The Green New Deal, the United Nations and Mindfulness

Green New Deal, Mindfulness and Open Borders are part of the Utopian Dream of  Tantric New-Agers and Western Tibetan Buddhists,  and a vocal part of the United Nations since Alice Bailey and Woodrow Wilson days; the First Progressives at the turn of the Century clamored  for World Citizenship. The Theosophists (first Progressives) channelled Tibetan Lamas for Advice. Then, they brought them to the West. 

Mindfulness has spread to make a significant portion of the American population, starting with women, as confused, over time, as those of us in these Tibetan Lamaist cults; where it all began.

Mindfulness eventually makes people NOT more awake and aware,  as it becomes another addiction to create a spiritualized bubble wherein one loses the ability to access common sense and survival skills.

Like this yoga instructor who walked into a forest in Hawaii and got disoriented and lost for two weeks after stopping to ”mindfully”  meditate.

It is disastrous when tied into a Marxist  political ideology since it separates people from \their reason and healthy discernment, over time, and creates a Double-Whammy GROUP THINK.

Tim Ryan got lost once he started following his Tantric Guru, Lama Tsoknyi, and the mindfulness trap these medieval clerics promote and he now believes would improve the United States.   How’s that been going Tim?  Over the last 10 years?  That’s generally the trajectory of what happens to people who start doing this form of meditation too much and become part of its groupthink. They become oblivious to the dangers all around them, while virtue-signaling  and ignoring real suffering as ‘just an illusion.’

This is NOT a good idea. Tim Ryan. You are following Sexually Abusive/Enabling Tibetan Lamas and their Inner Circles. Wake UP, Dummy! You are a Manchurian candidate.

Tim Ryan, was another  Presidential candidate, pretending to run as a Moderate Liberal ( I hear he is running, again)  like many of the Democrat candidates pretended to do in 2016, and will again.  He hangs out with Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  a Tibetan Lama, who tells his students he is the third incarnation from a lineage due to the copulation of a deity and a human. Tim and Tsoknyi attend Progressive  Eco-Globalist events together pushing their Climate Change Hoax on the world.

Tim Ryan is a real-life Manchurian Candidate for President. He dropped out of the 2016 race. But his Team Left Globalist Progressives,   and he, continue their ruse on the American people.

His Lama Tsoknyi, by the way, besides pushing Climate Change as the new “secular religion,” has his students prostrate to him as a ‘living Buddha’  in both China and the United States.  Tim Ryan has helped Tsoknyi Rinpoche pretend he is a Westernized Lama, instead of another deceptive, medieval guru with ties to Communist China, who narcissistically demands adoration and suspension of all reason to be one of his close students. As all the Tibetan Lamas do.

These Progressives of the Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley types, or the Divine Narcissism of Spiritualized (i.e. occult) New-Ager  “Christianity” of another presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson,  are part of a  formal Spiritual Alliance and have been espousing the Green New Deal and the Global Warming Catastrophe-Mongering, for decades.

Why do you think mainstream news  promoted her, and gave her national and international coverage? This spiritual con artist and fear-mongering, pretender of Peace and Love, who is widening her net to the Black Population?  Since Oprah endorsed her?  With reparation talk.   This is Oprah’s surrogate so she doesn’t have to run and can luxuriate in her billions she made, off her New Age persona and influential media platforms to separate African Americans from their Christian faiths. Promising them free things.

Democrats always promise free things to get you to vote for them, again. Only this woman is not a Democrat; she is a  New Age spiritual huckster who has helped bring real dark forces to our nation for decades to topple traditional Christianity, first and foremost, since it is the foundation of our American experiment.  And of individual responsibility, our ethics and values,  and our equal rights, that are being eroded by these shadow forces coming in the name of ‘peace and love.’

These spiritual con-artists  have always had this eighth-century medieval-thinking of  androcentric cult lamas, as their advisers and  ‘credentialing.’   And, wealthy elites bankrolling them.  Marianne was the protege of Barbara Marx Hubbard whose channeling of her version of Jesus Christ produced totalitarian messages:

“The New Age avatars proclaim their commitment to democracy and tolerance. However, they propose totalitarian solutions to mankind’s problems. The sacrifice of freedom and the acceptance of unlimited government power will be for our own good; necessity will be the excuse of tyrants. The New Age movement uses the theory of evolution — a theory of inevitable and desirable Progress — as a justification for whatever policies are needed to drive humanity and the planet to the next great leap upward.”

