Green New Deal, Mindfulness And China’s Soft Power in the West





Shambhala’s Partners in Crime: Pema Chodron and her Sakyong; female enabling part of the Karmapa Kagyu Lineage of Sexual Abuse ,with 40 Years of  Cover-up.


The Dalai Lama’s Karmapa ‘reincarnation’ Has been here for 22 years.

Yet, the Karmapa Rape Charges Continue, while Ogyen Trinley, the 17th Karmapa,  designated as the “Eco-Karmapa” and  the Dalai Lama’s  replacement by the Dalai Lama,  the radical Progressives in our U.S. Congress- on both sides of the aisle- AND CCP China, who has been on board since 2000, and facilitated his ‘escape’ to Indian Dalai Lama headquarters, by helicopter and SUV.  Soon, he had his own  headquarters in New York, and Crestone Colorado.

Karmapa above honored  in our Congress- from both sides of the aisle even though he has been accused of:  

Yet, here he is  roaming our Congressional halls with Pelosi, who has been promoting these sexually abusive Lamas at the expense of the freedoms of the Tibetan peoples, and ignoring ALL the terrible things they have done in all Western and Asian countries to women and girls;  and for the last fifty years. Not to mention what they did to their own Tibetan people for a thousand years. 

The Republicans are no wiser. Mike Pence put the Dalai Lama’s “reincarnation” (whose already amongst us, unless CCP-China changes its mind)  in the last COVID relief bill during the Presidential transition, after Trump refused to meet with the Dalai Lama for four years.  To his immense credit. 

Are these establishment Republicans ALL stupid?  Or something more sinister?   Or are they just trying to virtue-signal to Libertarians often fooled by New Age memes and tropes.  After all, C-Street Republicans made a pact with New Age to do the “one work together”, at Gold Lake Ranch, Boulder, Colorado,  in 1987.  Colorado then became NYC and California. 

This #CCP Plant Karmapa has been the enemy within for decades. With Karma Kagyu centers all over the world. Including Naropa Institute now University. This is a MAFIA of Lamas, who work together, who share Western, mind-controlled female consorts, and  their cuckold western men as translators and house-servants, and dumbing down the population of the United States, directly or indirectly,  through their thousands of Western ‘academic’ and psychology Mindfulness change agents.  Not to mention Europe, EurAsia ( they have been busy in Russian and Eastern Europe). sending some of their western pedophile cult members,  to dumb those populations  down. 

Ogyen Trinley 17th Karmapa on Shrine of Chinese Han Buddhists

Four Wives of Steven Seagal, Lawsuits, Movies, Albums and ...

Steven Seagal’s Rape Charges briefly covered by establishment enabling media, and then covered up.

The late Penor Rinpoche was head of the Nyingma Lamaist sect of the “ancient ones”; the most primitive and occult of the lineages;  pretending, for naive and pretentious academics, to be the “highest of Buddhist teachings.”  Penor, besides recognizing Steven Seagal as a ‘high lama” for cash, of course,  also recognized Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche ( son of Trungpa Rinpoche-the Tibetan Lama who brought Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism to the West to put it to sleep). With the Dalai Lama’s approval.

Sakyong, i.e. Osel Mukpo (from the Mukpo clan from Kham);  another egregious abuser, has been carrying on the Lamaist tradition by increasing the sexual abuse and pedophilia inside his renamed Shambhala International, the former Vajradhatu cult;  started by his coke-snorting, alcoholic, animal abusing, and harem-keeping Dad,  whom the late Allen Ginsberg ( a member of NAMBLA) and the drugged-out ’60s rock and roll crowd made a Saint. And, still do.

Hard to believe, but Rahm Emanuel and Eric Schneiderman did the same in Chicago and New York City, respectively. Made the Sakyong II a Saint, too. Promoted this egregious abuser and Tantric Cult.   Now those cities are chaotic and violent and one of them, Schneiderman, with sexual abuse allegations of his own.

Tibetan Tantra, which these Lamas represent, equals Amoral Chaos. Not Peace, not the ‘highest Buddhism.’ 

Sakyong Mipham, Trungpa’s son,  took two more generations of American and European students for another Tibetan Lama, abusive ride,  before he was caught and then hightailed it to parts unknown. 

This would all be a bad joke if it weren’t so awful.  Tibetan Lamas consider themselves and their Vajrayana teachings, that recommend pedophilia, by the way, “above  Western Law.”  So says Lama Dzongsar Rinpoche with his Tibetan “Buddhist”  chair in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan.  This will help program more young women into DUMB and CONFUSED at this no-longer- prestigious University, in the middle of a fast-becoming third-world State of  Michigan turned RED as in Communist Red.

Dzongsar Rinpoche, another Chinese ‘soft power agent’ Tibetan Lama  (is there any other kind these days?) has named the Chair after the notorious pedophile teacher and teachings of  Khyentse Gendun Chopel; whose works recommend girls as young as 8-years-old as the Lamas’ consorts,  for their ‘higher practices’. This is Lama Dzongsar’s ( and his Chinese sugar-daddy, R.N. H. Ho’s) middle-finger to the West.

Yes, the Lamaist Cover-up was successful.   Just check out the Best Seller List of Books on Amazon by number one sexual abuse enabler for 45 years for ALL the Lamas: Pema Chodron and of course the Dalai Lama books.

This is what is being read by those liberal Progressives who consider themselves atheists, and non-conformists, while eschewing their former Christian morality and ethics: Tibetan Lamaist books that recommend girls as young as 8-years-old as sexual consorts.  Universities go right along because Chinese millions are so helpful for their endowments. And, we wonder why the Political Left Progressives and Hollywood are caught with their pants down with children.  Look no further.

By the way, Lama Tenzin, the Dalai Lama’s secretary, whose pretend firing for his dalliance and getting two million dollars from NXIVM, for his GodKing’s endorsement, was exonerated by  Dalai Lama. ( hard copies available, link disappeared) He is still pimping DL’s compassion-mongering, in DL’s other ‘government in exile”: California.

