Women’s March Led by Anti-Semitic, Anti Feminists, Eastern Religious Cults and the Radical Left

“Update on Women’s March: January 17th, 2019:

Linda Sarsour with Women's March calls out to other activists opposed to President Donald Trump's embattled Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, in front of the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) ** FILE **

A glimmer of light is shining through the fog that women have been purposely put in for the last two generations.  Some liberal women are starting to wake up;  have even forced the DNC (Democratic National Party’s Committee) to decline to sponsor the Women’s March this year, now that its anti-Semitic affiliations and radical beliefs are exposed.  Radical beliefs this #me too leadership is denying, of course. Lying, to achieve your ends is always justified. It is what all cult groups do: Lie. Whether political or religious, they always have that in common.

Political cults are always religious about their views and religious cults are often political. Tibetan Lamaism and Radical Islam have always been political since there is no separation of Church and State for them.

These Hard Leftist radical groups,  embracing medieval cults, have taken over the women’s movement and have nothing to do with women’s rights as they morph into a tribal screed.  Balkanizing their Western countries as a prelude. Now they are calling everyone “racist’ if they don’t agree with their narrative of propaganda; fueled by five major media mega-merged corporations who clearly want no borders and a  global government. At least outside their gated communities.

Corporate Cable News, Social Platforms,  established Academia and Hollywood are putting Pravda and Goebbels to shame. CNN and MSNBC are now calling half the country “racists” to inflame more division in our country and FOX NEWS always hedges its bets. The internet platforms are now censoring what will be allowed as ‘facts’ on their browsers.

 Utopian movements always turn into “divide and conquer”strategies before they start eliminating the “heretics” to their cause. Fortunately for us, the Radical Left, Democratic party has no charismatic leader, only competing representatives who will start turning on each other as they seek more power.

Oh, for the good old days when my New School Marxist friends just liked to blather on about anarchist theory.  Or when Buddhists just talked about the fluidity of the Self and Tantric Chaos as the road to ‘enlightenment.’

A little tidbit. The New School in New York City had invited the egregious sexual abuser and western harem-keeper Sogyal Rinpoche to give a talk. Just before his eight students spilled the beans in France.  That talk scheduled has disappeared from their website. No trace of it to be found, now. Google is interesting these days in its algorithm tweaks.

Let’s see?  Sogyal taught in China.

His pal, Lama Mingyur, ‘advising’ the Rigpa Sangha at Lerab Ling, France after Sogyal’s abuse was revealed, is going to Moscow on schedule. 

Mingyur had been very busy in China, first training the Karmapa 17th, pictured below. 

Yes, the Communist party always rewards their best Lama agents who are the best at fooling the  West

Sogyal and Mingyur showed them what could be achieved with Tibetan Lamaist and Hindu Tantra that has infiltrated into academia, multi-media, psychology, anthropology, religious studies, and western women’s Yoga classes;  dumbing a large swathe of western women and men down.  Will they wake up?  Is it too late?


Women have a long way to go to realize they were duped in the first place to be crying and protesting and then having a “Women’s March” because a classic sexual abuse enabler didn’t win the Presidency;  who called all the many women who came forward  ‘trailer trash,’ and “liars’ when blowing the whistle on her husband’s gross predatory sexual abuse and alleged rape.  Let’s remember this is the reason the Women’s March was formed in the first place. Because Hilary the enabler of sexual abuse didn’t win. Not a good start for women’s rights increasing in our Western Nations.

Maybe it is very good that a classic female enabler of a serial sexual abuser does NOT now sit in the Oval Office.  Not something to cry and hyperventilate about. Perhaps this is something to celebrate, not protest.  Now, that would be really waking up and empowering women.  Instead, women have let the Radical Left, the party Hilary really belongs to since her Saul Alinsky-admiring days,  substitute “Socialism,” the code word for the same old Communitarian Utopia that always rears its ugly head,  to now fuel the Women’s March and every movement when there is the potential for real change in a Democracy. They turn it into maximum chaos they have helped inflame in our no-longer liberal institutions for the last sixty years.

It is important to know history when you are protesting. And,  when you are voting.

Marxists, we learned, both in terms of history and on the ground, are Utopians, not feminists. They had us getting their coffee and doing all the real work so they could pontificate.  Bernie Sanders wrote a rape-fantasy essay to support his Communist-leaning rants in Vermont. He has never had a real job his whole life. His past Presidential campaign is now reporting sexual abuse and harassment of the women in the campaign ranks who idealized yet another faux-feminist as a savior for them. I remember reading  Cleaver’s Soul on Ice and how he was raping black women as a “practice run’ for raping white women.  These are the heroes of the Women’s March Leadership; the icons of the old Black Panther Guerilla Marxist party, who, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sarsour, have taken over the Women’s March.  They all admire Louis Farrakhan whose calling the Jewish people ‘termites’ doesn’t bother them.