This is Christianity influenced by eastern cult spirituality that Marianne Williamson is promoting and we have watched as it has tried to destroy our values and ethics over the last forty or so years.  Don’t be fooled!  These are the “Dark Forces’ brought to us by people like Marianne Williamson.  She has been groomed by the wealthy and crazy elite from California and by Oprah, Goddess of  New Age, for the last forty-plus years.  Who also promoted the sexually abusive Tantric cult of Pema Chodron.  Black people have to stop listening to Progressive Oprah. she has kept them enslaved while she is a billionaire.

Can anyone be more naive and dangerous than these Progressives? These are the people in major political positions in our Democratic Party. Who have been programmed to hate their own country and want to turn it into Venezuela. They are a delusional “team” of World Citizen Proponents, hooked up with the Radical Left and Eastern New Age Cults to scare us into crippling carbon taxes, and the Green New Deal to bankrupt America.

That is why, despite CNN and MSNBC and the DNC-  the Globalist Triumvirate Corporate Conglomerate-  trying to make this bunch seem like  ‘such a diverse group,’  of Democratic candidates,  they all sound the same.

Those of us, not in a cult state of mind, can see that they are all on the same page.  Some want this Orwellian nightmare now, and some want to slow-walk it a little bit more, to boil us like lobsters in a big pot. And, at least three candidates running for President in 2016 were Dalai Lama Tantric groupies. Not to mention the Speaker of the House, Pelosi,  of the now lunatic Democratic party. The Dalai Lama is the despotic current head of the longest-lasting, permanent slave and serf society who is still keeping his Tibetan people under his thumbs and now with the help of China. That should scare everyone.

Tim Ryan’s Lama, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, for example,  is one of the most steeped in medieval occult Tantra. I studied with this Lama for ten of the thirty years I was a western Tibetan Buddhist. He was always putting our country down. He would smirk and laugh at anyone that demonstrated logical and reason-based thinking. Taught us this was an obstacle to our enlightenment.   Tantric Guru-worshiping teachings eschew reason.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche is what left me disgusted with the hypocrisy of all these lamas. He was one of the worst. He was very successful with politicians and old liberal lady psychotherapists from California. It is one of the reasons no one is looking out for Californian citizens anymore as it turned into a one-party system. Same with New York. These Tantric influences have permeated that city. 

Tsoknyi Rinpoche also protected and enabled the notorious Sogyal Rinpoche, his pal, and egregious sexual abuser Lama,  for thirty years; so Lama Sogyal could continue his biting and kicking and sexually exploiting his students, particularly those in his illegal harems in the West.

After  fooling us with his Dzogchen ruse, that Tsoknyi  claimed was different than Tantric Buddhism, within a few years Tsoknyi had most of his students prostrating to him as another ‘living Buddha’ and giving him  money for Tibetan nuns, much of it illegally put in the pocket of his brother, Mingyur Rinpoche, China’s favorite lama,  to start his Mingyur centers in Minnesota to make that state crazy; who soon started filling our Congress with Anti-western women who are the Race-Mongering harridan squad in our United States Congress.

The spread of Tantra causes chaos. ALWAYS.

“RACISM, RACISM, RACISM”  and White Supremacy is their last attempt to topple the American Government and turn us into a socialist nation.  The plan of these Communist-loving Progressives, all along.

I also studied with the late Khyentse Rinpoche, Sam Harris’ s  new Tibetan  Lama.  You know, the celebrity neuro-psychologist and another Mindfulness purveyor, who presents himself as a rationalist and atheist?

Related image

Sam Harris is another change agent for the Lamaist hierarchy with a deer-in-the-headlights look;  if you look closely.  His newest Lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche is dead, ( for Tibetan Buddhists, Lamas never die, they live somewhere beyond time and space)  and was from the most occult Lamaist lineage of the Nyingmapa sect; the most irrational and superstitious and most mixed with the ancient Bon Tibetan indigenous shamanic religion.

 This is NOT a rational religion. It is a fundamentalist cult of obedient western devotees and a religious part of the Green New Deal. They will vote for anything their cult group tells them to vote for. They have taken vows to obey their gurus in all things. They hide their explosive numbers by checking off  ‘no religion’ on demographic surveys, like the Census.

Since there are millions of Western Buddhists in the United States,  who check “no religion” on demographic polls, but have now been influenced by  Tibetan Lamas, and Hindu Eastern Tantric yoga, and millions more by their mindfulness commodity, this is a hidden factor in the fundamentalist raving Lunacy that has struck the Democratic Party.

