More Sexual Abuse Revelations at Shambhala Centers

The Shambhala members, those who  might actually take criminal charges against their abusers for egregious and organized abuse, decades long,  is a good sign.

A sign  they are waking up. At least some of the dharma brats of Shambhala. They are not going to let the inner circle of this corrupt organization continue to write the golden- tongued narrative that has covered over the  physical, financial, and sexual abuse, enabled and perpetrated by their ‘wise’  elders, anymore.

But what about the narrative the dharma brats carry inside their heads? Programmed since they were toddlers?  By their lamas, their parents and their wise elders?

The narrative, like that of so many cult groups, that says they are saving the world, improving the world; creating Enlightened Society!  By following the teachings of Trungpa;  a medieval- trained, sexual exploiter  who kept harems, and himself, in a constant alcoholic stupor, and well-supplied with cocaine. Can a lama,  trained in 13th century misogynistic, exploitive occult Tantra, that kept their  own Tibetan people as permanent indentured serfs and five-percent slaves,  the women as sexual objects for the lamas ‘higher practices,’  for a millennium, be a vision for an Enlightened Society?

As long as the Shangri-la, story-line repeats in their heads of a perfect world, ruled by the same ascended masters-delusion, in the late Madame Blavatsky’s head, too, they will not be able to get out from under these fantasies, and programming, that keeps them bound to the lamas and each other.

These are the same techniques  all these Lamaist family corporations have been using,  for centuries, but,  Shambhala is the worst in terms of  overloading their groups with  loaded language, doublespeak, doublethink, and sexual abuse, paired with these  thought-control techniques. Sexual abuse, when paired with thought-control,  forms a continuous loop, as the cause and effect becomes circular, like their infinity Tibetan symbol; very effective. The sexual abuse makes the thought-control more powerful, and the thought-control facilitates the sexual abuse.

But something happened, and the infinite loop of exploitation,  they count on,  was cut. A window of light was shone on their  own egregious abuses, by the #me-too movement, it seems. 

If only the #me-too movement could see what a powerful ingredient in the misogynistic stew they are trying to address has been created  by these eastern guru cults, such as Tibetan ‘Buddhism;’ their favorite medieval cult,  in helping keep women pinned down with a third-wave feminism, tied to emotions and irrationality and empty rhetoric. It worked for centuries in India and Tibet, and anywhere you find a patriarchal system using religion and Gaia goddesses to keep women in their place. 

Shambhalians have always been the most cult- controlled, however, since  Trungpa was very clever. He understood, with the help of  his friend Gregory Bateson, how to create double-binds, like surrounding himself with an inner-circle of seemingly rational and credentialed people, deeply devoted as his change agents, to implement his sake-soaked vision. The same Tantric guru-vision that caused so much harm in one small town in Oregon, with Bhagwan Rajneesh.  Trungpa was cleverer than Rajneesh and he got all his students  to ‘blend.’ They didn’t wear orange clothes, and they hid their sexual behaviors from the public.

He kept his situation mostly secret, and was able to  ‘load the language’  a language that mystifies the abuse, and creates fragmented states of mind, such that the cult members can expose extreme criminal behaviors by their lamas and inner circles, and yet still talk about what a ‘beautiful vision’ their lamas, like their dead guru Trungpa, have brought to the world. The same view, strategy and tactics  that exposes them to this abuse and leaves them powerless to effectively change it.

Trungpa also created a large ‘outer fringe’ of compliance professionals, with his Naropa Institute, that has graduated hundreds of young people with his ‘vision’ in their heads, for the last forty years, to join academics, journalists, psychologists and artists, and corporations with his ‘contemplative leadership’;  places where his Tibetan Tantra could infiltrate and do the most harm to democratic values of marriage, the family, and the rule of law and the moral compass of a western civilization.

