Pema Chodron’s Buddhist Group Admits ‘Abhorrent Sexual Behavior’

Abhorrent Sexual Behavior as ‘Enlightened Activity’ at Shambhala 

Shambhala’s Partners in Crime

Shambhala International’s  Tibetan Tantric group,  who started the Tibetan Lamaist explosion in the West,  is in the spotlight again. Most of my experience was inside this cult of Trungpa’s Shambhala, the renamed old Vajradhatu,  where at least one of their students died from this guru-worshipping thing.

That was when the same abhorrent sexual behavior by another Trungpa Dharma heir, his Regent, Thomas Rich, infected  his students with AIDS along with his “advanced teachings” he magically believed would protect him, and them. It was the last time Shambhala was in the news in such a big way, and then its terrible scandal was covered up. Shambhala was allowed to continue to expand and grow, under Trungpa’s sexually-abusive son, Sakyong Mipham,  and went global.

Shambhala has always been under the umbrella of the Karma Kagyu sect, as many dozens of Lamaist sects are. All are now allied with Communist China, and are a ‘religious Buddhist  harmony’ part of China’s soft power in the West; to make more of the West dumb, and unable to use their reason and good sense. How? By first the Tibetan Lamas, who prepared the ground of confusion  in every nation, and then their western Tibetan Lamaist devotees, cloaked in  academic,  psychology,  neuropsychology disguises, spreading their form of mindfulness that they hope will entrap you in their cult; or, at the least, make you cult-like in a Progressive groupthink.

Pema Chodron has been there to help for the whole ride.

Not one  of these Tibetan Lamas, of any sect, nor Pema Chodron, has ever called out or condemned the Regent of Trungpa and his behavior, for example.  Thomas Rich’s  negligent homicide (knowing he had AIDS and having unprotected sex with his students, for years) was covered over;  *  what the Mainstream Media and the Establishment Swamp always do; and the Dalai Lama was made a Saint with a Nobel Prize. Despite being a former slave holder and despot. But he was useful to the  Progressive Left.  Most particularly in keeping western women and men confused by what was really going on.  Very helpful in promoting and accelerating  the Left’s “Progressive” movement. And the Green New Deal with their very own Chinese Communist Karmapa.

In fact, the Karma Kagyu sect, and their allied Nyingmapa sects,   honored this legacy of egregious sexual  abuse by Thomas Rich. As they honor Chogyam Trungpa,  for causing so much chaos in the West.

Thrangu Rinpoche,  their old wily, ‘box-their-ears’ tutor to many of these  Tibetan tulkus (high lamas) when they first came to India,  was the one who trained them at Rumtek, Sikkim;  the late 16th Karmapa’s monastery; trained them to  become Tibetan Lamaism’s brand names  to spread out further and destroy the West by stealth with their ‘compassionate’ teachings on “ peace and happiness.”

Thrangu Rinpoche, colluding with China since 1984, and formally in 2006,  even  built the AIDS-killing Regent a Stupa in California to commemorate the Regent and his teachings; where four hundred and sixty Tibetan Lamaist, Mixed Buddhist,  and other eastern cults and new age Tantric- inspired groups have  now taken up quarters in that State. One reason California is going further insane; breaking our laws and creating caste-system India and a third-world one party system with younger generations brainwashed into clamoring for Communism in a Socialist disguise.

V. V. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche Talk at Shantigar, audio, transcript and photo
In 1995 Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche visited the Ojai sangha at Shantigar, Ojai, California, There he gave the Cakrasamvara Abisheka to senior students.

Afterwords there were several days of small group discussions and lunches while the practice instructions were given.

The day after that he gave a community talk articulating his view of the Vidyadhara’s significance and legacy, the Vajra Regent’s particular importance in that, and why it was essential to continue to preserve and share the Vajra Regent’s teachings.  See:

These Tantric Lamaist groups, and head Lamas, ALWAYS whitewash all the sexual abuse scandals, and the colluding mainstream media help them, because they  are a big part of the brainwashing of the youth in those American States that have turned from  Red to Blue and liberal Democratic to Radical Left;  breaking  our laws with impunity and overturning social mores as ‘merely ego’ and ‘concepts.’ The Law of Inversion of Tibetan Tantra that SJW embrace.  Tibetan and Hindu Tantra is a very dangerous mix with the Progressive Left.  Disasterous to nation states and an individual’s western reason and common sense. The CCP Chinese knows this.

Their Tantric Crazy Wisdom influence spreads, as planned, and operates under the idea that the ‘world is fluid,’ there is ‘no right and wrong’ and that social mores should be broken in order to progress to an Idealized Utopia of the future. We know how this ALWAYS turns out, so Progressives destroy factual history to rewrite it. Like the Dalai Lamas’ history as an abusive despotic theocracy turned into Shangri la.

California is an good example of what can happen when these Lamas and their Tantric Crazy Wisdom teachings take up residency in a State in a big way; and join up with the faux-liberal  Radical Socialist party. Both are about anarchy and destroying traditional values to overturn a Representative Republic. That is the ONLY reason they want to end the electoral college.

Members of Pema’s cult of  Shambhala agree with all this radical Progressive Left idealogy; because they lit the fire under it, back in their guru, Trungpa’s 60s’ heydays. Most of these early students of Trungpa were Marxists. They pray no one learns about Tibetan “Buddhism’s” institutional  ‘secret’ teachings  of Tantra; and the Left-infiltrated media has bent over backwards to ensure their favorite cult and its institutional sexual abusive teachings are protected.

After all, insidious influences of mind-control and sexual abuse have long been known by MK-Ultra proponents and its psychology academics to be efficacious paired vehicles to “change a person’s mind.” It’s why Mindfulness teaches non-judgmental behaviors, so people are slow-boiled into accepting what they would have rejected before.

