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Chakrasamvara in Consort with Female Deity to use her ‘essence’ to reach enlightment. Not just money and free labor (corvee) this Kleptocracy STEALS

Bill Karelis and Michael Smith-two of a dozen, or more western ‘advanced’ teachers of Shambhala International (including at least one still-practicing  physician at Brown U)  are accused of engaging in pedophilia and grooming of young girls at  Shambhala’s “Summer [Indoctrination] Camp.”

Kobo promotes Karelis’ sappy, Mindfulness book and the University of Michigan names a Tibetan Buddhist chair after a pedophile-promoting Lama. While Amazon is censoring Dr. Seuss. We have gone complete mad, and this is one reason why.

Because  pedophilia  is institutionalized in the teachings of Tibetan Guru Lamaism, whose theocratic, misogynistic influence is EVERYWHERE now, in a seemingly secularized , MINDFULNESS disguise.

And, the mainstream media?  It has done everything to cover-up for their favorite Lama, the  Dalai Lama, and his Kalachakra secret teachings, underneath his ‘compassionate’ facade. Tantric Hindu Sadhu and Sorceror, occult teachings that these Lamas  believe, ALL OF THEM, gives them a path to  “enlightenment”  through the alchemy of ‘absorbing’ the energy of the female during the sexual act, then mixing these ‘essences’  with their own semen, and shooting it backwards, just before ejaculation, through their ‘channels and chakras’ up to the top of their medieval, eighth century heads.

Why do you thing Sports Illustrated and Vogue have androgynous but androcentric ( i.e male to female) transgenders, the new image of Beauty?   It’s to crush real women’s rights (such as Title IX)  and totally confuse  male populations, as they do in all misogynistic, primitive, tribal warlord ‘religions”;  it seems the  favorite ‘religion’ of the new New Left, i.e. the Fascist Left.

And, it is to destroy traditional family values; creating a generational division;   what totalitarian societies always do.

The Tibetan Lamas have proven to be an excellent source of Western confusion, so helpful to destroy family ties, national ties, and create A World Totalitarian State, CCP style.  That must be why all the celebrity Lamas- particularly the ‘crazy wisdom,’ ones- are invited to teach in  China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in order to convert the Han Buddhist populations there.  

In Tibet,  brother serfs were more often married to one woman, and wouldn’t know who fathered the child.  Helpful when you are taking male children as a ‘tax’ from each family.  Or a young girl as sexual consort for some sick, very old Lama.

All women, black, brown, or white,  are seen by the Lamas to be in ‘inferior bodies.’ Who should be praying to be reborn a man, as they did in Tibet. They also have no concept of, or respect for, the separation of Church and State.  But they do know the science of propaganda.  “Scientism” it is called by those still reasoning Western scientific minds.  Who just wanted to be ‘nice’ to this Dalai Lama, and now look where we are.  ‘Idiot Compassion’ Trungpa called it. He got some things right about the Western Progressives, who flocked to his feet and gave up their sanity and freedom of mind back in 1969.  It was easy for him to continue the ‘elite capture’ that Communists always engage in to turn a country RED.

Now, many priviledged, educated,  black women are joining their equally privileged and brainwashed white sisters,  targeted for ‘elite capture’ since the 1970’s, and continues with the second generatioon of   Lamas now, through  Oprah,  Left- Academia, Social Media Moguls, and the Karma Kagyu/ Shambhala International centers, Naropa- its Cult University of the  CCP/Karma Kagyus- spewing out brainwashed graduates, 400 a year for the last 50 years,   and  of course, the other  Lamaist Centers, 1000’s of them now, given ‘church status’ and even Covid-19 monies,  through our complete feckless,  no-longer prestigious universities in America.

So that ALL women, (and men) of every race, can be slow-boiled  into submission, irrationality, and more confused,  obedient states.  Voting for  criminal families of thiefs, like the Dalai Lamas were;  letting an insane, occult -influenced  Speaker of the House be influenced by  the medieval, anti-Western  Dalai Lama and his ilk,  Hollywood, and China.  The’ insurrection’ of our Constitutional government  was a 50-year plan and started at the United Nations by these crazy Progressives who want us to regress to rubbing sticks to make a fire.

