Dalai Lama and his Surrogates Conflate him with #MeToo Movement

The Dalai Lama Inner Circle Gathers  Sexual Abuse Victims with the #MeToo Guru Movement Hoax: (Updated October 1st, 2018)

“Many people left. Rigpa paid a very expensive professional agency in Paris, specialising in crisis communication, to train a few spokesmen, including myself, to respond to the allegations of sexual harassment and financial abuse. We were advised not to answer questions, but rather to endlessly repeat certain key phrases – and to quote the Dalai Lama as much as possible for moral support.”
“In the summer of 2014, during a retreat for the older students I made my decision to leave because I saw through him clearly — I saw his falsity. He demanded abundant offerings, specifically in cash, in front of 800 students. Each had to write their name on the envelope, so that he could check the amount.” – Sogyal Rinpoche & Rigpa – An interview with the former director of Rigpa France Olivier Raurich

So-called journalists, who write articles in flag-ship Tibetan Buddhist magazines or predatory online journals,  and happen to be Tibetan Buddhists and Dalai Lama protectors,  have accomplished their goal of conflating the Dalai Lama with the #Me Too Movement.

Their agenda has always been to protect the Dalai Lama; their own Tibetan lamas, (who are not named in the petition);  the  Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute  and its  billion dollar mindfulness commodity now being promoted as the new ‘secular spirituality’ with its ‘secular ethics’  ruse that is neither secular (being based on Three- Stream-Buddhism that leads into the Lamas’ Vajrayana by stealth and the amorality of Tantra);  nor ethical;  since it promotes amorality and the sexual use of females ( and sometimes males)  for  its ‘higher practices’: promotes the belief that there is ‘no right, no wrong’ and that the world is just an illusion so subjective experience should trump reasoning thought.

Here is their faux-petition designed to protect the Dalai Lama and their favorite lamas, NOT women:


Both the Lamas, their western inner circle, and the outer circle of western Tibetan Lamaist journalists, academics and Tibetology pundits,  first controlled the victims’ narrative in the mainstream media, and in Buddhist circles through their ‘flagship magazines’ like Tricycle, Lion’s Roar, and Buddhadharma.

They even started chat groups misnomered “Open Buddhism” while acting as gatekeepers over what could be said,  about what lamas, and who could say it,  and censored anyone that didn’t fit into the agenda they had, which included downplaying the  institutionalized Tantric sexual abuse from being known, that is part and parcel of Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ Tantra. They particularly excoriated anyone that was critical of the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan Lamaism.  They wanted to make it seem that it was only a handful of ‘rogue lamas’ and certainly not their own Lamas that were perpetrating the abuse.

I sympathize with any0ne trying to extricate from the cult of the Lamas. It is a very long and circuitous journey to finally realize how profoundly one has been fooled and used for an agenda that was not benign, as one thought,  for so long.

So, those, still fooled by this cult of the Lamas,  despite being well-educated people,  convinced the victims of sexual abuse, who signed their petition that the Dalai Lama would give the right, and ‘definitive’  advice;  be helpful in the future.  By making sure the sexual abuse is dealt with in the same old way: pay ‘compassionate’ lip service and pretend to care. Then do nothing and sweep it under the rug.

They didn’t demand criminal action, NOW, as a consequence of 40 years of the Dalai Lama saying the same old things;  never taking any personal responsibility, while again pushing it off into the future with more scheduled discussions; more appeasement, more picture taking, more holding of hands, and more slack-jawed shock by the Kundun.

His act is getting very old.

The Tibetan Lamas and their close inner circle, with western careers in Tibetan Buddhism and the lucrative mindfulness commodity business to protect,  are not doing anything different than they did over twenty-five years ago, when the Dalai Lama feigned  surprise in Dharamsala, in 1993,  over what is clearly  institutionalized sexual use of very young women and girls for the lamas’ sexual ‘higher practices’ they pretend is the ‘highest’  Buddhism and what the Buddha taught.

It is sad that these ‘survivors’ could continue to be fooled by DL’s proponents and their ‘mindfulness’ industry through the Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama.

Why is this  ‘secular’ ruse part of the petition against sexual abuse by these Lamas?:

We applaud the Dalai Lama’s sustained effort to promote secular ethics and Buddhist values. He has been a champion of women’s rights.  

Really?  He consults his Mongolian demon-possessed oracle for all major decisions;  said nothing publically about Sogyal of Lakar for the last twenty-five years; endorsed his many Rigpa centers and his fundraising abilities for the Dalai Lama; and most importantly Sogyal’s support of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute with its mindfulness movement that teaches: facts don’t exist, all is an illusion, including sexual abuse, and that subjective experience should be a part of scientific inquiry.

The Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute is how mindfulness became a billion dollar commodity, spread everywhere, with little objective, scientific documentation of its benefits; thanks to mystical-oriented western academics who also happen to be Tibetan Lamaists doing the research who do not believe in facts.

One of the recommendations of this propaganda petition for the Dalai Lama to consider is:

To ask the Mind & Life Institute that holds your  frequent dialogues with scientists and Buddhists to host a meeting on human sexuality, sexual abuse by lay and ordained religious teachers and sexual trauma.

Yes, let’s let the same duped western academics, psychologists, neuropsychologists, journalists, and ‘scientists’ like Robert Thurman and Richard Davidson, who have denied, enabled and obscured the truth about Tibetan Tantra and its institutionalized sexual abuse for decades, be the ones to address the sexual abuse.

Can’t let  the Mindfulness industry and its Buddhocracy goals, by stealth, be affected by the mere sexual grooming of dharma brats at Shambhala and their indoctrination camps;  or serial sexual relations;  or harems of women, that both Trungpa and Lama Sogyal kept, because sexual exploitation of females is built into their Tantric teachings and all of them know it.

But the ability of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute being conflated with the sexual abuse of these victims is too much for anyone, fully out of these cults, to take.

Particularly, since more people in the West will do this form of mindfulness that eventually teaches them not to judge things like sexual abuse, and soon not trust even their own perceptions.  Just a dream, just an ‘illusion.’ Why get worked up about nothing?

They are laughing together, these lamas, and pinching themselves:  “We fooled them, again, these  ‘educated’ Westerners who thought they were so smart! “

They can’t believe it. These lamas. Of course, they had all of the mainstream media, Hollywood, expensive public relations firms,  and certain billionaires watching their backs. And their devotee-enablers and fringe fans still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Perhaps, in the best case scenario, these survivors, despite the agendas of those who write articles in faux journals like academia.edu.com  and helped create this petition, not for the women abused but for the Dalai Lama and his  Mind and Life Institute’s agenda, may have hoped to call the Dalai Lama’s bluff.  I wonder if they were disappointed?

I wonder, do these women know that they have been twice-used, and helped conflate the Dalai Lama with the #me-too movement, ensuring that another twenty-five years of cover-up will take place?

Mission Perhaps Accomplished. Again.

SEND THESE  EGREGIOUS WESTERN LAW BREAKERS TO JAIL like the Catholic priests, or polygamous Warren Jeffs who also sexually abused their flocks, and/or illegally kept harems of women in Western countries.

When will they see that asking the Dalai Lama for advice,  the  lead wolf in sheep’s clothing,  is simply playing into the predators’ and sexual abuse enablers hands, once again?

Tibetan Buddhists don’t care about the present as they pretend. “Let’s all live more in the present,” they say.

They keep their devotees stuck forever in an imaginary Utopian future; that never comes.

Where is an investigative journalist like  Christopher Hitchens when you need him?

And what did the colluding mainstream media focus on, during this Netherlands visit by the Dalai Lama? Where these sexual abuse victims believed that meeting with the Dalai Lama would make a difference?

Why Richard Gere and his pregnant wife, of course! 

Richard Gere, 69, takes new wife Alejandra Silva, 35, to meet the Dalai Lama... who blesses her bump in first confirmation of pregnancy

A picture worth a thousand words for the true-life Handmaiden’s Tale about who, and what these Tibetan Lamas and their Tantra are all about: sexual opportunities with young females and for birthing their tulkus; although Gere’s wife is considered ” over the hill’  at age thirty-five, as the lamas say: a “demon with corpses eyes”  an ” old cow with no teeth” and an “obstacle to their enlightenment.”     Where sexual abuse by lamas is not sexual abuse but “blessings”, and the women should keep quiet and feel lucky.

The Dalai Lama, as he says, ” has heard it all before” and will do exactly the same thing he always has:  NOTHING.

And his surrogates, like the Dutch journalist who wrote this petition up, will probably continue to promote Tibetan Lamaism, and his Dalai Lama,  through the  new ‘secular spirituality’ ruse of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute,  of which he has long been a part;  promoting more MNDFL-Tibetan Lamaist style-  for everyone, everywhere. So that soon? No one will judge pedophilia,  sexual abuse, corruption, or breaking the law, as ‘good or bad’  anymore. That is what mindfulness, over time, does.

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S. ©