So,  teachings that are based on coercive persuasion, thought control, and the sexual exploitation of very young women ( occasionally young men, depending on the proclivities of the head lamas), has been promoted, protected, and spread in academia, politics, government, Hollywood,  entertainment media, and what poses as news; even though based on a Tantric medieval doctrine that believes such absurdities like these:  that these Tibetan Lamas can control their ejaculation, mix their material fluids with the young woman’s, and then ‘transmute’ this material substance into an ethereal elixir of immaterial essence and shoot it to back of their heads, for a Hindu Shakti experience of ‘enlightened bliss’ by becoming  androcentric, androgynous beings. Why do you think Progressives spend so much time on transgenders in our Public Schools? This is Tantra’s influence. To nail biological women’s rights down and create an androgynous hero; modelled on their own sick, misogynistic belief system.

You see,  Vajrayana Tantra is not Buddhism, but is based on the Hindu Tantra of medieval yogis and sadhus, who believed in a primitive alchemy, as many in the middle ages did.  This Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is stuck  in early middle-medieval misogynist times, and is being used, it hopes,  to bring the West back there, over time. That is why all these Lamas, and their western inner circle of ‘advanced male’ practitioners, are always on the prowl.

Their most deeply programmed cult members, the female inner circle of Western ‘advanced’ practitioners, like Pema Chodron,  with lots of perks,  accept sexual abuse as ‘blessings’ from Lamas, ‘greater than kings.’ They also  call out everyone, who dares to whistleblow on their abuses, as “too judgemental” or “liars”; “conspiracy theorists,” or  “fundamentalist  right-wing Christians” which is also very effective labels  to make sure liberals never listened to them.

Just like the Democratic Party and their left-wing journalists do these days.

Inside their cult groups, these Tibetan Lamaists still  call their  latest whistle-blowers, the few western dharma brats (second generation, Tibetan Buddhists)  who woke up:  to be  ‘”spreading poison”; “heretics”; and ”samaya breakers”;  who are headed to Rudra Hell. They must be shunned and attacked, so no one will hear what they are saying;  and then ruthlessly gossiped about  in their ‘compassionate’ sanghas; called out by the Lamas and their inner circles, by name, as “apostates who will ruin the other members’ own ‘enlightenment.’” Not worthy to be in the Enlightened Circle and doomed to Vajra Hell.

The Establishment Swamp of Western Tibetan Buddhists, given a big seat at the table under Obama’s Presidency, has made a fortune with their Propaganda magazines, like Tricycle, and the Lion’s Roar (Shambhala’s old Shambhala Sun) keeping all the Western Tibetan and non-Tibetan Buddhists confused and ‘in line’.   This propaganda news of Buddhist magazines can be found at the Whole Foods Line. A Pema Chodron “anniversary” copy was on sale last year. Just before the Sex scandals and  her collusion hit the news.

That’s how these groups operate internally. While pretending to address the abuse. They are the real fanatic fundamentalists and now they have hooked up with the Utopian cult of the political left.  A dangerous but hidden alliance.

Shambhala International  issued a letter of apology of sorts,  once their sexual abuses were all over mainstream news, again, for a brief while and then covered up by the larger Establishment Swamp. They don’t really say  what they are apologizing for, or what they did, or anything that could get them in trouble with the law; because the law is what they have avoided, and we’ve let them, for forty-seven years. So, once again, they are doing a “lot of listening”:

  • Members of the Shambhala Office of Social Engagement (SOSE) have been doing a lot of listening, and connecting people within this conversation.  They will play an essential role in designing a cultural shift so that we utilize social process methods to host conversations, and so that we become a more trauma-informed community with better trained leaders. We want to honour the many people

It is great, and so admirable, that these young women, in the Shambhala group since children,  are trying to get something done about the sexual abuse, in the light of the #me too movement.

Of course, trying to do it from inside their Great Eastern Sun of Tantra, that depends on the sexual exploitation of young females for their ‘higher religious practices,’  is doomed to failure. Since this sexual abuse is institutionalized in their medieval teachings.   This is what this ‘Kalapa Council’ of their made-up Kingdom of Shambhala is going to make sure is never revealed.

While endless discussions ensue,  and promises of vigilance against it happening again,while trancing them, again,  into a stupor with more mindfulness before the discussions, and more guru chanting vows given, to obey and keep their guru lineages’ secrets.

Quite a sandwich of cult tactics. One of their  chief members, a physician from Brown University,  and head of Shambhala’s faux-military branch, the Kasung, is still teaching and spreading his Tantra in the Inner ‘Shambhala’s Circle of Lies and Deceit’; someone who hid the AIDS from the students of the Regent.  A physician!  Do you still think that all these academics and professionals are not in a Cult?  Think again. He has recused himself from the “internal healing process” to reprogram the Shambhala students. That is because he is now being accused of sexual abuse inside this cult, himself, with a propensity for grooming young females.

Shambhala cult members  believe their magical, medieval practices protected the Regent and his sexually- abused students from ‘conventional’ consequences. And, only through Sex with young females ( the Dalai Lama lies about accepting homosexuality) can an ‘advanced practitioner’ achieve the status of a Lord of the Universe.

Of course it didn’t happen that there were no consequences,  so when the Regent died, they said,  ‘well death isn’t real anyway.’ Just a figment of ‘impure perception.’ Besides,  Tantra was  giving them a taste of ‘non-duality,’ after all.  Lucky, lucky them.  The lucky, lucky parents and their  children of Shambhala. Sexual abuse as blessings from these high Lamas, who groomed  these dharma brats since toddlers with their divine theatre and their parents’  crazy behaviors.  Just call the harem a fancy name, “sangyum”; load the language, and voila!

All these Tantric groups  get the women to believe that harems really aren’t harems, and sexual abuse is not  abuse, but a ‘special connection’ with a high lama! From your past, good karma. That is what Pema Chodron believes.