These are the ‘spiritually connected luminaries’ that is what they call themselves and they are here to topple Judeo-Christian traditional values, ethics,  and its connection with national sovereignty to implement their delusional Utopian World Citizen goals.

Like all Utopian movements of the Left or the Right in our recent history, they are openly supporting anti-Semitic rants from Radical Left Congresswomen while calling anyone, who rejects these tropes,  and their fundamental anti-Semitism AND  anti-Americanism,  as “RACIST.”

Progressive Democrats are embracing two medieval cults now: Islamic Fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas variety and Tibetan  Fundamentalist Lamas and their allied Hindu Gurus;  all groups here to nail female energy down. It is schizoid and crazy to have a #MeToo Movement and have harem-keeping, favorite religious cults that are riddled with misogyny,  Pedophiles and Sex Grooming of Children.  But THAT is exactly what occurred in Washington D.C. after these medieval, misogynistic  groups infiltrated.     Gaia Faux-Feminism and Egregious Sexual Abuse go together.

Mr. McMindfulness  has a new  Hindu Tantric Guru:  Neem Karoli Baba. Guru-followers share Utopian delusions with the political cult of Utopian Marxism that also relies on a  Western, educated class; who continue to push Collectivism as the answer. Even though every implementation of their political religion has resulted in millions and millions of deaths. Not to mention the Anti-Semitism growing again in its ranks.  They never learn.  This is a political cult, the Radical left.  A Political cult that has embraced two religious medieval cults in their quest.

The Shambhala Delegation to the Buddhist Leaders Conference and White House Briefing in the Briefing Auditorium at the WH

“Shambhala Visits the White House” 2014.

Obama’s White House, that is.  Obama, whose mother was a cult member of SUBUD when Obama was an impressionable child in Indonesia.  SUBUD was one of twenty-five World Citizen Cults in Crestone, Colorado, when I lived there. They were very busy repressing our free speech. They, like Obama, were big on the Green New Deal, and a more empowered United Nations, now inundated with misogynistic nations and medieval cultures; all given an equal vote.  U.N. Peacekeepers are now raping women and girls.

The headline under the picture above should be ‘Sexually Abusive Tantric Cult, Shambhala, Visits the Whitehouse” and promises to get all Buddhists to vote for the Green New Deal. 

That would be an easy thing to promise.  Since their groups always do what they are told.

Speaking of Ms. Green New Deal, AOC the actress, she wants to get very rich. Capitalism for her and Collectivism for everyone else.  Like her mentor, Bernie.  Who is now a millionaire.  That’s what the Green New Deal will mean.  Power and money for the Leaders of this movement, and very little for everyone else.

I also thought Christine Blasey Ford was not telling the truth.    Or I should say lying to herself and being a ‘good little girl’ for her radical Left handlers; now synonymous with the Democratic Party.   I used to detect when people were lying about sexual abuse accusations.  That was my job. To discern what was sexual abuse or false testimonies.  She had an odd,  emotional affect. Her body language was schizoid. She would appear a good little girl;  and then be professorial;  as her whole demeanor would change, in a flash.   She seemed like someone in a fugue and compartmentalized state. Something definitely happened to her,  I believe, but it was when she was a much younger child.   Sexual abuse victims can often be used and exploited again if they have never dealt with the original trauma.

Or worse,  she knew exactly what she was doing.   That could equally be true.  I just think she was spending too much time at Stanford  University;  a hotbed of third wave ‘pseudo-feminists’  under Tantric and Mindfulness Influences   

One of Ford’s research projects at Stanford was on Mindfulness.

Tim Ryan,  Marianne Williamson, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarett, Sam Harris, Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  and the Lamas’  inner circles of many thousands of western Tibetan Buddhists and Hindu Guru followers, as well as other Buddhist sects they have fooled,  are a big part of the Green New Deal, Lamas, and Mindfulness.

Long-term reasoning abilities are affected by too much Mindfulness and hanging out with Tibetan Lamas.  Like this bunch below:

The Land Baron’s and Wife’s Green New Deal

All the Throne Dwellers Gathered Together ant their
Justin Trudeau sitting next to Hanne Strong to his right ( pictured left) at a Canadian event honoring the Land Baron and Creator of the Green New Deal, the Late Maurice Strong

The Green New Deal and Lamas has been intimately connected with: China’s Communist Government’s United Front Work Department of the CPC the Mindfulness Movement; Tiny Houses, the end of fossil fuels, the end of national sovereignty and national boundaries.

