Amazon is Censoring Books Reporting Sexual Abuse

Amazon Censoring Books That Tell the Truth.“At a time of unprecedented attempts to ban books in America, Carol Horne of Harvard Bookstore said the American Library Association is launching projects to fight back. Our voice was always heard  before, what are we doing now?” Nicole Brinkley commented that “removing the teeth of ABFFE (the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression) may come back to bite us”.

For example,  Amazon’s new censorship policies are now preventing me from advertising my book.  Apparently Amazon doesn’t want you to know about the rape charges against the darling of the Progressive faux-feminists, the Eco-Karmapa 17th, Ogyen Trinley, with millions of followers around the world, so they won’t be warned.  Or that he was charged in India for being a Chinese spy, and the U.S. Obama administration’s trips to India  got him off. Now he is roaming the halls of our Congress as the Dalai Lama’s replacement.

Just as they made sure the United States criminal justice system didn’t prosecute the most egregious of these sexual abusers and harem-keeping  pedophiles, like Sogyal Rinpoche and Trungpa Rinpoche;  nor his Regent ( who mentally coerced young men into sex while having AIDS);  or that  the illegitimate stepson of Chogyam Trungpa- who, besides bringing  Ebola to this Country,  worked with Soros to get the pedophile-reporting laws changed in California;

Not coincidently,  this cabal of corruption  also made “knowledge of having AIDS, and passing the deadly disease on” no longer a criminal act.   More ‘blessings’ from the Lamas.

Amazon doesn’t want you to know about these things.

Or that the Dalai Lama didn’t give up his two million to endorse Keith Raniere, who was inspired by the Lamas’ teachings; nor his political role but instead switched from “Free Tibet”  to  Climate Change in 2009,  but didn’t tell all those monks and nuns that burned themselves up for his “Free Tibet Hoax” into 2015,  as  he had ‘moved on. ‘   It was so good for the Lamas’  ‘victim status’ among western audiences and  donors; like the usual rock and roll and Hollywood crowd.  All the ‘Free Tibet Concerts’ monies would have gone  right into the Dalai Lama’s and his relatives’ pockets and certainly not the Tibetan people whom these Dalai Lamas made permanent serfs and slaves; living  off them and taxing them into early deaths;  for over a thousand years.   (The role model, by the way,  for our future #Great Reset; according to NYTimes  “expert” and cult devotee, Robert Thurman).

Here are some of  my correspondence with Amazon, whose new policies of censorship make sure people rarely know about how they repress  informative and well-documented books, that ties all the anti-West, anti-free speech,  and anti-women precedents ; and are a big part of fooling Western women and men into accepting this Lamaism as the ‘highest Buddhism.’  Making three generations give up their rational thought.

Amazon Ghosting Authors that Report Sexual Abuse .

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 23:46:31 +0000=

From: Chris C 

To: “” <>

Subject: My Case RE:[CASE 9670070021] Case created from inbound contact.

Last Letter to Amazon Advertising:

To Whom it May Concern:

The  Above Case was resolved to let me advertise my book.  I received notice of this 3/11/2022 by email.

I went to my ‘Manage my  Advertising’ at Amazon Ads.  Found the last ad that I had had suspended,  and added some categories and Products -totally related to MY Product on 3/14.

I also started another ad,  same book , same content I advertised with you since 2017, (that you  censored when the authoritarian regime got elected in this country, sic)  and approved again on 3/11.   And that was immediately suspended.

I went back to the Ad that had been referred to in the CASE #above, and I activated that ad today (3/16/2022) adding a few more  totally  related  products and, categories to my book.  About the “Language of Cults” that  much of my book is also about, for example, and Cults in in Our Midst,  and Cults Inside Out.   My book is both a scholarly book,  and a cult survivor memoir,  written as a retired  licensed psychologist and LICSW social worker,  who witnessed and experienced most of the celebrity lamas and their backstage behaviors. that few in my professions ever have.  Professions that have been particularly duped by these Lamas.  That is why it is so important that people have access to my book,  I have helped many women ( and men) who write to me,  and when I advertised my book I had hundreds of women  thanking me, including those who left the many Lamaist cult groups.   They were glad their perceptions were being confirmed that this was an unhealthy guru-worshipping system that had little to do with enlightenment and even less to do with making people more awake.

(  Note: Mine was the first book published to expose the Lamas written by a psychologist and expert in sexual abuse, as well as a survivor.  It should have skyrocketed to the top of the CULT lists. And, it did, when I could advertise. So, they stopped that.)