DL knows  bad news ALWAYS blows over for the Lamas, and Tenzin Dhondon can come back into the Kleptocracy fold.  He is still President of the Friends of the Dalai Lama.  DL and Lamas never get rid of great fundraisers. Because Lamas get away with all kinds of abuse what with Hollywood, the Progressive Democratic Party, Universities, and Main Stream Media watching their backs.

The Rigpa Organization’s Patrick Gaffney,  is carrying on the sexually abusive teachings of Lama Sogyal.  And, Mindfulness classes on- line, of course. What a perfect platform to lure new students into your sexually abusive medieval branch of the Lamas’ cult mission.  They haven’t been stopped.

Sogyal’s cult is still operating in New York City, and Washington D.C.; two of the most corrupt governments in the United States.

Wonder why nothing is done about sexual abuse and pedophilia, except for virtue signaling by Progressives in the Democratic Party?  The Republicans are not better; being attached to their Religious Freedom but no longer discriminating Progressive-supported Anti-Western Cults in their midst from the traditional religions these very cults are here to destroy; some with COMMUNIST CHINA’S SUPPORT TO BECOME THE SPEARHEAD OF THEIR ‘HARMONIOUS BUDDHIST MOVEMENT THROUGHOUT TH WORLD.   

The still idiots utiles of Shambhala International, Trungpa’s old students and their children, the most programmed of  ‘dharma brats’,  refuse to wake up. They drank ALL the kool-aid, and have invited the egregious sociopathic son of Trungpa, the Sakyong,  back into the fold to teach.  While the Fake News at the Washington Post,  the Dalai Lama and Shambhala’s propaganda mouthpiece, helps Pema Chodron  pretend she is contrite and left Shambhala. NEVER. She will do her damage from other venues, and her foundations, pretending to care about women’s issues, but with her vows to obey ALL her abusive Lamas intact, ‘or shrink to dust’. Pema has covered for these Lamas for 40 plus years.  She can’t stop. That is part of her ‘religious vows”: lying for the Lamas. They are enboldened by their corruption of most of our  Western institutions  thanks,  in part,  to their role in this chaotic mess: their  “no good no bad” Tantric Mindfulness.   

And, Trungpa’s ( and secretly, hidden-in-plain site, CCP-China’s) Naropa Institute, now Universitywith our tax dollars,  is still pumping out anti-American, Trungpa-mind-controlled, unwitting Manchurian candidates (who all believe they are not) in the psychology, arts, and other ‘soft science’ professions. 

The less naive are now scrubbing all their Lama connections off their CVs. But the internet has a long memory.   Always check  for these historical connections  of so many social workers, psychologists, and psychotherapists and psychiatrists ( graduating many hundreds a year for nearly fifty years, so there are a lot), and that is just the Naropa ones. 

They all believe they are ‘saving the world’ by being  “change agents to change the world.” as the Trungpa’s staff and administration tell them to do. They need to be ‘deprogrammed’ and counseled themselves. 

None are as confused as these western academics and psychologists, who call themselves ” contemplative’ (code for Tantra). Not one of these egregious, celebrities and their ‘practices’ and goals, are confronted,  such as Robert Thurman’s posts at NYTimes,  who believes Tibetan Lamas’ should be the prototype for a Globalist World Citizenship; an Adi-Buddha World Theocracy.  In other words, People worked and taxed to death, literally,  by their governments.  

Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence and C-Street Christians in Washington must agree, since they put these Tibetan Lamas’ “reincarnation monies”, a few million, into the last COVID relief bill.  Hey Pence, didn’t you know the #CCP ‘reincarnation’ was already recognized by both China and the Dalai Lama, and  didn’t you know the worst kind of ‘religious persecution” is using religion to justify sexual abuse of young girls, women and little boys?

These People Running our Governments are profoundly  Ignorant.  They must be too busy with insider trading and making personal financial deals with the West’s enemies. 

The Dalai Lama,  and his inner circle of Western academics around the Lamas, like Robert Thurman,  have controlled the narrative since the abuses of Sogyal of Rigpa, and Sakyong Mipham of Shambhala International hit the mainstream news  in 2017-2018.  As they did in 2011, 1996, and 1989-90.

Many are the same people who didn’t report this sexual abuse for over forty years.  Or attended the Kalachakra Events, to control Western minds, last given at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

 Thousands of Government representatives and beauracrats have been acting crazy and confused, ever since.  That’s what Tantra does.  That’s one door the CCP Chinese Communists came through:  The Tibetan Lamas.  Promoted as ‘promoting world peace’ the Kalachakra is really called the Wheel of Destruction”, whose final goal is the end of all Semitic Religions ( Christians, Jews and Muslims) so that an Adi-Buddha World can arise.  

The perfect religious corollary to Totalitarianism.  The new “secular spirituality’ as Oprah, Sam Harris (a Tibetan Lamaist fooling atheists into his cult religion),   and the Dalai Lama falsely call it,  since there is no separation of Church and State under the Lamas’  theocratic rule. 

Sexual abuse, in the name of cult religions, has made particularly women confused. MK-Ultra knew the power of pairing sexual abuse with Mind Control.

Cults cannot change from within. This one, the Dalai Lama’s Vajrayana Occult Lamaism, going by the name of ‘Buddhism’, with the most influence in our universities, needs now an outside  RICO Investigation into the whole hierarchy of lamas, and their western enabler, cult members, an army of them, who are boldly breaking the laws of western countries, and who  have gotten their still-fooled, western devotees to repeat:  “There is no overarching hierarchy in Tibetan Buddhism.”

Are you kidding? These Lamas have been working their students together, teaching at each other’s centers, sharing their western sexual consorts, for the last four decades. All are part of the Mind and Life Institute  of the Dalai Lama, even working with other Buddhist groups, like Zen and Theravada,  to try and bring them, and everyone else,  under the Lamaist ( and CCP-China’s) thumbs;  through this Gollum-like mindfulness movement.  