The Lamas and their inner circle have all kinds of rhetoric and ways to bring women, and their cuckold men, under their  thumbs.  That is why Trungpa  started his first ‘contemplative’ psychology programs (code for Tantra)  back in the early 70s at Naropa Institute. Now we have ‘contemplative’  psychologists and psychotherapists thousands of them, who don’t report abuse, as the western law requires. They have ‘talking circles’  instead, to emote about their ‘temporary issues’ that are ‘pure in themselves.’ Emotions are much more important than reason and common sense; emoting ad nauseum, until all the energy of righteous anger is dissipated and exhausted. Mission accomplished: no one goes to the police to report it.

Read what dharma brats of Shambhala are reporting about the sexual abuse that is rampant in their community. Read Andrea’s heart-rendering report, and about why she started  the Project Sunshine; about her own abuse and being witness to  many of her generation’s abuses within this community as children, adolescents and young females.

She wonders, as I did, about the third generation being groomed to be sexually abused by Tibetan Lamas and their inner circle of westerner males, always on the prowl.  The anecdotal stories of other dharma brats are here, as well. But she still believes it can be saved. These medieval teachings that have institutionalize sexual abuse for over a thousand years. . Why? Because immediately Tsultrim Allione, #2 sexual abuse enabler,  after Pema #1, swept in and filled her head with Tantric Vajrayana cult practices of so-called ‘ego-cutting’. Cutting Andrea right down to size again.  Like those tiny female figures in their copulating statues.

What is being referred to by the faux-Queen of Enabling, below;  the dead Trungpa’s western wife who tolerated Trungpa’s harem, and his sleeping with allegedly hundreds of young women as,  what she calls  “his transparency,”which she implies makes it all alright. Such a “special teaching” that her husband brought to the West to turn our own western democracies, ethics and laws upside down. Bringing such “tremendous benefit to people for generations to come!”

It was also made alright, this rampant abuse of the lowly devotees, by Trungpa appointing her a pretend Queen, over his made-up Shambhala Kingdom, in exchange for keeping quiet and accepting this serial sexual abuse.

The inner circle has learned the rhetoric of reasonable-sounding words, too.  Even though reason and facts are the first things that go when you enter into their Tantric cults. Reason is considered an obstacle to ‘enlightenment’; facts are an ‘illusion and don’t exist. So what could faux Lady Diana possible mean by “a transparent, measured, and responsible accounting of the facts?”

She knows that nothing is going to be done because she is part of making sure, like this letter, that  nothing is ever done, and  is kept in-house; until it blows over. What Shambhala always has done. And gotten  away with for over four decades. They have weathered the possibility of negligent homicide, pedophila and massive sexual abuses, even death of their own children, condoned for years and still counting,  inside their sanghas, as ‘blessings from the gurus.”  And a harem of Trungpa’s favorites? They will make sure that a ‘reconciliation’ or ‘deep listening’ takes place. Which means blathering on and on and doing nothing, because their mantra is ‘nothing happens.”

So, Shambhala’s Council  of Care will pretend they are going to address this abuse. They have even  resurrected Trungpa’s Regent’s deadly legacy, to ‘preserve’ his infamous teachings. He has a new center in Bath Maine, to add to the main one in Ojai, CA. The Shambhala Center, in Brunswick, ME, right down the road, is a feeder for  new recruits, ( often from Bowdoin,  Bates and Colby College)  into this Regent Center, for their more ‘advanced’ practices of Tantra, once  thought-controlled enough with their all their mindfulness meditations and other ‘contemplative’ practices. This will marinate them, with  ‘not judging things as good or bad’ and soon they will doubt their own perceptions; taught to be faulty and  impure. So that the skullduggery and sexual abuse of these lamas, and the undermining of our Western laws, ethics and values,  can continue without censor, as it has for forty-five years .

All the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lamas approved this resurrection of the Regent. as does Shambhala International, since Shambhala is really a sect of the Karma Kagyu lineage, now realigned with Communist China, since 1984, and officially since  about 2003.   Very helpful to China, these centers like Shambhala, causing havoc in our western traditions.

China has observed, for many years, how these Karma Kagyu western devotees are the most far-gone; tolerating some of the worst abuse, even death of their own, without leaving the Tantric nest and its guru-worshiping trainings.  So, they have invited the Tibetan Lamas to train their  own Han Buddhist Mahayana Abbots in the wily ways of  Vajra Masters;  to fool their own populations into even more obedience.  China has the Tibetan lamas in the West getting  more westerners to hate their own democracy,  free speech and women’s biological  rights, while pretending to be ‘feminist lamas’, and peace-loving humble monks.  They have sent their best  tricksters, like Mingyur  R. and Tsoknyi R. to Taiwan and Hong Kong,  So East Asia, and back to China, to repress all Democratic leanings in these countries with lots of Mindfulness done in Groups.

These are the citizens of Shambhala; not the United States. That is what people do not understand. They don’t care about,  or believe in, our Western ethics, values and laws.  None of these western Tibetan Lamaist sanghas do. They believe they have ‘transcended’ human laws, and are on a mission to create their ‘Enlightened World” where sexual abuse is rampant, no free speech can be had, and gender-equality is a thing of the past. “Ego” they all say. There is no ‘good and bad’ except those who criticize them.

This cannot be “Westernized” and is making the West crazy.

Now the Lamas have their western  devotees bringing their mindfulness to the rest of the world, to tame it. So innocent-seeming, at first.

Meanwhile, the Rigpa groups are still trying to wrap-up Lama Sogyal’s criminal abuses, with their ‘internal’ solutions,

blathering on about it for seven months, while they allowed him to  sneak away, immediately escaping legal consequences, which was the point.

Many of the Rigpa inner circle enablers also have degrees in the human services professions, who have been looking the other way over Lama Sogyal’s egregious abuses:

Sexual Abuse by Dalai Lama's Best Friend Lama
Hollywood’s and Richard Gere’s  favorite Lama

Sogyal, like the Regent, was allowed to slink away, until he died ( or was assasinated; what the Lamas usually do with their  liability Lamas) like Akong Rinpoche, once his collusion with China was exposed ( they are all colluding with China, now ) as did Osel Mukpo, Trungpa’s son, slink away with his still-delusional devotees and his girlfriends to avoid criminal charges. Rumored to be somewhere in Thailand. Where the pedophilia laws must be lax.