And, it is the so-called, ‘third-wave’, academic FEMINISTS. who are supporting this 1000-year-old Tantric cult, believing it’s  ‘advanced Buddhism’ mixes so nicely with Marxism.’

Fools.  All of them fools.  Whatever skin-color they are.   The Lamas, and CCP-China, are sure having a big laugh over these women, who are making the world hate the very  word “Feminism” and who think they are free by the Corporate Corrupt CNN sexualizing their behavior  and calling it Positive Sexual Imaging. Just call it something else, like they did in these sexually abusive cults:  when it is Massive, MainStream, Demeaning role-modeling for little girls.  

So much easier for the wealthy billionaire misogynists and pedophiles to abuse them in China or in the United States, if the Corporate Patriarchy of Abuse promotes this Soft Pornography on young girls and boys, and their Female Enablers who will do anything for a buck in faux-journalism: call it  “Sex-Positive”; and the cult members inside Tibetan Lama cults call it:   Enlightened Feminism!  Dakini Power. EMPOWERING WOMEN!

Same thing.

Fits in so nicely, with ‘reason’  being labeled as ‘white privilege.’   Don’t use your brain, your western common sense!  Or, see what is right before your eyes!   ‘Positive Sex Messages’ ?   Are you kidding me. Yes,  if they want Black and Brown girls to  aspire to become strippers and sex workers.

 Seamless mind-control by the Progressive Left and their favorite Cults. Working in conjunction. And with  many of the C-Street Christians, who control the Establishment GOP,  like Mike Pence, who want to keep women quiet and second-class citizens.

Like the Tibetan Lamas did for a thousand years, and counting.  Didn’t you know that the C-Street Christians had formed a ‘spiritual alliance’ with New Age Progressive GAIA Green New Deal cultresses, like Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Marianne Williamson, and the Progressive Dalai Lamaists, in 1987, at Gold Ranch to do the ‘one work’ together?   They are all on the same Globalist page.  It didn’t really matter who won the Democratic nomination in 2020.  All of them are working as a team. Just as the corrupt GOP put forward the Bushes, and the RINOS, all on board the Green New Deal and Globalism for our future.  Trump was the wrench in their perfectly oiled Climate Change Religion to fool the World into a Neo-feudal future. He had to be destroyed.  So they did. Together.  All of them. The cultural component of the Green New Deal’s Agenda 21. Still fooling the least awake liberals, by now: Like academic Left Lesbian and straight faux Feminists,  who are helping misogynistic groups like the Tibetan Lamas, ruin a hundred years of women’s rights.

Universities, all over the United States, are awash in this occult, misogynistic Tantra, most particularly in their religious, psychology, and social work departments,  that is making our young women confused and compartmentalized. No longer trusting their own good sense. Which is the point:

“The Khyentse Gendun Chopel Professorship will reside in LSA’s (University of Michigan) Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. It is named after the Tibetan poet, philosopher, and painter Gendun Chopel (1903-1951), regarded by many as the leading Tibetan thinker of the twentieth century”  AND a  pedophile-promoter.

Saraha distinguishes five different wisdom consorts on the basis of age: the eight-year-old-virgin (Kumasi); the twelve-year-old salika; the sixteen-year-old siddha, who already bleeds monthly; the twenty-year-old blikka, and the twenty-five-year-old bhadrakapalina, who is discribed as the ‘burned fat of prajna.” (Chopel, 1992, p.177).*

The advanced goal of all these Lamas, and their inner western circle of misogynistic male and enabling female cult members, still recruiting in these groups,  is their mission to ‘be change agents to change the world” into their view of an Enlightened Dictatorship.  With women nailed down in the four directions.  This is what should have been included in why NXIVM happened.  THE ROOTS of this Tantric sex-slave mess.  This religious justification of making women sex slaves.

 I was of course called a “white supremist” and a “right wing Christian” conspiracy theorist by the current cult members,  and the intellectually uptight male  Tibetologists most of them, if not all, Tantric devotees, for bringing THIS up:   HOW DARE I!

Dare to remind people that the two-million-dollar bribe for the Dalai Lama’s endorsement was common,  and Keith and the Dalai Lama cults have so much in common. Why not?  He endorsed Trungpa’s predator son at Shambhala Mountain, and promoted the equally abusive Sogyal Rinpoche for forty years.  And, now these scandals are all over the news that the mainstream tried to keep quiet and then bury. And, is still trying to bury.