This time, the Tibetan Lamas, and their Tantra, have hooked up with those of a leftist persuasion.  But, in the past,  it has mostly  been the fascist right, during contemporary history, that was attracted to Tibetan Tantra. It is also helpful that part of the ‘vision’ of Trungpa and his brother lamas, is to make westerners no longer believe in western history, or any history at all, in these sanghas; except the made-up history about these lamas being divine and only here to help ‘save the world.’

The Shambhala administration and its leaders have counted on that: their divine history of a world view for the imagined future, that has blinded them for forty-seven years to what has been taking place in reality.  A reality, they say to themselves that ‘doesn’t exist.’ When all is an illusion than anything goes.

It blinded the Tibetan people, for over a thousand years, with the lamas’ same loaded language, doublespeak, double binds in their Tibetan teachings and the same vajra master paradigm the lamas always set up.

They are setting it up now in China, and China (SAR) with the very same Tibetan  lamas;  so successful here in creating Manchurian candidates, that even the death and abuse of their children in their ‘enlightened society,’ at the hands of these gurus,  are continuously enabled by their ‘wise elders’  of Trungpa’s inner circle.  These wise elders, while pretending, once again, to address the abuse, are involved in a massive damage control campaign, to keep these victims of abuse from going to the police and using  the western rule of law to stop the organized criminality in their sanghas.  If they can get them using a ‘talking stick,’ again, ‘ in-house’ they will have time to have it blow over, and be swept under the rug.  As always.

The Dalai Lama and his Tibetan Buddhism was funded, for years, by the way, by the CIA, known for experimenting in cult control techniques Not to mention the billions the Dalai Lama and the hundreds of other lamas have continued to collect from his  bogus ‘Free Tibet’ projects; all tax-free.

Now, there is a vast background of fringe enablers, who absolutely do not  want the institutionalized sexual abuses and skullduggery of these lamas to be exposed. Not the least, because they have been cling-ons for decades to the Dalai Lama’s ‘compassion currency’ that have boosted their own careers .  Many have their own Tibetan lamas to protect.  Since these are academics, psychologists and  journalists, that the establishment media have embraced, then they get to control the public narrative.  The last thing they want is for the world to see how much they were fooled by these masters of the masked dance, the lamas, as well as the public. Their own careers and credibility are at stake. They have danced with the devil and cannot stop.

Most of these Lamas groups are now churches, with no transparency, or are under the umbrella of one of the major Lamaist sects, such as the Karma Kagyu sect,  that has church protection.

What people don’t know is that Shambhala International and the Rigpa Organization, both Tibetan  Lamaist groups with the most egregious abuses exposed,  are working together, today,  to make sure the rampant  crimes, inside their respective sanghas, are covered-up, with bogus ‘reconciliation’ events, all conducted ‘in-house’  and then reported in their Tibetan Buddhist flag-ship magazines, to keep everyone from going to the police.

A celebrity Lama, like Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, like so many lamas before him, throws  a confusing net over those Sogyal Rigpa students who try to break free. He did the same thing with the Shambhala students, in the early 90s, who briefly woke up then, after Trungpa’s Regent’s AIDS scandal was exposed.  Many ex-Shambhala students became Lama Dzongsar  students; some of them his sexual consorts. He is hoping the same thing happens again, with the Rigpa students in France.  He is bankrolled by a wealthy Chinese billionaire .

A few ex-Rigpa students escaped totally, however, and are filing charges with legal authorities in France, who still recognizes dangerous cults and can go after them, legally.

But, it will be much harder for Shambhala ex-members to do this, because they carry Trungpa’s fantasy Kingdom (based on the  apocalyptic Kalachakra Tantra of Tibetan Lamaism) in their heads, at all times, and believe its beautiful ‘vision’ is always  worth saving.  Despite nearly fifty years of gross sexual abuse, physical abuse, pedophilia, and extreme mental control,  inside their sanghas, with never  any criminal charges taken against the perpetrators.

Perpetrators that include the lamas, their inner circle, and the criminal types that are attracted to such groups, where ‘anything goes’ and where all egregious behaviors are seen as part of the enlightened mix that ‘transcends conceptual reality.’