But, Amazon, calling my book Hate speech and then Pornography and then  after approving it,  suspending it for no reason?

Someone who is making these continued arbitrary and inflammatory and insane decisions is hurting both women and girls in the long run,  because they don’t want this information out.

I have been working on this situation for MONTHS now, and clearly there is someone who comes in, as soon as I put the ad up, and and tweaks it,  so my ad is suspended.  Has to be true, because you just APPROVED  it, after months of appeals, three days ago.

It is now becoming suspicious that this has been arbitrary all along,  based on personal bias because my book is not different than any other CULT books you have advertised,  except many of them are  far more lurid, and my book is far more professional, is not entertaining people with sexuality,  and lurid covers, or as you say pornography.   In fact, lurid pornography books about TANTRIC SEX are allowed to advertise off my book.

I have a right as a professional and as a women’s right advocate, of long standing,  to report sexual abuse where I see it..  I take that oath I took seriously.  Someone at Amazon is protecting the sexual abuse of this particular CULT.  It is  illegal to prevent my free speech, my professional expertise in sexual abuse, and preventing thousands of young women and girls from being warned. Or helping others leave a cult situation.

Please do your best to correct this.   It is important , not just for my book, but for ALL women and young girls  around the World.


Christine A. Chandler

Dear Author Central:

I am the author of Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism.   

I have 2 issues that still need to be addressed that are amounting to Amazon violating my first amendment rights as and as a professional in sexual abuse, to report on these groups,  with a well-documented, fact-filled book, that is being subtly, but clearly cancelled. 

I believe it is a violation of women’s rights advocates to report sexual abuse and to tell,”about sexual abuse.’ 

But,  it is seriously wrong to let people , still in these sexually abusive Lamaist cults,  censor my getting my information out.   And, to add insult to injury, sponsor-advertise off MY book, with the distortion of same subject matter, and a more salacious cover and title to use these secret teachings of the Lamas in the booming new business of sex therapists that have replaced real clinicians who used to help people combat sexually abused. I was one of the latter  psychotherapists and social workers, for years. These days they are cheering on transgenders dismantling women’s rights.

1. The UK reviews ( the only two that show on my author page) for example,  are repeated twice and thus given 24% weight in Britain.  He then recommends my competitors books as much better to buy.  I speculate they are together in helping repress my book. The things he writes are just repeated memes by those still involved with these Lama gurus, “right wing’ Christian, and “conspiracy theorist”, the new favorite ad hominem attack of the Left,  that doesn’t have to have any basis in fact. Only has to be said.  Knowing most liberals just hear that word and freeze. 

Negative reviewers, also  with an agenda over an obvious controversial subject,  are much more likely to review books, as your own analysis probably shows. So their ad hominem attacks, which now include “conspiracy theorist’ and “right wing Christian’  and ‘crazy’ of which I am none,  violate your own policies. Which seem to be favoring a cancel culture direction.

 My book is fact-based and about  my experience. As one reviewer on an anti cult site said,  my book was better documented than most cult memoirs about an important subject. . Yet these trolls, with an agenda, can write lies, who clearly haven’t read my book, implying it is against all Buddhism, when it is the opposite. It is  objective and scholarly, and only addresses Lamaism as a cult, with 700 plus footnotes of primary and secondary sources about the witnessed exploitation of women and girls in these sanghas based on my 30 years experience, and my thirty- year, professional expertise in the subject of sexual abuse.  

  You can see the wide discrepancy between the positive reviews and the trolls and competitors saying the exact opposite. They came in once my book was really selling, and  Amazon took its biased position to protect the sexual abuse enablers, and the Dalai Lama, and  the Lamas,  whereby the sexual abusers are still allowed to perpetrate their fraud on women and girls. And my positive reviews ARE not by family members, or current cult family members, like these negative 1-2 star reviews.   They will try and get my book OFF Amazon, and Amazon is basically letting them.  Cheering them on.

The trick of getting all of the friends and graduates  (of say Naropa or the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute bunch)  is to push the negative comments to the top, with ‘helpful clicks’’ (and) really should end because it is so abused by less than ethical people who are working in tandem.

So I am getting triple -whammed with these 3 things, that amount to repression of my important book to warn women of about these sexually abusive clerics and their inner circles,  and I would appreciate it if you would correct this. It goes against everything about ‘transparency about sexual abuse” that is so current.  I don’t think Amazon should be participating in secrecy about this. Do You? 

I am also a Prime Customer that spends over 6K a year at Amazon.  As an author and valued customer, I believe I deserve better than this.


Christins A Chandler, 

Enthralled: Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism