Green New Deal, Mindfulness And China’s Soft Power in the West





Shambhala’s Partners in Crime: Pema Chodron and her Sakyong; female enabling part of the Karmapa Kagyu Lineage of Sexual Abuse ,with 40 Years of  Cover-up.


The Dalai Lama’s Karmapa ‘reincarnation’ Has been here for 22 years.

Yet, the Karmapa Rape Charges Continue, while Ogyen Trinley, the 17th Karmapa,  designated as the “Eco-Karmapa” and  the Dalai Lama’s  replacement by the Dalai Lama,  the radical Progressives in our U.S. Congress- on both sides of the aisle- AND CCP China, who has been on board since 2000, and facilitated his ‘escape’ to Indian Dalai Lama headquarters, by helicopter and SUV.  Soon, he had his own  headquarters in New York, and Crestone Colorado.

Karmapa above honored  in our Congress- from both sides of the aisle even though he has been accused of:  

Yet, here he is  roaming our Congressional halls with Pelosi, who has been promoting these sexually abusive Lamas at the expense of the freedoms of the Tibetan peoples, and ignoring ALL the terrible things they have done in all Western and Asian countries to women and girls;  and for the last fifty years. Not to mention what they did to their own Tibetan people for a thousand years. 

The Republicans are no wiser. Mike Pence put the Dalai Lama’s “reincarnation” (whose already amongst us, unless CCP-China changes its mind)  in the last COVID relief bill during the Presidential transition, after Trump refused to meet with the Dalai Lama for four years.  To his immense credit. 

Are these establishment Republicans ALL stupid?  Or something more sinister?   Or are they just trying to virtue-signal to Libertarians often fooled by New Age memes and tropes.  After all, C-Street Republicans made a pact with New Age to do the “one work together”, at Gold Lake Ranch, Boulder, Colorado,  in 1987.  Colorado then became NYC and California. 

This #CCP Plant Karmapa has been the enemy within for decades. With Karma Kagyu centers all over the world. Including Naropa Institute now University. This is a MAFIA of Lamas, who work together, who share Western, mind-controlled female consorts, and  their cuckold western men as translators and house-servants, and dumbing down the population of the United States, directly or indirectly,  through their thousands of Western ‘academic’ and psychology Mindfulness change agents.  Not to mention Europe, EurAsia ( they have been busy in Russian and Eastern Europe). sending some of their western pedophile cult members,  to dumb those populations  down. 

Ogyen Trinley 17th Karmapa on Shrine of Chinese Han Buddhists

Four Wives of Steven Seagal, Lawsuits, Movies, Albums and ...

Steven Seagal’s Rape Charges briefly covered by establishment enabling media, and then covered up.

The late Penor Rinpoche was head of the Nyingma Lamaist sect of the “ancient ones”; the most primitive and occult of the lineages;  pretending, for naive and pretentious academics, to be the “highest of Buddhist teachings.”  Penor, besides recognizing Steven Seagal as a ‘high lama” for cash, of course,  also recognized Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche ( son of Trungpa Rinpoche-the Tibetan Lama who brought Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism to the West to put it to sleep). With the Dalai Lama’s approval.

Sakyong, i.e. Osel Mukpo (from the Mukpo clan from Kham);  another egregious abuser, has been carrying on the Lamaist tradition by increasing the sexual abuse and pedophilia inside his renamed Shambhala International, the former Vajradhatu cult;  started by his coke-snorting, alcoholic, animal abusing, and harem-keeping Dad,  whom the late Allen Ginsberg ( a member of NAMBLA) and the drugged-out ’60s rock and roll crowd made a Saint. And, still do.

Hard to believe, but Rahm Emanuel and Eric Schneiderman did the same in Chicago and New York City, respectively. Made the Sakyong II a Saint, too. Promoted this egregious abuser and Tantric Cult.   Now those cities are chaotic and violent and one of them, Schneiderman, with sexual abuse allegations of his own.

Tibetan Tantra, which these Lamas represent, equals Amoral Chaos. Not Peace, not the ‘highest Buddhism.’ 

Sakyong Mipham, Trungpa’s son,  took two more generations of American and European students for another Tibetan Lama, abusive ride,  before he was caught and then hightailed it to parts unknown. 

This would all be a bad joke if it weren’t so awful.  Tibetan Lamas consider themselves and their Vajrayana teachings, that recommend pedophilia, by the way, “above  Western Law.”  So says Lama Dzongsar Rinpoche with his Tibetan “Buddhist”  chair in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan.  This will help program more young women into DUMB and CONFUSED at this no-longer- prestigious University, in the middle of a fast-becoming third-world State of  Michigan turned RED as in Communist Red.

Dzongsar Rinpoche, another Chinese ‘soft power agent’ Tibetan Lama  (is there any other kind these days?) has named the Chair after the notorious pedophile teacher and teachings of  Khyentse Gendun Chopel; whose works recommend girls as young as 8-years-old as the Lamas’ consorts,  for their ‘higher practices’. This is Lama Dzongsar’s ( and his Chinese sugar-daddy, R.N. H. Ho’s) middle-finger to the West.

