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The Slippery Slope of Mindfulness: Winding up in a Sexually Abusive Cult


I did not choose to become a Tibetan Tantric Vajrayana Buddhist. Like most people these Lamas attract, I was in a high demand, stressful field, specializing in child abuse investigations and prevention,  at the time I entered that Shambhala shrine room in Boston in 1984. An appropriate year for the beginnings of my Orwellian nightmare, a la Lamaist style, with a Mindfulness hook.

I have three post-graduate degrees in Psychology and Family Systems Theory and was licensed as both a LICSW Social Worker and a School Psychologist in three states.   But that did not help me. Psychologists, psychotherapists,  social workers, and other ‘soft science’ academics have been the main targets of the Tibetan Lamas and their western inner circles for the last forty years.

In fact, the more educated, the more easily the lamas could recruit us as their change-agents to spread their amoral Tantra. Why? Because often more academically educated people do not believe they can be fooled and can be filled with a hubris, and subsequent cognitive dissonance, that refuses to admit they were duped, profoundly.

“Not me,” they say. That is a common characteristic of academia these days, and has been so in other times, when nations were in danger of being taken over by the same dangerous ideas. Vichy, France, and 1933 Germany come to mind.

So, little did I know that one of the worst forms of sexual abuse, the religiously justified kind, was hidden inside these Tibetan Lamaist groups. This never becomes clear to recruits of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism; not for years.

Instead, its form of mindfulness meditation was presented as a simple breathing and meditation technique to help with stress and relaxation in a busy world. Encouraged to keep coming back, this meditation instruction evolved into something much different: Tantric Buddhism that was medieval Lamaism; misogynistic, authoritarian, and inimical to individual freedoms,  to its core. Particularly for women, living in free western democratic societies  these Lamas are here to help destroy;  by stealth.

How? By helping shut down a critical mass of the reasoning abilities of the western population.  “Stupid Shamatha” the Lamas called it.

Rooted in early Hindu Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, with its first mindfulness technique, has westerners, over time,  come to believe there are no facts, no right, no wrong, no good and bad; that the world is just an illusion.  Further, Truth is relative and fluid; that there is no factual history, only the Lamas’ divine history. Eventually, no individual, no boundaries. No nations.

Mindfulness was the vehicle used to accomplish this belief structure that changed educated, liberal westerners’ values, over time.  Clueless about being part of an Agenda not of our own making. Tibetan Lamaism has been one of the tools to march us all in a Globalist Communitarian direction; making us more passive and easily controlled as citizens. Mindfulness is a big part of the Globalist Agenda to create World Citizens; obedient and accepting of authoritarian regimes.

What lies underneath Shambhala ‘s cult members seemingly ‘blended’, middle-class, happy facade. The Kalachakra Wrathful Wheel-Turners of Ancient Tibet,

I wrote my book based on the decades I spent studying with dozens of lamas, the research of those daring to be critical of the Lamaist system who have come before me, and the work of cult experts, such as Margaret Singer and Robert Lifton. Their landmark research and publications on the nature and characteristics of cult groups helped snap me out of my Tantric trance.

This book also comes out of the years I spent in the center of a vast, interconnected and overarching hierarchy of Lamaism, that pretends to be decentralized and non-political but is Machiavellian in its ambitions and goals.

Having taken care of the son of the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a high Tibetan Lama, considered the pioneer who first brought Tibetan Tantra to the West through his Shambhala teachings, this unique position gave me both an intimate and a bird’s eye view of the anti-western milieu Tibetan Lamas, and their western inner circles create, and then spread throughout our democratic institutions.

Trungpa’s Lamaism,  and his occult New Age/ Tantric teachings are here to replace our Western democracies with something much worse, based on the most profoundly misogynistic, androcentric priestly dictatorship, that lost its own country to another dictatorship, that was horrified by Lamaism, but now sees its uses.

Its Mindfulness was the first cult technique, that got us to think like a herd of obedient sheep; infantilized and believing in fairytales and throwing away five hundred years of  Western civilization and its Judeo-Christian roots.

Which is what we now see happening all over the world.