Nova Scotia, Canada and America better take notice, you are being run-over by these Tibetan Tantric Guru-Worshiping Cults, pretending to be “saving the world” as the faux- spiritual answer for the future. Shambhala is only one of hundreds of these Tibetan Lamaist groups,  with the same theme and variation:  institutionalized, sexual abuse, religiously justified, just like any ordinary Christian polygamous cult. Except these groups excel at deception, which they call ‘skillful means’; pretending to be ordinary Buddhists, who make the Catholic Church look like a branch of NOW.

Soon these well-meaning and compassionate young dharma brats, traumatized by this cult in the first place will be traumatized again, when the extreme double-binding, the double-speak and reminders of ‘how special and lucky they are,” and how dare they question their Royal Society. They will be made to believe they are destroying the chance for ‘saving the world! with their Enlightened Activity‘  like this.

Just as the Rigpa people, regarding Lama Sogyal’s sexual abusers and his enabling Wall of Denial, have been soaked in endless ‘Deep Listening Sessions”  and ‘Reconciliation Ruses’ that will divert all the energy away from filing criminal charges against the pedophilia, sexual abuse and exploitation, and the financial skullduggery inside these Tibetan Lamaist cults, like Shambhala or Rigpa.

How long, is long enough, to tolerate this defiance of our Western laws, ethics and values? How much abuse by these Tibetan lamas, and their enabling inner circle, including their sexual abuse female enablers, is enough? Is forty-five years enough? If this was a Christian cult that kept harems and abused young women and children? Do you think it would have been tolerated this long? Time to shake the Dalai Lama fairy-dust off these cults of Tibetan Tantric Lamaism pretending to be Buddhism, when they are all of them, to a one, guru-worshiping medieval cults that are used to keeping serfs and slaves and women under their thumbs.

Do not be fooled by their many smooth-talking, female sexual abuse enablers, who are advocating for more ‘discussion’ and ‘reconciliation’ to heal the community. So, no one is held legally and criminally responsible by our own Western laws; what they have averted for decades.

*In fact, just before the latest scandal of Shambhala’s head Lama, Trungpa’s son,  hit the New York Times,  the State of California, where the Regent’s lineage heir (Patrick Sweeney) had his presence there,  the Buddhist Governor and the other cult and influential Political Left Partners such as George Soros’ Human Rights Watch has in destroying the idea of accountability under our laws,  even went about changing the laws, such that:   Knowingly having AIDS and infecting a partner could no longer be considered ‘negligent homicide.’  It tells you how much control Tibetan Lamas and gurus, through George Soros, now have over the State of California. 

Copyright© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

Published by

Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

22 thoughts on “Pema Chodron’s Buddhist Group Admits ‘Abhorrent Sexual Behavior’”

  1. Hello Christine , have followed your insights with appreciation for a couple years now and agree with your analysis.
    Have been exploring Shambhala connection to the military industrial complex and perpetual war state for some time.
    Please explore Amanda Hester contribution to 4th generation warfare and shambhala role.she has published a report in Royal United Services Institute and also a report of over 100 pages for the Canadian military titled ‘peaceful abiding solders’ .
    a view of these reports in light of us training of tibetan’s in exile, years before the chinese response, outside creastone and proximity nalanda progroms may offer some closure if such a thing exists.

    1. Thank you Peter, for this information. It is like a farce, and a bizarre tragedy, that has many causes and conditions, such that a sexually abusive cult of a Tibetan Tantric Lamas’s make-believe military of a make-believe Kingdom, made up by his smug western inner circle and himself, in a sake-filled dream, should actually be taken seriously by the Canadian Military, now that so many Utopian dream-trails overwhelm Canada under J. Trudeau, the childlike Globalist Prime Minister. It does not surprise me, however, the hubris of a group that couldn’t protect their own children from their indecisiveness, profound confusion and paralysed hesitation, in life and death situations, would have the gall and arrogance to advice the Canadian Military. I have written a separate blog with this information. The only closure would be if this cult is deflated and brought back down to size by concerned citizens in North America who hold them responsible for sexual abuse, illegally keeping harems, etc. and investigate their Lamas’ collusion with China. THAT would be closure.

  2. Christine and Peter,
    Thank you Chris for your brave work in this area. There is so much to say its easy to get overwhelmed….one day at a time…
    It’s as if Tibetan Lamas have lost their inbred royalty and are trying to retrieve by imitating the British Royalty so they can be accepted as equals in the realm of child abuse in-bred corruption…go figure…humor is a coping mechanism and not a function of dismissing the importance of busting the criminal elements of all of this….I too have been through the Tibetan buddhist mill of dysfunctional feudalist abuse….a 60 year hangover of Tibetan lamas losing power that requires a great sobering up…Tibetan Buddhism it seems to me historically to have got seduced by Dionysian hedonism mixed with a false shamanism minus an ethical conscience that swims in as much alcoholism as the inner sanctum of the West Point/ US military….

    1. Dear David:

      yes, to all you say. I believe the lamas brought their own hedonist abuse with them, however, and didn’t need the Greeks, although I believe there was a Greek stream of Mahayana Buddhism, (thus the Greek head Buddhas) Perhaps it was their Tantra that made the Romans go mad by the time of Caligula. But absolute power corrupts everywhere, so when, like birds of a feather, they flock with billionaires, east and west who now believe they are gods, and are flattered by that trickster the Dalai Lama, or Dzongsar, who also has a billionaire Chinese supporter. The West really needs to wake up. And not listen to Nancy Pelosi and Richard Gere anymore.

      They have always been a hedonist group of high priests, with a mass of serfs and slaves and an inner circle of enabler bureaucratic monks and relatives that formed their government of taxing the people to death, literally. They are admired by the worst elements throughout history, including the White Baron, the last Mongolian of leader of the Khan, a White nationalist, German/Russo fascist. There is a Nazi party in Mongolian that easily mixes their Tibetan Tantric Buddhism with Hitler’s belief system.

