Why you can’t get through to Progressives: They are an Amalgam Cult

Nancy Pelosi and Valerie Jarrett with inner circle, celebrating Tantric empowerments with the Dalai Lama

In reply to Karma Sangmo’s Comment below:

You my friend, are either not telling the truth, or have no idea what these celebrity lamas have been doing to the West. Or, what they used to teach their FIRST western students. When the Regent of Trungpa gave students of Trungpa  HIV- AIDS , (a massage therapist from New Jersey) whom Khyentse Rinpoche, the (late) head of  Nyingmapa/Bon school, and the CCP-allied Khenpo Thrangu Rinpoche approved of;  even built this killer of mostly western men a Stupa to honor him in Ojai California; instead of going to the police. They  ( all the bigshots of the Lama mafia) were a big part of ‘ignore the criminal and abuse the victim.’

Trungpa’s illegitimate step-son, with George Soros help, got both the pedophile laws (weakened), and the criminal charges of knowingly giving a person AIDS, DROPPED in California. Good for all those frightened Lamas in California when the law suits started  with their own sexual abuse with young girls.  Imagine if they find out what these Lamas and their Western students started? Why do you think Fornication California is so Crazy? It is a colony of Tibetan and Hindu Tantra, New Age, and the Radical Left who are turning that state into Tantric guru-crazy India. Those three things are now joined together. Have been for a long time. Most of Trungpa’s very early students were Marxists [or Zen Buddhists, or former Hindu Students; he was beginning Communist China’s Three Stream, as early as the 60s] .

(Khenpo) Thrangu Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche, who taught all these lamas their theatre; and abhishekas;  and occult teachings;  and with whom I studied; of the dozens I took teachings from in my role as an “advanced” student, and as perks as administrator/caretaker for Trungpa’s autistic son;   I got my brainwashing free, so to speak. And we studied, my husband and I, with all of them.

Six and a half years  (as Vajrayana students) at Karme Choling, in Trungpa’s house, and then 10 years, even more of a witness to their [Globalist] theatre, and robotic nature of their teachings, juxtaposed to their real behavior when relaxed in Crestone Colorado;  Cult City of Hanne Strong (Tibetan “Buddhist” and her late husband Maurice; Agenda 21 creators).  Not to mention being at the [Vermont] Cremation of Trungpa in 1987, when ALL these same celebrity Tibetan high Lamas OF EVERY SECT swept in to brainwash us [first middle-class educated students] really deeply; came and surrounded us early students with weeks of non-stop medieval cult OCCULT  energy to make us their first massive ‘change agents.’( in the West).

Most of us were teachers, social workers, psychologists; the middle-class to help destroy the middle-class for CCP China.

ALL the celebrity lamas were [always] all sleeping around, Sogyal, the Dalai Lama’s favorite fundraiser, kept a harem, he modeled himself on Trungpa, who had girls as young as 14-years-old in his harem.  And , Shambhala was grooming young girls at SunCamp; a preadolescent grooming indoctrination camp where parents [ now following blindly Trungpa’s sadistic sexually abusive son] thought they were just learning Happy Buddhist things, mixed with Western culture to hide what they were doing, and through Dzogchen, the ultimate occult amoral teachings, and took many abhishekas, with (sic) Mingyur Rinpoche and Tsoknyi Rinpoche, his brother of the six brothers who were sent out of Lama Ogyen lineage, and his Drukpa Kagyu Dzogchen,  to mesmerize the West. The ultimate knock on the head to keep you asleep. A month of ten-hours-a-day meditation ( interspersed with 8th century abhishekas) . Like you see Pelosi and Jarrett  doing in pics, above.

Tsoknyi had the craziest sangha, and really the dumbest leadership of Western students from, of course, California. And,  from Jack Kornfield’s Theravada sangha, Spirit Rock,  in where? Santa Barbara and Marin County, of course ( first County for an  #Agenda21 target in U.S. ) that merged with Tibetan Buddhism, because totally fooled by Lamaism, as was the kamikaze lineage of Zen by Trungpa. So many of Suzuki Roshi’s early students joined Trungpa’s sangha after he died.  He was already working on that Three-Stream Buddhism himself, CCP change agent as he was, in my opinion.