Maurice Strong was China’s weapon in Canada and the United States.  He was the architect of the Green New Deal and the Climate Change Hoax.   A long-time Socialist, Malthusian and friend of China,  like George Soros,  he had the same goal: to destroy the ‘affluent middle-class’ (always an impediment to Communist  Dictatorships)  by taxing it to death. which is what the Green New Deal will do.  It is what Old Tibet did.  For a thousand years.  That’s how hard it is to get rid of them. Mao got rid of them by sending them West. Now, Xi has brought them back to Chinese-speaking countries with growing democracies and a middle-class,  given what success they had in putting Western liberals to sleep.

It will start with the West’s small entrepreneurial class and working people whose wages will be depressed to levels worse than before;  by taxing them to death for the Progressive agenda and the Green New Deal, so wealthy corporations can make fortunes on the Carbon Index Tax Commodities Platform and create Open Borders to bring third world populations grateful to work for lower wages and wipe out the American middle-class.

It is the attempt to blame the United States and  Western civilization for everything wrong in the world.  And to come to hate itself. Its goal is to end national boundaries and create  Continental Regions out of our sovereign nations, who will eventually be under the  World Government Directorate of the United Nations.  These are crazy Utopians who have been running the United Nations, behind the scenes, and who have the goal of destroying our Representative Democracies to impose their Utopian Communitarian Socialist dream.   We are watching it unfold before our eyes.

This has been the plan of a vocal and influential constituency in the United Nations since the Progressive  Woodrow Wilson, Vice President Henry Wallace,  and Alice Bailey days.  The latter two were Theosophists who believed in spiritually channeling Tibetan Lamas for advice. Now their twenty-first century Progressives physically go to these occult Tibetan priests for counsel.

No wonder the Democrats are acting crazy. That is what Tantra does. Makes people eventually crazy and stupefied; no longer knowing right from wrong. Or lies from the truth. Letting lies from their own lips cascade without knowledge or regret. And it always comes in disguise, this Tantra. To recruit and spread.

These are dangerous cults in our midst;  tied up with the craziest form of Utopian Marxism. It has been so since Bolshevik days. Rasputin was influenced by Tantric Lamaism. Yet, so was Himmler.  So was the Chilean dictator, Serrano, who greeted the Dalai Lama at the Indian border during his ‘escape’ in his Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ robes. Dictators and those with a Totalitarian bent, like the New Left Democrats, love Lamaism as their religion.

The Green New Deal and Mindfulness are the new, World Secular Religious view and its practices; practices  based on a World Buddhism that the Buddha never taught but Communist China is behind; the world’s heaviest polluter. Climate Change policies are not required of them. Nor of India, the next biggest polluter where gurus reign supreme and misogyny still thrives.  The United States of America must be destroyed and women must be made irrational,  for this new religious totalitarian movement to succeed.  And the Indian and Tibetan Tantric influences, supported by China, are going to see to that.

Because that is what the Green New Deal means: a neo-feudal world and the end of civilization as we know it. That is the plan.

This Green New Deal is a Malthusian plan by the billionaire Utopians amongst us, who,  for population redistribution and land control use ( ‘stack em and pack em’) have hooked up with the craziest of the Progressive millionaire class; and this has nothing to do with the environment. Nothing. That is why Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, said this Green New Deal would be the end of civilization.   I would imagine he witnessed Hanne and Maurice Strong hijack the real environmental movement he started.

Agenda 2030 goes by the ‘Green New Deal’ label to keep Millennials happy, making it sound like a ‘for the people’ deal, when it is the absolute opposite.  These are fanatic Utopians who are filled with hubris and are bullies if they don’t get their way. We have been here before. Anti-semitism is the usual red flag that we are headed in a Totalistic direction with the usual scapegoat throughout modern history.

Mark Zuckerberg is on Board. Prince Charles and Prince Harry and Meagan Markle are  on board. The Marxist Pope Francis is on Board. Most of Hollywood Goebbels is on board. So is Hanne Strong’s  Chinese Government and its Eco-Karmapa slated to take Dalai Lama’s place, now on board.

These Tibetan Lamas all work together and are supported by the New Eco-Spiritualized Corporatism of Big Tech, Big Censorship of Free Speech, BIG MIND.  As they all imagine what a great thing a  Future World Buddhism would be. As it makes people so easily controlled when under the State Religion.

Think Pol Pot. Or, Imperial Japan. Or, shudder, Old Tibet.

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