Lama Sexual Abuse Cover-Up by MSM, Hollywood and Dalai Lama



Updated: December 10, 2021

Amazing that  well-educated Westerners still deny that sexual abuse in Tibetan Tantric Lamaism is INSTITUTIONALIZED.

The exceptions in this abusive system are the Lamas, Western and Tibetan, who are NOT sexually abusing their students. Rare indeed. And, those are aspiring to ‘get on the prowl’ with approval by the overarching hierarchy of ALL the Lamas, working in tandem to destroy Judeo-Christianity-based Western civilization,  by stealth.  

 The CCP-Lama experiment of Mao succeeded. Made the most priviledged and  educated act truely insane and true to the same lineage of  academics in 1933 Berlin, and 1940’s Vichy, France:  World Fascism, this time with a  religious arm of the most tyrannical, authoritarian and toxic theocracy, Tibetan Lamaism, a.k.a. Tantric “Buddhism”, a.k.a. Hindu Tantra. 

The Dalai Lama’s ‘incarnation’ Has been Here for 21 years

Karmapa Rape Charges Continue, while Ogyen Trinley, the 17th Karmapa,  designated as the Dalai Lama’s  replacement by the Dalai Lama,  the Progressives in our U.S. Congress, on both sides of the aisle, AND CCP China, is already on board. He has headquarters in New York, and Crestone Colorado.

Karmapa honored by the Progressives in our Congress, both sides of the aisle, even though he has been accused of rape in France, CCP Spying and Money Laundering in India: 

Live rape case against the 17th Karmapa



Ogyen Trinley 17th Karmapa on Shrine of CCP- Chinese Han Buddhist monks and nuns


Steven Segal recognized as ‘high Tibetan Lama’ making this Hollywood Star more egregious about his ‘religiously justified’ promiscuousness and abuse.

Steven Seagal accusers detail rape, sexual assault allegations against actor

Fox News media photo

Steven Segal,   ‘recognized’ ( for money as usual)  by Penor Rinpoche as ‘high Lama”, has  his sexual abuses totally covered-up by Hollywood and Corrupt Media. What they always do for their favorites promoting their “Leftist Green New Deal-Destroy Sovereign Nations “cause.

The late Penor Rinpoche was head of the Nyingma Lamaist sect of the “ancient ones”; the most primitive and occult of the lineages;  pretending for naive and pretentious academics to be the “highest of Buddhist teachings.”  Penor also recognized Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche ( son of Trungpa Rinpoche-the Tibetan Lama who brought Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism to the West to put it to sleep). With the Dalai Lama’s approval.

Sakyong, i.e. Osel Mukpo (from the Mukpo clan from Kham);  another egregious abuser, has been carrying on the Lamaist tradition by increasing the sexual abuse and pedophilia inside his renamed Shambhala International; the former Vajradhatu cult;  started by his coke-snorting, alcoholic, animal abusing and harem-keeping Dad,  whom the late Allen Ginsberg ( a member of NAMBLA) and the drugged-out ’60s rock and roll crowd made a Saint. And, still do.

Hard to believe, but Rahm Emanuel and Eric Schneiderman did the same in Chicago and New York City, respectively. Made the Sakyong II a Saint, too. Promoted this egregious abuser and Tantric Cult  Now those cities are chaotic and violent and one of them with sexual abuse allegations of his own. Tibetan Tantra, which these Lamas represent equals Amoral Chaos.

Sakyong Mipham , Trungpa’s son,  took two more generations of American and European students for another Tibetan Lama, abusive ride before he was caught and then hightailed it to parts unknown.

This would all be a bad joke if it weren’t so awful.  Tibetan Lamas consider themselves and their Vajrayana teachings, that recommend pedophilia by the way, “above  Western Law” ; so says Lama Dzongsar Rinpoche with his Tibetan “Buddhist”  chair in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan.  This will help program more young women into DUMB and CONFUSED at this no-longer- prestigious University in the middle of a fast-becoming third-world State of  Michigan,  turning RED as in Communist Red.

Dzongsar Rinpoche, another Chinese ‘soft power agent,’  Tibetan Lama,  (is there any other kind these days?) has named the Chair after the notorious pedophile teacher and teachings of  Khyentse Gendun Chopel; whose works recommend girls as young as 8-years-old for the Lamas’ consorts,  for their ‘higher practices’. This is Lama Dzongsar’s ( and his Chinese sugar-daddy, R.N. H. Ho’s) middle-finger to the West.

Yes, the Lamaist Cover-up was successful.   Just check out the Best Seller List of Books on Amazon by number one sexual abuse enabler for 45 years for ALL the Lamas: Pema Chodron and of course the Dalai Lama books.

This is what is being read by those liberal Progressives who consider themselves atheists, and non-conformists, and who eschew their former Christian morality and ethics.  Tibetan Lamaist books that recommend girls as young as 8-years-old as sexual consorts.  Universities go right along because Chinese millions are so helpful for their endowments. And, we wonder why the Political Left Progressives and Hollywood are caught with their pants down with children.  Look no further.