Communists and Hard Left Socialists (same thing) don’t care about Women’s Rights, or Minority Rights, or  Anti-Semitism, or Immigration Rights, for that matter.  That is why they want open borders; because it creates chaos for their own power grab. They are always a Utopian Resistance Movement to individual rights and freedoms, not a protest movement for the people. They are the Resistance to a free Democracy of opportunity, fairness, and the rule of law. They always see Democracy, throughout history, through a glass darkly as a failed system compared to their Utopia they imagine for the future.  And they always, throughout history, unwittingly pave the way for Totalitarian regimes.  They learn nothing from history. Even Marx knew history.  Not them.  They are the party of Poverty-Mentality that creates and perpetuates victimhood in their followers, so their leaders can stay in power. They don’t want empowerment of the people. The people are the dupes, the “deplorable” the ‘too stupid’  to know what they want. They have to be told.

How can Bernie Sanders simultaneously support an extremist female religious advocate pretending to be for women’s rights, whose own religious stream supports genital mutilation,  child brides, harems, misogyny,  anti-Semitism, and repression of women’s rights?  You can if you are really a Communist in Socialist Democratic disguise, who pretended to be a liberal Democrat, like all of them do, to get elected; dreaming about the day they can topple our United States Representative Government for  Utopian dreams of BIG Government taxing the people like Old Tibet.

Tibetan Lamaism, another apocalyptic Utopian cult, puts the groupmind first and foremost, too. It exponentially helped the Left take over the State of Vermont and the States of  New York, California, and Colorado. They are working on the rest of the Southwest and every other State if they can.  They use their ‘peaceful’ and ‘loving disguise’ to fool mostly liberals with big bleeding hearts and sawdust now for brains.

Their many thousands of western cult members of Shambhala International and the Karma Kagyu lineage and all the other Buddhist groups they have enfolded into their Tantric net will vote for the Radical Left on the Democratic ticket in 2020. That is because they will vote for whom their gurus tell them to vote for, and because they are already programmed into BIG MIND. Their individual rights, their loyalty to their own culture and country, their sanity and sense of right and wrong was crushed long ago.  They have been put in a mindfulness trance and are now putting a Communist-connected Tibetan Lama over their head for the last twenty years as their guru to obey and adore.  How many have influenced the direction New York City has gone in, for the last forty years?  Do people know that they have infiltrated into the Zen and Theravada Buddhist centers with their mindfulness commodity?   Too Big To Fail.  Or that this Chinese Communist Karmapa and the Dalai Lama are bosom buddies, and this 17th Communist Karmapa is slated to take DL’s place?

Related image


Communist China’s Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley, whose main headquarters is in New York, as New York City turns into the Politburo of the State. His head is always shaved bald to hide the fact that he is graying at the temples and is really ten years older than his thirty-four years  He is the head of the major Karma Kagyu Lamaist lineage of Western Tibetan Buddhists, the most popular and prolific in the U.S. and back in Communist China. Although no longer recognized by India as the 17th Karmapa ( India is not fooled by these Lamas so much anymore and long suspected this Karmapa of being a Chinese spy)  he is still a puppet, as all these Lamas are now, of both China and the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Government in Exile. Between a hard place and a rock, he has no escape.  Lamaism’s sick system uses and abuses everyone, even their tulkus. Karmapa Ogyen Trinley has been ‘recognized’ by the 14th Dalai Lama to take his place since the U.S. Government and Nancy Pelosi’s New Green Deal Party need their Eco-Karmapa and Lamaism to fool the American Millenial voters.


 Will the mindfulness movement, concocted by misogynistic medieval priests how many of these amalgam Tantric-influenced centers will put more women to sleep? Will the female sexual abuse enablers in these Eastern cults,  pretending to now be for Women’s Rights and jumping on the bandwagon of Tantric Goddess baloney who are still pimping for their sexually abusive Tibetan Lamas and their Vajrayana Tantra be exposed for their undue influence? 

These women should be indicted for aiding and abetting the sexual abuse and harem-keeping of their Tibetan Lama gurus for the last forty-five years;  not allowed to pretend they are suddenly feminists!  They are all sexual abuse enablers; the worst kind of women.

Can enough of us wake up before it is too late?

Can a protest, that started for the wrong reason of supporting a classic female sexual abuse enabler and morphed into protesting centuries of sexual abuse and gender inequality, be good for all women in the world?

Maybe. Once we toss out the faux-feminists, misogynists, the Eastern Cult groups of Tibetan Tantra and Fundamentalist Islam,  and the Radical Left,  with a totally different agenda than promoting women’s rights, from the#me-too movement.

And ditch the pink ‘pussy’ hats, while we are at it.   A double bind message that all cults use and that makes women look like disempowered crybabies while trying to do the important work of protesting centuries of sexual and gender stereotypes.


Below are Indian protesters whose message is clear: protesting centuries of rape and gang rape of little girls supported by the same Brahminical Priesthood of Tantric gurus in India:

Do they yet understand who is at the root of their problem in India?  Is this protest just another hijacked movement by radical Leftists, such as by the Maoists in India?  To topple any hope of real democracy in India?  I hope not. But women around the world keep pointing the finger in the wrong direction. The Indian population is getting much closer to the truth of what supports the sexual use and abuse of young females and girls in their country.

Let’s also ditch those SJW degrees in higher education to cater to the academic-tenured Communists in our esteemed halls; brainwashing our children and teaching them Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals’ instead of the Constitution and how to reason and think.

Lets really go after the cults in our midst, whether political or ‘religious,’ who are morphing and replacing traditional religions and our Constitutional Democracy. These are not movements of ‘progress’ but of regression and oppression, particularly for women.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

― Winston S. Churchill

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S. ©  2019