One has to begin to ask, why are these dangerous cults of abuse still allowed to exist in  democracies that are based on the rule of law? And why is Tibetan Lamaism,  the same paradigm as that of Bhagwan Rajneesh’s group, still protected by our legal system that never goes after them, as they did Rajneesh?  Back in 1985?

Well, they were given ‘church status’ by the influence of Eileen Barker, from the London School of Economics who decided that calling them cults was too harsh;  better they should be designated as ‘new religious movements’; a label that stuck and allowed them to explode as mega-churches, with billions now in assets.  Yet, this is what has been going on with no legal redress inside just two of these Lamaist groups:

At least the Shambhala members, who have been financially and physically abused,  almost murdered, and so many of the young women, who have been  sexually abused, even as children,  are starting to use the world “criminal” and saying that these egregious behaviors inside their sanghas can no longer be seen as outside the law of justice in the United States and Canada. France came to the conclusion with Lama Sogyal and Rigpa, many months ago. 

Will Shambhala ex-members be able to take the hardest and most difficult leap?  By realizing that they are not special,  that their leaders have financially and physically (free labor) and sexually abused them, and that this Enlightened Society, which in the early Trungpa days was referred to as an ‘Enlightened Dictatorship,”  is not worth saving,  if they want to save themselves and all the future young women and men who might wander into this occult group of  organized abuse, with a compassionate facade?

Trungpa’s son, Osel Mukpo is attending a conference on Domestic Abuse, while people inside his sangha are accusing him of the same.

In 2014, before this rampant abuse and tolerance of pedophilia in the community, for the last forty years,  leaked out in 2018,   Shambhala was conducting politically correct campaigns and nice words from their psychologist cult members, and public relations department, with the usual soft-propaganda- designed, Shambhala rhetoric  created to make people think this group was about gender equality, as a recruiter technique. So, of course the sexual abuse inside the group got worse.

As it is sure to get worse, if these abused ex-members of Shambhala don’t go to the police and stop worrying about whether they are creating an ‘enlightened society’ in the future. It’s time to deal with what is happening now and that the Shambhala teachings are based on the misogynistic Tantra of medieval primitive beliefs about women and sexuality.

This cannot be ‘healed’ when it is based on  Tibetan Lamaist Tantric teachings that are androcentric to their core. Lamas have always believed they are ‘above western law’ and their Tantric teachings transcend mere human institutions. These are lamas who see others as existing only  to serve them; their enlightened gurus who are perfect and beyond good and bad. This is a religion of Divine Narcissists who are here to pin all female energy down, and undermine centuries of  democratic values of freedom and equality, particularly that of women.

Forty-seven years of all evidence to the contrary, should have taught them that as long as they remain under the coercive persuasion of Shambhala’s loaded language rhetoric in their heads,  their ‘professional compliance’ officers will continue to control the narrative and they will never be free of this abuse that will continue, and get worse.

Nevertheless, these brave dharma brats have declared that the King and his Kingdom have no clothes and his Shambhala Court of Couldn’t Care Less  is naked to the world, thanks to the #me-too movement, and may be about to have a long-overdue awakening. They are about to be ‘enlightened’ in a way they never imagined.. 

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The Shambhala International Community -Tolerating Crime as Enlightened Activity

See link  for latest crimes being ignored in Shambhala:

The Cult of Trungpa’s Shambhala Integrating into Canadian Military?


I know that Canada has gone somewhat mad, since Trungpa moved his harem-keeping, cult, and his army of the most fanatic devotees, with make-believe medals on their British-style Colonial uniforms to Halifax,, after his leadership-style was reported by  the U.S media in  The Nation in 1980.

