equal. And that we are all equal in causing the ecological damage of the planet, instead of the truth which is it is capitalism that has done the damage, admittedly with the approval of all of us dumb people. Who knows anything about what “fascism” really is, or what Nazi philosophy, for that matter, was all about? Most people think the Germans acted out World War II because of the limitations of the Versailles Agreement, when, in fact, it was a political war waged by the “conservative revolution” going back to the Congress of Vienna, against socialists and communists, who happened to be a lot of Jews due to historical repression in Russia.

    All these tricks are hidden “deep” in philosophy, and who looks at philosophy? It’s a completely intimidating and stupid subject which is however the most important subject in the world. I hate it, but it is my primary subject of interest. All the CIA guys are experts in philosophy. Look it up.

    Here’s another example: Freda Bedi, who was single-handedly responsible for bringing the fascist Tibetan lamas to the West, with the secret help, of course, of the theosophists, the UN, and the CIA (I can talk more about that later). All her biographers want to paint her as a “socialist” and a “communist,” when she was nothing of the kind. Unless, of course, it’s the George Bernard Shaw kind of “unsocial socialist.” What did he say? — something like the only kind of socialism worth anything was eugenics? What kind of socialist, or communist, worships authority and religious oppression? No, Freda Bedi INFILTRATED the socialist and communist organizations wherever she went, so she could report back to her handlers what she found out. Shes totally threw under the bus her good friend Sheikh Abdullah who was a real communist just because he wanted to hold an election, to let the largely Muslim population in Kashmir decide whether they wanted to be part of Pakistan or India.

    She was a very, very highly placed person, despite her lowly appearance. And the last thing in the world her biographers want us to know is that she was a nut-case theosophist and probably, an intelligence agent. Oh, yeah, those theosophical guys and girls were involved in revolution, but not for a socialist, or communist reason as we understand those words today. Of course, what the hell does “socialism” or “communism” mean. It depends on who you talk to. When Diego and Frida Kahlo were communists, even though they praised Stalin and Lenin and Trotsky, they didn’t know what those guys were up to, because if they did, they wouldn’t have approved. Most regular people in the early 1900s who got behind the socialist and communist causes just wanted to have a society that was democratic, fair and equal. But there were definitely “communists” who wanted to take everyone’s freedoms away, for sure, and those would have definitely included the theosophists. Meanwhile, they want us lefties to identify Freda Bedi as one of us, which would make us think that religion and the authoritarianism of the Tibetan lamas is part of the leftie plan.

    The right-wingers are similarly tricked about things they value.

    Two of my favorite articles on this subject are “The Dark Side of Political Ecology,” by Peter Zegers, and “Will Ecology Become ‘the Dismal Science’?”, by Murray Bookchin.

    1. Dear Tara, I will check out those articles. I also suggest Peter Staudenmaier and Janet Biehl’s Eco-Fascism Revisited: Lessons from the German Experience is an excellent read on how the same components (and they didn’t have the Green New Deal yet to observe) have comes to fruition, again; prevalent in particularly the United States.

      The Freda Bedi connections with Trungpa Rinpoche ‘immediately’ is very interesting. Sogyal Rinpoche is on tape in Lerab Ling France, thanking “Theosophy for bringing Tibetan Buddism to our country.”

      Here is the FMPT website, the site of Lama Zopa and Lama Yeshe, two of the most fundamentalists lamas, promoting Freda Bedi as a ‘feminist and revolutionary’ to fool Millenials and make them believe that Lamaism is feminist.

      These lamas have very expensive Public Relations and Marketing people. They can afford it with the billions we gave them for their bogus ‘Free Tibet’. When they were here to enslave us.

      And lest we forget the Unitarian Church, a so-called Christian Church that is really a front for Theosophists who are anti-Christians. The Deep State has its ‘ cult religious’ arm who are experts in infiltration by deception.

  4. It seems “enlightenment” and “higher consciousness” are both merely what James Kent called “invisible carrots” in one of his DoseNation podcasts. Most of human history has been the pursuit of invisible carrots, dualistic bullshit like “enlightenment” and “heaven” and so on. I have to wonder if humanity wasn’t so susceptible to that kind of stuff would we be conquering the stars or would we be in brutal primitivity? That’s an interesting philosophical argument you can have although one thing to note is that countries that have secular values do far better than those with dualism, compare places like Norway and Japan to the Middle East for instance. Western Europe was doing pretty good until the democracy-hating, warlord-worshipping Muslims invaded and the European people were targeted with psychological warfare that gaslighted any criticism of Islam.

    Christine, while I overall very much dislike Buddhism I do think that “All life is suffering” is something you can really chew on. I certainly won’t force anyone to exist at least until humanity gets their shit together. Is there anything from Buddhism you find is profound and useful?

    1. Dear Nick:

      Yes, I still find the original Buddha’s teachings profound, ie., that there is suffering and much of it is caused by our attachment to impermanent things. However, the Vajrayana destroys Western ethics and it is probably my Catholic upbringing that gave me a deeper sense of ethics and NOT the Vajrayana which tried to destroy what my Judeo-Christian values were about with its amoral, ‘no good, no bad’ teachings.

      I will say that studying and trying to live the eight-fold path during my month-long Hinayana (dathun) retreat (which the Vajrayana considers the ‘lesser path’) did give me a deep sense of Buddhist ethics which are surely helpful to traditional Buddhists around the world.

      My experience with Tibetan Lamaism which I do not consider Buddhism as taught by the Buddha, but a distorted mixed Bon/Lamaism that uses Hinayana and the Mahayana to seduce and continue to fool western Tibetan Buddhists and keeps them in line: passive and obedient Which is also true of the other yanas when they are used as the religion of the State. Buddhism does not mix well with democracies. For totalitarian governments and dictatorships, it is perfect. That is why unscrupulous politicians throughout history have used the Buddhist teachings as their religion of the State to quell and control their populations.

      That is why I believe the Green New Deal is so heavily connected to the Tibetan Lamaist mix. Think about this, Nancy Pelosi, the head of the Democratic party (who is now acting the same as the members of Tibetan Buddhist sects, i.e., cult-like and intolerant) attends Tantric Tara empowerments with the Dalai Lama and goes to this former slave-owner for advice, who is still keeping his Tibetan people enthralled, thanks to politicians like her. She then displays her ‘Ash Sunday” ashes to pretend she is Catholic and cares about Christians, and doesn’t excoriate the anti-Semitism from those Islamic radicals in our Congress, who hate our country and want Sharia Law to permeate our culture while declaring she is a feminist. This is a profound level of confusion, that her connections with the Vajrayana and the Dalai Lama’s hidden ambitions are contributing to, in my view, and no one even notices that she is being made insane and helping spread this insanity in the House of Representatives, that is now filled with hate and power revenge and wants to take down a sitting President. She is actually helping destroy the fabric of ethics and values in our country. While acting like the most morally superior leader. Gee, who does that remind us of? Western Tibetan Buddhist inner circle cult members who took vows to do the same thing for their gurus?

      Causes and conditions, i.e., Alinskyite infiltration of Communism by stealth into our academia, our Congress, and Tibetan Lamas now deeply allied with Communist China and who have infiltrated into our governing bodies advising the leader of the Democratic Party. Throw in Pan Hinduism, an Islamic civilization jihad, and an influx of new third-world immigrants who don’t respect our country, don’t understand democracies, and how they work, but want the benefits but do not assimilate, along with the breakdown of traditional family values and the rejection of traditional religion and its values; these are things that have come together to cause this craziness, I believe. This is chaos to destroy a democratic representative county. Tantra creates chaos. Before the hammer comes down.

      The good thing is, I took to heart the teachings on ‘impermanence’ and what comes together can and will fall apart.

      1. I do think that Buddhism is popular as a state religion because it makes people docile. I do admire the polite and secular Japanese people but their politeness and work ethics originated from the brutal Buddhist theocracy that gaslighted the people by calling them “unenlightened.” When it comes to religions, Buddhism is a trickster rabbit, Christianity is a lecherous snake, and Islam is a ferocious beast. And Hinduism is whatever monster that super superstitious thing is. Growing up with secular values, I do agree that Judeo-Christian moral values are better than Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism, but even they have disturbing things like homophobia and superstition. While the Western people have the right to be pissed at Christianity and they have the right to criticize it, we must also recognize that religion as a whole is a history of bloodshed and superstition and things like Islam and Buddhism are even worse.

        Looking at the psychological warfare being waged on the Western people, the forced Islamic immigration and demonization of democracy, clearly these lamas have a “solution” by luring people into their mind control cult. It seems before they started advocating Islam, the Nazistic elitist groups were interested in subverting the American people with Buddhism, and subvert the American people they did. Make them unable to think with meditation and demonize their own people. The deadly anti-democratic cocktail of Islam, Buddhism, and socialism is being thrust on the West by Nazistic elitists, these elites demonize their own people and use things like Islam and Buddhism to turn them into violent animals. And they also use Islamic immigration to systemically replace the American and European people with muslims that hate democracy and freedom.

        I can guaran-fucking-tee you that if this was the early 1900s, instead of the psychological warfare going on, Americans and Europeans would systemically be put in concentration camps. I am not fucking joking. These people behind the Muslim immigration are the same people behind concentration camps. And the useful idiots to them, those who say Islam is so peaceful, they’re the same people who a hundred and fifty years ago would defend slavery. I am completely serious about this. If these elites wage psychological warfare and systemically replace their own people, you don’t think they wouldn’t just put them in ovens if this was the early 1900s where elites were a little more direct?

    1. Things like being kind and donating to others and so on. I’m not a fan of Christianity but at least it doesn’t turn people into self-centered narcissists like Buddhism.