Hollywood,  Silicon Valley, Monarchies, and wealthy billionaires are along for the ride.  These are the Dalai Lama’s helpmates, to protect and enable him; his loyal ‘heart sons’  and the important celebrities, devotees and nuns, who keep the  gurus’ secrets and thus the sexual abuse intact;  Lamaism’s witting and unwitting change agents.

Once one realizes these are brainwashed cult members, or fringe fans,  or others whose careers in the Mindfulness Industry are part of the cover-up,  one no longer tries to engage. It is mostly a sad,  lost cause with  the die-hard deniers, who will stay and confuse the public, and  other potential whistle-blowers, until this whole stinking mess is crushed from the outside. More important to reach people not yet caught and warn them, if one can, about what Mindfulness does to a capture mind, over time.

These Tibetan lamas are laughing at these westerners and naive women, who think they are ‘outrageously’ calling out the abuse but never went to the police. And, looking to the same cookie-cutter Tibetan lamas for advice.  They were corraled into the ‘Buddhist’ Blog, ‘chat-all-you-energy’ away so we can complete our thorough and well tested cover-ups because, like the Democratic Party who loves abusers it seems, will not only NOT investigate them, but give them millions of dollars for their ‘fake reincarnation protection” when that Karmapa is already established as the Green New Deal’s “Eco-Karmapa.

All this chatting and blogging on Tibetan Buddhist sites?  For the  last three and a half years? Has been about saving the Dalai Lama and their cognitive dissonance, and their own Tibetan Lamaist tax-free centers and the many thousands of Tantric- influenced Mindfulness Centers and the thousands of spin-off non-profits, and charitable foundations and ‘educational departments’ within our increasingly insane universities, where free speech and a truly liberal education is a thing of the past.

I am appalled by the level of brainwashing of educated, upper-middle-class liberal women these days who, after years of these eastern influences,  have no idea how they are being spun and hung out to dry, over and over, to undermine their own freedoms by embracing medieval influences and Progressives with a very radical agenda that has nothing to do with Democracy and human rights, and who are walking us, no running us, over a Totalitarian cliff.

©  , December, 2021, Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A. G. S.

  •  took Vajrayana vows with at least seven different Lamas, who were all teaching at each other’s centers and told us the same scary fairytale that we were bound to ALL of them in Guru Mind and would go to vajra hell if we criticize a hair on their heads.  This is Totalitarianism and massive undue-influence  in a religious disguise, and the western enablers of these lamas, unwitting or not,  are still assuring that these despotic, atavistic and misogynistic Lamaist teachings come through in a ‘scientific disguise’ through the  Mind and Life Institute of the Dalai Lama; their flag-ship magazines, and their ‘academic’ papers.  Now, the lamas can convert the Chinese-speaking population in Communist China and China SAR to help fulfill the Globalist delusional dreams of these Tantric Lamas and their many western helpmates who started the whole thing, nearly three generations ago.  They have completed their work in the West.   The silent killer of a western civilization that no one is noticing.



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Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

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  1. ju bu gu eti nick can’t do the mu mu koan ala barri weis ; unlike bernie g.
    maxy blum rockin it in veni ala aron mate grayzone crew; do.
    graystone method ala psycho/socio
    grayzone project ala objective truth; fuck the sham eti nick.
    fuck the sham… eti nick.
    fuck the sham …..eti nick…..
    Robert wright took the Blumen-plunge, upon instruction, but nut the Eti…
    Why, why why..
    Eti is tied to the war.
    Go code pink. Jewish for Peace

    The Russian’s have better weapons , we have better deception. Rock Paper Scissor.

    1. I just want to make this general comment. I will not reinforce the Anti-Zionist material on here. I just got a lengthy bunch of comments from one person, who thinks this is a place that can offer a venue for that and that is what happens. This person had lots of relevant information, that people should know about. But, because it was mixed with the Zionist stuff I couldn’t let the comments through.

      I think this is another way that the Lama Cabal and the New Left are getting many generation X and Millenials to engage in going in this anti-Zionist direction. Purposely to confuse them and control them. The secret Kalachakra teachings are about inflaming a World War III between ‘Semitic religions” And the Left has a long history with anti-Semitism.

      There is an excellent book I suggest people read, I have posted this before, about the long history the Left has with Anti-Semitism, and how it was used since the Bolshevik days to get their own populations riled up for the revolution. Turning on the Jewish population as the scapegoat to point away from their totalitarian sickness: When I see ‘anti-Zionist’ stuff mixed in with going after the Tibetan Lamaa cabal, it shows me how much the Far Left and the Tibetan Lamas and the Islamists Sharia Law proponents are now in cahoots, and always have been. And how they can insert false flags inside the groups they have designated to target, as starting to wake up. They do this all the time. I suggest people who are veering in that direction read this book by Stephen Norwood’s: “Antisemitism and the American Far Left”. It is a gem. Here is an excerpt:
      “The Communists failed to appreciate the central role of anti-Semitism in Nazi ideology and opposed Jewish emigration to Palestine, which might have saved many from annihilation During the Moscow trials of 1936 to 1938, the Soviets invoked antisemitism to mobilize the public against the accused. For American Communists and their fellow travelers, the Moscow trials legitimated the use of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, leading them to justify their use in subsequent Communist bloc show trials and in Arab propaganda… Much of the CP propaganda on behalf of what it alleged was a ‘revolutionary Arab uprising’ was as viciously antisemitic as that issued by the Black Panthers or SDS during the late 1960s and early seventies.”

      I believe that people have to be hyperalert to the way these Radical Left and Eastern Cults, including Islamist and Hindu nationalist extremists and Tibet Lamas, all of them now cozy with China, have so much experience in Soviet-style and Chinese Maoist style propaganda to infiltrate these days.