When 10 years later, his AIDS-infecting Regent was featured in The New York Times, the rest of the obedient members, hightailed it to Canada, later changing its public name from Vajradhatu to Shambhala International, to declare its global ambitions and to avoid lawsuits after at least one young dharma brat died; after contracting the deadly disease from his guru. All the cult members were taught to believe ,by their gurus, that the magic practices of Tantra would protect both him and the hundreds of heterosexual students he seduced into unprotected sex  to prove their devotion to him. Besides, AIDS doesn’t exist. Not to these experts and  ‘researchers’ on the ‘scientific’  benefits of mindfulness. They are taught that facts don’t exist and reason must be abandoned to reach the higher consciousness of Shambhala Enlightened Warriorship.

Having Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister has probably not helped Canada, much,  but it sure has  helped the cult of Shambhala International, since Justin seems to live in a permanent state of make-believe, himself.

But I didn’t think the military in Canada could be this fooled. Maybe they are only being ‘nice.’  But do they know the roots of this mindfulness? That is comes from a guru-worshiping cult who felt they would be safer in Nova Scotia; which Trungpa described as possessing  a bigger dose of ‘primordial ignorance?’ Meaning not paying attention as much with  your rational mind.  Therefore, a  better place to secretly work on infiltrating into every cultural aspect of our western civilization, thus  able to slowly undermine the western reason and ethics in our democratic societies,  to be able to overturn it?  Does Canada yet know that Trungpa’s members all take vows to their Asian gurus to ‘perpetuate’ their Tantric, occult medieval world?

Does Canada have an intelligence community actually doing intelligence work anymore?  Does North America? Does anyplace in the West?   Or are these high-placed government employees all doing mindfulness these days;  all learning ‘not to judge?’

Had the first-response team,  in Florida, whose leadership couldn’t decide whether to go into that school shooting in Broward County, to save those children,  been doing mindfulness?  Police departments in Florida, and throughout the United States have integrated mindfulness in their training, brought to them by mindfulness trainers and  cult devotees of Tibetan Tantra, who are taught that facts and hard science should be replaced with scientism and feelings. That facts don’t really exist. Yet, they are taking the word of these guru-worshipers of Tantra,  that mindfulness will be the panacea for all the world’s sins.

Hesitation is what mindfulness eventually creates. Then cowardice, and fear of speaking outside the herd-mentality. BIG MIND is what mindfulness will create. In order to become unable to do what is right, ,BIG MIND will determine how to act, and speak.

China must be so please.

Now that Trungpa’s make-believe army, his seemingly silly, but dead-serious, make-believe military Vajra Guard,  originally Trungpa’s bodyguards, but now his ‘change agents to change the world,’ to 1230 A.D., have made inroads into the Canadian Military with its ‘mindfulness’ techniques’ and anti-democratic views.

Surely this can’t be true?  That Canada is this far down the rabbit hole of Trungpa’s ‘crazy wisdom’ influence?  That its military is listening to second-generation members of a medieval, misogynistic cult,  pretending to be  ‘secular’ ecumenical, and the ‘future of the world.”

A cult group whose leader kept a harem of his favorite sexual consorts, and his ‘advanced students’ in a mindfulness trance, that creates so much confusion, hesitation and ‘non-judgmentalness, over time, that the parents in these groups aren’t able to protect their own children from abuse, and themselves from  this exploitation.  In fact, the one thing that goes, with too much mindfulness, is the ability to decide a correct course of action in life and death and survival situations.

The arrogance of this Shambhala group is  still quite mind-boggling. But more unbelievable is that Canada is taking them seriously enough to even considered entertaining their advice on military view, strategy and tactics,  instead of  investigating  and prosecuting them for being a cult of organized abuse.


Is it politically incorrect  to let Canada and the United States know that  Shambhala International,  advising the Canadian military, is part of the Karma Kagyu sect lineage of  Tibetan lamas, headed by the 17th Chinese Karmapa; a sect realigned and promoted these days by the  “State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA), part of the State Council (the Government), and on the other hand, the United Front Work Department (United Front), one of the four main bodies of the Central Committee of the CPC?”