Trungpa incorporated much of Suzuki’s Roshi’s Japanese culture in his appropriation for his Shambhala mix.  Then, Tsoknyi  recruited them (Shambhala International students )  and the  western leaders of want became the most radical and socially violent Wirathu (Burmese) lineage of Theravada from California, Spirit Rock Meditation Center.*

An example of the tip of the spearhead of three-stream Zen, Tibetan, and Theravada Buddhism ;admired by the Communist Chinese is their  Harmonious Buddhism Model for the Great Reset with the Lamas leading the way.

These Urgyen Lama brothers, all from different mothers,  are all over California, working in tandem,  with the thousands of other Tibetan Lamas’ centers [all over the world] including disgraced Shambhala International, to create their Three-Stream-Buddhism here, for CCP China.

California’s  Spirit Rock,  like in Crestone Colorado, is where theTibetan Lamas  mingle,  and brainwash Westerners together, with a smorgasbord of Three Stream plus New-Age Green New Deal politics in their ‘advanced Tantric Retreats.’ These amalgam retreats have been going on since 2001.

**The Main Teachers at Spirit Rock seem to be hiding from the public their connections with these Lamas, after promoting them;  writing books with them;  teachings beside them;  like Sylvia Bornstein, and basically giving them their credentials amongst  other Buddhist groups.

The goal IS the Three Stream Buddhism of  Buddhist groups now.

Where you can see the Tibetan Lamaist connections now,  is in the ‘visiting teachers’ list, particularly the Shambhala International/ Karma Kagyu CCP lineage, – Pundarika (Tsoknyi & Bros. in celebrity grifting- the Drukpa Kagyu) and Theravada (Wirathu)  (Spirit Rock origins)  with the Zinn-Zen connections. They have been at this for at least 25 years.  All of them working together to dumb the American and later the Asian-speaking countries, down, down, down.

The Shambhala lineage was watered-down Westernized Kalachakra, the ultimate Vajrayana;  the vehicle for all the other Lamas I studied with, before and after Trunpga died, dozens, to come and ‘try out their chops” with us already deeply brainwashed in Trungpa’s Tantra.

In Crestone, Colorado , where all the celebrity Lamas come to relax, and mingle with older students, like I was? Many were [sic] sleeping with students, [and] lying about the Vajrayana to the newer students at retreats. Saying it wasn’t ‘religious.’ The Tantric “Dzogchen Ruse” [sic]

Or, pretending they were just teaching Mahayana Buddhism; which they appropriated  to recruit the naive West. The Vajrayana Tantras are, in fact, occult primitive teachings, that destroys ethics, values of good and bad, telling lies from the truth, and should NOT be taught to any Westerner or Tibetan or Chinese, because it makes them crazy, or cruel & arrogant, or stupid while believing they are so wise, and virtue-signaling their faux-compassion all the time. While thinking they are brilliant and on the way to enlightenment.

Just Look at what is happening in the World. It is the occult influence of Tantra, everywhere, and why Dalai Lama consults a possessed oracle for all his major decisions. And, why he never calls out the sexual abuse, because HE KNOWs it is institutionalized and, without it, the Vajrayana is just an esoteric verbal masturbation for people who love to complicate their minds, and believe in the far-away ‘enlightenment’ by studying ‘neither this nor that nor both nor neither” Madhayamaka esoteric, Tautological Philosophy ( all faux reasoning leads back to the Guru)  for the intellectual types, so they think this is Higher Buddhism. And, therefore: Voila!  THEY are so brilliant. Like getting into Harvard, where this influence has been dumbing that population down for the last twenty years. To not notice, or research, or [be capable of debating] anything factual about these clerics sitting on thrones. Like at my many summer two- week retreats with Khenpo Tsultrim [Rinpoche  (the ‘precious one’ what Rinpoche means)]  who loved to swim with the young girls and was sleeping with his translator/ sexual consort, as most of them do.