      The Left never gives up. They are religious ideologues and they are able to now infiltrate and spread anti-Semitism again to make Jews the scapegoats, to point the finger away from what traitorous things they are doing, again. Turning young people’s minds in a Communist direction, after making their minds mush with all these Eastern cult nonsense. The Left is playing right into the Fascist Right. We have been here before. And their Mindfulness brainwashing?. And, who is pushing Mindfulness? Too many psychologists and psychiatrists in our country, Some in these abusive cults, or influenced by the new ‘contemplative psychology’. Or too many of them influenced and promoting the first cult technique, Mindfulness, created by this cult of Trungpa and then amalgamated with Zennies and Theravada, to make everyone eventually as mindless as these Trungpa Shambhala, Kalachakra Wheel of Destruction delusional, fanatic, army of Trungpa, who for so many years watched egregious abuse from their leaders and did nothing. Including a licensed psychiatrist( an M.D. when you include the Head of the Kasung, Lady Diana’s husband/consort). Kasung, who still haven’t considered that they need to report this, in detail to Larimer County. There are other psychiatrists in Trungpa’s group and its head is teaching at Brown and still has his medical degree. While supporting and enabling all this abuse and reported to be engaging in it as well? What about them? Slinking away and throwing a stink bomb that will fade into Shangri-la won’t cut it.

      Kasung, the military branch of Shambhala International, is now so brainwashed, after 40 years in this faux-army of useful idiots, who don’t know they are actually Chinese puppets by being under the Chinese Karmapa and the Karma Kagyu sect’s umbrella, the main sect that Trungpa came from, and, by the way, do Mindfulness as their main practice. That should tell everyone all they need to know about this phenomenon.
      And we are worried about Russia? Give me a break. The Left pointing the finger away from the Goliath in the room, and designating the mouse as the problem.

    2. Anniversary of 9/11 Owen Benjamin compares ‘The Princess Bride ‘ to 9/11 and all things. How much fun will he have with ‘The Dharma of the Princess Bride’ and Eti Nich.

  2. I am very glad you made the comment of clarification. I have read all offerings on this generous and thoughtful site and would not like to see it come under attack or censorship. So I wish you well. I think a rich comment section can become a lifeline of vitality. The back and forth with Tara Carreon being an example. I don’t recall having any of my comments omitted although I do regret leaving one in particular ;so be it.
    A ” Ju Bu” is a thing. See Canadian Jewish News article by Jodie Shupac August 23 , 2017 titled ‘The Ju Bu In The Lotus: Why Do So Many Jews Become Buddhist?’
    Eti Nick has admitted to being one and responded to questions in this regard in online form. Good for all involved. ‘This is a thing’ as Alfie say’s during episode 13 of Alfie Aesthetics ;youtube.
    Code Pink is anti war as am I . Along with the Grayzone organization and many others . Gilad Atzmon Ron Unz and Peter Clancy come to mind. None of these are anti-semitic but could be accused of being anti-zionist. I do not think I am anti-zionist because I am not entirely sure what is involved. I am anti-war, anti imperialism, anti- aggression and anti deception. Which brings me to my one comment regret .
    Anti-zionist is not anti-semitic.
    While I am open to your criticism of China I remain sceptical . Who have they bombed lately . The growing middle class is impressive. Shambhala has supported far too many NATO pogroms to casually dismiss. It is not just the biting faux gu , but the faux gu under the Booz Allen / Altrea banners. Participation in Ukraine riots and staging fake protests on Myanmar by Kalapa Recordings and presenting laughable Kalapa Letter to Myanmar buddhists in transparent color revolution technique ala Canvas , Albert Einstein Institute or the new generation of Erica Chender and Amanda Hester and all the rest of Sham military attachment.
    In searching for some form of understanding I find comfort in the wisdom of John Trudell in “I am crazy” speech: ‘All societies have a ruling class and they are a predatory ruling class…….’ I am not convinced in the predatory nature of the Chinese ruling class while the Tibetan and NATO ruling class was and are definitely so.

    1. Hi Peter:
      I wasn’t referring to you re the 10 comments that were filled with anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist material. I knew what you were referring to with the Ju-Bu. And the numbers of Jews, like so many former Catholics that are attracted to Tibetan Buddhism. It was a recent commentator who is clearly following all the Tibetan material, has been part of it, and sent such good information, but it was mixed in with very blatant material that would have attracted more anti-Semitic stuff. It would open the flood gates. It was not the first person who did this.
      I had mostly Jewish friends in Shambhala or other Zen Buddhist groups and they were all anti-Israel and old Left radicals. It was not a problem for me before. Nor did it influence me. I was just the typical bleeding heart liberal the Lamas seduced. I have always been interested in the configuration of influences that resulted in World War II, and Hitler’s rise. I see the same configuration again. It is like the pieces of glass in a kaleidoscope; the elements are the same, they just turn in a different direction and seemingly are forming a different pattern, but the elements are the same: Fascism is always the same, whether Right or Left. Now it is the Left who are the Fascists with their own violent thugs and brown shirts, repressing all free speech but also promoting and inflaming anti-Semitism, and hanging with Muslim Brotherhood anti-Semites. The Left has taken over the Democratic party, and are not as smart as the Old New Left, who were suspicious of the Dalai Lama, and who sometimes protested this anti-Semitism. but not now. Not with these cult religious influences like Lamaism and Islamism, that really wants to destroy Jews, Catholics, and Muslims ( Wirathu is influenced by the Kalachakra Prophecies and wanted to accelerate the destruction of other religions starting with Muslims) by creating chaos with Tantra. Afterward, when they believe they will become the cosmic rulers, Lord Chakravartins, they won’t need Tantra, except for the ruling elite to engage in the sexual abuses, harems, and pedophilia. Just like in Tibet. These Lamas are crazy, they were made crazy since they were toddlers. They were also primed in deception and theatre since toddlerhood if they were the tulkus. Everyone wants to blame Trungpa and the Sakyong, and Sogyal as being rogue Lamas and not look at the influences of their ‘religion’ that made them so sick and misogynistic; the celebrity Lamas, they were, lest we forget. All of them were given the seal of approval by the Karmapa 16th, of the Kagyu and the Dalai Lama. That should never be forgotten if we want to see the big picture. The C.I.A. didn’t see the big picture. They never do. Our corrupted intelligence communities were too busy embracing Globalism and the U.N. apparently.