For the Shambhala member’s advice and report to the Canadian Military see:

An update from a reader who posted this recently to inform me that  cult members of Shambhala, and members of their faux-military, are hoping to wheedle their way into the Canadian Military giving advice.  This was a YouTube video, that was subsequently taken down:”

Shastri Carolyn K:

” I’m Carolyn K….., I’m a business executive and I’ve been a Shambhala practitioner for over 30 years, I’ve made a leap recently into working in a high tech company that interfaces between the military and large defence contractors and I’ve brought the view of basic goodness and the trust in the goodness of society right into the negotiations and contracting work that we do on some very challenging war fighter focused programs and the result of that has been that our company, ah, has been welcomed in to the situation in a way that people feel they appreciate our understanding of them and that we are not looking at them as aggressors but rather as people who are actually trying protect the people who defend this country so that has been recognized as a diferencial and has been good for our business too.”

Shastris are titles the Sakyong King, of the Imaginary Kingdom of Cult Shambhala, gives to those, who are the most fanatic change agents in the social/political realm, obeying  Trungpa’s command to ‘save the world’ with his enlightened dictatorship of  Shambhala teachings.

These inner circle cult members believe they are actually affecting a situation. Even though this is  just another  public relationship stunt so their membership will believe their guru’s Shambhala Enlightened Society and its delusional ‘elders’ are actually penetrating into the military.

Can silly be dangerous?  Can the ‘Mouse that Roared”–the  Shambhala administration-who abuse  their membership,  be given a voice in the Canadian military?

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Mission Accomplished!! Sexual Assaults and Violent Rages of Lama Sogyal Covered Up.


The latest post from WHAT NOW,   a blog designed and controlled by the inner circle of guru-worshiping Sogyal Rigpa students,  the Tibetan Lamas, including the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan Lamaist cabal, pretending to ‘help heal’ the Rigpa students who may still be on the fence, are keeping the institutionalized and religiously justified misogyny and abuse of Tibetan lamas, once again, from reaching the public’s ears and eyes.

It  shows that the Tibetan Buddhist Establishment Swamp is active and well,  and helped along by the many enablers, unwitting and otherwise: the journalists; academics;,  the Hollywood enablers;  the western monks and nuns; the still-cult-controlled TB devotees; and the  Zen and Theravada Buddhists; those who are all on board the Three Stream Buddhocracy  Mindfulness Train movement, to bring their ‘secular spirituality’ to the world.

We know that their billion-dollar “mindfulness”  nasdaq-ready commodity,  MNDFL, cannot be harmed. So no criminal procedures for assault and gross sexual abuse will be taken against the Dalai Lama’s best friend and benefactor, Lama Sogyal of Lakar who was so instrumental along with his western psychologist devotees, to bring this mindfulness movement to the West to dumb us all down.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood promoters  of these harem-keepers and abusers  are now conflating a sexist remark with rape and gross sexual abuse. This will minimize and trivialize REAL abuse, such as what Lama Sogyal has done to his young female students, and the males he cuckold, for the last forty years. A Tibetan lama who should have been immediately criminally charged, given what his eight, ex-Rigpa students described. 

Lama Sogyal of Lakar  is probably somewhere, away from the press, to continue his sybaritic life-style, surrounded by his western female harem, as the Tibetan Buddhist sexual enabling team breathes a sigh of relief. Job well done! they  all say amongst themselves.

Now the Zen Buddhist Olive Branch group, composed mostly of Zen Buddhists who are  on board the Dalai Lama’s Three Stream Buddhism Train, through Mindfulness as both a commodity and a cult-technique,  to help create their mutual  ONE DHARMA WORLD, will help create the appearance that this institutionalized sexual abuse of Tibetan Buddhism,  existing for centuries, will be addressed through a  ‘reconciliation process’ that has proven so successful at the U.N.  A place where human trafficking, sexual slavery, rapes and corruption have increased in nations throughout the world. So much for ‘reconciliation’ to replace sending people to jail. Only the appearance of justice matters these days.