      P.S. Thanks for that quote from Carol. A fanatic Shambhala teacher of many years. You have to make hard copies because they are taking links off. They are running scared behind the scenes, because of this latest leak from their dharma brats. The power these young women have now, has to be clouded over with Shambhalian loaded language and keeping control I can say, without hesitation, that Shambhala’s group is the most delusional and the most guru-controlled. Trungpa was a master and got to these early students when they were young. The Sakyong finished the job on the dharma brats. But some of them are beginning to wake up. There is the only hope with them. The parents are too far gone. TRungpa got to them when they were not only very young, but still in anarchist anti-American phases or still tripping on LSD or coming from communes. They were already primed to be mind-controlled and that it worked so well, such that even the death of a dharma brat, caused by Trungpa and his Regent’s delusional beliefs, didn’t wake them up, they can now put the Chinese Communist Karmapa over their heads to obey, and not even blink. The Motherland is so pleased. They have invited all the Mingyur, and Tsonkyi and Thrangu and others, to come turn the Chinese Han abbots into varja masters to keep the Chinese middle-class repressed. The link I had up about Mingyur busy in Hong Kong has been taken down, with massive crowds behind him. It’s amazing what he did with that start up money from his brother Tsoknyi slated for Tibetan nuns. Illegal to give money to your relatives while pretending it was for nuns, but he did. Seed money for his brother. And look at him now:

      That was the last 990 you could see, before he became a ‘church’ like Mingyur and all these celebrity lamas did.

      They are taking the links down or diverting them to go to other places. which went to his large crowds in Taiwan, goes now to a lecture on the two truths. (It appears to be fixed back to Taiwan crowds, they have to recruit in Taiwan).

      You can still find them:

      Here is Minyur in Hong Kong:

      Hard copies are always necessary to keep. My book had so many links that they have tried to divert, or take down. They have to be hard-copied and kept, and/or updated so I am going to make a page on this website, with just updated links, soon.

      It is good news, because they are now very worried.

  3. Well David , not necessary to include me in the conversation, but seeing you implied an association of participation , please allow me to clarify some potentialities. Now as long as rocks are solid and we all know that is a little suspect via ‘sun camp’ intro to the blueness of blue and the treeness of tree ala mukpo magic of manifest destiny unflinching stories implying trust in the unknown for the avowed secular buddhist atheist and habitual reminder of attachment to known solidity if only by fault of perpetual affirmation; ala fearless nichtern reaffirming solidity. Come little ethan come little doggy, hardly one to turn down a dog fight so much to prove. “All the best to you”
    Jolly good , far enough off topic to forget the original point. That the point.

    1. Dear Peter,

      As you know, it is not about whether rocks are solid or not. We have all had mystical experiences, and our perceptions in altered states. I don’t believe one temporary state of mind or another is any better. It is whether this emptiness and clarity transmission is being done to put all their western serfs and slaves in a trance, like they did in Tibet, to be herd-like and conforming and ignorant about what their Machiavellian Shambhalian inner circle, theme and variation of the Lamaist Hierarchy were doing; engaged, as they all are, in very realpolitik, all the time. For centuries.

      I haven’t believed, for a long time, that we can afford to preserve any of this organizational, corporately-tied Lamaism with its mindfulness commodity as its latest vehicle to create a conforming herd in our western democracies. First Tantra makes the cultures they are conquering confused and divided and amoral, then they will get them in line, as they want them, with mindfulness. There are very disturbing forces, that have come together as ’causes and conditions’ behind this mindfulness movement. Causes and conditions move and change, however, and fortunately are impermanent. Even Silicon is Valley starting to rebel. And psychologists too, are resisting the take-over of their profession by mindfulness

      Pol Pot used meditation techniques and was a monk himself, interestingly ‘required’ at that time in Cambodia. The kamikaze were all meditators of the Zen flavor, integrated into our Shambhalian mindfulness that we did for decades.

      These practices were never made to create a conforming herd of passive, lock-step obedient slaves. I still think some form of meditation is good, not in groups, and for a few minutes a day, no more. But, you could get more benefit taking up the piano and doing finger exercises for a gap in too much thinking, but still using your intelligence in a different way. Pianists still seem to be sane and not cult like in a trance.

      So, now these sneaky lamas are using “Nature meditation” like this one who mimics Bhagwan Rashneesh with his hisses. He is hooked up with Mingyur Rinpoche’s group. And Ram Dass, the Spiritual Alliance bunch. One Buddhism/Hinduism Religion for the World. What a phony, but clearly fooling many young people.

      He is incorporating the meme of Mingyur’s “Joy” and is creating nature mindfulness meditation, to strip it down further, and pretend it is not the same old Tantric hook:

  4. There are independent minds and there are cult-prone minds, and there is no correlation to intelligence with either of them. Phd’s can fall into the cult trap, and illiterate third world farmers can see through the bullsht. It isn’t only Tibetan Buddhism that brainwashes and abuses its adherents. Every religious tradition in the world throughout history has done it. Cult prone people want so desperately to be a part of something that they will give up all independent thinking, all possessions, even life itself, just to belong. Folks with independent minds are emotionally self-sufficient, and really don’t care if they are part of a group or not. The problem is that humans, as social animals, are genetically programmed to be part of a group. That programming is very strong in some, and pretty weak in others. We wouldn’t have community and social cohesion without it, but it obviously has its down side as well.

    1. Not sure what you are saying here, Pat. Because humans have following tendencies in groups that we should accept these dangerous cults of sexual abuse in our midst? This conflation with traditional religions as being cult-like is one of the ways that cult apologists have excused cults that keep harems of women( Tibetan Buddhism) sexually abuse them, perform genital mutilation and have rampant pedophilia.

