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Nancy Pelosi And Tantra

Progressives Have Always Been ‘Les Idiots Utiles’ of Medieval Tibetan Lamas


Nancy Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett celebrating guru-worshiping, Tantric empowerments with the Dalai Lama

Has anyone noticed the way Nancy Pelosi is behaving these days? After spending so much time with the Dalai Lama

Doing Tantric, occult ritual ceremonies? Imagining herself as a sixteen-year-old  “White Tara” goddess deity as the Dalai Lama initiates her deeper and deeper into his Tantric  amoral net? Where Lies become TRUTH and social mores are turned on its head.

I guess her red dress is when she is visualizing herself as Vajrayogini, the blood-drinking Tibetan Lamaist demoness/deity.   I wouldn’t be surprised.    This foolish woman thinks the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism is ‘feminist.”

She has been acting odd for quite a while. Unable to be the articulate spokesperson she used to be. Acting like a coquettish teenager when she takes to the microphone.  Slurring her words and confused. Watch her walk.  Watch the way she smiles and uses her hands.  She has been visualizing herself in these occult rituals of Tantra as six decades younger than her seventy-nine years. Now, she can hardly get a coherent thought formed and deliver it. Her mind is mush.  While the Progressive Left Main Stream Media keep calling her “brilliant.”

She acts like many older ladies I have met who have been made confused and delusional by Tantra and Lamas since Madame Blavatsky’s seance days.

When channeling these Lamas for spiritual advice, the Progressive Theosophists dreamed of the day when the Tibetan Lamas would be here in person to contribute to the Progressive Party’s continued history of first spiritualism, and now secular occult confusion within our democratically-elected House Legislative body, who has clearly gone off the rails.

Think Progressives are Feminists?  Think Again.

President Woodrow Wilson- Our First Progressive President.  His Vice President was a Theosophist who admired these Medieval Tantric Lamas. They both wanted a One World Government and had strange bedfellows like Corporate moguls, industrial land barons, and brown-shoed,  New England socialist socialite social workers from Beacon Hill clamoring for Heaven on Earth.

This is not the liberal Democratic Party that so many of us voted for, for so many years. These are Progressives,  and they are on both sides of the aisle.  Neocons and Neoliberals. Two sides of the same Globalist coin. The Hegelian model for “nothing changes” except to get worse.

These people are fooling you.  They have nothing in common with our National Representative Constitutional Governments.  That is what they are here to destroy for their Utopian dreams of Collectivism. Their supporters are no longer the ordinary voters but billionaires like George Soros in favor of completely open borders.  So that informed citizens will be replaced with people used to dictatorships and corruption.  Whose idea of political participation is taking to the streets since their votes never count.

The controlled media are controlling the narrative that socialism and the Green New Deal is supported by the larger population. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are also getting us to become used to chaos and corruption in our own governing bodies.

Since accepting corruption always accompanies Socialist-Totalist countries.

The United States is now like those non-volunteers for MK-Ultra experiments that used propaganda, thought control and behavioral molding; only now it is being done through the social platforms like Facebook and our Skinner black boxes: our iPhones and cable news.

The Progressives have been clamoring for a Collectivist  New Religion with Big Government regulating every aspect of our lives for decades; The Green New Deal is their creation.  Their ‘Secular’ Progressive  Religion. No wonder they have no problem with Chinese Government-aligned Tibetan Lamas as their spiritual advisers and helpful adjunct theatre, with their Chinese Communist Eco-Karmapa Lama.

These hubris-filled Progressives who call themselves ‘Democrats,’  are actually part of an international elite who has always  been on a ‘world religious crusade.’  These are the Green New Deal religious fanatics and Spiritualist Fanatics who don’t believe in Scientific Reasoning. That is why they can offer up bogus Climate Change charts that are meaningless. Or present the Dalai Lama as a scientist and a man of peace. These are not ‘liberals’ and we should stop letting them label themselves in this self-serving way. In order to fool the middle and working class.