      Is Bernie, and so many Jews like him, filled with self-hatred that they embrace someone like Omar? Who clearly is not going to change. Her goal, like the fundamentalist Lamas, is bringing her cult misogyny and feudal religion to the West, to overwhelm it. Both groups are on a civilization jihad, and China, meanwhile, is using the Lamas back in China. They won’t let them cause the chaos they have here, however, with their embracing identity politics to keep everyone divided. They will go right to the repression stage and that won’t be hard in China.

      Yes, there is a growing middle class in China, and they want to make sure they have no democratic leanings and are easily controlled. The one thing Tibetan Buddhists have in common, is that they are easily controlled, whatever country they are in. Surely that is the main thing the public should take away from the Sogyal and Sakyong Chronicles of 2017-2018. So when these Han Buddhists all embrace Lamaism, as millions are in China? Why do you think Mingyur and Tsokyny Rinpoche are so popular with the Chinese now? Do people think this just happened? Or that people like Talia over a WHAT NOW, can see through Sogyal, and almost, almost see through Vajrayana Tantra, but is still recommending Mingyur and Tsoknyi? Two of the most crafty and deceptive Lamas who are now China’s favorites? Tibetan Buddhists are so easy to persuade when they haven’t come all the way out. And that takes time; to begin to see the forest for the trees.

      I think it is an interesting discussion about why so many ex-religious Jews, ex-Catholics and ex-Mormons were attracted to Tibetan Buddhism. Not that many Episcopalians and Presbyterians, interestingly, unless they were the rich benefactors; the same old liberal progressive rich. Who love to be flattered by the Lamas for their good karma for being so rich.

      Perhaps it is because we all had an unconscious propensity to repeat the ‘wise male priestly/rabbinical/ elder class pontificating on the Truth. and we were programmed to accept the misogyny and androcentrism that went along, without noticing it until it was too late.

      I think all religions have this propensity to turn into spin-off crazy and fundamentalist cults. That is all that I can say now. And the Left is aligning with all of them. I saw this in Crestone: Land of Cult Syncrecity. This is going to fulfill Himmler’s dream of having a religious arm to his Final Solution. He just couldn’t have imagined that it would be the Left that would bring us there.

      China doesn’t need to bomb. That has never been their style. They use infiltration and deception to absorb other cultures. They also are buying up New York City, Hollywood, and Google. They operate according to Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which is all about War as Deception. The Bible of Trungpa’s Kasung. In Trungpa’s Kham, the aristocratic class, i.e. the Lamas’ relatives, were all going to Maoist China to study. I think Trungpa might have been one of their products and was sent here. The Dalai Lama, I now believe, has been just pretending to be enemies with China, else why would he have a Chinese trained Karmapa by the Karma Kagyu Lamas, to take his place? The Eco Karmapa. For the Climate Change Hoax that started with Maurice and Hanne Strong to destroy America by taxing us to death so the same ruling class can remain in power. We need to get rid of the U.N. and their dreams of being the World Citizen Seat of Power. That is what this is all about, since Alice Bailey and the Progressives dream. The Tibetan Lamas both came through Russian and Chinese gates. Lenin wanted to absorb the Mongolian and Manchurian areas and they were thinking of making a Tibetan Thankha with him as the central figure, to attract all those Mongolians, who were into Tibetan Lamaism, into Bolshevik Communism.

      New Age and Blavatsky Theosophy types were very popular in mystical-oriented late 19th century Russia. And, of course, the Tibetan Lamas are the masters of deception. Like that old Con lady, Blatvasky, who comes to New York and fools the same western rich elite we see falling for all this mystical crap today. China AND Russia’s greatest weapon in the United States is these Tibetan Lamas.

      Despite the lies Shambhala put out about Bill Karelis, another pedophile, they say they fired back in 2004? He was very busy giving Shambhala teachings in Eastern Europe as late as 2009, and I believe in Ukraine. Mingyur is off to Russia now after being busy in China, training Han Buddhist abbots to become Vajra Masters. Namkai Norbu has been very busy in Russia for decades. Dumbing that population down. This is a massive tent of Tantra being spread to dumb the world down with these teachings, so no one will protest anything again. Just like in Old Tibet.

      George Soros has been funding the Dalai Lama for years. A Chinese Billionaire R.N. Ho, cozy with Dzongsar, is funding Dzongsar and infiltrating now into Ann Arbor University of Michigan with a 2.5 million grant for their ‘Buddhist’ studies.

      So China doesn’t need to bomb. That is not their style. Their style is deception and stealth, like the Lamas. And turning each generation’s mind to mush. The Lamas are China. That is the biggest deception of them both. That they were ever enemies. the Dalai Lama was under Mao’s rule for nine years, during his young adulthood. I believe he was then sent to India, greeted by Serrano, a Chilean Fascist and Tibetan Buddhist, in his full Tibetan Robes, at the border. The Dalai Lama is loved by the Pan Hinduist Nationalist, Modi, NOT by the people in India. They weren’t fooled. I don’t believe he escaped; any more than this Karmapa escaped. Not after observing the latter’s escape in that French pirated film in 2000, and later, with my intelligence thawing out, after being in a frozen dream, reading for myself, what they were always all about, these Lamas.

      1. The West has become too fucking weak, we allow ourselves to be manipulated by Buddhists and Islamists very easily because we’ve been brainwashed into not criticizing anything but ourselves. We have become pussies, essentially, pussies trained to feel ashamed of criticizing anything unless it’s democracy or free speech of course. These New Agey ideas of kindness that have infiltrated our culture has turned many people into useful idiots for Buddhists, Islamists, and socialists/communists.