      We are talking about institutional sexual abuse and pedophilia and harem-keeping that is illegal in the United States and Western countries, the last time I look. This ‘its all the same’ devolves into ‘nothing to do about’ , nothing we can do about it, which is part of the brainwashing that has allowed cults to explode in the U.S.

  5. Hi :) interesting read, this, but for someone with a master’s degree, you cite nothing. One would think if your allegations were true, they would be found somewhere…anywhere…else…alas, no.

    One of the most important lessons anyone with any kind of a recognizable degree is taught is “site, site, site”…

    Except for the field of psychology, where it’s all “label them so we know who’s in our in-group and who is an “other”.

    The field of psychology is pointless, the future is intersectional, and you, my dear, are completely obsolete, let alone incorrect.

    What gets me is that you chose to study psychology and then religion… in other words, you study ingroup-outgroup dynamics and then style yourself as able to dissect religion. Admittedly, these seem like they are connected, but you know better than anyone the power you wield when it comes to someone’s beliefs about their spirituality.

    TL;DR, stick to psychology and stay away from religion, or stick to religion and stay away from psychology.
    ..and learn how to cite

    1. I don’t know what book you read, but I have over 700 citations, both primary and secondary citations, and a bibliography of 150 citations of the same in my book. And if you are going to criticize the book, you should at least have read it. Same with my blog posts, that have many links which are often some of those same citations. If you haven’t read the book, you will see, if you do, that you will be more than happy with the number of supporting citations. Nevertheless, thanks for you opinion and for reading this blog.

    2. I find it highly amusing that you spelled the word “cite” incorrectly three times while you were disparaging Chandler’s work. You true believers sure spend a lot of time trying to silence people who criticize a tradition rife with abuse.

  6. Calamaro,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. There exists a regret among the shambhala members to challenge the status hierarchy. This challenge can be profound and carry the weight of absolute loss of friends, family, and connection. A fundamental shift to bewilderment and loss. Many of those attracted to the teachings carry a profound sense of open heart and understanding only to be met, upon time and energy, a lack thereof. I had longing for a sage and found less than. Hard to admit after a lifetime of investment . Why did Gampo Abbeys most important asset Ani Trime choose to spend her final moments at her new home. My comments on the non solidity of rock do not arise from any self imposed experience but simply from a set of paper slogans and quotes from the system. A set of quotes attributed to the guru relayed to me by the likes of Judy Lief . Yes , I had attended her classes when she was not quit that.

    why P because you know who it is and nerry a conversation because awakened heart was never the prospect and you long ago sold the jewels.

  7. You seem to be on a crusade with many axes to grind. Because of this you appear biased and perhaps ungrounded. This makes you appear untrustworthy no matter how valuable your insights. You have made a banquet of others foibles and bad judgement and so cannot be trusted yourself. Why ?

    1. Dear Brandon:

      Who are you? What ax do you have to grind? I don’t have many axes to grind. Only the theme and variation of CULTS in our midst and the collusion of players and causes and conditions that became a perfect storm in the West particularly when psychology, Lamas, China, politics and propaganda merged in the U.S. The fruition of the lunatic Progressive agenda of a hundred years coming.

      Perhaps you are a Tibetan Lamaist-leaning Buddhist. We don’t know. Buddhists love to attack anyone who connects dots that cause them extreme cognitive dissonance about their favorite cult.

      If you prefer academic discussions, there are plenty of those on other Buddhist blogs. Buddhists love to jabber and do nothing for forty five years, about pedophilia, harem-keeping, sexual grooming of girls and ripping little boys away from their families. Perhaps you would like a different kind of proof that the West is bombarded with cult-like thinking that has destroyed a critical mass of three generation’s reasoning minds?

      And now it is “religious” part of the Green New Deal that is promoted by Tibetan Lamas who are back in the Motherland’ lap; if they ever left. Who is going to speak these things? Other Buddhists who have fallen under the Three Stream Buddhist spell?

      I simply was in a particular place at a particular time when I observed the conflation of politics, Eastern cults, and Lamas coming together as one tool developed to repress the populace like frogs slow-boiled without the mixed benefit of this terrible perspective I had when in the center of the maelstrom of this collision of circumstances as both a witness and a survivor speaking out. If you haven’t noticed yet, there aren’t many of those. That is how dangerous these Tantric Lama cults are to the Western mind. So what are you contributing to the conversation? Other than the usual judgements of me as a person? Because you don’t like what I am saying.

  8. I always thought Pema Chodron was a bit “off” and her books never resonated with me in any meaningful way. Seeing her on Oprah did not dissuade me from that viewpoint. I think most people of her “status” are essentially both controlled and controlling. She doesn’t exude real love or compassion. She exudes a sense of tightly controlled narcissism. Religion has covered up the sin of sexual abuse for a long, long time – what better cover than God? I believe personally the RC church evolved as a front for pedophilia. Why would Buddhism be any different? She loves power, as they all do. Why else would she appear on the show of one of the most powerful women in the world?
    The wool cannot be pulled over people’s eyes forever, for we are slowly waking to the truth and seeing these people for what they are – shysters and liars and frauds. Who love self, power, and money, more than truth, integrity, equality, and real compassion.