This is because Lamaist Tantra is about creating chaos and confusion.  And New Age and Lamaist Tantra are a cozy fit.  The C-Street Frat Boy Christian Cult  ( Mike Pence types) and the New Age Eastern Cults,  have formed a “Spiritual Alliance” since 1987, Gold Ranch, Colorado  to do the “One Work”:  The Totalitarian Smiley-Faced Despotic Religious Order for the World.

The Green New Deal Fanatics give you a taste of this New Order’s religious fervor and their means to implement THEIR TRUTH.  Tax the pesky middle-class out of existence; Like Old Tibet.

Now, these Progressive Democrats, taking their cues from Nancy and Valerie, and their cuddly alliances with Hollywood,  are openly hanging out with Vajrayana Tantric Lamas and people who stay around these lamas and gurus too much; who lose their reasoning abilities; their ability to think logically and with common sense; to respect others not under the spell; while believing they are smarter than everyone else in the room.  It is a very odd effect.  One is directed, emotionally,  by now an agenda, not of one’s own.

Their  ‘abstractions’ about ‘saving the world, blind them to the damage and suffering they keep causing by refusing to deal with the actual suffering realities in front of their face. But they can’t see them.  Not when you are a ‘World Citizen’ in your head. But are very good at pretending you care about your own nation’s people.

This is the face of the New Left Progressive Party; our One World Government change agents with their cuddly  Marxist Lama of their favorite, sexually abusive cult: the favorite priestly group of the violent Khans; the  Theosophists;  New Age and Hollywood;  and now China, again.  The latter using it as its ‘soft power’ in the West to bring us slowly into World Collectivism. Being back in China to keep their huge population in line.

You control the women,  you weaken the men, and control the nations. 

Nancy Pelosi, like so many in the Progressive Party, is not a ‘feminist’.  She is hanging out with the head of an abusive, exploitative, medieval, Tibetan Lamaist Tantric cult, that has had her protection and public endorsement for the last thirty years. She has enabled their expansion, tax-free status, tax-free billions for their ‘bogus Free Tibet’ movement, and their continued exploitation -sexual, financial and emotional- of American citizens; mostly women, for years. Their form of mindfulness has made them unable to judge right from wrong; lies from the truth; and an inability to use their reasoning abilities to make good decisions for themselves and their families; and their nations.

Progressive Left women never call out the abuses of their favorite cults like Islamic fundamentalists and Tibetan Lamas if they see their uses. They help in burying the truth about these cult groups who believe in their Leftist Utopian plans.   They even help get the word “cult” prohibited from politically-correct use.

And we wonder why sexual abuse, pedophilia, sexual grooming, and rapes are more tolerated in our Countries?

Or why only the sexual abuses of the Catholic Church ( which should be reported) are consistently focused on by the Left-infiltrated mainstream news;  the controlled Pravda of the Democratic Party and what gets broadcast out in Europe?

When Progressive women read this?  They don’t even know what I am saying. They don’t go outside their safe space groups anymore to get a fresh perspective on what is going on. They have been programmed for now three generations.  They have been under the undue influence of Hollywood, academia, CNN and MSNBC and Fox News, and Facebook, and their tight social groups; listening to other Progressive women, who are told what sexual abuse to report on by the Corporate Frat Boys of controlled corporate media that has devolved into tabloid hell.

People who write to me personally are concerned about getting out of what they now believe is a cult: Tibetan Lamaism. Or, they need resources for their kids who are one of the many hundreds of Tibetan Lamaist ‘Buddhist’ cults. These Lamas are everywhere now, giving teachings and three-year retreats and recruiting more young people into their Tantric net.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi,  is reinforcing and enabling this sexual abuse, as well as the continued repression of the Tibetan people by the Dalai Lama; making sure the public or they don’t know what this ‘religion’ is really all about.

That picture of Valerie Jarrett and Nancy Pelosi, at what is an occult initiation into Tantra,  tells us all we need to know about the no-longer Democratic Party not serving the people of the United States of America, who still believe in a representative democracy, the separation of Church and State, and freedom of thought and speech.