While the Lamas are also pocketing millions, billions by now, while their plebe students are prostrating to them; handing them their money; their girlfriends; their wives (their boyfriends and partners, in some cases) their sons and daughters.

I suggest you read my book, you clearly haven’t, but you probably won’t. “May I always obey my guru, or may I turn to dust”- we said this before every Vajrayogini sadhana I did, twice a month for hours sitting in one place, and in every Tantric sadhana we were given. It is a guru worshipping cult. Even the Lamas have a guru they must obey. So, my friend, I am sorry you were left out of the real secrets of the “Wheel of Destruction” Tantra, pretending to be about Peace, that the Dalai Lama gave to 100s of thousands of people ,all over the world, and 5 X in the targeted America, who, like you, have no idea what is actually in these, as you say, ‘secret teachings”.

These people have taken a vow to obey the Dalai Lama for all their lifetimes, and it went on for days, IN WASHINGTON DC. It made most of them crazy. They are a secret to even most Vajrayana students, because the years of adoration and long-life chanting, and ngondro, & guru worship preparation, creates an illusion that you must keep blending your mind with the guru yoga [and the con-man before you-] before the full initiation into Vajrayana. By the time that happens,  you are their slaves, but don’t know it/ don’t perceive it, your mind is now fragmented, but you don’t know it.

You can talk in high-sounding words, and sound kind and even reasonable, put your hand on your heartt and say it is for “the mothers and children”;  but….Worshiping boy men on thrones, ordinary boy men, made into adored gurus, but not loved for themselves, has made Tantric lamas, and their practitioners and admirers today, simply unwitting agents for CCP China;  to destroy the rational minds of the middle class and the sanity of the the liberal West.

That was the goal. Trungpa was explicit with us that he was here to create an ‘enlightened dictatorship.” I believe he was sent here by Mao and so was the Dalai Lama. No one can imagine that educated liberal, so-called, ‘progressive’ women and men in the West would let their own children be groomed, and sexually abused and so completely deny it.  It started with THIS:  screwing with professional women’s minds, and calling  it ‘blessings from their guru Precious Lamas”.

[So sic]  that is what happened in all these thousands of ‘alternative’ Lama churches replacing Judeao- Christianity. Two vows of the Vajrayana:  “may I always obey the guru and never insult a hair on [his]/their heads, And,  never criticize fellow vajrayana sangha, or may I shrink into dust”.  Perfect religion for any tyranny like the Lamas [had] over their own people;  for a millenium and counting. And, call the sexual abuse, and cruelty: the ‘guru’s blessings’, making one less-filled with EGO when they hurt, abuse and sociopathically behave.

No these Lamas are NOT naive, they are filled with EGO,  to replace being loved, and they have been trained for centuries in grifting and cons and theatre, as they kept their own people in permament slavery and serfdom; cutting off hands and limbs; for stealing a goat; or a tongue as censoring,;  kept the very young women as the Lamas consorts; took the young boys for the monastery as a tax; and taxed the people to an early death; working them to death by 40; for the Lamas pleasures and profit.  No wonder all the Shambhala International and Spirit Rock and Zen Groups are hiding these connections on their resumes and Bios.

Guru worshippers, most all of them now, who are well versed in deception.  [And]  many God-realm billionaires who love them as the model religion for a New World Order [where anything goes for them; and mental/physical slavery for everyone else].

When we were put on retreat…we told to read, FOR A MONTH every day, for 10 hours-a-day, Patrul Rinpoche’s fundamentalist zealot texts, when I did another modified ngondro with Sogyal’s best recruiter, Tsoknyi Rinpoche; the sexual and physical abuse enabler for his late best friend: harem-keeping Sogyal. And, it was all about hell realms in Patrul’s works; the bible for every early student of Vajrayana, pre-2017; before all the scandals broke; and are now covered up by our own Orwellian government that is mass pro-Lama, pro-authoritarian and misnomered a “liberal democratic republic.” That, took took a lot of undue cult-like influence of our Globalist Corporate media, much of it now controlled by CCP China.