The Lamas and their western helpmates never expected anyone would reveal their secrets, as I have done; willing to face the attacks by their ‘compassionate’ adherents, those still stuck in the Lamaist cults, who hope they can censor all criticism of their mindfulness movement and their gurus while presenting themselves as the religious answer to a Brave New World.

With my head remaining above water, and subliminally taking notes; unconsciously filing them away, when I snapped out and regained my western enlightenment, called Reason, I had to report back to the home front, when I landed on solid earth, again.

At about the same time my book was published, documenting the decades of abuses and cover-ups of Shambhala International and Lama Sogyal’s Rigpa International, both of these Tibetan Buddhist organizations have been rocked by scandals again, in 2017-2018. The mainstream media was beginning to see the tip of the iceberg, as I tried to reveal the depths and why this medieval Tantric belief system goes against Western Enlightenment principles.

Once the Tantric vows I took with these Tibetan lamas turned to dust instead of me,  if I revealed their secrets, my past professional oaths as a social worker, family therapist, and psychologist kicked back in, to report truthfully, and without equivocation, the harm and abuse that I witnessed and experienced, inside the Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism.


Christine  A. Chandler,  © updated 2020

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  1. Hi Christine,

    Wow! Thank you for your research in exposing this, other angle of the parasitic force that is eating away at the foundations of western society. I am in graduate school for counseling doing my internship. I really appreciate my current professor. She is a bright spot, and also a graduate from Naropa. Despite that, I think she is really deep and sane; certainly better than some of the scientism proponents. They seem to be steering people people away from critical thinking, as well. It’s hard to find free thinking in academia period. At my school, Lenoir-Rhyne University, I am constantly getting bombarded by fake liberal propagenda in the guise of being a social justice warrior. This nonsense is going to create quite a backlash, which keeps us more and more divided. I despise the limited camps I am constantly told I should be in. I guess a re-education camp may not be far behind. Human rights are so fundamental, but by being a fake liberal, war is okay, racism is okay too, freedom of thought is bad, China is good (and there brand of destruction to souls). I guess it’s good to be a “no-self” then like it’s espoused in many brands of Buddhism. What about the eight fold path. It sounds like these ethics are being mocked in these cult groups by amoral bastards. It seems like all sides of the tyrannical NWO are controlling the narrative. After reading your blog, I was unaware that sham-bhala is involved, as well. But I stopped reading both SS (funny), now Lion’s Roar and Tricycle, because they were constantly telling me whom I should vote for (Obomba) and now the whole orange man bad spiel and the green new deal. I have been into many forms of spirituality, including tibetan, zen, and vedic/tantra. I lately have been embracing my western brand of esoteric wisdom. It resonates with me more. I could never get into sham-bhala; just could never resonate with Rimpoche, Pema, or even the people that went there. Now, after reading your blog, it makes sense. This is another form of psi-op. It’s insidious! What isn’t controlled by the powers that should never be? I am sensing that the world religion push will be coming back around with greater force. Humanity has been pummeled for such a long time, especially in the last 20 years with the neo con/liberal agendas. I see very little pushback, especially from so-called enlightened people. It’s good information. I stopped relying on groups to guide me for some time, but things are just getting more and more bizarre.

    It’s refreshing to find your work. I think I will buy your book. The one with the Dalai Lama creep on it. I thought he was CIA ? Now he’s in bed with Chi Com? I am thinking the CIA is in bed with Chi com, so why not? I honor your courage, passion, voice, and sanity. Unpopular truth is most welcome to me. I would love a response from you if you are inclined.

    Be well,


    1. Dear William:

      I think so many of us are waking up to the years of brainwashing, not just in these Buddhist cults we were in, (Zen and Theravadan and Tibetan are now merged with their 3 stream Buddhism with CCP China approval Lamas) but from the whole Progressive left that infiltrated Liberalism, and that used to be about free speech, equality, respect for debate and the socratic method of debate. All that is going out the window, and people don’t know that Tibetan Buddhist westerners were quickly converted into social justice warriors all thinking as ONE MIND to help in this endeavor. Not to mention its acceptance of fluid selves, i.e. androgynous beings to undermine women’s rights, ultimately, and to covert a critical mass of us into BIG MIND/ Guru mind, that was presented as a ‘non duality enlightenment’ of making someone more aware, open and compassionate.