Now we know why the Progressives are acting more like a cult. Because they are surrounded by them.

I am surprised when anyone is brave enough to comment on Tibetan Buddhism as a cult,  and I certainly don’t want to censor anyone who does. There are far too few voices calling out the cult groups in our midst. Not since the Left and Progressives made calling a cult a “cult” taboo. Who gave them ‘religious’ status with their ‘new religious movement’ label.

Who pushed that politically correct term and the idea that victims of cults should not be believed?  Why Eileen Barker;  who has been called a ‘cult apologist’ by the late cult expert, Margaret Singer.

Eileen Barker sits on the editorial board of the most prestigious International Anti-Cult site, ICSA,  a group who still refuses to use the word ‘cult.’   Eileen believes only academics, like herself, should be believed when it comes to cults, and that victims of cults are too ’emotional and angry’ to be taken seriously.   THAT is what has been happening in the deep swamp of the anti-cult movement that has allowed cults like Tibetan Lamaism to expand in our countries for the last sixty years.

Progressives and their  ‘contemplative psychologists’ movement’ are a big part of the explosion of cults in our midst.  A movement started by the harem-keeping Trungpa and his Tantric college Naropa University, and his  MK-Ultra-like technique,  Mindfulness has also been a real boon to the eastern cult industry.

 So now dangerous cults in our midst can use Freedom of Religion protection to make non-transparent billions, untaxed, as now ‘churches’ while destroying traditional religions. And Progressives can start their own ‘non-profit’ charitable foundations to push mindfulness to make populations more mindless.

Weren’t they clever getting most psychologist-heavy, anti-cult organizations to go along? The hidden reason that cults in our midst have exploded.   It’s been good for the anti-cult business.

Now that many  western Tibetan Buddhists  and so many other cult victims are leaving their groups,  they are already ‘at the ready’ to teach them more mindfulness under the thumb of other Tibetan Lamas, or through their most cult-controlled devotee/western students, to “help them cope”  with their sexual abuse trauma and learn to ‘forgive.’  The very same mindfulness technique that taught them ‘not to judge’ sexual abuse, financial corruption and the sexual grooming of young girls all around them.  Some are offering courses in ‘white privilege’ to make these mostly-white sexual abuse victim women feel even worse about themselves. And, distract them from going to the police. And, recruit already confused black and brown women into their Tantric net.

I don’t let through blatant Anti-Semitism; anti-Christianity, anti-Muslim comments. I won’t go there. Because that is what Tibetan Lamaism and its Apocalyptic Cult predicts and wants. They want confusion and chaos all over western nations.

Allen Ginsberg, Lama Trungpa’s Radical  Leftist “Howling’ Anti-America mouthpiece and Pedophile Enabler, was also clear about that being Tibetan Buddhism’s intent. To destroy American culture as a ‘failed experiment. ‘

Allen Ginsberg personified the New Left Tibetan Buddhist New-Age, Marxist of today.  Who pretends to be a ‘secular’  alternative.  During Ginsberg’s time in Shambhala International, then Vajradhatu,  Ginsberg’s guru Trungpa’s Regent, all of them knowing he had AIDS, was having unprotected sex with hundreds of heterosexual males to prove their devotion to him.  Leaving at least one of their Shambhala Enlightened Society children dead. Who knows how many pedophiliac encounters he had with young teenage Dharma brats (children in this cult)? Or how many died, keeping the  Tibetan Tantric gurus’ secrets?

Devotees of Tibetan Lamaism always keep their gurus’ secrets. They take vows to do so or turn to dust.

Not just young females were abused in these Tibetan Buddhist cults. And, sexual abuse of young boys was rampant in the Tibetan Monasteries and still is.

Did you hear? California, besides breaking all the laws, and now inundated with Left Progressives,  Lamaists, and Hindu Guru Tantric influences, and New Age mindfulness psychologists and psychotherapists,  are tweaking with the Pedophile Laws,  through  Sex-Offender Requirements.

