Catholic Priests Deal With Past Sexual Abuse by Embracing the Sexually Abusive Tantra of Tibetan Lamas

The Catholic Church has decided to embrace the Tibetan Tantra of the Occult as part of their new ‘ecumenism’ under Pope Francis, the Marxist.

And now, it appears, they are again ignoring their own rampant sexual abuse.  Not surprising.  The influence of Tantra evolves into acceptance of deception, amorality, fluid values, and even pedophilia and sexual exploitation of its devotees.

Now,  we find out that this Pope, Pope Francis, who  is a big supporter of the new wave of  Globalist Religious Syncretism pushed by the  U.N.- supported  ‘religious unity’, along with a Communist agenda, has big plans for the rest of us, has allegedly been covering-up for the continued sexual abuse of the congregation and acolyte seminarians.

What few people know is the  Catholic Church is being inundated with Mindfulness;  a particular form of meditation and the  first cult technique the Lamas used on us, to get us to eventually behave as a mindless herd,  soon ignoring egregious abuse in our own groups. Our reason and common sense atrophied.

Mindfulness, you see, supports amorality because it teaches people to no longer ‘judge’ right from wrong, or things that are dangerous, discriminatory to women, and harmful to children;  even to accept pedophilia, and female harems, and its sexual abuse as ‘no big deal.’

It teaches its millions of devotees that any judgments about these things is a failure to realize that all things are ‘pure in themselves’ and are an conceptual  ‘illusion’ that ultimately creates a mindset of  ‘anything goes.’

So, of course, the Catholic Church’s leadership, embracing this form of meditation, called Mindfulness, might soon be very defensive  about sexual abuses, again.

To underline its partnership with Tantra and Mindlessness,  the Catholic Church recently  had a Festival of Faiths,  in April of 2018, in Louisville Kentucky, co-sponsored by the archdiocese of the Cathedral of the Assumption; part of the movement of World Religious Syncretism embraced by the U.N.

Their  featured  festival speakers, were no other than three of the most ardent enablers of the egregious sexual abuser, Lama Sogyal of Rigpa, recently exposed again, for physical and sexual abuse and harem-keeping of his devotees.

The most ardent supporters and protectors of Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’ are  clearly part of organizing the theme of this year’s Catholic Church festival,  and are the representatives of the new misnomered Sacred Feminism:  the Tibetan Lamas’ sexual consorts’  made-up faux-feminism disguise, created to first purposely dumb-down Western women, and now all Catholic women, if they can,  by confusing them at a very deep spiritual and cultural level.

Here is the promotional material for this faux feminist, New Age Catholic Church festival, promoted by the mayor of Louisville:

Speakers and artists from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions examine the Feminine aspects of God, non-dual thinking, the wisdom of the natural world, suffering healing emotional intelligence and creativity. The Festival seeks to offer deeper insight into the Sacred Feminine in all of us.”

Non-dual thinking is code for Tantra; emotional intelligence is what is to replace reason.

Do these bishops not know these  Tantric medieval priests, these Tibetan Lamas, delusionally believe they can transmute their own semen, by having sex with young females, change it into immaterial essence,  and then shoot it up backward, through their imaginary channels and chakras  to the top of their heads, for their  Hindu Tantric Shakti-enlightenment experiences? Females, preferably between the ages of eleven and twenty years old?  So they can, the Lamas believe, become androgynous, androcentric Chakravartins, i.e. Lords of the Universe?  That’s what they mean by “celebrating the Divine Feminine within.”

Do they not  know, these Catholic priests with their Masters’ Degrees in Divinity and often students of comparative religions, that the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Prophecies predict  these Tibetan lamas will take over the world,  by first weakening and then destroying other Semitic religions, like the Catholic Church,  through Tantric non-duality influences of no-right, no wrong;  i.e. the Tantra of Lamaism?  Closer to Satanism, in fact helped spread Satanism, Atheism and amorality amongst the general populations where they take up headquarters, which is all around the world. Tantra is about creating  chaos to help itself spread.

Or worse, maybe there are still pedophiles in the Catholic Church, who are very excited about embracing Tantra, that embraces pedophilia,  and keeping all females nailed down? After all, pedophilia of young boy monks is rampant in the Tibetan Lamaist monasteries.