“The Words of my perfect Teacher”, that EVERY LAMA I KNEW recommended , as a text for entering the Vajrayana  to scare us to DEATH. as these Lamas were scared to death as toddlers, under the imprisonment of their Khenpos ( tutors) since they were the money-making brand names.  Stealing their childhood. THEY WERE the ultimate ‘groomed children’ for this monster ‘religion, that kept Tibetan people ENSLAVED to these Lamas and now you are enslaved to them still, whatever you think. You know nothing about it because they didn’t tell you about it.

Or you are lying to rehabilitate your precious Lamas, on here pretending to be ‘rational’ and reasonable about this; giving a ‘little criticism’ because NONE of you want to be publically associated with the truth of Tantra, while you are really on here to promote it, lie about it, or know nothing. Only those two things can be true.  I would bet lying because Tantric practitioners do that best:  first lying to oneself and then everyone else.

The Lamas and their inner circles are also getting much cozier about it since they were spilling their guts and bragging about what was in the “highest teachings” and telling us ‘we were the brightest, the first students, so we could handle it.”

No, we were the first change agents to bring this crazy Tantra to the West,  that makes groups, nations, cultures crazy for another Agenda that has nothing to do with ‘enlightenment.’ This is a Sexual Cult and that is why TANTRA was always secret because of its nature, that is grounded in Indian Hindu Tantra Sadhu and Sorcerer teachings, meant for medieval times, with very few students. NOT GIVEN TO Masses. Tantra is about causing chaos in social mores, and that’s what it’s done.. The Lamas are all stuck in the 8th century in their heads, because that is the training they have received, training for 8th century sadhus. It is not Buddhism, it is Tantra, [with levels of teachings] until the secret teachings].  that has kept India in a caste system for over a thousand years, when the Hinduvata Brahmins took over Buddhism, and that is what was brought to Tibet, along with Atisha’s hate-filled  ‘contemplations’ on women’s physicality to keep the monks celibate and only sleeping with young[er lower-status] monks. Thigh sex and worse was rampant. What the high Lamas were teaching each other, was alchemical sex using women to shoot their semen backwards to their heads to reach enlightenment. A rather unscientific belief, while the Dalai lama calls himself a ‘Scientist’.

They are covering up since my book came out, about the educated class duped into guru worshiping these kleptocrats [or promoting their ‘stupid shamatha’ in a secular disguise’ on organizations]. Which they have been/are]. They are a kleptocratic theocracy of nepotism;  rewarding their relatives and fooling the West.

The West was already dumbed down by the Left during the Vietnam war, and has never recovered their rational minds. Then the Lamas swept in to finish the job on ‘Boomers’. Some of them never leave the cult, and become China’s little helpers to keep bring Tantric chaos to the West.

I know that you wont hear me, because, like I saw things for many years, ANY criticism of Tibetan faux Buddhism was the result of poor people’s ignorance, “not understanding the teachings”  like your repeating, like a Guru-lemming, about me. I used to think and say the same thing. Hubris is one of the common traits among Vajrayana students. I am used to it. “We, the unlucky,  are [heretics] or ‘deplorables, talke your pick]; all just trapped in samsara”, you say, and ignorant of the real teachings like “you lucky- so “on-the-path-of enlightenment-with-the-Precious Ones”. ”

NO, I don’t think using preadolescent girls; sexually grooming them in these sanghas; or the rape of Chinese-speaking women who have been now duped by the Karma Kagyu head Lama-the Eco-Karmapa for the delusional Progressives, [like Pelosi and Mike Pence] and the secret weapon of CCP China, roaming our congressional halls, is ‘just a misunderstanding between naive cultures meeting’.  That’s the old chaos-producing, pedophile-promoting, transgender-promoting,  Lama Dzongsar Rinpoche’s old trick ( are you one of his students? I know his tropes)  with the West. In other words, appear to criticize Lamaism ‘a little,’ to throw us off the scent. Look at him now, in San Francisco. Getting all the Transgenders enflamed.  They never acted so crazy, almost suicidal, given the backlash that can come. They are just being used. Like their colluding Pelosis, and Obamas, and Bidens just use them.