Sarah Bronfman didn’t seduce Lama Tenzin, to get to the Dalai Lama.  Others agree.  We are not all brainwashed females out here.  Pathological Do-Gooder Buddhists who ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ ‘speak no evil’.  Lama Tenzin was sent by the Dalai Lama to seduce Sarah Bronfman.  A billionairess!  Lamas LOVE billionairesses.

 So ‘contemplative psychologists’, and contemplative social workers,’  and soon all the yoga teachers, who are being forced to learn Tantra to get certified in California, don’t want anyone to read my book- so calling me a ‘racist’ and a ‘right wing Christian’  and a ‘paranoid conspiracy theorist,’ for calling out the institutional sexual and other abuses of women and men,  including Tibetan women and men, for a thousand years, is odd.

 But,  this is what the Left Progressive, crazy Party of Dalai Lama groupies,  like Nancy Pelosi,  and her CCP- DNC,  is calling EVERYONE these days, with Maoist tactics, who doesn’t go along with the relabeling of the destruction of our United States Constitutional Freedoms and its Bill of Rights as ‘building better’;  or that sexualing women in such a demeaning way for General audiences, is NOT empowering sex or women.

These people are under a spell, and don’t know it.  They make the Salem Witch Trials look mild, in comparison.

 The Confucian Institutes?  A False Flag.  Nowhere near the population of Western cult  membership of these Tibetan Lamaists, who always check ‘non-religious’ on forms.

 Did you know that Marxists, at one time, used to call this Lamaist system out?  Not anymore. They have taken so many hard left turns, they are now 180 degrees Fascist Right, calling everyone else the “Fascist Right”.

 Delusional Projection from cult members always occurs.  Pointing the finger and blaming everyone else for everything wrong in the world which the wealthy Marxist “Enlightened Feminists” and the ‘Coporate Spiritually Elite’ Technocrats will fix if they have complete CONTROL.

It is one hidden reason, kept under wraps by the cult member Western Tibetologists;  and the enabling ‘contemplative’  Vajrayana psychotherapists;  and the ‘contemplative’ Shambhala-Naropa-CCP social workers, heading a Social Work Department at Smith College Woke, awash in these Shambhala International and Naropa influences in their Social Work School, who were the first to start promoting ‘white privilege’,  Transgenderism, and the lessening of Pedophilia Laws.  This is the driving force behind much of the insane legislation: i.e. the permission Tibetan “Buddhism” gives them to engage in their pursuit of some imaginary, fluid, boundary-less, enlightened selves,  where there is ‘no right or wrong’; no prohibitions on individual indulgences for the billionaires and those billionaire-wannabes.

While censoring everyone else,  rigidly and mercilessly,  into conforming to a ‘one size thinking and behaving fits all’.  The double think and double-speak messages of all cult leaders and Totalitarian States.

Think about this, for just a minute:  A once prestigious Social Work Graduate school ( and this goes for so many of them) like Smith College,  who used to be the vanguard in the ’80s  ( I worked with many of them) for identifying and calling out sexual abuse in their protective social work mission,  and the oaths they took,  to do no harm and report abuse and protect women and children from abuse, are now in complete denial about abuses occurring in front of their faces; programmed to see only abuse from Christian cults. Just like they now believe our country is overrun with White Supremicists.  “Antifa is a concept.”  That’s what we were told about all the abuse by the Lamas and inner circle around us. Like: ‘That seven sister illegal harem you see around Trungpa is just a concept.’

We saw Anti-fa  and  BLM, (‘Black Lesbian Movement’ merged with Tantra, thanks to Oprah and Pema Chodron)  blow up buildings and policeman standing down.  Are the police all doing Mindfulness now? Are our WOKE military? Are enough people  crazy now from Mindfulness over time, as we became in these Trungpa-generated Tibetan Lama cults?  That was Trungpa and his Naropa Institute’s plan.  “Change Agents to Change the World”. That’s Naropa’s Iconic Meme.  Blinding people, quickly, with mandatory Mindfulness that weakens their ‘flight and fight’ response,  accelerates the process.