Yes, the Lamaist Cover-up was successful.   Just check out the Best Seller List of Books on Amazon by number one sexual abuse enabler for 45 years for ALL the Lamas: Pema Chodron and of course the Dalai Lama books.

This is what is being read by those liberal Progressives who consider themselves atheists, and non-conformists, while eschewing their former Christian morality and ethics: Tibetan Lamaist books that recommend girls as young as 8-years-old as sexual consorts.  Universities go right along because Chinese millions are so helpful for their endowments. And, we wonder why the Political Left Progressives and Hollywood are caught with their pants down with children.  Look no further.

By the way, Lama Tenzin, the Dalai Lama’s secretary, whose pretend firing for his dalliance and getting two million dollars from NXIVM, for his GodKing’s endorsement, was exonerated by  Dalai Lama. ( hard copies available, link disappeared) He is still pimping DL’s compassion-mongering, in DL’s other ‘government in exile”: California.

DL knows  bad news ALWAYS blows over for the Lamas, and Tenzin Dhondon can come back into the Kleptocracy fold.  He is still President of the Friends of the Dalai Lama.  DL and Lamas never get rid of great fundraisers. Because Lamas get away with all kinds of abuse what with Hollywood, the Progressive Democratic Party, Universities, and Main Stream Media watching their backs.

The Rigpa Organization’s Patrick Gaffney,  is carrying on the sexually abusive teachings of Lama Sogyal.  And, Mindfulness classes on- line, of course. What a perfect platform to lure new students into your sexually abusive medieval branch of the Lamas’ cult mission.  They haven’t been stopped.

Sogyal’s cult is still operating in New York City, and Washington D.C.; two of the most corrupt governments in the United States.

Wonder why nothing is done about sexual abuse and pedophilia, except for virtue signaling by Progressives in the Democratic Party?  The Republicans are not better; being attached to their Religious Freedom but no longer discriminating Progressive-supported Anti-Western Cults in their midst from the traditional religions these very cults are here to destroy; some with COMMUNIST CHINA’S SUPPORT TO BECOME THE SPEARHEAD OF THEIR ‘HARMONIOUS BUDDHIST MOVEMENT THROUGHOUT TH WORLD.   

The still idiots utiles of Shambhala International, Trungpa’s old students and their children, the most programmed of  ‘dharma brats’,  refuse to wake up. They drank ALL the kool-aid, and have invited the egregious sociopathic son of Trungpa, the Sakyong,  back into the fold to teach.  While the Fake News at the Washington Post,  the Dalai Lama and Shambhala’s propaganda mouthpiece, helps Pema Chodron  pretend she is contrite and left Shambhala. NEVER. She will do her damage from other venues, and her foundations, pretending to care about women’s issues, but with her vows to obey ALL her abusive Lamas intact, ‘or shrink to dust’. Pema has covered for these Lamas for 40 plus years.  She can’t stop. That is part of her ‘religious vows”: lying for the Lamas. They are enboldened by their corruption of most of our  Western institutions  thanks,  in part,  to their role in this chaotic mess: their  “no good no bad” Tantric Mindfulness.   

And, Trungpa’s ( and secretly, hidden-in-plain site, CCP-China’s) Naropa Institute, now Universitywith our tax dollars,  is still pumping out anti-American, Trungpa-mind-controlled, unwitting Manchurian candidates (who all believe they are not) in the psychology, arts, and other ‘soft science’ professions. 

The less naive are now scrubbing all their Lama connections off their CVs. But the internet has a long memory.   Always check  for these historical connections  of so many social workers, psychologists, and psychotherapists and psychiatrists ( graduating many hundreds a year for nearly fifty years, so there are a lot), and that is just the Naropa ones. 

They all believe they are ‘saving the world’ by being  “change agents to change the world.” as the Trungpa’s staff and administration tell them to do. They need to be ‘deprogrammed’ and counseled themselves. 

None are as confused as these western academics and psychologists, who call themselves ” contemplative’ (code for Tantra). Not one of these egregious, celebrities and their ‘practices’ and goals, are confronted,  such as Robert Thurman’s posts at NYTimes,  who believes Tibetan Lamas’ should be the prototype for a Globalist World Citizenship; an Adi-Buddha World Theocracy.  In other words, People worked and taxed to death, literally,  by their governments.  

Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence and C-Street Christians in Washington must agree, since they put these Tibetan Lamas’ “reincarnation monies”, a few million, into the last COVID relief bill.  Hey Pence, didn’t you know the #CCP ‘reincarnation’ was already recognized by both China and the Dalai Lama, and  didn’t you know the worst kind of ‘religious persecution” is using religion to justify sexual abuse of young girls, women and little boys?

These People Running our Governments are profoundly  Ignorant.  They must be too busy with insider trading and making personal financial deals with the West’s enemies. 