    1. Justice? A sense of right and wrong? Holding these egregious sexual abusers of Tibetan Tantra Lamaism individually responsible for what they have done? The Catholic Church’s ordinary parishioners didn’t have their sense of right and wrong and justice brainwashed out of them. They went after them with all they had.

      1. I think maybe why Buddhist sexual abuse is virtually unknown to the public is because it makes people docile and obedient. People get so brainwashed they think the abuse is a “test or “training” or “karma” or other nonsense. Also the extreme abstinence from perfectly natural desires seems to turn people into narcissists.

        1. Succinct explanation. I agree. I call it the religion of “Divine Narcissism.’ That is what is being perfected inside these groups with once-ordinary citizens who had natural kindness and sane values.

  5. I came across this quote from an FBI cointelpro document I just read that is relevant to our discussion here. It’s from a 1970 memo and says:

    “BAI [Bay Area Institute, a so-called “radical” think tank] has concentrated its efforts in the ecology area. The issue of ecology, for all practical purposes, has replaced the war as the major organizing tool for the left wing movement. Although the interjection of the Cambodian situation precluded a full swing to the ecology effort during the beginning of 1970, it is anticipated that in the near future ecology will become the most sophisticated anti-industrial effort by the left yet devised. It is not then by accident that leadership personalities in the ecology movement have long distinguished themselves in anti-establishment efforts and have been associated with movement activities that are antagonistic to our national security.”

    This memo was also sent to the USIS, CIA, and the State Department. That shows you how important ecology is to status-quo factions within our government. Of course! So what the totalitarians needed was a “Deep” Ecology that emphasizes paganism and Buddhist self-awareness instead of anti-industrial, anti-establishment politics. Deep Ecology really has nothing to do with ecology.

    So for people who want to do real ecology, they should make sure that whatever they’re doing is anti-industrial and anti-establishment, and scientific and ethical as well, and not religious. Then they’ll be on the right track, and won’t get fooled by our enemies. Enemies like Joanna Macy, whose husband worked for The Company, who also assisted Freda Bedi in her efforts to groom the Tibetan elite for their assault on Western reason and justice.

    1. Tara: The “Bay Area” western Tibetan Buddhists were heavily involved in Crestone, Colorado. They were the administrative inner circle for Tsoknyi Rinpoche, best pal of Sogyal Rinpoche, and brother of Mingyur Rinpoche who, along with Thrangu Rinpoche, trained the Chinese Communist Party’s Eco-Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley, to become a Vajra Master to take the Dalai Lama’s place. Here is Nancy Pelosi with the Communist Party’s Lama, celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday:

      Yes, Deep Ecology has nothing to do with ecology. It is why the Bay Area is doing nothing about the ecological mess that is resulting from sanctuary ‘tent’ cities where people are trashing and shitting on the streets, causing not only an ecological nightmare but a public health crisis.

      The Bay Area was one of the first areas to come under Agenda 21. The deep ecology “Green New Deal.” What the progressives labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’ so no one would protest what this Collectivist movement by stealth, through unelected City Planning Committees and New Left Mayors, using controlled ‘consensus’ tactics to get the citizens in line, was doing to their cities. See Rosa Koire “Behind the Green Mask.’

      This is an older video before the Green New Deal’s flag was waved more flagrantly; It is just the old Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030). Rosa Koire is from the Bay Area and saw how it was happening in these California cities. You have to call it other names to hide what it really is. “Communitarianism”. The Whole is Greater Than its parts View. BIG MIND.

      This has been a plan of implementation of the U.N. “Think Global, Act Local” to destroy the United States as a nation and make it a micromanaged U.N. controlled world region, the “North American Region,” under the guise of “Sustainability.” That is really what the ‘open borders’ policy of California, that spread to other States, is all about. To create a North American Region our of North and South American under the rule of the United Nations, that is destroying the boundaries of Nations. That is what the EU was all about. The European Region.

      Communitarianism is what the Lamas and Crestone were all about. Diane Feinstein, who didn’t know there was a Chinese Communist spy as her driver? For twenty years. With her sweet little smile, is a Communitarian.: “Communal rights supersede individual rights.” With the trappings of Sustainability. The hysteria of College students supporting these Eco-Imperialists in the disguise of Social Democracy is the Red flag that this has gone way too far and people have to wake up. This is the third generation programmed into Totalitarianism in the guise of the Sustainability Model. Our sixties generation was first programmed into the New Left model and Tantric gurus, with easily accessed hallucinogenic drugs. It was called Global Cooling then. The same Cocktail of influences; then Generation X’s were programmed in their New Left academic programs and with a now-Tantric-infused Yoga and other hallucinatory drugs, like Ecstasy and Ayahuasca. Then it became Global Warming, and now it is called “Climate Change” to cover all variations in climate that is always happening naturally for the Millenials; who have Mindfulness and Yoga, both Tantric infused and seem to have little education in traditional classical liberal courses, like History, but lots of education in a social coercive persuasion model, to think like ONE. No deviations allowed in their peer groups. There are many of them, I feel sure, who are just too afraid to speak out. So are any old liberal professors who caved in for their tenure and retirements.

      Rosa Koire is an old style Democrat and a lesbian. NOT a ‘right-wing fundamentalist Christian.” Thank goodness there are old liberals who are waking up. As ex-Tibetan Buddhists, we have a unique view of the ‘religious’ underpinnings of this movement.

  6. I refer to Buddhism as anti-human because it teaches utterly self-indulgent states of non-existence rather than being with friends and family. And sex… go have some fucking sex people, just be safe and careful. I have no doubt that Buddhism’s demonization of sex has, like numerous other religions, turned ordinary people into sex offenders with the mental effects of absolutely pointless abstinence from perfectly natural human desires. And that’s just the basic teachings of Buddhism. Using the gaslighting of saying someone has “bad karma” or is “unenlightened” no doubt clever leaders can turn the population into obedient slaves ready to work and kill for them on demand. Sorry people, but Buddha should’ve just set out to help the people instead of a journey into psychosis or just decided to hide away from people on his journey to “enlightenment” because his “discovery” lead to millennia of a shell game and an invisible carrot and a religion of slavery and superstition and sexual abuse. Down with Buddhism.

  7. Chandelier, interesting that you’d reference hallucinogenic drugs making people open to suggestion. I’d say right now the “psychedelic renaissance” is a new form of a questionable movement that can also unlike this Buddhism attach itself to any religion and enthralls people with these powerful drugs. Some psychedelic advocates make exaggerated claims of the role of the substances in human history to legitimize them and the movement itself is interesting is that it’s a mixture of Buddhism, Christianity, and New Age stuff. Unlike the modern Buddhism movement quite often people in the community criticize secularism and critical thinking and skepticism and viewing the hallucinations as just hallucinations is frowned upon.

    1. Ayahuasca for Generation X’s and Millenials. Now Opioid addiction. Drugs and Gurus and the hijacking of a natural concern for the Environment. I mean, who would be against the Environment? Many of us care deeply about the Environment and always have. These oligarchs don’t care about the environment. They want control over land use and populations.

      1. When it comes to ayahuasca, the people of the Amazon are so poor they have no choice but to sell their ancient brew to the outside world. Of course that brew is just a drug that their superstitious minds glorify, but living in such poverty they do find profit in selling it. Enter superstitious people of the West traveling and taking the drug and also glorifying it. The origin of ayahuasca was benevolent but mislead, but the development of what I call the Ayahuasca Cartel, that is a classic example of Westerners exploiting indigenous cultures, and it is a threat to society both indigenous and Western. Do note that indigenous people DON’T call themselves shamans, that is a Western invented term. Anyone who calls themselves a “shaman” is actually a plastic shaman. I can’t blame the Amazonian people for helping to create the American Ayahuasca Cartel as again they live in poverty and just saw an opportunity to ease their suffering by getting some money from Westerners, but little did they know that those same Westerners would go back home and be convinced they’ve taken not a drug but a “medicine”. And spirituality is a money racket people, there are people who know that ayahuasca tourism is essentially indigenous suicide and the gateway for toxic dualism in the West, and they don’t care. How bout instead of stealing indigenous cultures’ glorified drugs, you give them some money simply so they could support themselves and not live in crippling poverty? But nope, we gotta get some of their drugs, and you know what they you know live with nature so you know actually giving them money and helping them be able to have things like running water and electricity that you know would be insulting to the plant spirits you know.

        Forcing them to sell you their drugs instead of just helping them get water and electricity, taking the drugs for yourself and laying your flag on them, and selling them and making your own money, what an American thing to do.

        We can offer assistance to the people of the Amazon and help them not have to sell their religious traditions anymore due to their crippling poverty, but alas the spiritual people in the West who are only kind if you ageee with them, they’d lose a way of glorifying drug use. And they can’t have that.

        1. What seems to be happening in the Ayahuasca World now, just like in past for the Native Americans, is western appropriators taking what was indigenous and something they don’t understand in terms of context and hundreds of years of history, and becoming “Shaman Ayahuasca Spiritual guides and leaders.” I knew at least four Western Tibetan Buddhists in Crestone Colorado who became ‘experts’ on leading Ayahuasca weekends, organizing group flights to South America, charging big bucks, and some of these western converts have even started various ‘for profit Churches’ run by Westerners.

          Indigenous people are reluctant to join the Ayahuasca groups because for many of them it was associated with black magic. It is also a way for Green New Dealers to get people, both the natives and the Westerners, into One World religious thinking through these ceremonies. The Strongs in Crestone were very aware of this ‘potential’, Ayahuasca journeys were in vogue; The Strongs were enabling this ‘cross-pollination’ since Hanne brought the indigenous peoples into the Earth Summit Agenda 21 in the 1990s. Elaine Dewar, a Canadian journalist, wrote a great book that is probably out of print exposing the corrupting influences of this Strong Agenda, now labeled the Green New Deal. Her book was called “Cloak Of Green”. Maurice had been involved with the use of ‘sustainability’ as a trope to exploit the resources of other countries, with the help of corrupt individuals from indigenous tribes ( People are people and we need to stop romanticizing one group, and demonizing ourselves all the time).

          These Globalists and One World proponents are also using undue influence on indigenous peoples to get them on board with psychologizing the use of Ayahuasca, which it seems it was never used for this, but often for power and sometimes for black magic, similar to Tibetan Lamaist Bon rituals. These western appropriators make it a politicized vehicle to confuse the native people, and inflame them into a progressive SJW view if they can, and part of their Globalist viewpoint, really stealing this ritual for their own uses, both personally, politically and commercially.

          There are psychotherapists now claiming to be Ayahuasca ‘spiritual guides’ online. Charging big bucks. It is so similar to what was done by Western New Agers appropriating Native American rituals, like Sweat Lodges, and becoming Western Shamans that don’t know what they are doing, like James Ray, who had people dying at his retreats.

          Again, this corruption can go both ways. In Crestone, there was a Native American Indian, who was charging 100.00 for an I Ching reading He had lots of cache because he had attended a posh New England private school, like many of them, had a degree from the University of Arizona and/or was teaching there (Arizona has gone New Age Progressive Left crazy; filled to the brim with New Age cults and Lamas); he was a Native American, AND had studied the I Ching!

          Three credentials all the Tibetan Lamaist Progressive liberals there just loved! We handed over our money without a whimper. He would spend a weekend seeing about two dozen of us, every few months, and leave 2400 dollars cash richer. This person who promoted and brought him to Crestone, was a filmmaker who travels with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, making him appear ‘Westernized’ like she made this very westernized Native American appear still indigenous as she was the conduit for him, as well. She was just very naive not corrupt, having been a student of Trungpa and now Tsoknyi.

          The Ayahuasca business I hear is now more exploited by both corrupt indigenous individuals, desperate to become capitalists, as well as unscrupulous Westerners, who want to make a big business out of this. It is not working as they planned.

          I think it would be great if we did an about-face, and started to appreciate our own Western cultural heritage again. We have a generation now who disparages their own roots and embraces cultures they haven’t a clue about and never will. It is Stupid, naive and in some cases, very cynical and can be deadly. And is leading to a lot of suffering for everyone. This forced Globalism is a disaster for everyone, except the Global oligarchs and their toadies who get rich and promote more third-world thinking on everyone. I don’t romanticize other cultures anymore.

          1. Definitely seems that what was once an ancient tradition is being turned into capitalistic mcspirituality, by corrupt people in societies both Western and indigenous. Psychedelics as a whole have quite an interesting history in America. I’d say there’s two separate branches of psychedelic use: recreational use, and “spiritual” use. We still have a lot to learn about these substances, I find them to be an interesting topic and I am a fan of art in the vein of recreational psychedelic use, like wacky art and cool music and so on. However the “spiritual” community is absolutely toxic, and the NRMs that have developed around psychedelics prove that they’re dangerous. I do think that simply dismissing psychedelics would be a little simple, people have claimed to both develop and cure PTSD with psychedelics. Basically, these substances open doorways to both angels and demons (metaphorically speaking). There’s too many aspects about them to simply paint them in a simple good or bad way.These substances are a monster society hasn’t yet tamed. And when wild animals are domesticated they’re more kind, aren’t they? Well I don’t think farm rabbits resort to eating their own children as much as in the wild (rabbits have a very symbolic meaning for me by the way). I think we could do some more research on psychedelics and also help reform drug laws, but let’s not make the mistake of assuming that they’re not dangerous, because these damn substances can take you to the most terrifying feelings of human imagination. And the most joyful. Honestly I have conflicting feelings about psychedelics. I find them both fascinating and revolting, haha. But I will say if you are having mental health issues, see a licensed therapist, do not replace professional therapy with unpredictable methods.

            A lot of psychedelic NRMs feature cultural appropriation. Ayahuasca in particular is filled with plastic shamanism. Interesting how in the “spiritual” community the “conscious-expanding” substance went from LSD to ayahuasca, how New Ageism went from spiritism to Buddhism to “shamanism”. I actually find Western occultism to have a lot of cool symbols, metamorphically speaking. America should’ve just stayed with their own homegrown occult symbols instead of Buddhism and ayahuasca. Back to the NRMs, here’s what Terence McKenna-whose brother Dennis seems to be a part of the American wing of the ayahuasca cartel-said in an interview:

            “ I felt if I could change the frame of the argument and get drugs insinuated into a scenario of human origins, then I would cast doubt on the whole paradigm of Western Civilization, in the same way that realizing that we came from monkeys did a great deal to re-set the dials in the 19th Century Victorian mind. If you could convince people that drugs were responsible for the emergence of large brain size and language, then you could completely re-cast the argument from: “Drugs are alien, invasive and distorting to human nature” to: “Drugs are natural, ancient and responsible for human nature”. So it was consciously propaganda, although I believe all that and I believe it’s going to be hard to knock down.”

          2. Terrence McKenna is/was a CIA agent, just like. Albert Hoffman, and Timothy leary, and Ken kessey and the merry pranksters, as well as wavy gravy etc….etc…the whole 60s flower power hippie movement sas actually a big Psy op… (I need to confirm with the FOIA) but it is said that there is an FBI memo 1968 that names the grateful dead as CIA assets to channel youth rebellion and dissent”.. they couldn’t have people protesting the war, so they had all these fake military Psy op “hippie” surface to sway the young masses. Research the sinister mk ultra military affilia tion that is Laurel canyon… . Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia etc…were in the freaking military before being in the hippie bands etc… Grateful dead were CIA agents that picked up a guitar. Bob weir was interviewed and admitted to being a member of bohemian Grove as is Mickey Hart. They reunited to perform for Obama for crying out loud…deadheads for Obama!?! SS Nazi deaths head subliminal sigil symbol. rage against the machine performer for the Democratic convention etc…etc… So today’s modern electronic music scene is an extension of the all…Ken kessey and merry pranksters became burningman’s cacophony society with the all seeing eye. The 60s Be-in Psy op became the digital Be -in pushing AI. Look up “silicon valley secret weapon the shady history of burners” video 7 part series of solid research reviewing the history as well as burningman being. A huge black mass ritual and heavily linked with mikitsry and surveillance technology. All the hippies glorifying bicycle day on 4/19 are actually celebrating the drug created by the CIA with intention to enslave them snd Albert hoffman snd Timothy leary,/Ken kessey/wavy gravy/ the dead/further are literally CIA pieces of shit that deserve none of our honoring or energy the CIA wants everyone /young kids high…herd control. We don’t need to get high (and trust me I hsve hsd my fair share of festivals) but I came out the other end and now I see. Can’t go back. We don’t need the psychedelics and really they can make one more susceptible to hypnosis and subliminals….

    2. Nick, this blog is free and open. It is a gift to those with an invested interest; especially those suffering a loss. Please use the proper name for the author as a matter of appreciation.
      Further, I would ask you back up some of your many claims and statements with verifiable evidence and fact or refrain from clouding a discourse and risk subterfuge.

      1. Look at that, it’s the socialist dictator who’s telling people how to behave on what’s not even his own blog. Peter, you make me laugh.

    1. Socialist dictator merely says “good one” in response to criticism. So, when you’re done with the jokes will you starve me, or torture me?

    1. Socialist dictator acts laid back and giggles while planning to murder, torture, starve, and lie his way to gaining total power like a true capitalist except pretending to be cuddly wuddly. I like capitalism because it accepts how things are and makes a system around our natural selfishness, and puts it to effective use. But you know all of humanity is destined to die. No economic system, religion, technology or philosophy can save us. Utopia is unnatural because nature is unfair and unbalanced, and that’s why no single of the aforementioned have ever brought peace. It’s best if we just stop having children and let the horror of sentient beings aware of their suffering end.

      1. That is part of the plan. To have western Millenials forgo having children. The Green New Deal is a Malthusian plan to curb populations. Particularly Western European middle-class populations who expect their leaders to represent them. This will create a more easily pliable third-world population, easily controlled and used to dictatorships. And, superstitious religions. The western populations left will no longer be able to reason and think as our countries’ demographics change. If we want to hold onto our own cultural heritage and the values that made this experiment in a representative Constitutional Government with a Bill of Rights, we will be called ‘racists.’ As we are being replaced by third-world populations, because this will repress and drive out the working and middle-class; new populations who will have four children average, to our none. Who no longer need to ‘assimilate’ to this great experiment in freedom and equality of opportunity, for everyone if they believe in being an American or Canadian Citizen first, and an ethnic group secondarily; that has always made our country what it is, for everyone: The land of opportunity and a true melting pot, in the least racist country in the world. Identity politics changes that, and creates tribalism and expecting citizenship of new arrivals is now considered ‘racist’; You make them so happy when you say ‘it’s best if we just stop having children.’ That is all part of the Green New Deal plan; these Malthusian Billionaires, who are behind this neo-feudal plan, want American and Canadian citizens to keep saying they don’t want to have children anymore. So the demographics can change from an educated, informed citizenry to more pliable populations that expect little, having been under dictatorships for so long. But will have lots of babies who will work for the future plantations and keep voting for Democrats who keep them on the plantation.

        The Democratic Party is the Party of keeping people ‘Victims” so they can stay in power. Making this a Totalitarian State and One-Party system is what the new demographics they hope for, will accept.

        We need to stop hating our own Western countries and values, ethics, and culture, however flawed. If the United States is so terrible? Why are people pouring into our borders? They don’t think so, yet. But they will, soon enough. When the Victim-mongers, the Progressive Left gets ahold of their minds and their votes. Self-Hatred breeds defeat and nihilism.

        1. Christine, if you google the word chandelier; will you find a light fixture and/or something else. If it is not obvious, try youtube. You seem to warrior against pedo ; but you allow this? I presuppose you are being made light of as part of a method of distraction.

          1. Dear Peter:

            Yes, Chandler is often found as names of wharves, because it was the ‘chandelier’ that was the supplier of candles and sundries for the ships at sea. I had no big problem with that misspelling. Nick, if you are reading this, you are starting to monopolize the site with a ranting against all religions. And I can see why Pete might suspect you are derailing the conversation into dark places and thus associating me with that. That will make the Shambhala and Lamaist cult members very happy so please quit it. I don’t like to give them any more ammunition since they are crazy fanatics and will say and do anything for their Lamas to stop people from telling the truth. I don’t believe you are trying to purposely do that, but you are taking over the conversation into places that are very nihilistic. Where Buddhists are usually accused of going.

            There are all kinds of attempts, since my book came out, to associate me with such things as “hating all Buddhists” that was one of the tricks they used, or that I was a “fundamental Christian” or a “Chinese Spy.” It goes with the territory.

            I will repeat it again, the name of my website is ‘ExTibetanbuddhist’ it could be more accurately titled “ExTibetan Lamaist.” Because I don’t believe these Lamas are following the Buddhist teachings, at all, but they use these teachings as a cover for their Tantric cult.
            Western Buddhists as a whole have kept quiet about the sexual abuse in Lamaism, and some of these Zen nuns and Zen and Theravada teachers have been enabling it and keeping quiet. Because of their involvement with the Three-Stream Buddhist mindfulness commodity. I do believe all traditional Buddhism is misogynistic, but so are all the other religions.

            I also believe Buddhism, when practiced in groups, leads to passivity, and self-absorption, but on the other hand, when it becomes proselytizing and activist, that is even worse. I think it should never be the religion of the State, nor mixed with politics. Nor should any religion! A Theocracy of any kind is always autocratic, repressive, and misogynistic.

            Lamaism, Islamism, are cults in our midst, they have nothing to do with the Buddhist and Muslim faith. Persia was Muslim and was pretty ecumenical. I don’t believe all Muslims are Islamists, nor are all Buddhists trying to convert the world, like these two spin-off cults of these traditional religions.

            It’s just that people in these more traditional faiths don’t speak out against the cult-spin-offs in their religions’ names, who are exploiting and abusing women and men and are on a ‘civilization jihad. The Dominionist Christians are also a cult, and they are part of the syncretic One World religion movement. Perhaps being in a true cult, when one leaves one gets might good at seeing the signs in other groups, as they are all alike in their techniques and fundamentalism. As for Hasidic Jews, they are fundamentalists but don’t seem to be forcing this on anyone else. They keep to themselves, so that is fine. All religions have cult spin-offs. Christians, Buddhists and Jews, and Muslims.

            I stay away from organized religion. After my experiences with these Lamas. But atheists also seem to be easily duped by Tibetan Lamaists, these days. Thanks to that phoney Sam Harris, the Dalai Lama’s and the Kagyu Lamas’ change agent. A Mindfulness purveyor who left his Reasoning Mind back in Dharamsala when he was a guard for the Dalai Lama during his big Tantric events. What a phoney, as he goes after other religions as fundamentalist! When he is involved in a cult group whose leaders are prostrated to as ‘living Buddhas!”

            Hollywood and the media have giving this fake atheist a big boost to push this ‘secular spirituality’ of the Dalai Lama and the other cult sects of Lamaism.

            You have Tibetan Lamaist propaganda magazines, like Tricycle, Lion’s Roar and Buddhadharma, as the only major magazines for ALL Buddhists to read, so no wonder they are confused. These magazines are all propaganda arms of Shambhala, with Pema Chodron, the Sakyong, and all the Kagyu Lamas and their ‘mindfulness’ and ‘secular spirituality’ and ‘climate change’ in thousands of articles over the years as propaganda to fool other Buddhists, in particular, and to seduce other Buddhist groups into the cult of Tantra. Guru Worship. While calling themselves the “independent Buddhist” magazine.

          2. Chandler, I refer to Buddhist and Muslim barbarians as the ones you described, not all Buddhists and Muslims. And I don’t see what’s so wrong with criticizing religion. It sure does seem when it comes to criticism of the Lamaist cults the cult members try to discredit those coming out by labeling them as Chinese shills or fundamentalist Christians. I don’t see how I’m poisoning the discussion, there’s a lot of disinformation and psychological warfare where Western society is being demonized. I point that out, you point that out, can you verify what I’m doing that’s poisoning the discussion? Thanks.

          3. Yes, sometimes that needs clarification because the Politically Correct Police are just waiting to pounce. There are Muslims that are starting to speak out about the Anti-Semitism which those “Progressives” are allowing in our Congress, They are speaking out. Not Progressives. Not surprising given who they hang with. CULTS.

          4. I think my latest post on this website “This is about Cults Not Religions” tries to answer that. I never said you were ‘poisoning’ the discussion. So much of traditional religions are now inundated with cult influences and have fallen under the spell of Tantric influences it is hard to draw the line. It is hard not to be angry at all of them. My anger is that they going along with this New Age Cabal that has infiltrated all of them. This has been helped by psychologists who caved into the ‘new religious movement’ moniker. Now, they are part of the problem instead of addressing it clearly; following the criteria that defined cults. They say nothing unless it is safe, and it is a cult, (usually Christian), that is unpopular with Progressives. Psychologists are often the arm of the State, and when the state is corrupted, they are in danger of being corrupted as well. We need to hold these groups accountable, including anti-cult groups now filled with psychologists, always looking for new clients, and want to jump on the now, lucrative band-wagon of being ‘Cult Exit’ counselors; but who are still being compromised by connections with these Eastern cults, like Tibetan Lamaism, through the Mindfulness commodity.

            Psychologists are not a risk-taking group. They go along with what is politically correct. We give psychologists, politicians, and academics way too much prestige and all-knowingness. Our propensity to look for omniscient gurus has reached a peak since our 60s generation was fooled by the big wave of gurus on our shores; to make America an ‘experiment’ for cult-control. I am proud that so many of us in the United States and Canada are waking up, and fighting this tooth and nail. Recently a group in Colorado, mourning the loss of the Highland Ranch school shooting, got furious at the predatory mainstream news that is part of this repressed news about cults. Since mainstream news is part of the Progressive Left influence. Our American Pravda. People were furious that they were using this time and these people to make political statements about guns:


            That is because, as I say, Progressives are really Utopians; and mixed with other political (New Left) and religious cults, now. So, they can’t stop proselytizing and forcing people into their ‘religious’ views. Scary.

            I would like to tell these psychologists who are now New Left Progressives ( an Oxymoron) Cult members, jumping on the band-wagon of the Anti-Cult commodity, that people who are all the way out of a cult? Doesn’t matter which one, since they are all pretty much the same in terms of the same cult techniques they use. We have a sixth sense when people are b.s’ing us; we can tell when so-called anti-cult experts are faking it and are still into cult-like thinking themselves. Or, they are compromised by the Mindfulness commodity.

            I can only hope that those who are all the way out of a cult? And spent more than 6 months in a cult (they don’t count, they were just doing objective field work to credential themselves with expert status!) that they change the rules that Cult-Apologists have set up for forty years, when they let in their ranks Progressive Left ‘contemplative'[ i.e. New Age ] academics: about their rule: of “not believing cult members since they were too subjective.” That was the rule. The secret. So academics, often from the Left Progressive realm, without a clue, let cults explode with the ‘new religious movement’ label they gave “formerly known as cults.” Like TM. And now to refused to say the name cult against any of them now with their ‘religious protection.’ This allowed them to become mega ‘Churches” with no transparency who could no longer be called out as cults, and certainly NOT by people who knew the most about them. This was a purposeful program of the New Left, and the London School of Economics clearly very Globalist and Progressive academic, Elaine Barker.
            he actual ex-cult members. (As ‘churches’ they don’t have to file non-profit 990s and could hide all the billions they started to take in) This way the ‘academics” could take over and decide what makes a cult a cult. This purposely sidelined anyone who came from a cult group that these cult apologists wanted to protect. If they were part of the Progressive Left cult. How could this happen? Well, psychologists are not a risk-taking bunch. They go along with what is politically correct. That is the dirty secret in most anti-cult groups, probably filled with a significant number of Trungpa-created ‘contemplative psychologists’. He did graduate hundreds every four years, for forty years. They stopped bragging about it on their CVs when the sex scandals of Shambhala and Rigpa hit the proverbial fan. But they are still carrying on; inside the psychology and psychotherapy field. And, the academic cult apologists are still there in the Anti-cult groups.

            The Psychology Profession should do a slow purge if they want to redeem themselves for their collusion in all this enabling of sexual abuse in cults( like the A.P.A. licensing Vajrayana Tantric cult members who ignore sexual abuse and harems and sex-grooming of children in their groups, as psychotherapists) by making sure they do not have cult members of a sexually abusive cult getting credentialing licensing. Do I think that will happen? Not unless ordinary people wake up to how deep this Swamp is. And, start demanding it. It won’t come from within, in this profession, in time. I trust Cult sites that use the label CULT. Even then, I do due diligence. They are always revealing their Progressive Left Corporate political views as they are proud of it. To be part of the herd. I trust anti-cult sites that call out ANY CULT; if it meets the criteria. Like psychologists used to do. Like they used to do when sexual abuse was obvious. They would call it out. Judiciously. Not make it so weakly tied to real sexual abuse, and so biasedly exposed, if it was done in a political party or cult that you liked, you’d say nothing.