        Notice how these “spiritual” people hate capitalism? They call themselves socialists, a nice way of saying communists. They are toxic to Western society, how bout we deport them to those wonderful “socialist” countries if capitalism is so bad. I’ve spoken with many “spiritual” people online, they are massive aggressive hypocrites who’ll gladly take all the wealth for themselves and leave everyone to starve, like true communists. Don’t be fooled by “spiritual” people, they’re just communists with more mystical marketing techniques.

        1. Well, what happened to me was that I could appreciate other people’s practices when they don’t push it on me. I am able to listen to Christians, now, without dismissing them as all fundamentalists, and I believe there are Buddhists who are not trying to convert the world to their religion, same with Jews and Muslims I respect what they have chosen, even Vajrayanists if they don’t start stalking to find young girls for their practices. I see a person’s religion as being private, should be non-proselytising and I tend to gravitate to people who don’t make their spiritual experiences a ‘thing.’

      2. “I think it is an interesting discussion about why so many ex-religious Jews, ex-Catholics and ex-Mormons were attracted to Tibetan Buddhism. Not that many Episcopalians and Presbyterians, interestingly, unless they were the rich benefactors; …”

        Because fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants have to ask the rabbi or priest everything because the religion is all word-of-mouth-tradition is a Jewish and Catholic thing for sure (and maybe Mormon to some degree because who is going to bother to read the book of Mormon, its so boring). But Protestants generally will put more stock in scripture than a guru…although that seems to be changing or already changed maybe in 2016 when the leadership in most Prot churches came out TDS sufferers.

        Buddhism is that way because the dummies had no sense of when to close the canon. Tibetan Buddhism technically accepts the whole Theravada canon or its Chinese analog the Agamas (both of which are already too long) plus tons of sanskrit and Tibetan texts, secret tantras and so on. Its not readable. It would be like if there was a Tibetan Christianity where instead of just the Bible you had to read evwrything any Christian had ever written, and so people would just listen to priests rather than read scripture (Oh wait, that’s Catholicism, so it does exist).

        At least with the Theravada canon someone with sense and a decent knowledge of mystical Platonism can widdle it down and throw out the no-self BS suttas until they are left with the core of Buddhism. Mainly the Dhammapada and a bit of the Sutta Nipata. And that would be a Buddhism where there is a soul and the goal is to get that soul to the highest spiritual realm, similar to NeoPlatonism. Animal reincarnation can also be rejected since the Dhammapada in verse 126 only mentions 3 reincarnation realms: heaven, hell, and being born into a womb (presumably human since to describe animal reincarnation you’d need eggs for chickens and lizards).

        1. Dear jorgan x:

          So many interesting posts. I will take this one first. Yes, I have had the same thoughts that so many Catholics, and Jews, and Mormons, go to the priests, the rabbis, and the elders. That is the majority of Western Tibetan Buddhists, and the rest are former declared atheists that wind up in a religious fundamentalist guru worshipping cult, and get very adept at lying to fulfill their recruiting and plan to ‘save the world.’ Instead of realizing, long ago, (and I understand how deep the programming IS, inside the Lamas sticky net) that they were duped into a fanatic medieval religious circle of fundamentalist 8th-century religious totalitarians, whose main teachers, the high Lamas, were programmed themselves in deity and demon worship, and the worst hell realms, and are programmed since early days, (Atisha teachings) to find women physically disgusting. Why homosexuality is really encouraged in the monasteries. Where to you think some of the first transvestite partner, hundreds of years ago, for the higher monks came from, but from the ‘dancers’ in their Theatre Rituals, to scare and amuse the masses, in the monasteries. It was better to ‘sleep’ with a young monk than a young women. That’s what they told the lower monks; the young female consorts in their early teens were given to the High sick old Lamas.

          That’s why I say this androcentric transgender fluid movement (also thanks to Dzongsar’s San Francisco Sangha) and the general context of the Lamas’ world, where there is no self, no gender, no person left, is PROFOUNDLY MISOGYNISTIC because of its androcentric roots. Tantra makes the world crazy. It was NEVER meant to be taught to masses of people to make them anarchists, because Tantra is Anarchy. Merging it with Gramsci Marxism, speeds it up. What we are witnessing.

          China better be careful what they have embraced, again. This Guru Lama movement is now Big in China and Asia, already profoundly misogynistic for centuries, i.e. embracing the Lamas as the ‘spearhead’ of their World CCP Harmonious Buddhism, just like here, by the Progressive wealty elite since Madame Blavatsky times, who started ‘channeling’ the Lamas as part of her con game, and now we have real Lamas conning the whole world. The wealthy Chinese have been very attracted to the permission Tantric Buddhism of the Lamas give them; while taming the masses into mental slavery over time. China must forget how the Lamas took over Buddhism in Tibet and China once before. Both countries plunged into economic darkness for centuries. Tantra makes everything upside down. But Capitalist Billionaires in China, like here, love this Tantra, like they love all hedonistic and/or avantegarde lifestyle choices. We are witnessing the fruition of the truly stupid people, but rich, taking over the world.

          By the way, these are not ‘feminists’. this third wave, these are Progressive women who are completely confused now by what to reject or accept in their lives. It is awful to see. A sexist remark gets headlines, but rape by this Karmapa the 17th, roaming our halls in Congress, along with that trickster the Dalai Lama, from the wrathful Khan lineage, pretending to be a bodhisattva? Sick. He is part of the Green New Deal Movement i.e. the New World Order, for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, that they want liberals to keep watching CNN and think that is a conspiracy theory. Instead of the biggest real conspiracy the world has ever seen. DL attends World Economic Forums, with the other Godrealm Billionaires, who think they are superior beings too.

  3. Thanks Chris , greatly greatly appreciate your insight. I hope you checked out the video reference. it has to be watched all the way to be fully appreciated. Very funny.

    My ‘regret’ comment was the reference to Lion’s Roar as it was not true. Intended as a sarcastic joke , in hindsight I realized it did not come off that way.

    Cheers and Thank you!