Ashoka Mukpo, remember him? (CNN gave him lots of ‘airtime’ ) was a Shambhala ” tulku” stepson of the notorious Trungpa, who contracted Ebola on one of his Shambhala Enlightened Society’  missionary gigs as a ‘photojournalist,’ who has been helping with that;  through the  Soros-funded, “Human Rights Watch.”  Soros is funding Open Society, i.e. open borders, and Tibetan Tantric Lamas for decades.

Leftists always call their things ‘ liberal-sounding’ and compassionate;  Like the Tibetan Lamas learned to do.

And the Tibetan Lamas and their phony peace and harmony ruse?  Their bogus ‘ecumenism’ when inside their groups they really taught us that all other religions are heresy? They are quite pleased when they see Muslims and Jews fighting and Christianity being destroyed.  That is what they want. That is part of their ‘secret’ teachings in their “Wheel of Time Tantra”; their Apocalyptic Prophecy that is about destroying all other traditional religions so the Lamas can arise as Lord Chakravartins; androgynous beings whose wish to absorb female energy to use as their own in controlling the universe is their real ambitions behind their humble smiles. Transgenders are very enamored of Tantric Buddhism these days.  It has made them bolder and crazier.  It makes everyone crazier.

Transgenderism is now a Progressive pet movement, that has become about absorbing female energy in order to create an androcentric, androgynous worldview;  where biological women’s rights are eventually buried. The main teaching of the cuddly-looking Lamas who are here to create confusion and chaos and nail all women’s rights down.

The Tantra initiations that the Dalai Lama has given to crowds of tens of thousands, in five of our targeted states of the United States? Last time it was in Washington D.C. in 2011.

That nobody cares to know is where tens of thousands of United States citizens,  and some of their representatives in our State Capitol,  unknowingly took vows to perpetuate the Dalai Lama’s medieval, misogynist, world.

Fool the women, abuse and control them, you weaken the men and destroy nations. Shambhala International and Rigpa International understand this, with all the many other thousands of women still in their cult. No charges are filed against these Lamas and their western cult devotees. They are always protected by the Progressive media. Every scandal about the Tibetan Lamas and their groups are covered up by another Catholic Priest Abuse Headline.

And all those western  Tibetologists?  With their cozy niches in our prestigious universities? They are not going to tell you what is really in this Kalachakra Tantra.  They are in the cult.

That is why the Lamas now have thousands of their medieval temples all over the world,  thanks, in part, to ‘scholars’ like these, for the aftermath of the World War III predictions in the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Wheel of Destruction Tantra. 

Tantra had its hands, for example, in  NXIVM (the Dalai Lama never did give back that two million he received from Raniere for endorsing this sex cult that fooled the usual suspects: the wealthy elite);  that is now on trial in New York.

New York will make sure that the Dalai Lama’s name is never mentioned in this trial on cults. The defense lawyer for Raniere declared  “there is no such thing as cults” and no one in court gasped.   New York is planning to build a 13-million-dollar museum to honor all the Dalai Lamas; these slave and permanent serf owners, whose 14th incarnation has kept his own exiled people under his religious dictator’s thumb and medieval rule for their whole time in exile.  The Nancy Pelosi ‘Democratic’ Progressive Party romanticizes this archaic theocracy of Lamaism, where devotees set themselves on fire for a bogus Free Tibet that was never free from these Lamas and celebrates this absolutist Rule of DL over his own people; never letting them enter the 21st century.

Shambhala International, the most popular Lamaist Tantric cult in the United States and Canada,  just got away, so far, with grooming young girls for their sexual uses, keeping harems, and physically abusing both women and men. White women and men, mostly, by the way, Making lots of other cults, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Alinskyite Communists, and Black Lives Matter, the renamed Black Power Guerrilla Marxist Movement,  very happy; who are now screeding about Reparations.  And who have Islamist fundamentalist, anti-Semitic women, whose countries may still keep slaves,  in our Congress ,directing the policy and tactics of the DNC.  How could this happen.  Fool the Women, the men will follow.

Elitist Utopians since Alice Bailey days. Progressives have always believed they know what is best for the rest of the World. While they are Unwittingly and obliviously creating chaos in their quest for global government.

