The Western Tibetan Buddhist Manchurian Candidates

Shambhala and Rigpa Inner Circles in Cover-up Collusion in U.S. and Europe.  Right after Sogyal’s Abuses exposed  they have a ‘joint mindfulness month’ that would re-program all the students to keep their vows of secrecy and obedience to their Lamas.

Manchurian candidates.  The Western ‘leadership’ of the Lamas’  biggest coup: Educated westerners to fool more educated Westerners that Tantric Buddhism is ‘fabulous’, ‘enlightening’ and just what you need to ‘save the world and yourself.’

Like Sharon Salzberg does: fools educated Westerners, and many politicians on the right and the left. Change agents for China are about creating an equity of stupidity, whether they know it or not. I suspect, since Sharon is such an enabler of so many pedophile-promoting and sexually abusive Lamas, that she is in denial about sexual abuse in her life.  Not uncommon in these sanghas.

Salzberg, whose first guru was  Chogyam Trungpa, serial abuser, cat abuser, harem-keeping, cocaine user/alcoholic, and then Sogyal Rinpoche, who also abused his monks, nuns and lay people and kept a harem of western women, like Trungpa.  But, Sharon is teaching about ‘white privilege,’ in between putting people in a Mindfulness trance.  “Yes, Sharon,  you are so brilliant. Tell us more. ” Like that Sharon’s new, cuddly teddy-bear Lama, Tsoknyi, is someone who teaches  that “he is a product of a deity and a human” and sits on his Tibetan Lama Priviledged Throne. Like they all do. But, don’t notice.

Despite both organizations, Shambhala International and Rigpa International, exposed in a very public way, in 2017-2018,  for egregious abuses by their leaders and inner circles, including pedophilia and sexual grooming  in Trungpa’s Shambhala group, they are both carrying on,  thanks to their die-hard devotees who have added ‘white privilege teachings’ to their Mindfulness schtick.

Making abused, or potentially abused, white women in these groups feel they deserve it.  Their ‘karma’ after all.  That’s what Progressive Western Tibetan Buddhists used to say about Black people and their suffering. “It’s there karma,” until they were WOKE.

These Western Buddhist administrators have all kinds of ways to make money for themselves with their ‘charitable’ foundations, ‘sustainability and mindfulness’ blogs, and now ‘white privilege’ programs,  that funnel monies into their gurus and Lamas.

I wonder if Sharon will tell the targeted, minority communities that the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, the head of her Mindfulness Movement, kept slaves, himself, sixty years ago, and his people in a semi-starvation state?  No?

Or that Dan Harris, a Mindfulness pimp, is the brother of Sam Harris who has used a ‘Reason’  disguise for the last several decades while being a stone-cold devotee of the Dalai Lama, Sharon Salzberg, and a favorite western shill for the Lamas’ peak of irrational teachings: Dzogchen.  Causing all this amoral, ‘no right, no wrong’ sentiment in cult-heavy California, New York City and other Progressive  cities and states. No?

But, they will talk a lot about ‘white privilege’ and hating the United States and their slavery past; a past where not one person who kept slaves is still alive; not for over a hundred years.  Not true about Tibetan Lamaism.  There are many people still alive from slave-keeping Tibet;  like the 14th Dalai Lama.

None of them mention that the 14th Dalai Lama’s regime was chopping off  a hand for stealing a goat pre-1959  in the mid-20th  CENTURY:

Punishment for Stealing A Goat
Tibetan Lamas’ Compassion

Ethan Nichtern along with fellow New York Shambhala Director, and MNDFL mindfulness entrepreneur, Lodro Rinzler, both accused of sexual abuse, along with their Guru, Sakyong Mipham, all resigned from Shambhala International as Shastri ( minor teachers and Head Throne Holder in their Tantric cult).

New York is now inundated and soaked with Tibetan Lamaism. It is where the Dalai Lama has his Tibet House, and lobbying group and the Chinese Communist Karmapa has his digs in Upper State New York. It is where Shambhala International has long been a much-too- influential-factor in politics. It’s where the Kagyu Lamas, the head sect of Shambhala International, has been helping to make progressive liberals crazy for a very long time. It is where New York politicians have approved a thirteen-million-dollar Dalai Lama Museum, to honor a thousand-year-old- slave and permanent serf-keeping theocracy who kept their own people in mass poverty and oppressed; lopping off arms and legs, and gouging out eyes, for minor offenses. 

Ethan Nichtern and Shambhala New York are good pals with former disgraced Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman also pretended to be part of the #me-too movement. But, when his abuse was exposed, he was forced to resign. No criminal charges, like none against these abusive lamas, will be filed against Schneiderman for his assault on women.

I wonder how big the payoff may have been in all these cases?   Was it as big as Lama Sogyal’s in 1994?  Rumored in the millions so Sogyal could continue his egregious abuses for another twenty-five years?   Thanks to someone like the Dalai Lama and his McMindfulness Lama enablers,  Like Nichtern, and Sam Harris, and the new  ‘diversity-mongers,” like Sharon Salzberg and Lama Rod.

Few people knew, and no one reported it, that Schneiderman was a Shambhala International member and a big fan. Even though his disgrace occurred closely in time to Shambhala International’s Little Empire’s shame and exposure.  This should have been part of Schneiderman’s story, as well.  But the usual cover-up propaganda news, pretending to be mainstream, stopped that.  Too important to let the Tibetan Lamas and the Dalai Lama and his Eco-Karmapa, in bed with New York’s political machinery these days, continue to build out their neo-feudal infrastructure in New York State to be ready when that State goes completely rogue. It’s already at that point, now.

Schneiderman and Salzberg often spoke together with  Nichtern about mindfulness, and the intersection of political activism and mindfulness, while hypocritically insinuating themselves in the #MeToo movement and toting their hidden baggage of sexual abuse the size of Mt. Meru.

Nichtern and Salzberg, along with Attorney Schneiderman, have big plans for New York with MINDFULNESS  becoming a “profound political act.” The Green New Deal’s religious part to create a “Sacred America”:  The New Left’s Spiritual Face.

When you have any form of Buddhism used as the religion of the State?  You get Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Tibet, or Myanmar.  Or the New China. Or Bhutan, where women believe they should be beaten if they burn the dinner. 

Now, Three-Stream Buddhism activists want their amalgam Buddhism to be the religion of the world.   I don’t think this would be a very good idea.

Shambhala International, where dharma brats  (second generation members of this cult) have accused their feckless leader, Mipham the No Longer Great, Trungpa’s son, of blow-jobs in the bathroom while his wife was recovering from her first child;  coerced threesomes in the bedroom, and serial sexual encounters,  sexual grooming of young girls at their Shambhala indoctrination Sun Camps, and even rape.

Shambhala International and Rigpa International are part of the same ‘overarching hierarchy and network’ of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute and its Mindlessness International Seminars for Globalists who hope for a world Buddhocracy domination in the near future as the World Citizenship Religion.

Lamaism and Han Buddhism Syncretized for the World’s Religion of the Future-China style.

Like their gurus, these cult devotees take the ‘long view.’  But they are gaining more traction as they infiltrate into every western educational and cultural institution, thanks to their mindfulness movement’s spread and their recent explicit alliance with the Utopian Radical Left and its ambitions.

Shambhala International and Rigpa International are Siamese twins in cover-up and damage control for the Tibetan Lamas and their occult Tantric Buddhism here to dumb the world down. Nothing happens in their stuck ‘non-duality’  world.  

Shambhala International and Rigpa International collude to make sure no one goes to the police about the sexual abuse and to keep Western Buddhists, and the Progressive Liberals they recruit, dumbed down and in a mindfulness trance so they can keep promoting their World Buddhocracy Movement.

The #Me-too movement was further compromised when Islamic fanatics, Hollywood and Tibetan Lamas and their western devotees’ #me-too-guru movement and the Establishment Buddhist Swamp took it over. Namaste GAIA.

But then, it already had Linda Sarsour,  head of the “Pussy March’;  another devotee of misogynist clerics who pretends to be a ‘feminist’ to help her own radical stream of Islam nail all female energy down.

 The movement was already hijacked.

By the way, this canceled retreat of Salzberg’s at the Garrison Institute was funded by the same Frederick Lenz, now dead, a  New Age advocate, accused of sexual abuse himself in the 1980s, and dying under mysterious circumstances.  His organization is now funding Tantra as ‘Buddhism’;   and “Women in Buddhism” as well as the flagship magazines of Tantra, like Tricycle; and Sogyal’s Tenzin Gyatso Institute, named after the Dalai Lama;  and still operating in the United States to bring more medieval Lamas, on the prowl, into our academic institutions. It is also funding Lama Rod and Trungpa’s Naropa Tantric Institute; now a University pretending to be a regular liberal arts place of learning; while under the Communist Karma Kagyu Tibetan Lamaist Hierarchy.

Website Listing of their hundreds of centers in North America includes Naropa Institute, spewing out hundreds of Tantra-infused and confused graduates every year: CCP change agents and China’s Manchurian candidates to help ‘assassinate’ Western reason.


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Birds of a feather always flock together, and the more things change, the more they remain the same; unless enough of us  wake up. And quick.

Progressives are a very dangerous group. Always have been, since Madame Blatvatsky days when she brought her craziness to Manhattan wealthy elite; always the most easily duped; just like today, but common sense American journalists then declared her a FRAUD.

Where are those journalists now? They are promoting the frauds instead.

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.  Copyright 2020