By the way, Lama Tenzin, the Dalai Lama’s secretary, whose pretend firing for his dalliance and getting 2 million dollars from NXIVM’ for his GodKing’s endorsement, was exonerated by  Dalai Lama. ( hard copies available, link disappeared) and pimping DL’s compassion-mongering. 

DL knows  bad news ALWAYS blows over for the Lamas, and Tenzin Dhondon can come back into the Kleptocracy fold.  Because Lamas get away with all kinds of abuse what with Hollywood, the Progressive Democratic Party, Universities, and Main Stream Media watching their backs.

The Rigpa Organization’s Patrick Gaffney,  is carrying on the sexually abusive teachings of Lama Sogyal.  And, Mindfulness classes on- line, of course. What a perfect platform to lure new students into your cult.  

Sogyal’s cult is still operating in New York City, and Washington D.C.; two of the most corrupt governments in the United States. Wonder why nothing is done about sexual abuse and pedophilia except for virtue signaling by Progressives in the Democratic Party?  The Republicans are not much better; being attached to their Religious Freedom but no longer discriminating Progressive-supported Anti-Western Cults in their midst from the traditional religions these very cults are here to destroy; some with Communist China’s support. 

The idiots extraordinaire of Shambhala International, Trungpa’s old students, and their children,  who refuse to wake up; the dharma brats that drank ALL the kool-aid, have invited the egregious sociopathic son of Trungpa, the Sakyong, back into the fold to teach. After being outed for sadistic, serial sexual abuse for decades. They are enboldened by their corruption of most of our institutions, thanks, in part,  to their part in the chaotic mess. “No good no bad” Mindfulness.  

And, Trungpa’s ( and CCP-China’s) Naropa Institute, now University with our tax dollars,  is still pumping out anti-American, Trungpa mind-controlled Manchurian candidates, in the psychology and other ‘soft science’ professions.

And, none are as confused as these still- mind-controlled western women, the ” contemplative’ (code for Tantra) psychology professors and academics; the psychotherapists who graduated from Trungpa’s ‘contemplative psychology’ graduate programs; even infiltrated the medical profession, through his copy-cat Lama, Lama Sogyal’s infiltration in Hospice care with his “Living and Dying” Tibetan Bardo book.  All those nurses they could fool! Who are now helping the Lamas beat the rap, AGAIN.

And, all those yoga teachers, who are having Tantra teachings fully incorporated into their curriculum, in order to get advanced certification. But, really, to advance Tantra into our culture in our countries.  To dumb more Western women down, down, down. 

And those Western Tibetan Buddhist women, who were outraged by what was revealed about their perfect religion,  but  let a golden opportunity pass to make sure legal consequences happened to these western law-breaking, Tibetan Lamas, and their inner-circle Tantric devotees;  their institutional sexual abuses finally stopped?

The Dalai Lama and his Overarching Hierarchy of Inner Circle Enablers and  his Western, Well- Established-Buddhist-Swamp, who swept in and surrounded the whistle-blowers, have succeeded; as revealed by the many Buddhist Blogs that gathered all the outraged Buddhists into the Dalai Lama’s  Limited Hang-Out Operation.  The main one, “Buddhist Controversy” Blog,  operated by one of Dalai Lama’s main monks, a die-hard  Western Tibetan Lamaist, and former  East German, Stasi radio operator,  knows a lot about propaganda; controlling the narrative; and eliminating anyone critical of the Dalai Lama,  and his Vajrayana Tantric teachings.

He, and the inner circle of Westerners around the Lamas,  have controlled the narrative since the abuses of Sogyal of Rigpa and Sakyong Mipham of Shambhala International hit the mainstream news  in  2017-2018.

Many are the same people who didn’t report this sexual abuse for over forty years. Who are really protecting their own gurus and/or the Dalai Lama and his mindfulness movement- the first meditation form that got us not to judge things as ‘good or bad’;  not to use our reasoning minds; nor discriminate against bad things, like sexual abuse by lamas. Pedophilia never reported.  That IS what the Vajrayana Tantra is about what they want to save.  “No good, No bad,” No right no wrong.  A Perfect Utopia. Imagine.

That is what these twice-used women whistle-blowers do not yet get. “Not judging things as good or bad,” except those who criticize Lamaism and its teachings, leads to egregious despotic corruption and abuse.  This is not complex.

Sexual abuse is seen in the Vajrayana as ‘just a concept.’  A delusional state of mind. That would  erroneously believe that this was ‘sexual abuse’ and not ‘blessings’ from great wise beings in helping one reach a state of ‘non-duality’, i.e., “no good no bad.”  This Vajrayana, whatever it was in Old India, circa 800 A.D., was NEVER meant to be mass-spread among people like it was in caste-system-entrenched India and in slave and serf-controlled Old Tibet. Now it is here among westerners, to undermine their own western ethics and laws and destroy their Constitutional Democracy from within. Making a critical mass of educated Westerners dumbed down and mindless about this happening all around them.