In other words, the usual ‘talking the problem to death’ that Buddhists so love to do.   This will be the answer.  What they always do when confronted with problems that force them out of their spiritual bubbles.

Perhaps these western Lamaists can force an ‘apology out of Lama Sogyal’ and then he and they can wash their hands;  and go back to their Tonglen practices of  breathing suffering in and happiness out, to save the world;  along with their insidious Buddhocracy movement and their own neo feudal civilization jihad; modeled on 1230 A.D. Tibet.

Meanwhile, Sogyal’s Rigpa groups, reincarnated as ‘mindfulness meditation centers’ and ‘spiritual secular’  spas, will attract even  more westerners. They will seduce more hapless ‘spiritual seekers’  into their geopolitical movement to destroy western civilization as we know it;  as they replace  our laws, ethics and western values with the corruption and mind-control of these religious despots who are now supported by Chinese billionaires.

Good News- An Olive Branch:

Good News for Sogyal they mean. No criminal charges for him. Number one ‘mindfulness purveyor’ who made sure his devotees were kept ‘non-judgmental.’

Sogyal’s Rigpa Center  in Ireland, where Tantric Buddhists are replacing the Catholic Church,  and will make those dallying priests look like feminists,  will now go full-on into ‘mindfulness and yoga meditation mode’ as it becomes a spa for vegan food and ‘mindfulness’ and Tantra on the sly.

Soygal’s center  in California

Sogyal is being wiped off the websites, while his influence in Hollywood, thanks to the Dalai Lama, is helping repress what is all over European news about this serial sexual abuser, who keeps harems of Western women and beats and abuses his inner circle of monks, nuns and female devotees.

His abusive  Tenzin Gyatso Institute in the U.S. will be built out, as planned. After the scandal, they whitewashed Sogyal’s name from his Tenzin Gyatso Institute, too.   At least India is trying to enter the 21st century. California, also the land of gurus and god-worship, is determined to go back to the 8th century.

But, the Tibetan Lamaist hierarchy and the Buddhist Establishment Swamp has succeeded so far. They don’t care how they fool people. Just as long as they do.

Just like Trungpa’s old Vajradhatu- became Shambhala International, and Trungpa’s Rocky Mountain Dharma Center became Shambhala Mountain ; a  Hindutva Tantric yoga and Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness spa for the new One Dharma groups they would attract.  It now is a New Age spa for “unenlightened feminism” and the first cult technique that Sogyal and Trungpa used with us:  Mindfulness Meditation.

It also helped Vajradhatu avoid civil lawsuits.

Lama Sogyal was always modelling Trungpa, with his harems and Dzogchen mindfulness ruse. After Trungpa’s Regent’s scandalous exposures for Tibetan Buddhism,  knowingly infected with AIDS, yet seducing hundreds of mostly heterosexual male students into unprotected sex with him, making them ‘believe his occult Tantric practices’ would give them a flavor of “one taste”; a glimpse of non-duality instead of AIDS,  Trungpa’s group, where their non-duality views caused the death of a vajra brother and son.

They changed the name to Shambhala International, and its  focus became about yoga and ‘mindfulness retreats.’  This gathered many more students and devotees into Tantra’s net, by fooling  naive young people, attracted to position yoga.

Besides, the lamas accomplished their goal. They have many western surrogates devotees out ‘perpetuation their medieval world.” So they can be now busy in Communist China and the SAR, while still fooling another younger generation here in the West. They are also particularly active in Russia as well. Hmmm. Is this just a coincidence? Not at all. Tibetan Lamaism has been admired by Totalitarian leaders since the days of the Khans.

So, they are offering the Head Lama of Tibetan Tantra, the Dalai Lama,  and these Chinese Communist-colluding,  Kagyu Lamas as the go-to-persons for advice for the Rigpa students who are almost, but not quite cult-free from their coercive control, inside their Rigpa sanghas. Like recommending the head foxes for the hens in the hen house to stay safe if they follow the foxes  advice.

