Cancel Culture in Buddhism

The destructive indoctrination, on steroids,  of Trungpa Rinpoche’s Vajrayana upon Western minds : Someone who drank himself to death. A Tribal WarLord and Radical Left Weapon, whose harem of young women, some as young as fourteen years old, grew up to be most fanatic change agents to undermine the West.

The Cancel Culture Buddhists

Tibetan Lamas  are expert at strategies to silence their victims and whistle-blowers, since they have been doing it for over a  thousand years and now have three generations of an  army of Western devotees, a complicit media, and Big Tech CEOs, who want the billion dollar Mindfulness , and the Soft Porn of the Vajrayana Tantra commodity to stay unassailed.

So helpful for  a future ‘serf class’.  Praying to their Lamas for a better future life since everything bad that happens to them is karma.  Fate. Nothing they can do. As well as the continuation of the hedonistic life-style of billionaires, where the Tibetan Lamaist Tantra gives them permission in its teachings to seek out girls as young as eight years old as ‘sexual consorts.”  Tantra has been the fuel that has made Western countries weakened and confused, but the guru-worshipping  devotees and the Left, who overlap, have made sure this cult can’t be called out as a “cult.”

Whatever censorship and Totalitarian red flags and Chinese influences are now stronger  in our Western politics today?  It was the Tibetan Lamas, and their inner circles, who prepared the ground of GROUPTHINK with their stupas and temples; their ‘charitable foundations’ and  their Mindfulness commodity,  to weaken the West into a Mindfulness Trance, with the promise of ‘enlightenment.’ Instead, being programmed to accept anything unhealthy for themselves and their societies, “without judgement. “

 Neat Trick by these Lamas;  to get a majority of Westerners to program their own minds into no longer discerning lies from truth, as they sink into a dream state they believe is making them more WOKE.

*After pretending to fire  Lama Tenzin, lover of one of the Brofman sisters at NXIVM, who coordinated the 2 million dollar bribe paid to the Dalai Lama to endorse Raniere, (that was never given back)  Lama Tenzin was ‘reinstated’ by the Dalai Lama as  the DL and company know that the established media always bury the sexual abuses and skullduggery of these Lamas; too busy going after the Catholic Church to destroy it,  for far less than what these Lamas have been engaged in,  for forty years in the West.

Copyright 2020 © Christine A Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

Tibet today in the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Hardly victims of China.