            Merging Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism through its New Age “Contemplative” psychology stream? Has been a terrible thing.

            How would everyone feel if Fundamentalist Christianity was merged with Psychology? Would this be trampling on our separation of Church and State? And real Freedom of Religion?

            By the way, they took Venezuela’s guns away before it collapsed. California will be doing it soon, i.e., taking guns away, as it becomes Venezuela. Filled with “contemplative psychotherapists and psychologists” and other psychologists starting to do mindfulness who will keep saying nothing. And, voting in more cult-thinking New Left Progressives. Again, the name “New Left Progressives” is doublespeak. Cults always use ‘doublespeak.’ To lure people in. The Old Left was about the working class. The New Left Progressives are really Regressive and with the New Green Deal, their hope is to turn us into a Neo-Feudal World.

        2. I can say that things like the anti-western psychological warfare are totally obvious, but I tell all of humanity to stop having children. When it comes to cleansing Western society of this elitist infiltration, I will do my best without forcing beings to exist against their will. I agree that there are agendas to kill off the native Western populace through psychological warfare and immigration (good thing this isn’t 100 years ago or things would be more simple with concentration camps) but I personally don’t believe in creating life to fight for me. Instead I will go out there and fight and maybe once humanity gets their shit together maybe I’ll CONSIDER creating life, but for now even with my unconditional love there’s too much horror out there that knowing a sentient being would be aware of it would be cruel. You can still adopt kids and give them good lives without bringing more life into an unnecessary existence. We can protect our society from these elitist, Buddhism, Muslim, barbarians, but we can without having to commit the barbaric and tribalistic act of forcing someone to exist against their will.

        3. Chandler, I do hope to avoid a misunderstanding. I have quite a few things to say and am very passionate, so I leave a lot of comments where I’m very clear in my beliefs. I’d love for there to be more commenters on your blog but unfortunately quite often it’s only a few people and as I tend to leave multiple comments it does seem I’m flooding the discussion but that’s not my intention. From now on I will comment less frequently at least until there’s more people commenting so as not to give the impression that I’m monopolizing the community of exposing the lamas. I’m sorry for leaving a bad impression and if you want I can go ahead and stop commenting if you’re not a fan of what I say. Thank you for this wonderful blog and sorry for causing a misunderstanding.

          1. Dear Nick

            I appreciate your comments. I don’t know what happened that it took a dark road. Of course we should be able to criticize religions.
            The audience on this blog are mostly Buddhists, they write me personally, I don’t reach just Buddhists anymore. I don’t know why things got snarky between you and Pete. I personally don’t care whether people comment or not. It is good if they do, but since Tibetan Lamaists who are still in the cult or semi in the cult are horrified and non Buddhists don’t care I don’t expect lots of comments.

  8. If only Buddha would’ve been compassionate and actually helped people instead of sitting under a tree meditating, the horror of Buddhism and mediation wouldn’t have been unleashed upon humanity. I think he was benevolent but mislead, but unfortunately he lead to the creation of an absolutely idiotic religion of the shell game known as searching for “enlightenment”.

  9. ‘It’s all love’ killed ‘thy neighbor’ . Sham moral gatekeepers practice epigenetic dynamic silence re anti-war Tulsi Gabard. It takes a Grayzone and Medea Benjamin and countless deplorables to mention the unmentionable but never a Sham Awareness.

  10. So I had left several more comments all relative to the subject of the corruption that is vajrayana and they are not posted here….very strange.

  11. In 1960, H.H. J.D. Sakya was invited to work on a Univ. of WA research project on Tibetan Buddhism and culture, which was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. At the request of students, he co-founded with H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche Sakya Tegchen Choling, a center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. In 1984, the center became the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism
    Reggie Ray listed beneath is partners with Laurence Rockefeller who funds Dharma ocean in Crestone CO…started in the names of sexual abusers chogyam Trunpa/sakyong mipham

  12. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati wrote, “Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery. The hankering of the mind is irresistible; and if once a man has taken it into his head that there is a mystery in a thing, it is impossible to get it out, either by argument or experience. And then, we can so change notions by merely changing a word. What more contemptible than fanaticism; but call it enthusiasm; then add the little word noble, and you may lead him over the world.”
    The purpose of the Freemasons is to infiltrate the world for Illumination of Enlightenment of the doctrine of Lucifer.

  13. *parallels between Wiccan & Freemason rituals with vajrayana:” If Masonic rituals were engrafted into Witchcraft in the late 19th and early 20th century, and if that melding was so seamless and effortless—even to the point that in some cases, the Wiccan rites were less bizarre and blasphemous than their Masonic counterpart, then what message does that send about Masonry?   With that point in mind, let us look first at the ritual similarities between contemporary Wicca and Freemasonry:
    A) Both are built on a foundational system of three degrees;
    B) Both are secret societies; in that both membership rolls are secret, and secrets are kept from the general populace (to a greater or lesser degree) by both religions.
    C) Both have highly ceremonial initiations to pass from one degree to another, including sworn oaths.
    D) Both have ceremonial purgings and purifications of their ritual space before commencing any ritual work.
    E) The precise similarities between the two groups are:  Both groups…1. Cause candidates to strip off all secular clothing, 2. Cause the candidate to be divested of all metal, 3. Hoodwink (blindfold) the candidate and ceremonially tie ropes around him,. 4. Cause the candidate to stand in the Northeast corner of the “temple” in the first degree, 5. Challenge the candidate by piercing their naked chest with a sharp instrument (Witches use a sword, Masons, the point of a compass, vajrayana phurba)  6: challenge the candidate with secret passwords, 7. Lead the candidate blindfolded in a circumambulation (walking around) of the temple., 8. Require the candidate to swear solemn oaths of secrecy before being given custody of the secrets of the group. 9. Both have a ceremonial un-hoodwinking of the candidate, following the oath, before lighted candles which is intended to bring “illumination.” 10. Both convey to the new initiate the “working tools” pertinent to that degree, and each of their uses are taught to them. 11. In both, the tools have correspondences both in the ceremonial realm, and in similarities to human reproduction. 12. Both, in the higher degrees, take the initiate through a ritual death-and-rebirth experience, in which the initiate acts the part of a hero (heroine) of the Craft. 13. Both cause the candidate to endure (while being blindfolded) being picked up, spun around, carried around, being jostled or struck from person to person.  This is supposed to produce an “altered state of consciousness.” 14. Both Wicca and Freemasonry are, by co-incidence or design, both referred to as “The Craft.”

    Having given almost two dozen precise similarities between the ritual work of Witchcraft and the Lodge, it should not surprise us to see that there is also some doctrinal or philosophical resemblance between the two:
    A.  Both Witches and Masons revere the powers of human reproduction (albeit most Masons do so unknowingly),
    B. The authorities of Freemasonry, most notably Albert Pike, 33° and Manly P. Hall, 33° (both occultists par excellence) write that the essential, underlying philosophy of Freemasonry is Kabbalism and Gnosticism.   Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern Witchcraft.  Virtually all of the great Witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists.  Gnosticism is an ancient, anti-Christian heresy best summarized by the statement: “One is saved by acquiring secret, unknown knowledge (Greek: gnosis).”   Thus, all mystery religions, including Witchcraft and Masonry are, per force, Gnostic in character.
    C.   Both Witches and Freemasons seek salvation through “illumination” or receiving “The Light.” This is, in a way, a corollary to (B), but it is important, because of the centrality of this symbolism in both sects.
    D.   Both groups teach a kind of salvation by works, not grace. The occult doctrine of reincarnation is explicitly taught in Witchcraft and implicitly taught in the Lodge.
    E. Finally, both groups deny the unique character and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Both deny the resurrection of Christ.   Most people would have no trouble believing that Witches deny these beliefs, but in this, the Wicca are identical to the theology of the Lodge.

    It can be readily shown that Freemasonry is rooted in the medieval occult societies of Europe, such as the Templars and the Rosicrucians.  Indeed, many Masonic writers boast about these connections.  Additional associations pop up with the dangerously subversive ” Illuminati Order of Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century.
    It is vital to understand that this past interchange between Masonry and these various occult groups did not stop in the 18th century.   If anything, it has grown more prominent in the past century.  There is something about the Lodge that has always attracted sorcerer

  14. To add to the list of similarities of the vajryana implements and the dark arts: the Masonic black too hat is a another ritual item which is also used in the black hat ceremonies in the tibetan drubchen…I always that it was eerie that the Vajra master would always look so dang entranced during that part of the ritual when they wore the black hat, but now that I have some clarity on the thing it is no difference than the demons that a mainstream celebrity invokes before they hit the stage and go into their alters (mk ultra=dissociation thru Hypnotism=invoking demons thru sodomy=compartmentalized diff parts of yourself/spiritual name vs your legal public name etc…)… Also I recall the Vajra master sitting in a chair during the black hat portion of the ceremonies and the freemasons participating in a chair ritual etc… Rainbows are a program used in mk ultra to cause dissociation… And also represent the gay/transhumanism/population control agenda… Also the dieties really aren’t particularly make or female either they are more androgynous which seems to be an agenda that is pushed heavily now a days (Psy op/satanists worship half male and female baphomet)… Also monks and nuns with shaved heads and wearing the same clothes also represent the transhumanism of hive mind /group think/androgynous baphomet/ refraining from sex /population control/seeing abuse and corruption as Buddha etc… A lot of deep esoteric satanic occult symbols seem to be woven into the vajrayana. Ishtar is always accompanied by a lion (Snowlion protector of the teachings of Buddha)…land of the snows…perhaps sure subliminal for their supreme Aryan root race…white w blue eyes (?) And those who carry the blood. The actual Buddha is Aryan and in Ancient texts described to be white with blue eyes as well as bkdhidharma who was also white with blue eyes…etc… All a bunch of interesting synchronities…so it really does feel that Arya Tara is the Nazi Germanic fertility goddess Ostara as well as satanic mother of harlots Ishtar… Great movie lol.