Or how about Mingyur Rinpoche, good friend of Lama Sogyal,  and another Chinese Government favorite of  China, of the Karme Kagyu sect;  their soft power  in the West.  He is back in Hong KongDoing the same thing these Tibetan cult groups did in the United States, with their mindfulness  group think,  making the Chinese middle-class  more compliant.  What a Godsend for the Malthusians, and the multi-billionaires, East and West, to have found  a technique that will make people passive and accepting of  austerity and  neo-feudalism for a future world of peace, Lamaist-style: their Adi-Buddha world.

Fifty-years of cover-up by  long-in-the tooth Trungpa students, who started the whole mindfulness movement, and  have been doing ‘mindfulness’ themselves for five decades; who are now totally mindless about sexual abuse and the same abuses that Lama Sogyal perpetrated on his sangha,  are coming to help the Rigpa students ‘heal.’

No, they are coming to help the inner circle of Rigpa, in cover-up techniques and more mindfulness, a whole month of mindfulness, to put the Rigpa students back to sleep.

These Trungpa students  have their careers tied up in the mindfulness commodity they helped to create.  So, one has to ask, why would you chose western Tibetan guru-worshipers like these to help the Rigpa members to heal?  I think the answer is clear. They don’t want to help them heal, They want to help the inner circle of Rigpa ‘seal.’  Seal it over that is , They were successful in the most massive sealing over of a sexually abusive lama the West has ever known.  They even sealed over what should have been a criminal negligence case of his Regent, and the Vajradhatu/Shambhala’s inner circle, at the time.  So that’s why they have come to Rigpa’s Lerab Ling, right away to coordinate a month of their mindfulness/ mindlessness practice for those Rigpa students, who are on the fence.  Whose paying their salaries for this event?  Richard Gere?

Since the entertainment media and the news media have corporately merged in the U.S.,  they also are protecting Lama Sogyal.

Lama Sogyal has been one of Hollywood’s favorite lamas- with a major role in Bertolucci’s Little Buddha, and, as a keeper of illegal western harems, who beats his women, degrades and humiliates his devotee monks and nuns and  is still, clearly a  favorite lama of  California and Richard Gere, and thus the Hollywood jet set.

Journalism these days, being part of the Corporate Entertainment Industry, does not want to upset  its sister enabler of the Lamas’ sexual abuses: Hollywood. Being bought up by Chinese billionaires.

Nor does the corporate journalistic establishment want to upset the mindfulness movement, and its  ONE DHARMA movement, now supported by China:

Gere’s endorsement of Lama Sogyal in Indian newspapers:

Sogyal Rimpoche. who is a good friend of mine, has been a very good person as he has introduced me with so many   great masters and extraordinary teachers in Asia and other countries.

He is a very simple human being with a vast knowledge on Buddhism. Me talking about Buddhism in front of him would be a little embarrassing, I would feel myself as a parrot as I can only recite what I have learnt. But to be frank, I am not a great practitioner. But one thing is that I have truly generated respect and love for Dharma.”

Further, let us keep talking about the slavery in the United States, so their new demographic target, black Americans, thanks to Oprah, won’t know the truth about these Tibetan Lamas. How they kept their own people as permanent, indentured servants;  five percent of them as slaves; who slept with the animals and were called ‘talking animals.’

So, the current and decades long abuse of Lama Sogyal?  The New York Times  says not a word. Nor notices that the latest sexual abuser, Russell Simmons, was heavily into Tantric yoga;  his Hindu Tantric ‘Tantris” brand;  with young women his victims. a gross sexual abuser for years, who appears so sweet, so peaceful and kind. Charming. Sociopaths are attracted to Tantra. 

People don’t have clue and never have had the chance to know that this Tantra of the Lamas and their ‘mindfulness’ are far more dangerous to their freedoms,  particularly for women, since everyone still thinks the Dalai Lama is a Saint and that his Mindfulness is just an innocent technique to help people relax and bring peace to the world.

Its time for the CIA to release the real history of Tibet under these Dalai Lamas.

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