      That was the hook for many of us. How different it turned out. I am surprised that a Naropa graduate escaped the Shambhala mind-control. But some manage to avoid being ‘change agents’ for Trungpa’s mindfulness movement Yes, I, too, am appreciating my Western lineage of Reason. It’s enough for me now to be sane, and yes, judgmental when needed, when bullshit is seen through that is dangerous, and to have righteous anger, when necessary.

      Glad that you found my work helpful. The Establishment Buddhist Swamp hoped to ‘kill me off” and did everything to make me seem crazy, first calling me a Christian (their favorite disparaging label they consider the worst type of ‘deplorable’ in their ‘compassionate bubble of fundamentalism) then a Chinese Communist, even though they ( The western Tibetan Karma Kagyu Buddhists the largest group in the World) are putting a Chinese-recognized puppet over their heads to ‘obey and adore’. And, then just insane and a ‘conspiracy theorist’. What all Progressive left call everyone else who doesn’t agree with them and who hope to censor every opinion in the near future that doesn’t adhere to their New World Religion of Amalgam Cults.

      Thanks for your kind words. It cheers a person up who feels like Cassandra, most of the time. Be sure to buy the newest one with the Dalai Lama on cover, 2nd edition even though it says June 2017. It mistakenly defaults to an older edition with Lama statues on cover, on some search sites and trying to clear it up with Amazon. The newest version was really published June 2020, has updated urls and some other material and I will be putting updated urls, that they try and scrub off, on this blog. I also have hard copies of most of material in footnotes, since they have been hiding things they were involved with, e.g., with the U.N. and Globalist summits pushing their ONE MIND Communitarian views inserted into the Green New Deal. Like how ‘individualism’ is selfish, and patriotism is ‘selfish’. All to break down a person’s sense of individuality; which is what they did to all of us in these Lamaist cults. So I will be updating my contact information here, as well.



  2. Hi Christine, I just read your book “Enthralled”, and I deeply respect and appreciate your truly noble efforts in all you’ve written — which I am sure is just a drop in the ocean of what you’ve gone through — and which so many people will never strike up the courage to do for themselves ( whether our of fear of retribution from their sangha, or from the twisted universe they’ve been brainwashed to believe in). And, more than anything else, I am so very grateful for the voice you’ve given to what I rarely find myself able to articulate, due to the sheer exasperation of it all.

    I am up late this eve, browsing around, and came across https://beyondthetemple.com/about/ , which has a blog where many people are discussing the whole rigpa nonsense and dzongsar’s take on it all, etc., etc. So I started writing… and writing….and writing… and realized I had this essay and that might be of help to some people. But, just as I was about to post my two-cents, I read their “Commenting Guidelines” which include “Comments that are antagonistic, aggressive, intimidating, nonsensical or off-topic;” ( which would essentially be moderated off the page ).

    But I want to post it somewhere were people ( like you ) might actually appreciate and relate to it. I NEED all the support I can get on this, because as I am sure you know, it is really difficult when you are surrounded by brainwashed people in all directions. So, here is what I wrote, for what it’s worth ( perhaps some of it is controversial, but it is from the heart ):

    It’s all delusion. Even the story of the buddha is a nonsensical myth which has simply snowballed for the past 2500 years due to human psychological weakness, and the need for structure and meaning in an otherwise meaningless, indifferent and hostile universe.

    Reincarnation, karma, enlightenment — it’s all dogmatic and non-falsifiable clap-trap that gets passed on from one generation to the next. Problem is, humans don’t live long enough to realize they’ve been had. It’s just another manifestation of the anthropic principle — a subtle brand of self-deception which humans are particularly good at.

    Ask any lama — ANY lama — if they have realization and all you’ll get is a cutsie remark, smirk or gesture, followed by an immediate denial of having any — no matter how “high” their status. You know what? In the west, we don’t do that.

    We earn actual, real, verifiable credentials, and can then say “yes, I do, in fact have a f-cking PhD and here it is”. We don’t play this childish game of self deprecation while “humbly” accepting donations from thousands of students, telling them how “special” their karma must be and how lucky they are to be receiving the dharma — as if they won some sort of cosmic jackpot — while at the same time threatening them with “consequences” for not following the rules ( samaya, etc. ) .