Now our professional social workers have hooked up with the worst race-baiters because of ‘white guilt’  who look the other way on what they should be paying attention to, instead of a narrative that is getting absurd. Worse, influential ones are deeply involved and enabling a sexually abusive cult of Tibetan Lamaism, and the worst of a Lama lineage of offenders: Trungpa Rinpoche and his son, Osel Mukpo,  and their Naropa Institute’s’ cult influence  to purposely infiltrate psychology and the soft sciences for the last fifty-years.  Based on his drunken, cocaine addicted, harem-keeping, Tibetan warlord, tribal views.  

And his Regent’s teachings, who guru manipulated and knowingly had sex with hundreds of herterosexual men, when infected with AIDS, killing at least one of them, and who knows how many others who would have kept the secrets.

 And Trungpa’s bratty stepson, a Mukpo, who brought us Ebola, and with George Soros help over at the misnomered “Human Rights Watch, ”   was instrumental in  getting the pedophile laws weakened.

Now why would a member of Shambhala International do that?

This is all about promoting amorality and fluid selves,  to break up family and traditional Western values ( always Trunpa’s goal)  while being the vanguard icons for the new ‘contemplative’ psychology and social work programs. Social Justice Warriors without a clue.

 If Trungpa wasn’t Mao’s most successful change agent,   I will eat my hat.

Here’s the new “emeritus’ faculty at Smith College:

 No one would believe this could happen, but it did, with three generations of educated women ( most recently Naropa and Shambhala International, being exclusively white for the last 47 years,  are going after black,  educated women)  pushing this ‘white privilege guilt’  even before their  scandalous, 2018-2021 four years  That nearly bankrupted them, but for George Soros, BIG TECH and ALL of Media, and nearly all of Anti-Cult sites, with a few exceptions, that are psychologist and social work heavy. SJWs have taken over these soft-science human services.  Sociopathic Lama   Trungpa’s Naropa Institute, now University,  has not skipped a beat, even though it is under the auspices of the CCP-Chinese Workers Front-Religious Department through their CCP -appointed Karmapa.

It will now have a course of study that indirectly acknowledges the mission to take-over ALL  Yoga Centers by these Tibetan Lamas;  to introduce Mindfulness at a much more expansive rate.  To recruit many into the cult, and overall, to dumb more women down. Confuse them.  Steal their reasoning abilities, over time.   So they can write for CNN and describe the demeaning  of young women as ‘positive sex’ messaging. 

Just like the women and men in these Lamaist cults, so many of them psychologists, and soft-science professionals, who go along with the most absurb, occult, superstitious , and sexually abusive thinking and acting,  with confused, compartmentalized minds. While they  retain the ability to speak as though they were perfectly normal members of western society, still.

No,  they are under a spell that is pairing the occult with Repression of Free Speech.  Exhibiting despotic behavior, but calling it WOKE.

No wonder there is outrageous censorship at Smith College;  just like what exists inside these Asian guru cults.

My new mantra:  Fool the women?  The men will follow and you can conquer a nation, even the world.

Academia is now surrounded by this medieval warlord misogynistic influence in its Religous Departments pretending to be just another Buddhist sect..  These female academics are as clueless as we were, when we were being mind-controlled inside Trungpa’s Shambhala-Vajradhatu and other Lamaist cult organizations.

You won’t be able to reason with these women. Sad to say.   They have no idea what has happened to them, in three generations. No idea.  Reasonable dialogue is not possible, right now.  Deprogramming is the only solution and it is not going to happen soon enough. And probably won’t,  because one of the things that happens to a reasoning brain, over three generations of not being used?  It atrophies. Such that the premiere anti-cult sites, heavy with psychologists under the Lamas’ spells, no longer call out any cults unless their circle of academic professionals agree.  Not whistle-blowers.  They are not believed. Too subjective, too emotional, too angry.  That’s the official policy over at ICSA,  for decades.

All the flag-waving outrageousness will be meaningless, until we acknowleged the deep infiltration of spin-off cults whose goal is to help destroy the sovereignty and boundaries of our Western nations, some directly working with the CCP, and hiding behind ‘religious freedom.’

C.A. Chandler, Copyright March 2021 ©