Sex-Trafficking in Shangri-La

I haven’t written much because I have been listening to all the horror stories that are coming out about my first Tibetan Buddhist cult group, Shambhala International, formerly Vajradhatu. Stories, not just about Trungpa keeping harems, but also the grooming and sexual abuse of the dharma brats, i.e. children,  in his Shambhala groups.  The vulnerable children of their Shambhala parents, the first generation seduced into the cult of Tantra.  Sexual abuse by not just the lamas, but by their western teachers  at Shambhala centers, and Shambhala Sun Camps,  the groups’ childhood indoctrination camps, where these children, now as adults,  are reporting they were groped and sexually abused while their parents were attending summer teachings on the ‘no right no wrong’ of Tibetan Tantra. The diamond-vehicle of their ‘precious dharma.” The same Tantric teachings of Bhagwan Rajneesh.

Many more ‘dharma brats,’ than  I  suspected were being abused, when I  published my book,  but now confirmed.


Lots of talking and sharing have been encouraged by the #me-too movement, inside Shambhala International, as well as Lama Sogyal’s  Rigpa International;  both groups joined at the hip in pooling their resources for damage control with their hundreds of centers in operation still. Still abusing their students and the next generation of dharma brats. Getting them to tell these stories amongst only themselves, while still under ‘undue influence’  of the cult groupmind;  letting the very people who abused them- their ‘wise elders,’ – determine a program of ‘healing’ and ‘reconciliation ‘ in-house.

However, one dharma brat is not being deterred from getting her story out to the public.  She is beginning to suspect these ‘compassionate’ elders are not going to deal with the sexual abuse; except in the same old ways: control the narrative and placate the victims, until the whole thing blows over, again. What they have been allowed to do for the last forty-five years.

That’s what Joshua Silberstein, the Chairman of their Kalapa Council is really recommending in this second- half of the taped interview in Halifax.  More of the same. Sexual abuse enabling by the hundreds of ‘wise elders’ in their groups. Silberstein is the number one public relations and fund-raising point person and is terrified Shambhala International’s donations and donors will dry up.  If the public gets wind of Shambhala’s ‘abhorrent sexual abuses.”

These are the ‘healers’ who are going to monitor the situation, to make sure the public doesn’t know what went on.  Just like they all have, for the last forty-plus years.

Why is this Shambhala International group, and all the Lamaist groups, being allowed to replace Western laws, dealing with their ‘elders’ criminal behavior? Using talking circles, until the victims are talked-out? These groups have set the precedent; the same healing these groups have always done that lets all the sexual abusers and pedophiles in their groups seal it over,  and then sweep it under the rug.

While the papers are filled with the goings-on of the Jehovah Witness groups of elders that ‘ignored’ sexual abuse of their children.  

Little is said, yet, about Shambhala International that ignored the sexual abuse of their children for the last forty years.  Update (7/5/2018) : All over the Boulder news, and reported in Shambhala’s flagship magazine, Lion’s Roar.  

 This is because the guru-worshiping devotees, inside these Tibetan Lamaist groups, like Shambhala International, the spearhead leaders of the ‘mindfulness movement,’ by the way, are the most brainwashed of all eastern cult groups. I say brainwashed although that is not a popular or politically correct term. It conjures up Mao, who coined the term ‘politically correct.’  Yet, without a thought,  or any cognitive dissonance allowed, these western devotees of the lamas amongst us, are putting a Chinese Communist Kagyu Tibetan lama over their heads as their head guru to obey, while still sending money for a “Free Tibet”.

They don’t even think to go to the police. those still brainwashed by Lamaism, and Tantra’s ‘no-good, no bad’ view. What they are taught, by the abusers and their inner circle, is to believe it is their ‘impure perception’  when their children are reporting gross sexual abuses, even rapes, within their sanghas. This is  because many of the dharma brat parents were sexual consorts of Trungpa, and his son, and of other Tibetan lamas they were shared with; who have allowed  themselves, and their children to be programmed to believe this sexual abuse is a “blessing” from these ‘living Buddhas’  and their western inner circle  of advanced teachers of non-duality.

Stories are being revealed, by the dharma brats, however,  and by one of Trungpa’s whistle-blowing harem, his seventh wife,  about gross abuse and animal torture by Trungpa, as a lesson in ‘non-duality.’