Three generations of a critical mass of purposely media-controlled white and black and brown women, through massive programming. Who actually believe they are feminists.

No, they are puppets of a World Citizenship Collectivist Movement similar to the Fascist, Stalinist, and Maoist Utopian movements of the past.

Can whole nations be influenced by cult-like thinking?

They can. If they ignore history.

As for their Black Lives Matter puppets of this Progressive movement? Those who remain victims? While acting like bullies?  A neat trick. Who want reparations from whom? People, who are dead over ten generations ago who kept slaves? Some of them former slaves?  The Black Tribes in Africa that sold slaves to the Dutch?  Their Islamic partners whose own countries may still keep slaves and women as chattel?

As corrupt senators and congressmen, push you along into continued victimhood to keep you enslaved? Many of them privileged black brothers and sisters who may have grown up in affluent white or black homes; or may have had white privileged Progressive mothers. (SUBUD World Citizen Progressive members) like Obama’s mother. We never hear a peep about her.

Certainly not by the self-hating white Progressive women’s club; old liberals being mass-manipulated by those who don’t care what they have to do, to win?

Refusing to call out the abusive,  even criminal behaviors of others, or hold them to any account?  Retreating to safe spaces when not marching and literally chanting to the drum of Totalism for All.  Ordinary people will begin to  hate the very word  “white” and “Feminism.” That is the plan.  To nail all white female energy down and keep black and brown women confused; continuing to vote for those who do not have their interests in mind.

This is not about ‘saving the republic’ or our country; it is about nailing a new generation of all women:  black, brown and white women,  into dumb, deaf and blind.  Marching to groupthink and kept in a bubble of group mind. And their white sisters? “Yes, yes, punish me for being white. I deserve it!”

Only profoundly dumbed-down women, who are feminists in name only, would let this happen.   “Yes, yes, take away more of our women’s rights, and I will not say a word lest I appear ‘transphobic’!” Much worse than betraying all the women’s rights activists coming before them, who worked so hard on these issues of equality for biological women. Fortunately, the lesbian population is waking up to this androcentric trick. 

And do the privileged race-baiters, white, brown or black, in our Congress care that the cult religions,  and the tribal cultures they embrace,  are raping women back in the countries some of them left?  Or, trafficking in pedophilia, or keeping slaves?  In the name of this forced diversity, that all this is purposely ignored? Not at all! Not a peep. Or that sex-trafficking and mass third-world illegal immigration will take jobs, depress their wages, and spread more pedophilia, rape and sexual abuse in our country?  More Crime?  More Drugs? More disease?  Overburden our welfare system?

Progressives don’t care about the mess they make. They only care about some imaginary FUTURE in capital letters. Their Utopian plans.  That is why Democrats,  who are now Left Progressives, have done nothing for anyone they say they are representing; except to make things worse.  They just want you to keep electing them for their empty promises;  so they can keep their hand in the Big Government Till. Handing out crumbs for their base.

Their campaigns went straight to the most vulnerable and the easiest to mind-control in our prestigious universities and colleges they now own: Young people. They started with us in the ’60s, and now they believe they are finishing the job.

Totalitarians always go after the young. Now, they are going after them in kindergarten.

Close to a third of the population of women, black, brown and white,  are now in the Progressive cult. That meets all the criteria of a repressive, thought-controlled group.  It is a mixture of many things; this Progressive cult:  A self-righteous amoralism, hooked up with Mega corporate monopolies and media censorship of traditional values, with the help of Mega-tech companies in Silicon Valley along with Hollywood Goebbels. Marching us into Totalitarianism.

And they will succeed.   As long as they keep fooling the women.

This site is about cults, not religions. Dangerous cults in our midst that are working together, now. Political and Religious cults in their spiritual alliance.

Most sincerely religious people are just going about their lives. They aren’t trying to convert others to their religion. Not the sane ones. The most fanatic of the New fundamentalists, those that believe they don’t have a religion, are trying to march everyone into believing as One.


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