  4. It’s interesting how things like Buddhism were branded and sold to the American people. Fuck Buddhism. An anti-human piece of shit philosophy, don’t forget these commie weirdos dismantling democracy with “mindfulness”. But really, fuck Buddhism. Only religions worse than it are Islam and Scientology and death cults, it’s that bad. I hate Buddhism, it pisses me off. I actually posted a thread on r/Buddhism criticizing the religion and I linked one of your articles and it was COMPLETELY deleted off the Internet, no joke! Looks like the commie mindfulness gangs run r/Buddhism, apparently.

    Buddhism has no place in America, just like Islam we should be concerned about it. But unlike Islam very few people recognize the dangers of Buddhism.

    1. These groups are proselytizing, indirectly. The western Tibetan Buddhists are in a full-blown cult and have enticed the Hindu Yoga crowd, the Zen Buddhists and Theravada Buddhists to join them. We have cults in our midst that the political Left made sure we couldn’t call them ‘cults’ anymore, but now ‘new religious movements.” That resulted in the major ones becoming billion-dollar Churches with no transparency to anyone, about how much they take in, what they use their money for, and this including Scientology; They become For-Profit ( Like Yogi Bhajan’s Yogi Tea and its Potato Chip line, that has Whole Foods and other major outlets supporting their Tantric Hindu cult. Or they say they are Non-Profit Corporations in fact. Often family affair for-profit corporations. Look at Shambhala.

      And most are missionaries on a fanatic quest. It is just the Three-Stream-Buddhism is pretending to be secular and NOT trying to recruit through, among other vehicles, their very own Mindfulness apps. And that it is tied into the Radical Left. Well, this was always true since Trungpa early days.

      But, thanks to the New Left and Eileen Barker, (out of the London School of Economics, a socialist-oriented school built on the Fabian model) we don’t call them dangerous cults, or even “cults’ anymore. We call them “new religious movements.” And give them the same status as traditional religions that could evolve to a separation of Church and State. These groups ALL see all other religions as heresy. They come from warring ethnic tribals times; a War Lord era. No one wants to admit this. Certainly not Progressive Lefties who are never wrong and always fanatically driven and morally right. But, how can these forms, straight from the medieval times, understand what the separation of Church and State means? They can’t. They are cult-like in their thinking because they ARE cults.

      I am sure there are many Buddhists in the world, that are not part of this Adi-Buddhist movement and are on an individual spiritual path. Just as there are Muslims who are not part of a Jihad with the West. The problem is, they become passive and don’t speak out and call these spin-off fundamentalist dangerous branches CULTS.

      1. While some very bad people were behind the movement to sell Buddhism in America, most of those who spread it were merely useful idiots to the monks and gurus at the top of the enlightenment shell game. Benevolent, yes, but lots of deadly movements do have good-intentioned and caring people being used as pawns for violent goals. I myself get a little uncomfortable when I see people doing things like meditation and yoga because I’ve learned some things about why Americans are doing those things and it’s not very pretty, although I think such activities can be beneficial, but still potentially dangerous especially their cultish origins.

  5. Ya Nick, but what about AlfieAestetics on youtube. Ya gotta like that!

    Or how about e. michael jones?

  6. i have surrendered to the jugu maxi blumen . no other has satiated the eaternal guest for a foundational reality in gin.

  7. I am a person that knows from personal experience that Tibetan Buddhism is a cult. And Dailai Lama is no Saint. In fact he is the opposite. What I have experienced and know is horrific.

    The obvious part about Dailai Lama and inviroment is that if you go to Dharamsala, you will find the worst polution and soulless powerty right outside Dailai Lama doorstep. Yet he travel the world preaching inviroment and Goodness.

    Also if I have spoke out about what I know and have experienced in Tibetan Buddhism I am either insane ore an agent from Beijiing. “Yes of corse, that sounds resonable”. I know I have said alot, trying get justice for what I have been subjected to. But Maybe it is time for people to wake up. And with all those people telling about either physical, emotional ore sexsual abuse and violence in Tibetan Buddhism, theese claims about anybody who speaks out are beginning to be ….

  8. Hi S,

    Yes, the Tibetan Lamas and their quickly programmed western suburban clones, who became Mindfully and Yoga-obsessed; religious fanatics over the GAIA religion; the Green New Deal I am sure the plan is to be the therapy-of-choice, Mindfulness that is; the choice for everyone still sane. To become soon one of the clones, too.

    You sound like you are from India? Experienced at least in another ‘center’ of this Climate Change Green New Deal Hoax; California is becoming Dharmsala . Homeless, beggars, land of a thousand Ashrams and Tibetan Lama Temples. Indians want to escape their caste system and Americans are clamoring to be India, 1230 A.D. or worse, Old Tibet. And now they are shitting in the streets in L.A., NYC, and San Francisco. Giving the homeless who have some incentive to work, the job of cleaning it up. Jobs like the outcaste system in India get to do. Rapes and sexual abuse are increasing in these cities. Not like India, yet. But soon. Both countries inundated with this Tantra. Tantra and poverty and Caste System and Sexual abuse of women, girls and boys. Always goes together. The very rich and the very, poor; kept poor by being taxed to death. No middle-class. . Like Old Tibet. That is the goal of Tantra. That is the goal of the Green New Deal: Cogs in a Cosmic Wheel.

    People in a meditative trance, enough of them, won’t see it. Won’t see anything they need to judge and stop, before it is too late.

    Sad. I bet there might be more Tibetans who are sick to death of these Lamas. After all, they have put up with them for a thousand-years are have a chance to be free if only enough Westerners would wake up.

  9. Someone said in a review on your book on amazon “The author completely misunderstands the purpose and experience of mindfulness meditation which has been practiced for thousands of years in all Buddhist and some Christian (under a different name, e.g, St. Teresa’s prayer of quiet) traditions.”

    Sadly I think since you mention mindfulness alot without explaining it, the idiots are able to pretend that its the same as something like a Catholic prayer. But its not. Mindfulness is “judge not that ye be not judged” taken to levels of absurdity. Sitting and letting every vile thought flow into your mind and not judging it. As they call it “sitting in non-judgemental awareness.”

    Now Buddha never taught that. The 8 fold noble path says the opposite, that judging thoughts as good and evil is right mindfulness, “abandoning already arisen evil thoughts” etc. (And yes, its good and evil not wholesome and unwholesome as these idiots want to change it to.)

    The problem with “minfulness” is that its actually mindlessness. Practicing letting every thought in your mind and not judging them not only increases intrusive thoughts (meaning it makes you crazy) but it makes you tolerate evil. That’s why they tolerate their gurus raping people.

    This not like the prayer of quiet described by St. Teresa which “has three distinct phases: (1) passive recollection, which is a sweet and loving absorption of the will in God by a special grace;” (this very one will involve moral judgment of thoughts as God’s will is always to be understood as a morally directed will in Christianity) “(2) quiet, properly so called, in which the will is captivated by God, whether it remains silent or prays with a sort of spiritual transport; (3) the sleep of the powers, when, the will remaining captive, the understanding ceases to discourse and is itself seized by God, although the imagination and the memory continue to be disturbed.”

    Now whatever that means (the 3rd one is to woo woo for me to grasp) it doesn’t mean never judging thoughts!

    1. Yes, they have a few years of mindfulness and think THEY are the experts. If I told you our group, the middle-class, well-educated but insecure middle-class, already brainwashed with Climate Cooling, Black Power, and the take-over of the Women’s movement by the Alinskyite Left, (Same thing going on today but on steroids after three generations) so that Maoist-friendly Lamas like Trungpa, the best at fooling the hippies and rock and roll crowd ( Phase I) could initiate their ( Phase 2) with us, and doing his long-haul Mindfulness til in a Camelot trance; the fringe Shambhala group who were kept from Tantra as long as possible if they were too naive; a path called ‘secular Buddhism, what a laugh, with more in common with occult Satanism in its amorality and anarchist view, so we would be his change agents and shastras, teacher recruiters and Mindfulness purveyors; the experts in Mindfulness such, that we didn’t know we were in a full-blown cult, that happened quickly. That’s how good that cult technique was, connected with sexual abuse, a NXIVM, and MK-Ultra double whammy mind control. There were six thousand of us, and many fringe fans, thanks to Oprah ahd K.D. Lang. And, add 400 graduates spreading into psychology and social work every year, for almost 50 years, infiltrating now into ‘Wellness clinics” and is it any surprise that Mindfulness is everywhere now. But some, WILL wake up, despite the programming. It’s what you do with it afterwards that counts. But most were going to teach Mindfulness to everyone, those already with past university professors who had brainwashed us into Marxism, and Climate Cooling, and now Mindfulness’s “do not judge” and then ‘do not even perceive’ reality anymore.

      Let ‘rape’ go; “let it fall apart” after all, its only a thought. Those are the New Feminists, who are also Tantric practitioners, who can believe two things at once, and have fragmented minds. Then add Ttwitter and Facebook for more distraction? and iPhone Black Boxes, Skinner’s goal in the mix, only we are outside the little boxes now, but just as behaviorally controlled). Is it any wonder that the third generation of ‘feminists’ seem like walking contradictions or bullies?

      We analyzed it from every perspective: Midndfulness of Body, Mindfulness Breath, Mindfulness of Exertion and Mindfulness of Mind. For Years, while chanting our praises to these despots on thrones. These people have only touched the surface of what they know about Mindfulness and how it was taught to most all of the early students of this form. I was a very diligent student, I studied a lot, and did every program, up to a month of Dzogchen which is “Mindfulness without Mindfulness” basically, and is the peak of the ‘no good, no bad’ amoral Tantra of Space, so that you become even less than a hologram of your former self. BIG MIND is the goal. Perfect for North Korea, China’s future plans and the Regionalization of World Citizens with this Mindfulness Trance. Ever look at movies of North Korea? That’s the world’s future, the same configuration that all dictatorships have, this one a religiously fascist one with a smiley face; a spacious future in harmony with LOTS OF SPACE and very few people enjoying the best of things. The rest will be permanent serfs and slaves, sexual objects for the pleasures of the wealthy elite. Like in Epstein’s blackmail book. Never heard these so-called feminists say a word about any of what everyone saw in plain site. It takes a whistle-blower who knows. Who tells, because their reasoning, ordinary and clear perception breaks through, to blow the thing apart, at least for a while.

      But Anti-Cult sites, with ICSA leading the way with cult-apologist ( according to Singer and LaLich) Eileen Barker, a Marxist anthropologist who believes that ONLY ACADEMICS SHOULD DETERMINE WHAT IS A CULT hubris view) and an anti-cult site filled with Progressive psychologists, many the same-thinking as graduates from Naropa, all on the same conforming page, went along with ‘calling a cult a cult’, taboo, for the last 25 years. Barker’s idea. Worse, the trope inside this anti-cult site, was that ‘whistleblowers couldn’t be believed.” They were too subjective and emotional and damaged. Neat trick if you wnat some cults to flourish; and others to be hidden. So, there are many factors coming together, what the real meaning of ‘karma’ means, i.e. ’causes and conditions coming together’ and then parting. dispersing, changing. Not this fatalist view of karma that the Tibetan Lamas have that they have been soaking the West in; that kept people in their place and women praying to be reborn a man. People think it means ‘what goes around comes around” but its much worse than that. Fatalism. Marxist Tibetans used to be critical of Lamas but not now. Left Fascists now admire other Facist States with a religion to back their equally disastrous Utopian views.

      How many people in the U.S. enjoyed those masks and don’t want to give them up. There is a terrible coldness, global coldness from these Left Fascists. Corporate Fascists. Engaging in Scientism now, and calling its science. “Believe the Science.” Lying is perfectly alright in Tantra” if it converts everyone to GROUPMIND. The Last stage of the Lamas’ Mindfulness. GROUPMIND.

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