They look down on Christian cults,  like Warren Jeffs,  and his polygamous behavior, no different than their own esteemed leaders, like Trungpa, and the notorious Lama Sogyal, who is hiding out somewhere in Thailand, it is rumored; lamas  like him who also keep harems of western women,   and beat and tortured his students. These reports that are all over the Buddhist news, but hardly reported in the mainstream news outlets. If they are reported, it is only briefly, and then covered over by hundreds of stories about other cult groups.

Warren Jeffs is still in jail, but no criminal charges were ever taken against Trungpa.  Why was he given a pass.? Why is Lama Sogyal given a pass? They both had harems and Trungpa slept with underage girls in his group. Why are  these Shambhala International groups  allowed to deal with their sexual grooming of underage girls  by ‘healing it from within?”

Why is Trungpa’s son, Osel Mukpo, and all these celebrity lamas, still given a pass and allowed to keep infiltrating into our higher educational universities, all over the United States and Europe? With their ‘scientific ‘ and ‘secular spirituality’ ruses,  with their western fanatic devotees pretending to be researchers and scholars to bring their gurus’  misogynistic and sexually abusive Tantra,  disguised as ‘contemplative alternatives,’ in art, psychology, psychotherapy, and academics;  slated to replace our Judeo-Christian roots?

 One can’t help but ask: “Who is the real power,  besides their thought-controlled devotees,   more brainwashed than devotees inside a sexually abusive Christian cult. Who is protecting these Tibetan Lamas, and their western inner circle of ‘wise elders,’ and making sure the media doesn’t really call them out as a dangerous cult,  like Warren Jeffs’ group?

Who, besides their thought-controlled devotees more brainwashed than those inside a sexually abusive Christian cult,  are protecting these Tibetan lamas from exposure and why?

It can’t be just George Soros, and his billions,  who helps funds the Dalai Lama and other anti-democratic projects. It can’t be just Hollywood, who have protected these misogynistic sexual abusers and harem-keeping Tibetan lamas for the last forty years; even featuring Lama Sogyal in a major movie.

It can’t just be Left-wing radicals,  who hate their own country and want to see it destroyed, from the inside out, and are now colluding with the chaos of Tantra and bringing its amorality to their  anarchist mix; hoping to undermine first the family and marriage, then all  western institutions along with western values, ethics, and true liberal values; by first promoting its mindfulness form of eastern cult meditation for the larger populations so that an ever-growing population will no longer  judge rapes, harems, pedophilia, and sexual abuse, either. Just like inside these Tantric ‘Buddhist’ cults.

Manchurian candidate-types is what these western Tibetan Lamaists, calling themselves Secular Buddhists these days,  who are helping to undermine our country’s values and laws while believing they are bringing peace and harmony to the world. A New Shambhala Utopia. They don’t believe in history anymore, let alone read it;  so they won’t know how that always works out. Nothing to see here. Everything is an illusion, there is no history, nothing to get upset about. That is the main teaching, in these Tibetan Lamaist groups, that turns ordinary westerners into a herd of ‘pod people and sheep.’

Why is it, that the craziness of these eastern Tantric cults, like Bhagwan Rajneesh’s group, who wanted to take over Oregon, is all over the news and in a popular Netflix movie?

But not Trungpa’s Tantric cult, who started the real spread of this crazy, amoral Tantra? A dangerous Tantric cult that did take over Boulder, Colorado and Halifax, Nova Scotia and it seems more and more of liberal States like  New York, California and now  New Jersey and Washington D.C.?

Why did the  Dalai Lama’s emissary for the NXIVM cult in New York get to slink away,  after garnering a million, or more, for the Dalai Lama;  before Raniere and his female enablers were indicted for sex-trafficking and ‘aiding and abetting’ his own harem cult. This ‘pretend’ celibate lama, Tenzin Dhonden ( none of the elevated lamas in power and prestige are celibate, in my experience, and sleep with many women as part of their sex-paired, medieval beliefs)  who had been sleeping with one of the Bronfman sisters, herself called out as a sexual abuse enabler,  in the NXIVM cult.

What about the female enablers inside Shambhala?  Or in Rigpa International,  Sogyal’s cult group, with satellite centers in New York and California?  Who also ‘pimped’ for the lamas?  Female enablers who are protecting these lamas and their harem-keeping and sexual abuse, as well. Even abuse of their own children?

Tenzin Dhonden gets to keep his foundation in California- his Friends of the Dalai Lama foundation;  with the Dalai’s approval, of course.  While the Dalai Lama pretends he  ‘fired him.’   The lies the Dalai Lama and these other Tibetan Lamas tell rivals the size of Mt. Meru.