The Catholic Church’s profound ignorance of these things, even by so-called scholars of comparative religions is not surprising,  since a very Deep State has kept the general population ignorant of what the Dalai Lama actually represents, and  has these Marxist-prone young acolytes in the Catholic Church, foolishly embracing these  Tantric priests and their female enablers,  with their so-called  “Divine Feminine”, allowing it to spearhead and infiltrate our traditional religions and increase  confusion among the populace  at  this Festival of Faiths in Louisville, Kentucky, co-sponsored by the Archdiocese of the Cathedral of the Assumption:

The Key Note Speakers and organizers of this Non-Duality, Faux-Feminism Festival of Faiths  are: Sharon Salzberg,   long-time devotee and protector of the notorious Lama Sogyal of Lakar;   Elizabeth Mattis, ex-wife of the Lama, Dzigar Kontrol,  who keeps his own serial consorts on retreat in the Rocky Mountains, while there with his wife, had and still is  protected Sogyal,  and Tsoknyi Rinpoche,  best friend Lama and protector of his ‘mentor’  Lama Sogyal,  who has been  outed  in July, 2017, as one of the worst of the many Tibetan lama abusers of women in this medieval cult of  pretend Buddhism.

This  Lamaist-enabling triad, of Salzberg,  Lama Tsoknyi  and Mattis  have been working diligently together,  since the documentary came out in 2011 about Sogyal of Lakar and his egregious sexual and physical abuses of his students.  They tried, unsuccessfully to protect him, since this last scandal: although they did in the process, as part of their damage control campaign,  create their faux-feminist movement, their Dakini Power ruse, despite Sogyal being finally  forced out and  hiding out in Thailand now, to avoid extradition for criminal charges in France.

Then died suddenly, his ‘limited hang-out’ use no longer needed.

Just like their Tibetan  Chinese Communist Karmapa was hiding out in New Jersey, after criminal charges were taken against him for money laundering in Himachal Pradesh. Hoping to get ‘refugee status’ as a plotter and underminer, by stealth,  of our democracy;  part of China’s soft power in the West.

Now rape charges, totally covered up by the media, have been taken against him in France; the only country its seems who go after ‘sects’ i.e. cults.

Here is the documentary about one charming predator lama,  Sogyal, who has fled the countries  of Ireland and France, and the U.S. to parts unknown where he can’t be extradited from, for criminal charges:

Cowards.  Who always take a runner, when the going gets tough.  Just like in Tibet, 1959.

Now, it seems,  the Catholic Church has decided that the best way to deal with their own past sexual abuse is to join up with an even worse clutch of priests, whose  Tantric non-dual teachings have actually institutionalize sexual abuse and given it ‘religious legitimacy’ like all fundamentalist polygamist cults do; who  also keep harems of women, beat their devotees, and humiliate them and corrosively control their minds,  as part of their ‘blessings’ from their Lama gurus; their  ‘living Buddhas.’

The Catholic dioceses have decided, apparently, that the best way to attract new Catholics, and keep old ones, in their Catholic congregations, is to become part of the New Age medieval  GAIA religion, promoting itself as the new ‘secular spirituality’;  a term coined by the Dalai lama, to help undermine all western traditional religions, particularly Christianity and Catholicism to create his Adi-Buddha world.

Way to go Archbishops of the Catholic Church in America!

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Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Priests Deal With Past Sexual Abuse by Embracing the Sexually Abusive Tantra of Tibetan Lamas”

  1. Thank you for the in depth exposé of Tibetan Buddhism and it’s insidious activities.

    I myself have had experience of Guru Yoga and it’s horrors in the cult of a self-styled Crazy Wise American Guru who died a few years ago, so I understand completely what you and others went through.

    The One World Religion Shamballa Ideal ( coopted/corrupted by the Theosophical Movt) is, if one investigates deeper, tied to the Z**** Jesuit International Cult of Freemasonry which worships Enki Ea Lucifer Satan Shiva, and presumably syncretized with Plans for J*****One World Govt. and Greater Is**** Plan unfolding before our eyes now; a cult which exercises total patriarchal control over every aspect of modern life through all it’s various secret and not so secret branches and organisations – financial ,spiritual, media and alternative media (mostly controlled opposiition).

    Dalai Lama has recently mentioned in a recent talk of kinship of Tibetan people’s with the J*** on account of their Persecution.

    Hopefully this will help you to connect the dots..Political Z***** and Tibetan Shamballic Utopianism share a very similar chilling aim it would appear.

    Listen to Christopher Jon Bjerknes on YT channel :TheRapeOfJustice

    1. Causes and conditions come together, that allow the usual wealthy elite, who believe they are gods now, hook up with priests, in this case Tibetan Lamas, who have been fooling other religious groups, and their priestly bunch, with their Tantra and Mahayana Buddhist, ecumenical’ disguise. All these religious groups are in the mix; Tantra embraces anything that has to do with power and wealth and with those who want to pin all female energy down.

      Right now it’s Malthusian billionaires. Yesterday it was Mongolian War Lords. I don’t go with the Zionist conspiracy because I believe it has the same dangerous potential it always had. That made Germany go crazy on its own people. It is to create another hate group that is really saying “It’s the Jews fault!” Very dangerous. Like being back in 1933 in more ways than one.

      What is dangerous is that these cult groups, of every tradition and persuasion, have spun off and formed an alliance with each other, and they are of every ethnic and religious group.

      We should conduct a investigation into their tax-free status, immediately and their corruption and fraud, the sexual abuse and pedophilia in these groups. That is being protected by a church status that they should never have had.

  2. Dear Barbelo:

    I did watch the video. Until I realized it was the usual Zionist stuff that I think has been creating hate against Jews with its Elders of Zion popular since Germany in the 30’s and probably before, and we saw how that turned out. May I say, that David Sheen is focusing on Israel, and what he calls the far-right. However, I can say that this ‘Balkanization” of the problem is exactly what the Tibetan Lamaist/Kalachakra Apocalyptic Prophecy and now implementation wants, i.e. to create chaos and conflict with Tantra, particularly among Jews, Christians and Muslims. That is what their longed-for Kalachakra Third World War they predict hopes for. Where at the end, they delusionally believe it will leave the Lamas spiritually in charge, perhaps with China as the corporatist part of the equation.

    The point is that the patriarchy is alive and well in all religious sects, but nowhere is it more dangerous than in this Tibetan Lamaist movement of Tantric influence, that first causes confusion, and then great chaos, as planned, among traditional values of Western civilization, particularly the democratic values, and where there is an increase of women’s rights,( like in Israel, or Asia and particularly in North America and Europe) only to move in, with their ‘final solution’ of the peace, love and, harmony they pretend for the West, while they destroy women’s rights while saying they are improving them. Where the lamas had sexual consorts for their ‘higher practices’ just for them and their wealthy benefactors.

    THIS is the ‘spiritual model’ now, not of the right, but the more radical left progressives, as well as a growing number of Conservative, Dominionist Christians; the C-Street Christians, who think it is just fine. Bush loved the Dalai Lama, So did Obama. So does our Communist Pope, and our muddled-headed Archbishop of Canterbury. The Dalai Lamas are a despotic kleptocracy, that to survive, always sucks up to the powerful and wealthy. They don’t care what religion or party-affiliation they are, as long as they can fool their powerful heads.

    I suggest that you explore the Kalachakra Prophecies, what Tibetan Lamaism is based on, while using a Mahayana facade. Deception is part of the Tantric “Law of Inversion” which is taking moral values of a culture, and turning them upside down, to more easily weaken a group or nation, to destroy it . The violent Khans loved the Tantra; they understood it well. As did the Chinese in their Art of War; using deception as the first, and ubiquitous weapon. So I would suggest it is the left of the Jews in Israeli, not the right, who are being the most fooled to no longer use their excellent critical faculties to see patterns and dangers in this most anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and and anti-Christian, faux- Buddhist religion. In fact, all traditional religions we were taught to see as ‘heretics’ to their One True Way Tantra, that comes in on cat’s feet.

  3. Very interesting seeing the divide and conquer strategy being used. But let’s also not forget our “traditional western values” of women’s rights are fairly recent and for a long time oppression of women was the tradition. Yes we should protect our secular liberal society from these greedy lama predators who hate women but let’s not ignore our own history.

    Anyways, good read and thanks for educating people about this ancient cult that has infiltrated the media!

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