Rigpa Publishes Result of Independent Investigation of Sogyal of Lakar : The More Things Change the More They Remain the Same

No Criminal Charges Against Sogyal, So Far

Sogyal Will Go, But the Tibetan Lamaist Lineages and their Western Enablers of Institutionalized Sexual Abuse Will Remain

The overriding hierarchy of institutionalized sexual abuse of Tibetan Lamas, legitimized by their Tantric teachings,  who have coordinated the cover-up of their sexual abuses for the past forty-five years, with the help of  their western enablers, a naive public and the main stream media,  breathes a sigh of relief, today.

The Rigpa independent investigation allows Tibetan Lamaism, the root cause of  all this sexual and other abuses– its thousand-year-old  Tantric guru yoga cult,  posing as the ‘highest Buddhism’ – to remain undiscovered and still off the radar.

The investigation report of Lewis Silkin states:

Whilst I have seen evidence that many people feel that they have benefitted greatly from having Sogyal Lakar as their teacher, individual experiences are very different. There are varying degrees of closeness to Sogyal Lakar, with the closest relationships regularly referred to as the “inner circle”. The experiences of some of the members of the inner circle are very different from the experiences of many of those who are less close.

Not all of the allegations against Sogyal Lakar are upheld . . . but based on the evidence available to me, I am satisfied that, on the balance of probabilities:

a. some students of Sogyal Lakar . . . have been subjected to serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse by him; and

b. there were senior individuals within Rigpa who were aware of at least some of these issues and failed to address them, leaving others at risk.

Rigpa with its 100-plus centers around the world, released their own statement ‘acknowledging the gravity of the report’ and that they are ‘contemplating their role as an organization’ and how they “ may have contributed to this situation.

There will clearly be no criminal charges against Sogyal Rinpoche,  favorite of the Dalai Lama, for  having kept an illegal harem or beating, humiliating, sexually and physically abusing his students, for over forty years,  and for absconding to parts unknown to avoid extradition; at least not so far.

Rigpa will continue to “offer courses, programmes, seminars and retreats led by Rigpa teachers (the same inner circle that enabled the abuse, one presumes) and, most significantly the “visiting teachers and lamas, especially from the ‘ancient’ Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.”

In other words, from the same Tantric Lamaist lineages, particularly the ‘ancient’ i.e medieval  Nyingma lineage, that requires sexual consorts, as all these Lamaist lineages do, for their ‘higher practices’ to reach enlightenment. So, the continued sexual abuse in these Lamaist centers  is a given, since it is seen, in their Vajrayana teachings,  as a mere conceptual reality with no substance; a view that ‘all is an illusion’ and there is ‘ no good-no bad’ and those who see sexual abuse as ‘real’ are of inferior faculty’.

Further, the  same inner cabal of sexually-abusive and/or sexually enabling lamas, are planning to continue thought-controlling the membership in the ‘no-right, no wrong’ Tantra to ensure all this gets buried again.  How many times do we have to go through this before someone in the public reports this abuse to the authorities?   Such as the investigators?

The  Rigpa Report, minus the victims statements  can  be found here:


A necessary start is filing criminal charges against these lamas like Sogyal and the Shambhala leader, Osel Mukpo.  Those programmed deeply inside these Tibetan Lamaist cults,  with fear and undue influence, that continues, are not going to do that without a public outcry.

Leaving it up to cult members to report abuse,  and take criminal charges against their abusers,  is leaving these victims of abuse still unprotected.

There should be a public outcry by now, starting with these ‘investigators.”  Where is their  courage?  Where is their legal obligation as officers of the law to take federal charges against these abusers, for breaking the law, whose gurus even state publicly they are ‘above Western law” ?

After what they have seen and heard, don’t they have an obligation to report these criminal offenses to the proper authorities?

© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C. A. G. S.


This Sexual Abuser Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To See

Sogyal Rinpoche: “Harvey Weinstein has nothing on this person,” says one of his former students.Why is the mainstream media ignoring this Elephant in the Room?

Is it because, once they peel the curtain back on this little sexually abusive, the late predator Lama,  Lama Sogyal Rinpoche, best friend of the Dalai Lama and his major benefactor, helping to spread Mindfulness throughout the West, the whole edifice of deception, corruption, cover-ups of  institutional sexual abuse, and Shangri-la pretenses will be exposed?

Never mind that these Tibetan lamas have fooled a large part of the Western psychology profession, most  all of journalism, and certain parts of academia as well as CEO’s of major corporations.  Those who also want to jump on the billion-dollar Mindfulness bandwagon; the first cult technique these Tibetan lamas used to get us to think as a herd.

Perhaps it is also because the  news media coverage, for the last twenty-five years, of  Saint Dalai Lama, keeper of slaves and life-time serfs less than sixty years ago, is one of the icons of the Hollywood jet-set, certain politicians like Nancy Pelosi,  Congressman Tim Ryan,  academics, like Uma’s dad- Robert Thurman,  and such Hollywood stars, as Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sharon Stone, the list goes on and on,  who will now be seen, not just as  enablers of Weinstein, but also of the Tantric cult of Tibetan Lamaism and its Tantra that has infused Hollywood with its amorality and  sexual abuse for the last four decades, given it permission for their long history of accepting this behavior as ‘normal.’


Hollywood and Tantric Sex
Richard Gere with not one, but two Sexually Abusive Tantric Lamas

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Little “Precious” Dzongzar Khyentse – One of Hollywood’s Favorite Tibetan Lamas, Offers Definitive Proof that Vajrayana Tantra is a Cult

Here is the recent post put on the ‘Damage Control’ Limited Hang-Out Site, the  Internal Pretense of Rigpa’s  ‘WHAT NOW” ; Another ‘Deep Listening” Event to make it seem  these Tibetan Lamas and their sexual abuse enablers can ever change.

Yesterday Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche sent a letter to Bernie S in reply to a letter Bernie sent to him last August. The August letter was published on the How Did it Happen Blog and a link to it was posted here. Rinpoche requested that we also post a link to his reply. It begins with ….

Dear Bernie,

I am sorry for not responding much sooner to your letter of 23rd August. The main reason is that I’m just so lazy but also pretend to be busy – a pretence that ends up actually making me busy. In fact, I had started to respond to your letter months ago but somehow never got around to finishing this return letter till now.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Dzongsar the  ‘precious,’   and his double-messaging of Tantra, to keep all the Rigpa western students,  and those aspiring to become the Lamas’ slaves, in a state of perpetual confusion and double-binds.  

Lama’s take different parts: With this letter, written by the usual scriveners, Dzongsar is coming in for the kill, after everyone, for seven months,  has been lulled into the fantasy that things could change;  that these  Lamas and their inner circle, will listen to complaints of sexual abuse;  that the Dalai Lama means it, when he says ‘speak out”;  that there will be a more ‘democratic process’ inside these  gaggles of misogynistic  sanghas,  each one obeying some guru above them, except for the Dalai Lama. He only answers  to a Corporate Plutocracy, now that China’s back on board, with Chinese corporate billionaires loving  the  Tibetan Lamas again, after a minor blip in their own history. The Tibetan Lamas are China’s  soft power around the world. This has made the ‘little precious ones,’ like Lama Dzongsar and Lama Sogyal, quite bold: 

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche on Vajrayana Buddhism

21st February, 2018

Dear Bernie,

I am sorry for not responding much sooner to your letter of 23rd August. The main reason is that I’m just so lazy but also pretend to be busy – a pretence that ends up actually making me busy. In fact, I had started to respond to your letter months ago but somehow never got around to finishing this return letter till now.

However, I want to assure you that, because the Buddhadharma and especially the Vajrayana are dear to my heart,  (and his bank accounts, sic) I  do pay attention as much as time allows to what you and others write. So, from my heart, I want to offer my sincere appreciation for the great effort and thoughtfulness you and many others have been putting into the dialogue of the past seven months.

As you know, I am about to visit a few Rigpa sanghas in Europe. I don’t know how much I can achieve there, but I will try my best to address some of the issues that have been raised in the past seven months. I know people have said and will continue to say that I am trying to “have it both ways”. But more likely I think I will be upsetting both camps!

Lama Dzongsar,  and all Tibetan lamas, always have it both ways, by double-binding their students; the classic cult technique, to keep them confused; unable to make any decisions based on their own ethics, values and reason.  What all these Tibetan Lamas, like Dzongsar, are here to destroy. 

 Reason is ‘crushed’ in Tantra, and particularly in Dzogchen, the most occult of the Lamas’s teachings. Reason is explicitly taught to be a grave obstacle on the spiritual path. from the beginning ,by the Tantric-infused teachings and the mindfulness meditation techniques, that eliminates all discriminating judgments based on a westerner’s reason and good sense. So helpful for the lamas, later on.

Anyway, I was determined to finish my response to your 23rd August letter, Bernie, before starting these Rigpa centre talks, in part because I want to quote you in public there. I wanted you to be aware that I intend to do that and hope you don’t mind. But I think this could be useful, as several of the issues you have raised are on many people’s minds.

I would also have liked to respond in writing to other articles, like for example Tahlia Newland’s recent one on whether Vajrayana Buddhism is a cult religion, but just haven’t had the time in recent days to do so. I’ll just say briefly here that I fully agree with her overall conclusion that Vajrayana Buddhism per se and in its essence is not a cult religion but that certain Vajrayana communities have the potential to become cults, as do communities in other religions.

Here Dzongsar reinforces the idea that it is only certain Vajrayana lama groups, and their rogue lamas, that are acting cult-like, with the ‘potential to become cults’.  What could he mean by this? Since all the Tibetan lamas of every sect teach the same thing?  Guru-worship of them. But in the next paragraphs Dzongsar reinforces that  ‘perfect teachers,’ which they all consider themselves to be, can act immoral and criminal and it is just fine. 

Constant Double messaging. It becomes obvious to those not part of this cult religion. 

 As for the arguments she presented, I’ve been asked by Rigpa in my upcoming talk at Lerab Ling to address exactly the question she asked in her title – namely, is Vajrayana Buddhism a cult religion? So, I do hope to address there some of the issues she raised in her two articles.

Yes, it should be a current cult member who tells the world whether their Vajrayana is a cult religion. Not those who actually escape, and get their reasoning skills back, again. Only those, still under the lamas’ thumbs, should be able to address whether their Lamaist Vajrayana is a cult religion. Apparently  most anti-cult sites in the United States, agree,  with a few exceptions, no longer feel free to define them, and call them out. Too politically correct, a term coined by Mao. They keep letting the abusive, coercive, mind-controlling behavior of these Tibetan lamas,  go scott-free.  

Of course, there are many other important issues that other writers have raised in the past seven months. I know I can’t cover even a portion of these, but will certainly try to address some of the key questions in the coming sessions in Europe – without any expectation that my responses will satisfy anyone.

But for now, this letter belatedly focuses on some of the key issues that you, Bernie, raised in your 23rd August letter to me.

  • What you and others express reinforces my main observation that some Rigpa students were not properly prepared and warned about the Vajrayana path and commitments. And that is not your fault, but absolutely Sogyal Rinpoche’s fault. Indeed, of all the things I wrote  in my original article last August, this is really the only point based strictly on my own observation from what I personally witnessed.


Again, ‘all the things I wrote’ statement is repeated to make sure that unconscious meme sinks into the audience. Saying “I wrote” repeatedly, distracts from the obvious incongruence between Dzongsar’s spoken word, and this letter. Dzongsar’s obedient scriveners continue for him:

  • Dzogchen is tantra. In fact, in the Nyingma tradition, dzogchen is the highest yoga tantra. Without the mahasandhi view, all other practices of the tantra in the Nyingma tradition basically collapse. Pointing out your Buddha nature is a big deal – the highest of all teachings, instructions and initiations. And to the person who does that for you, you owe everything.

This statement  is to counteract the decades the lamas have been telling their student devotees that Dzogchen is outside the nine-yana, Vajrayana Tantra cycle.  But,  he is right that the whole Lamaist theatre ‘collapses’ without their guru-worshiping tantra. Tantra is end of the means to create a slave population.

“Mahasandhi” makes it sound so mysterious and special. ‘Maha” means ‘great’ and ‘sandhi’ means ‘perfection.’  It is held out as the perfect state of mind that you will reach, if you become the lamas’ slaves and Maha-confused. Dzongsar is telling these poor, now doubly- abused Rigpa students, like Bernie, who are still asking questions of these  Lama tyrants (instead of running screaming out the shrine room door, by now)  that they all better get back in line because they “owe [Soygal] everything.” He is saying this to seal the communication leakages over again; now that the ones left are still there; still  asking questions of these little despots,  like Dzongsar, after all this exposed abuse.  He knows they won’t escape. Nothing will penetrate their cult-behaviors. They will stay. 

Like the Shambhala Trungpa students who, even after the death of one of their own dharma brats from AIDS transmitted by the sexually abusive Regent, stayed clinging, like glue, to their gurus.

In fact,  Shambhala healers were sent to Rigpa, to coordinate a cover-up to put Sogyal’s Rigpa students in a  mindfulness trance and back to sleep.

The Chinese Government is surely watching. It will prove that this mother-lode of cults, Tibetan Lamaism and its faux- Buddhism,  has perfected the Manchurian candidate.   More Mindfulness is in Order!!.  More Vajrayana Tibetan Masters in China! More stripped down mindfulness meditation centers in the West! Particularly in the targeted United States!!  They no longer read the Art of War by Sun Tzu in their military schools. They are doing mindfulness practices instead.

But those Shambhala students, the most cult-controlled by the Vajrayana, sure do.  It’s required reading in their Kalapa made-up Royal court. It’s just that they can’t see that Trungpa and the Lamas conquered them with deceit, long ago. When you are in the Vajrayana cult of Tantra, you can no longer see the forest for the trees.  Perfect change agents for the Kagyu Lamas and the Chinese CPC. Perfect decades-long experiment that other despots are observing from afar.

Here are the real western scholars of Tantra who have researched the Vajrayana, this so-called ‘highest yoga tantra’  of these Lamas:   how  it is  deeply misogynistic ;  How Tibetan Buddhism is Vajrayana Tantra and gurus like Dzongsar  Khyentse Rinpoche  have been manipulating the idea of the Divine, for centuries  to appropriate ‘gynergy’ and androcentric power ( Maha Siddhas) and how this is a dangerous  Tantric cult of ‘female sacrifice.”


Lama Dzongsar and his scriveners continue with their deceptions below: 

You wrote (i.e., Bernie) : “Vajrayana was not our main path…. I don’t think I entered it formally.” But it is simply not correct to imply some separation between Dzogchen teachings, the Vajrayana, and samaya commitments – as if one can somehow get the former without the latter. AND an integral part of that package deal is proper preparation and warning.

  • Samaya: You asked:

“Given we were introduced so informally, where does that leave us in terms of the traditional samaya?…. Since we did not consciously agree to the strict rules in the tantras, are we now bound by them? Or should our commitment to maintain samaya be based on the essential meaning that Sogyal Rinpoche explained to us?… Considering that the way most of us in Rigpa entered into the Vajrayana was quite informal and unconventional, and thus unclear, would a positive step forward be for both students and teacher to clarify and review their Vajrayana commitments?”

Dzongsar’s scriveners give another doublespeak answer for Dzongsar:

It makes no difference whether Dzogchen teachings are given formally or informally. They could even be given while the teacher and student are peeing – and this happens by the way! Ritual doesn’t matter.

Except the rituals of  these Vajrayana  practices, taught from the beginning, were to get us to see these lamas as divine beings; their teachings as sacred; their footprints as holy,  their pictures on brochures for their constant money-grubbing, divine perfection; that they can make rainbows appear; that chanting to dead and alive lamas, before and after mind-numbing mindfulness sessions was part of purifying lifetimes of bad deeds; that  full prostrations  to these lamas and  waiting on them hand and foot; vowing to keep their secrets (what samaya really means) and breaking it by telling their secrets would land us in Vajrayana Hells; ands that believing their narcissistic self-narratives of being deities and omniscient;   playing our  little hand-drums, ringing our little  bells, chanting praises for hours, to all of you, dead and alive, giving offerings, imagined and real (cash in white envelopes);  working  like slaves for your  ‘blessings and merit’ with our free labor and repeating the most important of our ritualistic vows:  “may I always obey the (lama)  master and keep their secrets, or may I turn to dust.”

That is what little ‘precious’ Dzongsar is planning,  for his trip to Rigpa:  to reinforce these very same rituals, that he says don’t matter but that matter more than anything to these Tibetan Lamas to keep them in cash and  on thrones of brocade and in charge,  or they are toast. 

Dzongsar and scriveners continue:

But regardless of how those teachings were given, Sogyal Rinpoche had the responsibility to tell his students that these are the highest and most important Vajrayana teachings, to explain the serious preparation and commitments required, and to say these instructions must not be passed on to others. These things absolutely had to be said as part of the required preparation and warnings.

Of course Sogyal told them these were the ‘highest teachings.’  And that everything else ‘below’ and  taught before, was  to lead to these secret teachings; transmitted by insults and shocks;  punches, attacks and sexual, emotional abuse. Dzongsar knows that. They are held out as benign carrots,  these Vajrayana teachings, from the moment one enters the Lama guru Tantric trap, with their mindfulness and Mahayana ruse. The Vajrayana teachings are kept mysterious; ‘not be passed on to others.’ told it might spoil it for them.

No, it would spoil it for these devilish Tibetan high lamas, if we knew what we were getting into from the beginning. 

We would have run  away, screaming: CULT! And warned others.

Dzongsar doesn’t include the  ‘required preparation’ of the years of ‘mindfulness’ practice in the content of his letter,  that kept all  Trungpa students, for example, in a trance. Not when it is nicely spreading all over the West.

What you write and the way you frame your questions above implies this did not happen properly between Sogyal Rinpoche and you. Even if you and others like you heard Dzogchen talked about – and who in this age of curiosity does not want to know there is a technique for pointing out the nature of mind – still, it seems there was never really a Vajrayana teaching between Sogyal Rinpoche and you. That, in turn, leads me to question if there was ever a samaya between you. And if there was no samaya, then I wonder how you could have broken samaya. It’s clear from what you write that you don’t know this yourself. But that does not exempt Sogyal Rinpoche – because he should know better.

Well, gee,  Bernie, maybe you weren’t lucky enough to get the full vajrayana transmission of becoming the Lamas’ slaves.  Maybe  not, since you dared to even ask a question like this,  and so ‘perhaps’  there is no samaya, Dzongsar says. It seems you don’t know.   Although being confused is a sign you did receive the samaya i.e., brainwashing, at least in part, of the lineage of superstitious Indian Sadhus and Sorcerers; what these lamas mean by their ‘highest of teachings’  that  the Buddha never taught. Who believe and have for centuries, that they can turn material, biological fluids into immaterial essence and shoot it to the top of their heads.  That is why they are always on the prowl, and scanning their audiences for their next victims.  ‘Did I get the transmission?’  Yes you did, because you are now so confused you don’t know. Although everyone asked the same question,  when Trungpa and his Regent shouted ‘fuck you’ in the  shrine room. Very clever of them. Tantra always uses shock.  It’s about putting students in a state of confusion for the rest of their lives.  Besides, these  lamas just love to make everything a joke, when the joke is on us. 

Dzongsar and scriveners continue:

This is not hard to understand. It’s as if you happened to walk into a ceremony in which monks are being ordained, after which, to your total surprise, the abbot tells you that from now on, you can’t have sex. Of course that’s absurd, because you just happened to be there and heard words spoken, but never really knew what was happening. So why should you follow monks’ vows?

Oh how clever is  little ‘precious’ Dzongsar,  bringing up the sex in this indirect way.   That’s why the comment “so why should you follow monks vows” at the end.  Why should you?  None of us lamas do. That’s another secret Vajrayana transmission, embedded in their pack of lies.

Since Vajrayana Tantra demands these ‘high lamas,’  have sex constantly with young females to practice their alchemical delusions, that is one of the main reasons they make their devotees their slaves and why they are always on the ‘prowl.’  Besides exploiting them for their free labor and money is easier when paired with sexual abuse.  What else would be their motivation?  Anyone, who still believes these Lamas  are doing it for unselfish reasons and for the good of all of mankind should be pink-slipped, by now.  Scriveners continue:

  • Another question you asked is:

“Sogyal Rinpoche did not have the full formal training that Vajrayana teachers usually go through. This possibility might make a lot of his students very uncomfortable. Are there any qualified masters that could do a peer review with Sogyal Rinpoche and look at how he is working personally with students?”

This is a very big question and is addressed in detail in The Guru Drinks Bourbon?, in which I try to address this issue of proper training.

  • Role of western psychotherapy: Western psychotherapy and other spiritual and psychological paths are all fine so long as their methods crush ego. If they do that, they are valid paths. Any path that does not crush ego is spiritual materialism even if it is coated with all kinds of Buddhist jargon.


Ah, yes, the role of western psychotherapy, that has been   completely infiltrated with this Tantra and its mindfulness, that got us all to think as a herd. The APAs of psychiatry and psychology are even licensing vajrayana psychotherapists these days.   They will have a lot to answer for one day:  M-K Ultra and Water-boarding come to mind.  Or, Spitzer and his  NYU work with orphans.   Nothing should surprise us what psychologists can get up too.

Himmler would be so pleased that the psychology profession was licensing vajrayana psychotherapists who have Tantric gurus like Trungpa, Sogyal and Dzongsar; lineage holders of the cruelest despotic theocracy the world has ever known and so admired by Himmler. himself.

So, Dzongsar is actually saying only those Western psychotherapists, and there are many of them now thanks to Trungpa and Naropa Institute and precious Dzongsar, helping to  ‘crush ego,’  by crushing a person’s ability to think for themselves,  are the ones on  Lama Dzongsar’s approved list.   So are neuropsychologists like Sam Harris,   a Tantric practitioner pretending to be a Rationalist.  The lamas have lots of surrogates to create the destruction,  by stealth, of our western reason, values and laws, substituting a group mentality that would accept the sexual abuse of their own children. FOR DECADES.

What a coupe for the Tibetan Lamas! Beyond their wildest dreams!  It is what Trungpa planned with his ‘contemplative’ psychology and psychotherapy’ programs from the start, back in the early 1970s,  when he created the first ‘contemplative psychology program’ at Naropa Institute. Where else to create ‘change agents to change the world’ then through psychologists in the United States? Now there are thousands of Tantric psychotherapists and mindfulness promoters in these professions, infiltrated into the psychotherapy, social work, psychiatry, neuropsychology and even nursing professions, thanks to Naropa and Lama Sogyal and their inner circles. Not to mention the yoga crowds that his abusive son’s  Shambhala International have hooked.

China’s  unwitting change agents to destroy the fabric of their own western civilization, with occult Tantra, without even being aware they are acting not of their own volition but of the Tibetan Lamas and  Workers Front of the Religious Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s  Central Committee. 

Lamas, like Dzongsar,  sure pray that the CIA never reveals the real history of Tibet under these lamas and their despotic control;  where they gouged out eyes, cut off limbs, for minor offences,  used girls as young as eleven years old for their  misogynistic, delusional Hindu Tantric practices, and that were never meant to be used to control large groups; that kept the majority of the Tibetan people in a state of semi-starvation, permanent, indentured servitude; with five percent of them slaves.

By the way,  Tibetan lamas, with their guru-worshiping cult of Vajrayana,  whom Hollywood, the left media, certain billionaires, left and right, and certain sixties-stuck, leftist academics and their third-wave feminists along with the new wave of  ‘contemplative academics,’  all admire and adore. So do certain politicians from California, with now many hundreds of eastern cult centers and politicians like Tim Ryan ( who hangs out with Lama Sogyal’s circle, with his unblinking, ‘deer in the headlights’ look). Or how about Nancy Pelosi (goes to the Dalai Lama for advice)  now completely bonkers. Then there is Bob Thurman, devoted ‘scholar,’ author, and cult guru-worshiping devotee, who has protected Lama Sogyal and the Dalai Lama for forty years. All of them believe these Tibetan Lamas are good ‘role models’ for a future collective world government, modeled on Old Tibet.

Thank you,  anti-cult organizations, and the APAs of psychology and psychiatry, as well as our intelligence communities, for allowing these corrupt Tantric lamas, and their thought-control teachings, to spread in the West, with the secret backing of Communist China, for the last forty-years.

Thank you,  for not bothering to research what is behind this Hindu Tantra,  pretending to be Buddhism Shangri-la, that the Lamas and their western change agents are spreading, everywhere. Thanks, also, for letting Eileen Barker’s view of cults take-over,  so they could explode.  A view that says it is  impolite to call a cult a cult. One should not believe whistleblowers, only academic experts who would be so arrogant and fooled  that these cults should be given ‘religious’ status to become billion-dollar enterprises;  and those, who escape from cults like these shouldn’t be believed;  only those who are still members, cult-controlled,  have something valuable to say; about whether their group is a cult or not. 

Like the Rigpa students at WHAT NOW, have been doing for the last seven months,  protecting the violent, abusive Lama Sogyal from criminal charges, since 1994. 

Lama Dzongsar continues: 

  • Compatibility with personal responsibility:

You asked:

“One question I have is whether the practice of samaya and pure perception are compatible with the idea of self-responsibility? And if not, how Vajrayana can exist in this world in any way besides a secret path that selected students are invited to enter consciously with full understanding by a qualified teacher?”

Yes – samaya is not only compatible with personal responsibility but inseparable from it, and this is exactly why proper preparation is so important.

Hmm. …Personal responsibility without reason or individual decision making.  That’s a neat trick. Personal responsibility that comes from obedience to a guru and  groupthink. Another doublespeak thought fragment sneaked into this doublespeak message by Lama Dzongar,  channeled by his  scriveners.

Let’s say you examine a path and a teacher closely for some years, and then decide to exercise your responsibility and ask that teacher to lead you: – that is your choice. Even if you think that person is immoral, unethical or criminal, as a spiritual person such a choice would still be the highest sacrifice you can make. And if you really take that responsibility fully, it can be the biggest adventure and the most liberating decision you can make. There are people who have done that!

Except cults don’t allow you to examine the teacher, when all of it is kept a secret for years, until you are thoroughly marinated, with double-binds, doublespeak like this, and endless mindless meditation, and occult rituals, taking vows  to keep their secrets before you know what the secrets are.

What Dzongsar is really saying, and what all these lamas teach: if the  lama is “immoral, unethical or criminal,” such as Sogyal all the better! It not only doesn’t matter, but  is the ‘highest sacrifice’ and the  ‘biggest adventure and the most liberating decision you can make!”

Now comes Vajrayana ‘s ‘pure perception’ ruse:

  • Pure perception of present scandal:

You wrote:

“From a perspective of pure perception, maybe everything is happening as it should? Could it be that Sogyal Rinpoche intended for these people to go through this experience, to feel harmed the way they have, to feel unsupported by the community, to lose trust in him as a teacher, and create a public scandal? That would imply he also intended to sacrifice his reputation and for this public discussion to take place, perhaps so it could reveal the problems and bring positive change.”

Yes, Sogyal was only acting out of his ‘transcendental generosity’ when he beat, and punched his western students, monks and nuns; illegally kept harems, for decades, in the West, copying Trungpa. After all, he got away with it in America while Warren Jeffs was put in jail.  If western devotees see it as any different, then they don’t have ‘pure perception’ yet. 

In fact, what Lama Dzongsar confirms, according to the Tantric Dzogchen teachings? The more corrupt, evil-doing, and egregious the behaviors of these lamas, the  higher their realization and their blessings! They are just manifesting these psychopathic behaviors,   to help us poor westerners, with so much to learn.

Sogyal wasn’t engaging his own sick behaviors, but was sacrificing himself for his students, we learn.

The worst of them, are always honored and relegated to the realm of ‘great bodhisattvas.’ 

Thank you Dzongsar,  for confirming how your Vajrayana is a cult, and a very dangerous one to boot; particularly for a western democracy. 

Little ‘precious one” Dzongsar’s well-marinated ghost writers and translation slaves  continue:  

That is fantastic, and really gratifying to read! If you could remain in that perception and maintain that kind of motivation, that is a great thing for a Vajrayana student to do. If  you have taken Sogyal Rinpoche as your Vajrayana master, then I would highly recommend you keep on doing that and I would give you decorations, honours and awards as a true sentry for the Vajrayana.

So, if all you Rigpa students  can remain in a delusional state of  Lamaist mind-control,  relying on the false narratives of corrupt, narcissistic boy-men on thrones, torn from their mothers, their families when toddlers, and raised in a misogynistic nightmare of demons, and ghosts, spirits and the occult? 

Dzongsar  will be so pleased, he will give out awards! Just like Trungpa, the Regent did  and now his son does;  awards and pins to wear on your lapels; along with the AIDS and death that went along with the decorations. Sentries of the Vajrayana you’ll be!  Like the sorry members of Trungpa’s  cult, coming to  Rigpa ‘s rescue  just  like you, Dzongsar, Precious One; keeping it all ‘in-house.’ Again. 

But also bear in mind that Sogyal Rinpoche’s manifestation has affected a lot of people’s inspiration and aspiration. It may have permanently damaged the image of the Buddhadharma in general and the Vajrayana in particular in the eyes of some people, and it has certainly caused considerable negative uproar.

So it’s at this time – whatever role you take – whether defensive, offensive, or as interpreter, please do so without ever forgetting the bigger picture. I’m saying this to you personally, but we both know we’re having this exchange because we’re in the midst of a situation where so many good people are responding very emotionally, negatively or defensively. So my plea to remember the “bigger picture”, which includes the survival and health of the Buddhadharma and Vajrayana in the west, is addressed to everyone, on whatever side you are on.

 ‘Bigger picture’  is BIG MIND,;  a totalitarian view.  That is the ‘Buddhadharma and Vajrayana in the West that Dzongsar, and all the other Tibetan Lamas and their delusional western devotees,  wish to preserve;  to help destroy our democracies and freedoms, and all the gains women have made, over the last hundred  years in the West.

‘Survival’ and health of this guru-worshiping cult he represents  is what Dzongsar means,  that has nothing to do with what the Buddha taught. It is the occult  Hindu Tantra that has kept India and parts of Asia in poverty and misery and guru-worship, for over two-thousand years. 

Time for  the still- sane psychologists and the real anti-cult sites to stop protecting these Tibetan Lamas and their dangerous cult,   with their newly spun  ‘new religious movement’ label, that makes  it impolite to call them a cult. Now that Dzongsar has revealed who they really are and what they believe.  

In this regard, I want to repeat what I wrote in my earlier posting:

Again,  ‘what I wrote’ 

that I am so impressed with most of Sogyal Rinpoche’s students, no matter what their current stance or point of view. Their dedication to the dharma and their assiduous practice gives me hope that the Vajrayana really is taking root in the west.

  1. Value of present discussion: And this is one reason I feel confident that the personal contemplation, examination, and interactive discussion now going on among dharma practitioners on these issues has great potential ….

Sogyal is off somewhere with his harem, rumored to be in Thailand,  avoiding extradition and criminal charges, thanks to all the ‘contemplation and examination and interactive discussion’ over at Rigpa, and the circling of the wagons around their ‘precious ones’ that  lamas and their inner circles always do; that always leads to the same place. Nowhere. Nothing changes. Nothing to see here.

As long as his multi-million dollar cult of Rigpa stays solvent, turns into ‘mindfulness’ spas, like Shambhala did;  to put more of the West asleep?  That is all that matters. After all, they still have their  Sogyal Rigpa centers all over the world, even a Tenzin Gyatso Institute, named after the Dalai Lama,  in North America,  to train more corrupt lamas in our midst who will also be on the prowl.   

Dzongsar is also confident that everyone in these Tibetan Buddhist cults, will continue with their ‘deep blathering’  allowing lamas, like him, to slowly destroy our western civilization with their Vajrayana cult that will continue to ‘take root’ in the West. 

I wish you the very best in your dharma study and practice,

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

Copyright© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.