    In the west, you have to make your way in the world. The universe tries continuously to destroy you. This is how nature ( and, more specifically, the law of entropy ) works. We have to educate ourselves and make our place in an otherwise barren and meaningless existence. We don’t need tibetans to come to the west, enjoy the products of western civilization ( health-care, electricity, etc ) — based on the hard-earned application of the scientific method — while simultaneously putting us down, criticizing and brow-beating us “westerners” with their dante’s inferno models of the cosmos and other medieval forms of reasoning ; THEM telling US what makes our lives “meaningful”.

    WE need to find meaning for ourselves. Otherwise, we are lost.

    I have never met a single lama that doesn’t simultaneously deny they have realization while repeating — in a totally authoritative and declarative tone, as if coming from their own first-hand experience — whatever has been drilled into their credulous minds since they were toddlers. I myself have taken hevajra, chakrasamvara, and guhyasamaja full empowerments and, reluctantly, all the juicy pledges and threats that go with them.

    And now I’ve got PTSD and need to see a cult-deprogramming-shrink.

    the only way to understand this world is through the scientific method; we’ve come too far through the centuries, beating back superstition, religious persecution, fear-mongering rulers, dictators and authoritarian monsters only now to surrender ourselves to this crap while empowering and enriching these primitive-minded bullshit artists.

    As Carl Sagan once said, no matter how undesirable our empirical conclusions about the world may be, the only sacred truth in science is that there are no sacred truths; arguments from “authority” are worthless.

    modern buddhism is just the same old religious garbage we’ve already rejected in western secular culture, but which has been packaged and presented in a way that appeals to westerners because of its ostensibly “scientific” approach to understanding the nature of consciousness. Unfortunately, due to the current decline in quality education and the widespread lack of cultivation of critical thinking in our communities, I fear very few people out there these days actually have the courage or motivation to see buddhism for what it truly is — a system of control imposed by one group of people upon another.

    After nearly 30 years of my life (which I will never get back), prostrating myself on the dusty floor thousands of times like a damn fool, I’ve got nothing to show for it at all; just a whole new batch of platitudes and directives so that, hopefully, at some point in the next 16 lifetimes, if I am lucky, I will “awaken”.

    So I say : you wanna ruin your life? go ahead. take refuge. reject logic and reason and embrace the absurd. just stay the F out of politics — or any policy-making positions, for that matter.

    If the buddha really did say “Dwell with yourself as your own island, with yourself as your own refuge, take no other refuge….” , then do as he says : get up, walk away, and figure shit out on your own.

    To be fair, I will say this though — I do very much enjoy meditation : )

    1. She referenced the same enablers including Dalai Lama to support her work. The same people that can’t, like her, let this VAJRAYANA cult go. I said more but why bother anymore.She is another intellectualizing academic who wants to conflate VAJRAYANA WITH Mahayana. Creating another appearance Buddhists can ‘westernize’ and save this cult.

      It’s guru worshipping and without it there is no Vajrayana. Or, you get a Westernized version in NXIVM, Hollywood amorality and sexual abuses, Polyamory, putting Transgenderism in classrooms, and accepting pedophilia as a life choice.

      Vajrayana makes superstition, feelings, amorality and the occult merge with Science, to destroy the logical reasonable fabric of Western Science to weaken it. It has infiltrated along with the New Age New Left, its partner in anarchy, into every institution & it is why the New Age Marxists LOVE these CCP Lamas, and all the cults that are empowered because of it like Satanism, Wiccan Anarchism, because all cause chaos in societies to prepare the ground to more easily take over captured minds. Who now no nothing about their own history. Why it was so easy to get people masked and to conform to medical tyranny, accept austerity, etc. Mindfulness brand came first to create a critical mass of group mind that would accept the unacceptable. Just like we did, over time,in our Vajrayana cults.

  3. so you are the self professed Madeline Murray o’hair of Tibetan Buddhism -eh ?? How fair a price have your chinese masters paid you?

    1. The Tibetan Lamas’ masters are the #CCP. WAKE UP. They are always there first, to pave the way for #CCP takeover. Why they were massively in Taiwan. To dumb educated middle-class there with their misnomered Mindfulness lobotomies.

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