Besides, the lamas and their inner circle of enablers can’t let their Billion Dollar Mindfulness Movement of the Mind and Life Institute,   started by the Dalai Lama and former Trungpa students, be harmed. So they say they are going to ‘democratize’  all this, and ‘westernize’ their Lamaism pretending to be Buddhism. How can you ‘westernize’ a medieval cult that believes they can change their semen mixed with the bodily fluids of a female, into an immaterial essence and shoot it backward, up to the top of their heads?  For a ‘bliss enlightenment?’  That will turn their adherents into an androgynous, androcentric  Lord Chakravartin, ruling over the cosmos?

THAT is what the Vajrayana Tantra believes.   These stuck medievalists don’t respect females, whom they kept believing were in ‘inferior bodies,’ for over a thousand years in Tibet; who couldn’t be enlightened in this lifetime but could receive ‘blessings’ for their next life  by having sex with a Lama in this one, adding power to their prayers to be reborn a man.

What is wrong with these western women who can’t see this?  Well, they have been profoundly mind-controlled inside their sanghas, and those, just coming out, are still addicts who no longer can discriminate what to reject or accept. Addicted to Lamaism and its Vajrayana teachings that they believe is superior Buddhism because it makes them feel superior, ‘special’ and morally righteous. 

No, it makes them still slaves and infantilized children. The Tibetan Lamas’ Change Agents. True-life Manchurian Candidates.  Even when calling out this horrendous abuse of sometimes their own children?  They don’t go to the police. No longer individuals with a will of their own.

Yet, these  are the people leading the ‘mindfulness movement.‘  That is everywhere. In our hospitals; our clinics, our police force; our military!;  In our K-12 Schools.  And, now in our traditional religious congregations. To weaken us as a country.  A Nation. A Democracy. To make us amoral: “no good, no bad; no right no wrong, no sexual abuse, no pedophilia, no criminals, no bad people. What do you think really bad people will do in a world that adhere’s to this philosophy? Carte Blanche Chaos. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg in our  Progressive Democratic inner cities, now.


Sexual abuse cults cannot change from within. This one, with the most influence in our universities, needs now an outside Federal Investigation into the whole hierarchy of lamas and their western enabler cult members who are boldly breaking the laws of western countries, and who  have gotten their still-fooled western devotees to repeat:  “There is no overarching hierarchy.”

Are you kidding? These Lamas have been working their students together, teaching at each other’s centers, sharing their western sexual consorts, for the last four decades. They are all part of the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama, even working with other Buddhist groups, like Zen and Theravada,  to try and bring them, and everyone else,  under the Lamaist ( and CCP-China’s) thumbs;  through this Gollum-like mindfulness movement.   Hollywood and Silicon Valley and wealthy billionaires are along for the ride.  These are the Dalai Lama’s helpmates, to protect and enable him; his loyal ‘heart sons’  and the important female celebrities, devotees and nuns, who keep this gurus’ secrets and thus the sexual abuse intact;  Lamaism’s witting and unwitting change agents.

Once one realizes these are brainwashed religious fanatics, or cowered cult members, one no longer tries to engage. It is mostly a sad,  lost cause with them, the die-hard fanatics who will stay and confuse the public and the other potential whistle-blowers. More important to reach people not yet caught and warn them, if one can.

These Tibetan lamas are laughing at these westerners and naive women who think they are ‘outrageously’ calling out the abuse but never went to the police. And, looking to the same cookie-cutter Tibetan lamas for advice.

All this chatting and blogging on Tibetan Buddhist sites?  For the  last three and a half years? Has been about saving the Dalai Lama and their cognitive dissonance, and their own Tibetan Lamaist tax-free centers and the many thousands of Tantric- influenced Mindfulness Centers and the thousands of spin-off non-profits, and charitable foundations and ‘educational departments’ within our increasingly insane universities, where free speech and a truly liberal education is a thing of the past.


I am appalled by the level of brainwashing of educated, upper-middle-class liberal women these days who, after years of these eastern influences,  have no idea how they are being spun and hung out to dry, over and over, to undermine their own freedoms by embracing medieval influences.

©  2018, Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A. G. S.

  •  took Vajrayana vows with at least seven different Lamas, who were all teaching at each other’s centers and told us the same scary fairytale that we were bound to ALL of them in Guru Mind and would go to vajra hell if we criticize a hair on their heads.  This is Totalitarianism and massive undue-influence  in a religious disguise, and the western enablers of these lamas, unwitting or not,  are still assuring that these despotic, atavistic and misogynistic Lamaist teachings come through in a ‘scientific disguise’ through the  Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama; their flag-ship magazines, and their ‘academic’ papers.  Now, the lamas can convert the Chinese-speaking population in Communist China and China SAR to help fulfill the Globalist delusional dreams of these Tantric Lamas and their many western helpmates who started the whole thing, nearly three generations ago.  They have completed their work in the West.   The silent killer of a western civilization that no one is noticing.