No one noticed that it was this Tibetan lama and emissary of the Dalai Lama,  Tenzin Dhonden, and the Dalai Lama’s Tantric teachings, that was adding to the mix of craziness in this NXIVM cult group; now under Federal criminal indictment for sex-trafficking and mind control as a cult.

Tenzin says he ‘checked out’  NXIVM for the Dalai Lama and approved. Of course, he approved!  Keith Raniere keeping harems wouldn’t have bothered this lama; any more than it bothered the Dalai Lama. Lama harems and Tantra were models of behavior for Raniere.  And boy, did New York State cover that one up!

Shortly after receiving the million or two ( never given back, not once the greedy paws of these lamas touch cash)  the Dalai Lama then approved (not the citizens of Ithica,  New York, apparently,) a 33-million dollar museum to the fourteen, despotic Dalai Lamas of Tibet, himself included.  This is like Ithaca, New York building a museum in honor of the slaveholders of the South.

A 33- million-dollar museum to the Dalai Lama, and his slave-holding,  medieval Tantra that is making the world go mad since these high Lamas ‘escaped’ from Tibet.

The Chinese Communist Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley,  is conveniently close by,  hiding out in New Jersey, waiting for the Dalai Lama to die, so, as slotted by the Chinese Communist Government, he can  take the Dalai Lama’s place and take over New York from his Tantric Chinese Headquarters at Karma Triyana Dharmakaya in Woodstock, New York, nearby.  Probably to avoid criminal charges that are somewhere in the ether, now, about his money-laundering,  and illegal financial skullduggery, including an overseas account as part of the Panama Papers, scandal. 

The Dalai Lama’s best friend, Lama Sogyal, the egregious abuser and sociopath lama, gave a talk at the New School in New York City, (left-progressives have been in bed with these lamas, sometimes literally, for the last four decades)  in June of 2017, just before he ran away to Thailand, it is rumored, to avoid extradition to face criminal charges in France. 

The New School took that retreat information with Sogyal down, after he was all over the news. They get to keep their secrets in  New York State, and in California where the Dalai Lama’s emissary, Tenzin Dhonden,  has gathered a new gaggle of wealthy females to promote Sogyal’s foundation in honor of the Dalai Lama.  Despite the Dalai Lama pretending to the West that he was ‘appalled’  and immediately ‘fired’ Tenzin when his emissary was caught with his pants down, and his hand in the donations till. 

The Dalai Lama is always allowed to get away with lies. Saying he fired Tenzin, when Tenzin is still quite busy in California, fund-raising for the number one Liar and  Kleptocrat, the Dalai Lama.  How many billions has DL garnered from the West now?  All tax-free to keep spreading his evil Tantra? With a  Global Corporatocracy’s blessings?

Lama Tenzin with Raniere-disciple Allison Mack, at Necker Island.

 These Lamaist Tantric groups know how to blend their  western  guru-worshiping devotees amongst us;  they do not wear orange clothes, like Bhagwan Rajneesh’s group, but the cloth of ‘intellectual professors,’ and sociologists; psychologists and psychotherapists; anthropologists and neuropsychologists; even nurses and M.D.s, democratic politicians and journalists; and now your overly-friendly yoga teacher in your neighborhood, who has added Tantra to her CV to advance her yoga career. It is becoming a requirement in California.  No wonder that State has gone mad, when Nancy Pelosi goes to the Dalai Lama for advice and a blessing, and to discuss ‘human rights’ issue with the former slaveholder and despotic religious dictator, whose policies in Tibet included lopping off hands and feet and gouging out eyes. 

The Tantra of these medieval priests in our midst is taking over North America and making it amoral and crazy. So, why is no one noticing this elephant in the room causing chaos in the West?  Why are these medieval priests and their wealthy female trust fund elites and sexual abuse enabling devotees, just like in NXIVM,  and in Shambhala International, not taken to court?

Could it be that Tenzin Dhonden, the faux-celibate monk,  was not corrupted by the likes of NXIVM?  But, instead NXIVM was further corrupted by the Venerable Tenzin Dhonden, now happily gathering new wealthy, female sponsors for his Lamaist ruse continuing in California?


These are the questions, one cannot help but ponder and wonder about. And hope others will start to notice and ponder and wonder about, as well.

© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.