    1. Thank you Ann for your comments. I see Pema is still operating as though nothing took place, to seduce more females into the Shambhala cult. What they will do, all these inner circle cult members of Shambhala and fanatic devotees of Trungpa, the Regent and his son, the Sakyong who avoided criminal consequences, too, is wipe their C.V.’s of all references of being involved with Shambhala, ( before the latest scandals they bragged about their connections when it had more currency) and participate in Mindfulness Centers, start online websites and get grants or join health services centers at clinics and colleges and offer MINDFULNESS services, along with their counseling services, (Naropa by my estimate has graduated 100,000 cult members licensed as psychotherapists) and still be, like they always were, a conduit into Trungpa’s original cult, THAT CAN NEVER CHANGE. But, Shambhala International and their 250 centers will reconnoiter, will add ‘diversity programs’ and white privilege programs, even now try and seduce Catholics and Christians, even Muslims into their centers through ‘ecumenical programs” while pretending to be about all of these things ( like Judith Simmer Brown, stone cold, early fanatic and pretender at Harvard Religious Studies, so they can continue to recruit women and men into their sexually abusive Tantric cult, that can never change, because it is baked into the Vajrayana teachings themselves as these cult members know to use women and girls as their objects of their ‘advanced practices”. These women are no better than pimps, and I include Pema Chodron, and more similar to Giselle of Harvey Weinstein fame. All of them should be indicted for the deceptions and recruiting they have done knowing about the sexual abuses of the Lamas and inner circle. They can’t help pimping for their lamas since they have taken vows to always obey their gurus; the dead Trungpa; the Regent; the Sakyong ; and all the many Kagyu and Nyingma teachers as well ( took vows with at least a 1/2 dozen of Lamas when in Shambhala) and not one Westerner will know that this Shambhala International Lamaist cult is actually a front now for the Communist Chinese, since their Head Karma Kagyu Lineage is directed by Chinese Communist China, since at least 1984, through Tai Situ and formally in 2006, through Thrangu Rinpoche. Once the Chinese recognized the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley, and sent him here with a phony escape in 2000 to recruit and expand their Tantric cult and dumb mostly Western liberal women down. Trungpa’s mission to undermine our democracy through his western devotees as change agents has been quite successful, so far. These are all Marxists now. Whether they know it or not, part of clamoring to take our Democracy down. “A failed experiment” according to Trungpa who wanted an so-called Enlightened Dictatorship.” Mongolian War Lord style. Dalai Lama is a Mongolian term.

  9. I have found my “tribe”. Was wandering online to find an old link about Buddhist nuns in a US neighborhood ridden with crime, who set up a tiny shrine on the sidewalk and prayed, meditated to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the crime levels dropped quickly.

    Never dreamed I’d find this excellent work by Christine, or these articulate comments. Been studying MKUltra profoundly etc for many years, want to teach people (real, everyday) mindfulness and clearing anxiety etc… same for zen, buddhist thinking, Christianity and more. I have deep and long term understanding of the many-armed global (may I say satanic) industrial complex of controllers and their interwoven methodology, historically and currently.

    Also been sucked in at times a bit momentarily by teachings, but always centrally driven to sort the real, simple and wholesome from the fake, mind-controlling, pedophilia cult controllers’ evil.

    Ram Dass and others used to spend time in our town. I could never stand obviously angry, arrogant, angsty, controlling, superior, fake acting Pema Chodron – but wasn’t sure what was at the core of who she is and why.

    Esp now, in autumn of 2021, with all the world has gone through and all that’s being finally exposed, the patterns we here have always seen are no longer easy to deny. Those of us who’ve lived through or around abuses, gaslighting, mind control, pedophilia, ritualistic evil, cover ups, society changing to morally empty brain dead jelly-minded Marxist slaves… seeing geopolitical overlords gaming the world and the people… we’re no longer being seen as crazy.

    Just want to say huge thanks to you, Christine, for all your time and work in describing (and citing lol) all of this so well. Also the commenters here. Thank you for enlightening me further, connecting dots, placing an unswerving light on the perpetrators and their sick patterns and strategies. I feel less alone in seeing what I’ve always seen, more and more as the curtain draws back further and faster for the word to also see with the passing months.

    I’ll be using this page to help enlighten others. And I screenshot this whole thing, will keep many flash copies – so if the PT(S)B scrubs this from the internet as they’ve done now to hundreds of thousands of links and pages which expose them or fail to numb and dumb people down, I’ll still have this work and these comments.

    Stay clear, and say what you see.

  10. You’re a True Dakini Christine. Kick-ass & take names. I split from The Vajradhatu (The Dharmadhatu in the Great Lakes area) in ’81 because of the scandal with Trungpa & Tommy Rich. When I met him, he stank of pomposity and entitlement. His “vibe was off”. Something about him I didn’t like. Since ’81 I’ve been a solitary practitioner, though I have received Dzogchen teachings from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. The Dharmadhatu sangha in the city I was from, were Dharma Nazi’s with tons of self importance, and very little genuine warmth. They were so concerned about how many “little Dathun & Nythun pins” they had on their clothes, and the sangha was run by a Medical Doctor who had about as much warmth a lamp post. Thomas Rich was the embodiment of the “Thick Black Fog of Materialism” Trungpa wrote about in his “Sadhana of Mahamudra.” Buddhism has always had a proud & profound tradition of Solitary Practitioners, in all of its schools. I’m one of them. I was raised Catholic, luckily though I never had any negative sexual experiences, but was so unimpressed with their hierarchy and B.S. that when the Trungpa thing happened, I guess you could say I became a “Protestant Buddhist.” “Empowerment?” I was empowered the minute I left my mother’s womb. I don’t need a Lama to give me special permission to do anything. I go directly to Padmasambhava & every other wisdom energy/dakini/dharmapala. It works for me. I have not belonged to any Buddhist center since ’81. I’m very much in line and on the same page with what Linda Redmond said above. Where and to whom is there to turn? Especially in our country where some of (but not all) in the highest levels of Government, Law Enforcement and the Judicial System are “in on it”. In addition if the Pali canon is to be believed some of the last words spoke by the Buddha were: (All capitals are for emphasis, I’m not yelling-maybe I should be?!) OH MONKS, BE LAMPS UNTO YOURSELVES. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU HAVE HEARD IT. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS WRITTEN IN YOUR RELIGIOUS TEXTS. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING MERELY ON THE AUTHORITY OF YOUR TEACHERS & ELDERS. DON NOT BELIEVE IN ANY TRADITIONS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN HANDED DOWN FOR MANY GENERATIONS. AFTER CAREFUL OBSERVATION & ANALYSIS, WHEN YOU FIND ANYTHING THAT AGREES WITH YOUR OWN REASON & INTUITON AND IS CONDUCIVE TO THE GOOD AND BENEFIT OF ONE & ALL, THEN ACCEPT IT AND LIVE UP TO IT. That pretty much negates a lot of the Lama-baloney and lineage nonsense. I would by only add to what Shakyamuni said by saying “Were in the Kali-Yuga. Beware-BE AWARE and be ready to adapt, over come and let go in a moments notice.” And Penor Rinpoche recognizes Steven Seagal as a Tulku.???!!! are you F%$#ing kidding me? Yikes! I’ll continue to go it alone but ladies, I will be directly asking THE DIVINE MOTHER KUNTUZANGMO for her blessing to immediately to rain down upon you. Namaste.

