Rigpa Publishes Result of Independent Investigation of Sogyal of Lakar : The More Things Change the More They Remain the Same

No Criminal Charges Against Sogyal, So Far

Sogyal Will Go, But the Tibetan Lamaist Lineages and their Western Enablers of Institutionalized Sexual Abuse Will Remain

The overriding hierarchy of institutionalized sexual abuse of Tibetan Lamas, legitimized by their Tantric teachings,  who have coordinated the cover-up of their sexual abuses for the past forty-five years, with the help of  their western enablers, a naive public and the main stream media,  breathes a sigh of relief, today.

The Rigpa independent investigation allows Tibetan Lamaism, the root cause of  all this sexual and other abuses– its thousand-year-old  Tantric guru yoga cult,  posing as the ‘highest Buddhism’ – to remain undiscovered and still off the radar.

The investigation report of Lewis Silkin states:

Whilst I have seen evidence that many people feel that they have benefitted greatly from having Sogyal Lakar as their teacher, individual experiences are very different. There are varying degrees of closeness to Sogyal Lakar, with the closest relationships regularly referred to as the “inner circle”. The experiences of some of the members of the inner circle are very different from the experiences of many of those who are less close.

Not all of the allegations against Sogyal Lakar are upheld . . . but based on the evidence available to me, I am satisfied that, on the balance of probabilities:

a. some students of Sogyal Lakar . . . have been subjected to serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse by him; and

b. there were senior individuals within Rigpa who were aware of at least some of these issues and failed to address them, leaving others at risk.

Rigpa with its 100-plus centers around the world, released their own statement ‘acknowledging the gravity of the report’ and that they are ‘contemplating their role as an organization’ and how they “ may have contributed to this situation.

There will clearly be no criminal charges against Sogyal Rinpoche,  favorite of the Dalai Lama, for  having kept an illegal harem or beating, humiliating, sexually and physically abusing his students, for over forty years,  and for absconding to parts unknown to avoid extradition; at least not so far.

Rigpa will continue to “offer courses, programmes, seminars and retreats led by Rigpa teachers (the same inner circle that enabled the abuse, one presumes) and, most significantly the “visiting teachers and lamas, especially from the ‘ancient’ Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.”

In other words, from the same Tantric Lamaist lineages, particularly the ‘ancient’ i.e medieval  Nyingma lineage, that requires sexual consorts, as all these Lamaist lineages do, for their ‘higher practices’ to reach enlightenment. So, the continued sexual abuse in these Lamaist centers  is a given, since it is seen, in their Vajrayana teachings,  as a mere conceptual reality with no substance; a view that ‘all is an illusion’ and there is ‘ no good-no bad’ and those who see sexual abuse as ‘real’ are of inferior faculty’.

Further, the  same inner cabal of sexually-abusive and/or sexually enabling lamas, are planning to continue thought-controlling the membership in the ‘no-right, no wrong’ Tantra to ensure all this gets buried again.  How many times do we have to go through this before someone in the public reports this abuse to the authorities?   Such as the investigators?

The  Rigpa Report, minus the victims statements  can  be found here:


A necessary start is filing criminal charges against these lamas like Sogyal and the Shambhala leader, Osel Mukpo.  Those programmed deeply inside these Tibetan Lamaist cults,  with fear and undue influence, that continues, are not going to do that without a public outcry.

Leaving it up to cult members to report abuse,  and take criminal charges against their abusers,  is leaving these victims of abuse still unprotected.

There should be a public outcry by now, starting with these ‘investigators.”  Where is their  courage?  Where is their legal obligation as officers of the law to take federal charges against these abusers, for breaking the law, whose gurus even state publicly they are ‘above Western law” ?

After what they have seen and heard, don’t they have an obligation to report these criminal offenses to the proper authorities?

© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C. A. G. S.


This Sexual Abuser Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To See

Sogyal Rinpoche: “Harvey Weinstein has nothing on this person,” says one of his former students.Why is the mainstream media ignoring this Elephant in the Room?

Is it because, once they peel the curtain back on this little sexually abusive, the late predator Lama,  Lama Sogyal Rinpoche, best friend of the Dalai Lama and his major benefactor, helping to spread Mindfulness throughout the West, the whole edifice of deception, corruption, cover-ups of  institutional sexual abuse, and Shangri-la pretenses will be exposed?

Never mind that these Tibetan lamas have fooled a large part of the Western psychology profession, most  all of journalism, and certain parts of academia as well as CEO’s of major corporations.  Those who also want to jump on the billion-dollar Mindfulness bandwagon; the first cult technique these Tibetan lamas used to get us to think as a herd.

Perhaps it is also because the  news media coverage, for the last twenty-five years, of  Saint Dalai Lama, keeper of slaves and life-time serfs less than sixty years ago, is one of the icons of the Hollywood jet-set, certain politicians like Nancy Pelosi,  Congressman Tim Ryan,  academics, like Uma’s dad- Robert Thurman,  and such Hollywood stars, as Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sharon Stone, the list goes on and on,  who will now be seen, not just as  enablers of Weinstein, but also of the Tantric cult of Tibetan Lamaism and its Tantra that has infused Hollywood with its amorality and  sexual abuse for the last four decades, given it permission for their long history of accepting this behavior as ‘normal.’


Hollywood and Tantric Sex
Richard Gere with not one, but two Sexually Abusive Tantric Lamas

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Ex-Tibetan Rigpa Student Really Speaks Out

Objet : How Did It Happen: Response to Dzongsar, Responding to Bernie:

Yesterday Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche sent a letter to Bernie S in reply to a letter Bernie sent to him last August. The August letter was published on the How Did it Happen Blog and a link to it was posted here. Rinpoche requested that we also post a link to his reply. It begins with ….

Dear Bernie,

I am sorry for not responding much sooner to your letter of 23rd August. The main reason is that I’m just so lazy but also pretend to be busy – a pretence that ends up actually making me busy. In fact, I had started to respond to your letter months ago but somehow never got around to finishing this return letter till now.

However, I want to assure you that, because the Buddhadharma and especially the Vajrayana are dear to my heart, I do pay attention as much as time allows to what you and others write. So, from my heart, I want to offer my sincere appreciation for the great effort and thoughtfulness you and many others have been putting into the dialogue of the past seven months. …

Read the rest of the letterhere.

The story so far:

Sogyal is ‘disgraced,’ has gone into hiding and unlikely to come back, so a very exciting vacancy has opened up for the right lama: high-status, traditionally qualified, but modern, cool, approachable and almost painfully hip.


Now, who might fit the bill?…….


But there’s a problem: the previous incumbent turned out to be a massive pervert, but no matter how deranged his behaviour became, not a single lama seemed to mind in the slightest, we just kept turning up as if everything was absolutely fine and now people are asking a lot of very awkward questions.


So, how could a suitable candidate polish his CV, soothe anxieties and deflect all this embarrassing attention at the same time? It can’t be that difficult, some of these people are what you used to call ‘Dzogchen junkies’, by now they’re probably desperate for a replacement dealer, they’ll believe almost anything.


What about a little self-deprecating humour to start with, ( Hey guys , I can laugh at myself, see?  so I’m not like Sogyal, you can trust me )


Then a modicum of tepid criticism of Sogyal for not ‘warning’ students…..because, well, he’s gone anyway……but under no circumstances mention the serious damage he did to so many of his students by decades of appalling sexual abuse, violence, and psychological torture…….because that would only start them asking questions again, like: “you mean he should have warned us about…..that?”.


Only talk about nice non-abuse related subjects: exciting but unquantifiable things like Dzogchen, the Nature of Mind (always a winner) and Samaya.  Get in touch with your inner Trungpa: use rugged key-words like ‘responsibility’ ‘choice’ ‘sacrifice’ ‘biggest adventure’ ‘liberating decision’ and so on, as if being a Rigpa member was a heroic, spiritual version of joining the elite Special Forces and being repeatedly attacked by a violent sexual predator was like an assault-course…..tough yes, but ultimately character-building in a wholesome, Vajrayana kind of way.


Flattery works too: don’t forget to say how impressed you are by all Sogyal’s students, throw in some ’Pure Perception’ detergent, it removes those embarrassing, stubborn moral stains that no amount of ordinary rational thinking can.


Patronize them a bit, but not too much, tell them they’re all good people but they’re responding very emotionally, negatively or defensively.


Now, skirt round the issue of ‘qualifications’…..use it to plug the book instead.


Then tie it all up neatly with references to Sogyal’s ‘Manifestation’ ( because of course he’s really a Buddha….get it?) and hint that it was all part of the plan all along, part of ‘the bigger picture.’


So, there you go…..definitely not a cult at all, you said so yourselves in that blog after all.


No sexual abuse, no violence or humiliation, and please, no need involve the law, nothing to see here, just move along now…….let’s all just get back to business as usual: you having your ‘egos crushed’……by me instead.


Job’s as good as in the bag.

Written Anonymously – from another escapee from Tibetan Buddhism, all the way out.