The Dalai Lama,  and his inner circle of Western academics around the Lamas, like Robert Thurman,  have controlled the narrative since the abuses of Sogyal of Rigpa, and Sakyong Mipham of Shambhala International hit the mainstream news  in 2017-2018.  As they did in 2011, 1996, and 1989-90.

Many are the same people who didn’t report this sexual abuse for over forty years.  Or attended the Kalachakra Events, to control Western minds, last given at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

 Thousands of Government representatives and beauracrats have been acting crazy and confused, ever since.  That’s what Tantra does.  That’s one door the CCP Chinese Communists came through:  The Tibetan Lamas.  Promoted as ‘promoting world peace’ the Kalachakra is really called the Wheel of Destruction”, whose final goal is the end of all Semitic Religions ( Christians, Jews and Muslims) so that an Adi-Buddha World can arise.  

The perfect religious corollary to Totalitarianism.  The new “secular spirituality’ as Oprah, Sam Harris (a Tibetan Lamaist fooling atheists into his cult religion),   and the Dalai Lama falsely call it,  since there is no separation of Church and State under the Lamas’  theocratic rule. 

Sexual abuse, in the name of cult religions, has made particularly women confused. MK-Ultra knew the power of pairing sexual abuse with Mind Control.

Cults cannot change from within. This one, the Dalai Lama’s Vajrayana Occult Lamaism, going by the name of ‘Buddhism’, with the most influence in our universities, needs now an outside  RICO Investigation into the whole hierarchy of lamas, and their western enabler, cult members, an army of them, who are boldly breaking the laws of western countries, and who  have gotten their still-fooled, western devotees to repeat:  “There is no overarching hierarchy in Tibetan Buddhism.”

Are you kidding? These Lamas have been working their students together, teaching at each other’s centers, sharing their western sexual consorts, for the last four decades. All are part of the Mind and Life Institute  of the Dalai Lama, even working with other Buddhist groups, like Zen and Theravada,  to try and bring them, and everyone else,  under the Lamaist ( and CCP-China’s) thumbs;  through this Gollum-like mindfulness movement.  

Hollywood,  Silicon Valley, Monarchies, and wealthy billionaires are along for the ride.  These are the Dalai Lama’s helpmates, to protect and enable him; his loyal ‘heart sons’  and the important celebrities, devotees and nuns, who keep the  gurus’ secrets and thus the sexual abuse intact;  Lamaism’s witting and unwitting change agents.

Once one realizes these are brainwashed cult members, or fringe fans,  or others whose careers in the Mindfulness Industry are part of the cover-up,  one no longer tries to engage. It is mostly a sad,  lost cause with  the die-hard deniers, who will stay and confuse the public, and  other potential whistle-blowers, until this whole stinking mess is crushed from the outside. More important to reach people not yet caught and warn them, if one can, about what Mindfulness does to a capture mind, over time.

These Tibetan lamas are laughing at these westerners and naive women, who think they are ‘outrageously’ calling out the abuse but never went to the police. And, looking to the same cookie-cutter Tibetan lamas for advice.  They were corraled into the ‘Buddhist’ Blog, ‘chat-all-you-energy’ away so we can complete our thorough and well tested cover-ups because, like the Democratic Party who loves abusers it seems, will not only NOT investigate them, but give them millions of dollars for their ‘fake reincarnation protection” when that Karmapa is already established as the Green New Deal’s “Eco-Karmapa.

All this chatting and blogging on Tibetan Buddhist sites?  For the  last three and a half years? Has been about saving the Dalai Lama and their cognitive dissonance, and their own Tibetan Lamaist tax-free centers and the many thousands of Tantric- influenced Mindfulness Centers and the thousands of spin-off non-profits, and charitable foundations and ‘educational departments’ within our increasingly insane universities, where free speech and a truly liberal education is a thing of the past.

I am appalled by the level of brainwashing of educated, upper-middle-class liberal women these days who, after years of these eastern influences,  have no idea how they are being spun and hung out to dry, over and over, to undermine their own freedoms by embracing medieval influences and Progressives with a very radical agenda that has nothing to do with Democracy and human rights, and who are walking us, no running us, over a Totalitarian cliff.

©  , December, 2021, Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A. G. S.

  •  took Vajrayana vows with at least seven different Lamas, who were all teaching at each other’s centers and told us the same scary fairytale that we were bound to ALL of them in Guru Mind and would go to vajra hell if we criticize a hair on their heads.  This is Totalitarianism and massive undue-influence  in a religious disguise, and the western enablers of these lamas, unwitting or not,  are still assuring that these despotic, atavistic and misogynistic Lamaist teachings come through in a ‘scientific disguise’ through the  Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama; their flag-ship magazines, and their ‘academic’ papers.  Now, the lamas can convert the Chinese-speaking population in Communist China and China SAR to help fulfill the Globalist delusional dreams of these Tantric Lamas and their many western helpmates who started the whole thing, nearly three generations ago.  They have completed their work in the West.   The silent killer of a western civilization that no one is noticing.