  15. Dear Chris and All:

    Despite all of the above, most of which I agree with, I still think we need to leave room for a good new green deal to arise. What Ocasio-Cortez has proposed is a DISCUSSION about a green new deal future. She hasn’t written it in stone; she’s simply opened the discussion with some ideas of her own. No matter whether we believe climate change is human caused or not, we all agree that we have climate problems that need to be solved. We have a huge amount of pollution, out-of-control fires, water issues, increased temperatures, floods — we all know our current sad story. Additionally, we have employment and infrastructure problems, no matter what anyone says. We need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy just because of the pollution and common sense of it, and it’s a great way to produce jobs, which we all need. And as an aside, I think the young people have every right to demand that they not be left with a totally shitty, dirty, catastrophic world. Whether it can be done or not, we should try and make our world a better place as fast as possible before it’s too late. We owe it to ourselves, and future generations, should there be any.

    I read the Agenda 21 document at the U.N. website, and even they admit there’s no hope for their radical idea of getting the whole world on board with a sustainable energy plan that will actually work to fix our world-wide climate and economic problems. It’s too huge. It requires more than is humanly possible. It requires every country to change every law to be in accordance with the new ideas. It seems to me that we’d all have to start over from scratch. Sometimes it’s better to just destroy a building, rather than try to renovate it. And it would require some organization, like the U.N., to oversee the whole plan, which would make them incredibly powerful. They aren’t actually asking that every country abdicate their national sovereignty to the U.N. But every country would need to report to a central authority, like the U.N., who would be monitoring their progress. Well, obviously, no country wants to do that. So I really don’t think that we have anything to worry about as far as Agenda 21 or any of its iterations have to go. But when you think about it, being in the terrible situation we are in, I can understand — perhaps — with great regret — getting on board with a one world government to fix the world, except that our good ideas like fixing the world never get implemented, and I shudder to think of what would happen should we all agree to such a thing.

    So we are really in a Catch-22 situation, damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

    And who can figure out how the minority elite always rule over the majority? Right, they network, they bribe, they harass, they blackmail. The Maurice and Hanne Strong theosophical cult nut-case people agenda are definitely the minority at the U.N., but sadly, they seem to have an unprecedented amount of power to move the organization according to their will.

    So what can we do, except warn people, like you have done Chris, about the dangers of the cult infiltration, not only of the green new deal, but of everything, our entire culture and government, and discredit their bad ideas, while emphasizing the good new green deal ideas. Certainly, the idea that the Tibetan lamas would be leaders of the green new deal is plainly absurd. They can’t even build a good communal toilet. (I went to the opening of a brand new monastery that was built in Nepal in 2000, and the toilets were boards over a hole. It was appalling).

    But I think we should be aware of how we get trapped in the duality of opposites. We’re always fighting with each other, and our side is always good, and their side is always bad, and that is just not true. Ideas are good or bad, not sides. There are plenty of good ideas on both Republican and Democrat sides, and in people that aren’t even allowed to be a “side”, because there can never be more than two sides to conform with the dogma of “opposites.” It’s always “yes” or “no” with people these days, and there’s no room for a third, or fourth, or fifth, or hundredth, or thousandth, or millionth, or billionth party. Our views have been narrowed for the specific purpose of constantly fighting with each other, so that we can never make any positive progress in our country. And one of the biggest problems we have when talking with each other is to judge things in terms of large categories. Come on, there are no “Muslims” or “Americans” or “Jews” or “Californians,” or “French”, etcetera. As good democratic Americans, we have to leave room for every person to be different, and have their own individuality and opinions, and not be lumped into some imputed larger category. We say we are not Communists, but every time we take someone’s individuality away and lump them into a larger category, we are Communists whether we know it or not, and we are imposing it on those others. Individuality is what defines America in my opinion. And that’s not something we gave ourselves, but something we recognized as a universal truth – individuality is the nature of all humans everywhere. Let’s let every human be radically different than their “group,” and stop making what are essentially racist comments.

    But of course, there are conspiracies, where individuals gather together to promote some agenda.

    So what kind of “green ideas” would we like to see happen here in America? Because the best we can hope for in this world is for each country to implement good ideas to deal with climate change. And if it’s not enough – and it will certainly not be enough – that’s our fate. And certainly we don’t want to go below a certain minimum standard of living, but I for one would like to see every car disappear from the planet, and I would like to see everything raised to a more modern level without making anyone suffer. But when it comes to the commons of the world – air, water – we are going to have to share. And let’s stop all these damn wars forever. What idiot ever thought that war would make the world better?

    1. I agree with most of what you say, except for knowing the history of this ‘climate change’ fear-mongering. The climate is always changing. Now every storm or flood that used to be part of everyday expectations, living in ‘weather’ is a catastrophe to scare us into carbon index taxes, giving up our cars, our middle-class lives, so the wealthy can get richer on the backs of the middle class. Again, this is why Tibet is a model for these Progressives because they had no middle class. They had taxed their people for everything. And, like now, the rest of us, they were scared to death about having a wrong thought, let alone speaking it aloud. And, they were not ‘environmentalists.’ The explorers who visited Tibet had to sleep way outside the tents of some nomads, because they were so dirty, as were the surroundings because they just defecated and threw their trash outside. Even the Indian population were upset about how little the Tibetans cared about Dharamsala’s ‘environmental cleanliness.’ They had to shame the Lamas into saying and doing something about it. The people in Tibetan ‘cities’ lived in the most terrible of conditions. Environmentalism was not on their minds, it was surviving.

      All alternate scientific views on climate change theory, and it is modeled on computer models where these ‘scientists’ who were not really scientists but ideologues, a 108 number ( how Tibetan) of them came together, who had decided it was a given (you hear them all the time say “it is a concluded fact that climate change is real” and if you don’t believe it you are literally a heretic!
      What kind of scientific evidence is this, if you exclude all environmental evidence that the world is not in danger of ending in 12 years if we don’t give up our cars, our fossil fuels, our trucks that get food to the masses of people? So that we would be in a state of starvation as a country in a very short time. Ties in nicely with the Venezuela model of ‘Socialism”

      Again, this is about a bunch of wealthy Malthusians who are terrified of population growth. Who are also late stage capitalists who see the carbon index scam as another way to get rich off the backs of the ordinary people, while taxing them to death. You had to be in the eye of the Storm around the people who are really pushing this agenda to see that it came from not science but ideology and hatred for human beings. Human beings need to be blamed for everything, particularly human beings in the United States. No rules for India and China, now the biggest polluters They can carry on polluting while the United States should be punished for all pollution in the world. This fits in nicely with those Lamas who see the human realm as only good for reaching the higher realms they created to sit on their thrones. They too have a disdain for the humans on a lowly level that they looked down upon from their god realm thrones. So, they are the perfect cult religion for the wealthy elitists and their Climate Change religion, who also look down on the masses from their God realms.

      I see fanatics about climate change saying not a peep about the trash in the parks and in cities because it might offend the primitive cultures they have opened their borders to, who don’t care about the environment. Or the displaced Americans who are drug addicts and mentally ill, living on the streets; or different cultures living in the Section 8 housing that Americans can’t get without waiting years, Who are trashing it because they are no longer expected to assimilate to our culture of caring about the environment, and then mostly cowered white ladies gather a volunteer group to pick up their needles and beer cans, and trash so they don’t have to make them adhere to the simplest of ordinances and fine them. Or even say to them “no, we don’t just throw our beer cans on the street, or piss in the bushes or have fires in parks that nearly burn the trees down. Oh, no, that would be engaging in ‘judgemental’ and ‘white privileged” behavior. Can’t have that.

      So instead they will pick up the trash themselves. Pat themselves on the back, as the problem is not addressed through the laws already on the books about polluting the immediate environment. This is to make people totally confused about what to do, what to think, what to discriminate about. What is sane.

      Instead, they will put someone in jail, who denies climate change. This is where we are heading.
      It is time to hear other scientists who have different opinions about climate change so a healthy debate can occur. That has never been allowed because this is a religion now; the new secular religion. As your other post suggests, to have Tibetan Lamas the role model for the environment is so ludicrous it would be hysterically funny if it weren’t just another example of how these leaders in ‘saving the environment’ are just plain dumb. Or greedy. Or both. Why would anyone listen to anything they say anymore? They are wrong about everything. They are fanatic true believers that don’t believe in scientific facts just their Utopian disastrous agendas.

      The last environmentalist in government was Lady Bird. She got everyone to pick up their trash after themselves. That would be a really good start, again. And fine people who don’t.

      1. For an understanding of the suns effect on the planet and the importance of sun spot cycles I recommend solar physicist Dr. Valentina Zharkova presentation link at Ice Age Farmer youtube channel.

        Also interview of John L. Casey by GSM News.
        Ice Age Farmer
        Adapt 2030
        Bio Veda
        Dr. Patrick Moore

  16. Further to the absurdity of Tibetan lamas leading a modern ecology movement, I would like to state what should be absolutely obvious to everyone who thinks a minute about what Tibetans are all about:

    1. They come from a culture with NO science. None at all. They lived in the middle ages for the last 700 years, and they didn’t even have roads. Their culture was entirely religious. No art, literature, handicrafts, that weren’t dictated by the Church. Their society was extremely primitive and backwards. Their idea of justice was to cut someone’s hand off for stealing, or sew someone in a yak skin and burn them in the sun. No one was allowed to think for themselves. You couldn’t advocate vegetarianism, or criticize the lamas. There was no free speech. They shunned the modern world for thousands of years. Exactly what qualifications could a Tibetan possibly bring to our modern problems?

    2. Their idea of a good society is to build a lot of buildings to house statues and prayer wheels, to do prayers to non-existent scary beings, not to feed and house people. At Tashi Choling in Ashland, Oregon, there’s a whole East Wing empty, because the inhabitants of the temple are too high and mighty to share. They are not interested in producing an economy or sustainable environment for the community. That’s your problem.

    3. The idea of the Shambhala leaders for an enlightened society has now been made clear to all of us: They want to live in mansions, throw lavish parties every week, screw lots of girls and sometimes boys, engage the service of hundreds of slaves who are made to pay their own way, and split the country when the consequences of their actions come calling. Exactly what kind of good advice could they give us?

    4. They have a tradition of crazy wisdom, which makes them do insane things that nobody understands, not even themselves. Do we need advice from crazy, irrational people who believe in the occult and magic?

    No, these guys are being brought in for their so-called knowledge of “the ecology of the mind.” But what has self or no-self got to do with saving the planet and putting bucks in our pockets? Obviously, nothing at all.

    So what else is there to do with these guys but to ridicule them and run them out of this ecology game forever?

    1. Well the thing about these lamas is that they’re good salesmen, they’ve marketed themselves as being feminist and in support of civil rights when in reality they’re a bunch of criminals who turned their own population into slaves for a theocratic empire. But with their good marketing skills these slave owners have portrayed themselves as being smiling benevolent types who wish to get their home back by the evvvvvvilllllll Chinese.

      The Tibetan Lamas are absolute thugs who don’t bring feminism and civil rights but misogyny and identity politics. The “Free Tibet” movement if it really wanted to help the Tibetan people would be just as hard on the Lamas as the Chinese, but instead it sells a false narrative of the Tibetan Lama paradise. Because it is run by the psychopathic lamas and their cult of useful idiots from both the East and West. As the Tibetan people suffer the lamas live like kings with support from both American capitalists and Chinese communists. The Tibetan theocracy lives on and so does the tradition of the lamas being rockstars and the Tibetan people living in harshness and poverty. But luckily for the lamas and their brainwashing techniques they have a lot of Westerners to give them money for even bigger parties and fancier drugs. So while the Tibetan people continue to suffer the lamas live better than ever.

      These lamas deserve nothing but ridicule, at the very least. They are thugs who throw their own country under the bus for their own personal gain and masquerade as civil rights activists to bring their theocracy to the rest of the world and get donations by the gullible.

    2. Indeed the Tibetan lamas have no business being seen as givers of human rights. They threw their own people under the bus and crushed their rights for centuries. But they are good salesmen I can tell you that. They market themselves as “secular spirituality” when in reality they are theocratic thugs. It’s amazing how despite being the ultimate theocrats they trick a lot of Western academics. Instead of true secular spirituality they instead use the guise of secular spirituality as a gateway drug into their medieval cult that’s eerily similar to Dark Ages Christianity and the tyranny of the Catholich Church. They held their own society back by centuries just for their own gain. Really Tibetan Lamaism is like a contemporary version of the Dark Ages Catholic Church. Look what the Catholic Church did to old Europe, look what the Lamas are doing to contemporary America. It’s shockingly similar. Undermining rationalism and critical thinking and installing superstition and identity politics and making society go backwards into a corrupt theocracy.

      1. Yep, Nick. And how good they are, is that once the Lamas and Hindu Tantric Gurus ( same thing) entered the mix, easily in the U.S., which has always had a tendency toward cults, the cult phenomenon really took off. Moved the rest of this comment to a post.

  17. It’s very clear the entire Tibetan Buddhism thing is an absolute shell game, it looks like people have gotten bamboozled by the Lamas false “wisdom” and decided they’d be great for saving the environment, but at this point the environment is not going to be saved. And the environmental movement is a mess that is completely America-obsessed, not a peep about India or China or the elites who cause a ton of pollution yet blame the general populace.

    These rockstars known as “lamas” must be getting a real kick out of how dumb progressives are (the ones now, not during Kennedy’s time). All they have to do is play their trickery of dressing up to look all “awake” and turning people into their servants. I think the superstitious nature of Lamaism it easy for the lama rockstars to install extreme slave morality into those they’ve enthralled where every feeling of anger or discomfort the physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive lamas cause them, is their own fault and they’re unenlightened whilst these crazy lamas are super-brings that can do no wrong. What an ancient tradition of nihilistic power play fueled by superstition and trickery in the name of enlightenment.

    1. Dear Nick:

      We are watching the implementation of the attempt by a political cult, the New Left Progressives, surrounded by Eastern cults that keep harems, see women as sexual objects or chattel, and who hate freedom and democracies try and destroy all the good things that Western civilization has promoted. First, you get people to hate themselves, and their own history and western countries, and it is then easy to make them your groveling slaves.

      This bravado by the balkanized and tribal nature of the Progressive Left is only temporary, as they are the puppets of something way beyond their awareness or control. Until the hammer comes down. We now have an estimated 1.2 million western Tibetan Buddhists or Tantric-influenced Zen and Theravada western Buddhists in America alone. Forty percent of them are in California. In spiritualized bubbles. Parts of urban California is slowly turning into a third world, taxed to death. Like old Tibet. Homeless people increasing in L.A. and shitting outside their makeshift tents, like in Old Tibet. Trash accumulating to health-level problems, and worries about the bubonic plague but everything blamed on ‘climate change’ of course. The taxes are not providing them with services, probably many of them drug-addicts and mentally ill. Whilst the wealthy progressives ignore what is happening around them. Probably just avoid these places.

      Meanwhile, the Rigpa administration of Sogyal Rinpoche, his still devoted cult members (many are in California) is now reportedly calling the whistle-blowers, “arseholes” who reported that slime-bag Sogyal’s terrible abuse. I am sure the same thing is going on in Shambhala International, now that they have gotten away with their egregious abuses inside their groups, AGAIN. Thank Nancy Pelosi and California and New York Progressives.

      1. Wow, these mindlessness cults blaming the victims of these psychopathic “lamas” for being brave enough to point out that the emperor has no clothes. These people exposing these cults and these false gurus, THESE are the enlightened ones, not the drones who let these lamas get away with their crimes. As a materialist atheist I certainly disagree with many of the viewpoints Buddhists have but I will say those who are exposing these lamas and who are putting up with the endarkened who claim being apologetic to a medieval cult makes them “enlightened” are the heroes who bring about justice and equality. Some people I’m sure are silent about the lama crimes because they’ve gotten a position in a community and social support and they don’t want to risk that, so much for not being attached to things, but those who expose the Tibetan Buddhist cult lose everything and are smeared-and they are brave and actually follow actual Buddha teachings because of that. Including you. Instead of being attached to the luxuries getting pretty high up in a cult will get you, and also the wonderful ego stroke it’ll bring, you-and the others coming out-decide to lose it all just to get the truth out and bring justice. If anyone is enlightened, it’s not these goons sent out to smear people who expose the cult, it’s not those who stay silent about the sexual abuse so they won’t lose what they have, it’s those who are brave enough and who are not attached to show that the emperor has no clothes. Christine, don’t let these goons who have turned their critical thinking off gaslight you, they are the exact opposite of enlightened-they are endarkened. They are phonies who have nothing to show but turning their brain off and wearing cult symbols. You are the enlightened on.

        Ps: Do you still practice anything like meditation or yoga? Even as someone aware of the dark history of Buddhism, I suspect maybe with a secular perspective-an actual secular perspective, not the “secular spirituality” gateway drug to the ultimate superstition-can these activities perhaps be beneficial? What do you think?

        1. Hi Nick:
          I just feel sad now. For them getting away with it again. Their networks of influence, their many NGOs and Non-profits are too big to fail and too integrated into Silicon Valley and their version of a Brave New World. The sadness is its own ‘grounding nature’. I am sad for all the western women who came after me, who think they are feminists when they are so duped and fooled and clamoring for the end of all their freedoms gained, surrounded by these political and cult influences under the umbrella of the Progressive Agenda with even Marianne Williamson running for President. A New Ager who is part of this Green New Deal (Hangs out with Dalai Lama and Barbara Marx Hubbard) and is an animal channeler. She was also Hilary Clinton’s advisor at one time. I think she is there just to make the other crazy women look sane. Theses Alinskyite Progressives do this all the time, i.e., “point the finger” over here over here! So no one realizes that Nancy Pelosi, Tim Ryan, and other Progressives are just as crazy’ taking Tantric initiations that made people like Marianne Williamson crazy. This is one of their long-standing tactics. The Dalai Lama did it by calling the Dorje Shugden a ‘cult’ remember? When people were starting to call out his Tibetan Lamaism as sexually abusive and cult-like. They are using Marianne Williamson as a scapegoat now; So people don’t know these Leftist Progressives, are all cult-influenced now. Always have been since Alice Bailey was influencing the United Nations with cult craziness.

          I do simple deep breathing ( no more than a few minutes) a short while a day. I play the piano again, a meditation that older westerners all did in their childhood, a natural ‘meditation’ that doesn’t destroy reason and logical thinking but increases concentration and awareness and doesn’t put you in a delusional state of mind. Deep breathing for a short while is always helpful. It was before the Lunatics and Cult members created their Religious Version of this natural relaxation, to dumb the West down.

          1. Do you have any information or links about the deep breathing technique you do? Thank you.

    1. Dear Tara:

      Thanks for all the in-depth information you are adding to this conversation. There is always something new to learn when you add your scholarly study to the mix. I had come across this attempt to make Lenin a ‘socialist deity’ and there was apparently discussion to have a deity ‘thangka’ with his face on the typical cookie cutter ‘paint-by-numbers’ religious artwork allowed for centuries in Tibet.

      This World Buddhism that China is promoting with Tibetan gurus and their Eco-Karmapa in the center of China’s soft-power, like having Mingyur and Tsoknyi Rinpoche busy in Hong Kong and South East Asia, is to make more middle-class Chinese-speaking people mindless and under the Communist CPC’s thumbs by teaching them “mindfulness,’ Trungpa style, and is under the radar. While the devotees of Shambhala and Rigpa and the network of the establishment Deep Tibetan Buddhists swamp ( i.e., mainstream media, Tantric-influenced ‘Buddhist magazines promoted by Shambhala international for the last 30 years, most University religious Departments, to get all the other Buddhists such as sects of Zen and Theravada, on board the 3 Stream Buddhism as the new Religion ( called secular spirituality) for America. This network of ‘undue influence’ has been promoting these two ‘westernized lamas’ as the saviors for these scandal-ridden, still-operating groups, whistling in the wind. I read in disgust the blogs of still mind-controlled western Tibetan Buddhists promoting these two steeped in medieval Tantra since I studied with both of them and they were the most medieval of the lamas since they were so heavily involved in using ‘mindfulness’ as a front for their occult-ridden Dzogchen teachings that have fooled most of the yoga groups and Western Buddhists that this is a ‘secular’ path of the ‘highest of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

      When you have the CPC of the Chinese government watching your back, along with Hollywood, the infiltrated American Psychological Association , religious departments in our no-longer prestigious universities no longer offering a truly ‘liberal education’ anymore, but ensuring that young people will be debt-ridden and come out social justice warriors, screaming for reparations to keep black Americans ‘victims’ forever, like now themselves, and most anti-cult sites penetrated by these influences, with most of the mainstream news watching your backs, and promoting Trungpa’s mindlessness technique that got us all ‘not to judge’ sexual abuse and harems, why care about things like sexually grooming children in your sun-camps, the promotion of pedophilia as normal or keeping harems of western women.? No one is paying attention because an increasing number of mind-numbed mindfulness westerners are staying in their mindlessness bubbles.

  18. I thought I could add something here relating to your charge of “Marxist utopianism” among the Left. I came across this interesting passage in a book called “The Jung Cult,” by Richard Noll (you know Sam Bercholz runs the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York), which indicates yet another tie between the mystical Left and the Nazis about which they are completely unaware. These religionists will find one way or another to turn “atheist” into “cult.” Blavatsky described herself as an “atheist”!

    [quote][b]BUILDING THE MARXIST GOD[/b]

    A third movement of secular regeneration with mystery-cult aspects, which I will mention only very briefly here, can be found in the “god-building” movement in fin-de-siecle atheistic Russian Marxism. In the 1890s, a group of Bolsheviks led by Maxim Gorky (1838-1936), a friend and disciple of V. I. Lenin (1870- 1924), and Anatoly Lunacharsky (1875-1933) carried on a search in Russia for spiritual renewal through the promotion of what they called the “god-building movement” (bogostroitel’stvo). The god-building movement was a call for “scientific socialism” to be a religion with a god at its center who was human. Sacred cult sites devoted to a chosen atheistic genius of socialism would be established to remind the populace of the immortal, god-like achievements of a true socialist man and thereby renew the pilgrim’s hopes of a better life through socialism. The god-building movement was to be a true deification of mankind and of human potential. Lunacharsky, the primary theorist of god-building, laid out the details of his ideas in 1908 and 1911 in a two-volume work, Religiia i sotsializm (Religion and Socialism). Lunacharsky’s model seems to have been the cult of genius surrounding [url=]Wagner at Bayreuth (see below), as Lunacharsky was the most important promoter of [url=]Wagnerism[/url] in Russia at the turn of the century. [59]

    Lenin detested the Bolshevik god-building movement, and in a 14 November 1913 letter to his friend and disciple Gorky he argues that the belief in any human god constructed by such a movement would be nothing more than necrophilia. For Lunacharsky, this new human god was to be a Marxist version of [url=]Nietzsche’s ubermensch[/url], who would be “a co-participator in the life of mankind, a link in the chain which stretches towards the overman, towards a beautiful creature, a perfected organism.” [60] This human god could be a political genius such as Lenin, or a scientific one, such as developed somewhat around the figure of T. D. Lysenko. Ironically, Lenin was made the first socialist deity in the years immediately following his death in 1924, as has been documented by historian Nina Tumarkin. [61]

  19. And can we make perfectly clear here that “Mindfulness” is ACTUALLY “Mindlessness”? That deer in the headlight look you talk about. Evenness, equanimity, emptiness — the essential ideologies of Tibetan Buddhist practice — in the light of today’s numerous problems, what is all that except mindlessness, which can’t get excited about anything anyone else is excited about, but only about what you’re excited about, and you’re never too excited if you’re being properly mindless.

    Well, I don’t like to get too excited about anything; I like to have a certain equanimity as well; but I do care a lot, though not with any expectation that things will change.

    I was very disturbed to see Sangye Khandro translate this teaching by Khenchen Namdrol telling the Rigpa students who signed the letter of protest to Sogyal to “suck it up,” or they are going to hell: I’ve known Sangye a long, long time, and she’s the same as she always has been; and after all these years, she still has that “deer in the headlight look” you talk about, a really dull affect. I know she’s been practicing mindfulness very diligently all these years, and I look at her result, and think, “That is not the way for people who are striving to be compassionate.” To ignore everything bad in Buddhism, to believe the nonsense these lamas teach with such sincerity, to impose these ancien regime ideas on a modern public as if that’s the most holy way to live.

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  21. How many high level Shambhala members worked for military industrial complex ? …who was Joanna Macy ? Who were the key people that brought Trungpa over to America building his organization for him?

    1. First of all, the infiltration into the military occurred when MINDFULNESS was integrated into the military ( and the police departments under Obama’s COPS program to turn police into social workers) the colluding SUBUD Cult member, Obama, has the most influential early Cult child programming of his anti-American behaviors. Mindfulness , that has been proven to interrupt the ‘fight or flight’ response has harmed the military. Which was the point. the CCP must feel THAT was quite a coupe. But our Congress in locked into misinterpreting ‘religious freedom” for cults as the same as ‘religious freedom for the individual”. No one meant to have cult organizations, that hate America, hate its Judea-Christian foundations, to be supported by tax-payers, and given carte blanche now as a Church, with NO TRANSPARENCY, which is true of the 1000-year-old- nepotistic kleptocracy that lived off its own people, and is now sponging off the whole world; while sexually abusing, even raping their devotees, the wives, sisters, and girlfriends; starting harems, with girls as young as 14 years old, and it will be younger if you don’t stop this Lama expansion. Since their ‘higher teachings’ that that weasel and faux- Rationalist promotes with atheists in the West, Sam Harris after he has bashed Christianity and now Buddhism as ‘too religious” so he says he is practicing Dzogchen, the most misogynistic and primitive and irrational of the levels of Vajrayana! That all the high Lamas are practicing with their heads in the 8th century. THAT’s MR. Rational. He is a very important change agent for the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset that has been told is a ‘conspiracy theory’ as we see it unfold. As I saw its blueprint in crazy Crestone Baca, right in the most corrupted part of Colorado State.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if those Afghan soldiers were practicing Mindfulness ( they had rainbow flags in Afghanistan, which was like painting a red target on your back in that Islamic state) as they let themselves be surrounded and left to be slaughtered in the confusion. Remember, the first thing Mindfulness does, is create a confusion of what to accept or reject, the point is to accept everything the totalitarian system of Lamaism ( or the Corporate Fascists who use Mindfulness to get people to obey) tells you, is
      to not judge let it all fall apart, whatever, Rape, sexual abuse etc. And, for those who are critical, to first humor the ‘heretics’ unless they speak out against you, and then you can see how peaceful they are. Ask the Tibetan people in India who were practicing the Dorje Shungden practices, how peaceful the Dalai Lama became with them, when he decided, in the greatest IRONY that they were the CULT. Talk about the fire telling the frying pan it’s the CULT! You may find this interesting:

  22. Were there people behind the scenes coaching or rehearsing Trungpa’s seminars with him, hidden influences?

    1. who are you and why are you asking such detailed, knowlegable questions, when you probably know the answers. Yes there were people behind the scenes, and they became the most inner circle of Trungpa and later the Regent, and later the most useful to the Sakyong, Mostly the Sakyong preferred all the dharma brats , the children of the inner most circle of Trungpa because he knew they were the most deeply programmed. The Shambhala Program was a made up program based on the Wheel of Destruction Tantra, deceptively promoted as bringing peace and this was a composite of cultural appropriation, even the Anthem, that was an Irish fighting song. Shambhala was exported to Canadian Maritimes to make Canada fall asleep with Mindfulness and Gampo Abbey where two of the biggest enablers of the sexual abuse cover-up resident, Pema Chodron, and the tutor of All of the Kagyu Lamas, Thrangu Rinpoche, who then tutored, along with Mingyur Rinpoche, the Han Buddhist Abbots in CCP China to become Vajra Masters, because it had proved so good in making Westerners passive, dumbed down, and soon believing in fairytales, superstition. And that America was awful, Christianity was a cult of dualistic theists, whereas we (the Lamas) are the only true path for the atheists and non-theists, that soon would be prostrating like slaves to these lamas if they stayed too long at this delusional fair of 8th century clever WarLords whom the Khans admired so much in taming the hoards they conquered. How do you think America (and Europe less so) has become so confused? So amoral as a virtue? Tantra.

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