  11. Thank you, Christine. Everything you write has a ring of truth to it. Religious cults profoundly impacted my life from a young age. It takes great courage to call it like it is. Thanks for being an authentic source of information on an important topic. Sally

  12. Pema Chodron and Tibetan Buddhism have saved my butt on more than one occasion; regardless, I’m thinking that, like every other esteemed individual and philosophy, no one and nothing is perfect. Sexual abuse within Buddhist communities, and the various cover-ups, is horrifying; however, I would be a hypocrite to universally condemn Buddhist practices when I personally have benefitted so much from them.

    Other than the sexual abuse, another issue which really causes me to pause and reflect, is the Buddhist communities’ promulgation of Left-leaning credo, based on the unofficial consensus that only Leftists don’t have hearts of stones. I have heard Buddhists, including Pema, espouse such nonsense. For me, its very important to look at the bigger picture, such as the impact of illegal immigrants on American citizens.

    The bodhisattva vow promises that the adherent will always work towards providing all people with the gift of enlightenment, and that compassion will always be given to all sentient beings. Well, aren’t the American victims of illegal immigration, be it on a financial, health, legal, etc. level, also deserving of Buddhist altruism?

    Similar to Roman Catholic, and, other religious communities, no doubt that Buddhist communities, “side” with Leftist ideals, as well as the partisan politics which incorporate such ideals.

    Despite the Buddhist declaration that Buddhists’ primary mission is of affording compassion and enlightenment to all – with no exceptions – to me, their blatantly Left-leaning dogmatic beliefs are the epitome of hypocrisy. This is quite interesting, actually, when you consider how “nonattachment” is a fundamental precept of Buddhism. It very much seems that Buddhist are very much “attached” to the paradigms of Leftist politics and philosophy.

    1. Yes, Connie Ann, that’s what got to me too. It was when I was in the Tibetan Lama-Buddhist Amalgam City, Crestone, Colorado, which is really the main thrust of my book’s trajectory and ending chapters, about how dangerous Buddhism is mixed with Left-Wing Politics ( think Pol Pot ) and how dangerous Tantra, which comes through a Buddhist disguise, is all over the West and now back in China. The Ultimate Marxist Communist-Capitalist Political Tyranny that is ALSO embracing Tibetan Lamaism now because they saw how deeply the Lamas and Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ has fooled the West into being willing victims to give up their own freedoms by confusing their minds.
      presenting herself as just a simple Buddhist nun, not a Vajrayana Tantra recruiter for her Lamas, and their ultimate CON. Now they are working more for CCP China. Thus, so is Pema Chodron.

      When they saw how popular she was with the Gen X group of women, they created a STAR. Pema does NOTHING without her Vajrayana Gurus’ permission. None of these enabling women do. She is the ultimate sexual abuse enabler, as bad as Epstein’s female procurer, Ghislaine, who is in jail, as Pema enabled ALL the Lamas’ sexual abuses, and STILL does, whatever she pretends. The older students of Trungpa were not as enamored of Pema Chodron, whose celebrity status was thanks to Oprah, in her Dalai Lama New Age Phase, made Pema well-known in the mid-90’s. When the Lamas saw how she attracted women, they knew they could use her to fool liberal attractive females, more educated, with her books; to come into the fold and go deeper into the Lamas’ den. Hollywood and the Lamas have always worked together, thanks to how easy it was to fool those who pretend for a living.

      After that success, Black women were now given a ‘false’ Black Goddess image, that they seem to be just using to bully and enhance their egos. The Westerm Inner Circle of the Lamas needed to boost their numbers, and so they used the new “White Privilege Teachings” twisting it into Buddhist Compassion, as usual from the Left, Pema’s an old western Marxist wealthy elite, whom Trunpga first attracted. After the scandals, in 20172018 Shambhala was desperate, but COVID saved them since everything was now online. Just before this, they took up the ‘White Privilege’ banner, after the scandals. All I can say. Different perspectives. We saw Pema’s back stage, and what she was teaching at our seminaries, all this Leftist, fluid genders, amoral Tantra. They all put on the bodhisattva fronts for a VERY LONG TIME. And, now? They would discourage new people to take Vajrayana empowerments, until they were sure they wouldn’t spill the beans. Thus the hours and weeks and months and even years of Mindfulness retreats until they became Lobotomies routing out Reason. In 1988, it was not soaked in #metoo awareness, not that that hasn’t been hijacked by the Left and now EVEN THEM!. With their bogus #metooguru movement.

      But, all this doesn’t mean that something inate in us wasn’t touched off by participating in these teachings of just sitting so much with ourselves. I completely woke up from their CON, at my last month long Dzogchen retreat, where we sat for 10 hours a day for a month, and by day 20 or so, I woke up from them, and knew my refound sanity and clear perception had nothing to do with them but DESPITE them. I saw through their whole grift. That was with the CCP plant and trickster, Tsoknyi, who atrracted the disgruntled Trungpa and Sakyong students to stay in the LAIR. TAntra means NET. Now Lamas like Tsoknyi, are busy dumbing down democratic aspirations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia, who told us, through his interpreter, that his short lineage was a product of a deity and an human. In other words his grandfather was a deityhuman. People with PHd’s believed him. And started prostrating to him. Pema has some of the most misogynistic really brutal sadistic, teachers and she keeps her oaths will all of them. Thanks for your thoughts. Appreciate it.

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