Dzongsar also said his “Vajrayana was above the law”  when all the Tibetan Lama abuse came out, and the new regime, which is the old Regime of SUBUD cult member, Obama. He (Dzogsar) got very bold.*

(*started a ‘transgender’ San Francisco movement. These Lamas are behind anything that deconstructs the family for a fascist, authoritarian STATE. The only kind of government they know.  Now, they are completely under the thumbs of the #CCP ; but our compromised-by-the- occult  government is keeping that knowledge from you.)

No , I understand the teachings very well, after dozens of Lamas I saw up close and sometimes personal, had them as friends; and they are all on the prowl. If you don’t see it yet. You don’t want to see it yet.  Or you are lying. Which is worse, Ignorance and Sociopathology disguised as ‘compassion’ is equally venal.

If you don’t know yet, I understand. It took me 10 years to face what I had been so deeply fooled by. It’s not easy, and some people can’t, and they will hold on, and thus are enabling, unwittingly, a sexually abusive, pedophile-promoting (Lamas have no concept of sexual abuse and pedophilia;  it’s enlightened behavior for them) CULT, CULT YOU ARE IN A CULT. What genuine anti-cult international sites used to say. Now they are overridden by fringe cult admirers and the Left.

I am tired of neophytes, ( or apologists) believing they know more, but it’s just hubris; you can’t bear to give up this guru thumb to suck, believing you can go on forever, permanence and immortality, reincarnating again and again, that’s what hooks the West, while being taken over by medieval, misogynistic clerics who are NOT here to wake you up but to steal your money, your wives, girlfriends and your dignity and reason, to help put the world to sleep for Communist China.

I am sure you are not used to someone being this direct, but I can’t stand the bullshit Tantric students keep telling themselves. Lying to oneself is the first thing that must go. And, I don’t have time to argue the fine points of Tantra anymore. It is a trap that holds people in hope and fear until you die, grasping at false hope that you can live forever and fear of falling into hell realms. It’s a basic teachings of Vajrayana, and If you didn’t learn that yet? They are giving newbies pablum for the real thing. Or, like I said, you are lying to rehabilitate what is coming out about these Lamas and their Vajrayana.

Don’t worry though. This traitor bunch ( Some of them got U.S. citizenship) are mostly in CCP territory now. Their work is done in the West. They have brainwashed enough psychologists, social workers, teachers, t.v. commentators, and Life Coaches and Wellness Centers. Now they’re turning Han Buddhist abbots, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese Speaking populations, into Vajrayana guru masters, to dupe them, too.

Good Luck, maybe you’ll be lucky and what you find out, if you come out from under the LaLaLaLaLama Bubble, will wake you up, too. The Real Enlightenment.

April, 2022,  Christine A. Chandler. ©

Karma Sangmo:

I have taken many tantric vows and never once have I been threatened with going to vajra hell if I break them. In fact, I was told to expect to be continuously breaking those vows. Breaking vows was also explained to me to be as simple as not seeing all phenomena as deity and thereby giving rise to dualistic mind.

The problem we find ourselves in today is a combination of the naïveté and eagerness of lamas coming to the west, perhaps peppered with pride and ego, and the pride and ego of Western students in thinking they can handle what it takes to practice vajrayana without being honest with themselves or the lamas.

I think all this criticism is good. Perhaps all this outcry will send Tantra back into secrecy where it belongs. And any good lama would have told you that all the pomp and ritual and Lamaism is relative/ cultural and not strictly Buddhist as mine did with me. It is the cup, not the tea.

Tantra is not for everyone. And I’m sorry you weren’t given the adequate preparations or explanations prior