Three Princesses and a Mukpo Dong

Carolyn K, who brought military advice to Canada,  will continue her service within the Shambhala Lamaist  Pillar of Economy, and as the co-founder of the Mukpo Dong Princesses Education Trust,  committed to the higher education, cultural heritage, and spiritual lineage training for our three Shambhala Princesses.” 

How many fake Royalty can you put on a Shambhala Stage?  How many will continue to be fooled? As many, that can be found, of  progressive snowflakes and mandala-crayoning  females to believe this nonsense to replace the hippies of old.  Maybe, what is left of the “My Lttle Pony” cult are joining the latest Shambhalian recruits at these Tibetan Tantric Lamaist centers pretending to be secular and safe. Just a place to come and relax and breathe; eat vegan food. Before you  become part of their western Tibetan Lamaist ‘corvee’  or one of their sexual consorts.

Everything you see, the hundreds of Tibetan centers and temples, were built with the free labor and money from the lamas’ devoted western mental slaves. You don’t need to be ‘branded’  physically to be a slave in the United States. Those women, who allowed themselves to be branded, were already mentally enslaved by Keith Raniere’s sex cult NXIVM with its million-dollar endorsement by the Dalai Lama.

 Keith must have been studying lots of Tantric texts when he decided the Dalai Lama would go along and take money from a sex-slave cult. Who else would know better about serfs and slaves and Tibetan harems of women? The Dalai Lama supported Trungpa and Lama Sogyal who kept western harems for the last forty years. Keith knew the Dalai Lama would approve.

There must be plenty of   snowflakes, by now, who might join a Shambhala Tantric group, because they can’t bear to hear, or see, anything cognitively dissonant. Therefore, they are the perfect recruits for a sexually abusive cult of Tantra pretending to be about ‘peace’ and ’empowering women.’

Tibetan Lamaist cults  have female enablers, too;  sirens that  lure unsuspecting young women into their cults of sexual abuse by saying they are going to empower them as ‘Shambhala warriors.’ Their disguise is also as ‘successful women in the world.” Lawyers, and psychologists and life coaches, even physicians. Academic credentials are a Tantric guru-slave’s disguise.  Or the lamas’ sexual consorts are used as a hook;  featured in books about Dakini Power . Or they write lots of books, as Tibetan nuns,  and tell the women who complain about being sexually abused to ‘just let it all fall apart.” 

After all, Trungpa’s Naropa graduates have been teaching many snowflakes, male and female,  the same thing: counseling them, and giving them ‘religious advice’ and ‘mindfulness’ instruction at their wellness centers, on college campuses, for the last 25 years. Influencing them with Tantra’s ‘no-right-no-wrong creed.

Trungpa went right into the heart of our western institutions by creating ‘contemplative’ masks  in psychology, the arts, and the soft-sciences, through  his Tantric  Naropa Institute, in Boulder, Colorado.  The University of Colorado, in Boulder was also spewing out lots of Tibetologists to give Tantric Lamaism its academic boost.

Now that Naropa  has university status,  taxpayers can fund Tibetan Tantra’s spread by stealth. A Naropa’University  has  the ability to  get government grants. This is the start of the lamas getting taxes from the people in North America, as they did in Tibet.

Tibetan people were, literally, taxed to death by these lamas and their wealthy relatives. Just like these Tibetan Lamaist centers are funded in the West with tax-free monies; like Shambhala International’s two hundred and fifty or so centers,  formerly Vajradhatu  centers.  In Tibet:

One 22-year old woman, herself a runaway serf, reports: “Pretty serf girls were usually taken by the owner as house servants and used as he wished”; they “were just slaves without rights.”18 Serfs needed permission to go anywhere. Landowners had legal authority to capture those who tried to flee. One 24-year old runaway welcomed the Chinese intervention as a “liberation.” He testified that under serfdom he was subjected to incessant toil, hunger, and cold. After his third failed escape, he was merciless beaten by the landlord’s men until blood poured from his nose and mouth. They then poured alcohol and caustic soda on his wounds to increase the pain, he claimed.19

The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery- Michael Parenti

Devotees,  giving diversity seminars,  are able to get government grants for those who actually believe they are progressing their way to a better and more equal world by following gurus who, less than 60 years, ago, kept the majority of their own people as permanent serfs and slaves.

Guru lamas, who still keep harems of young females for their personal use,  in the West, when they aren’t groping them in their private quarters, refer to each other as “precious ones’ who believe they are above the whole human race.  Deities, in fact. In fact, these are ultimate racists and misogynists on earth, as their western inner circle followers are giving diversity retreats and seminars on ‘feminism.”

 Another ‘Trust Fund/Foundation.” How many is that now for Shambhala International and Company?  Are not Tibetan Lama groups and their inner circles always spinning out more foundations? With no one noticing?

Tenzin Dhoden, the supposedly disgraced former emissary for the Dalai Lama?  He still has his Friends of the Dalai Lama Foundation.  He is “amplifying the positive message of the Dalai Lama” for nurturing peace around the world.  Lama organizations just keep spinning out foundations, no matter what the ordinary world finds out about them. Nothing stops them. Apparently, the Dalai Lama has no problem with Tenzin Dhoden using his name for his foundation in California with wealthy female benefactors on his Board of Trustees. 

Seven or eight; spun from the original kleptocracy of the non-profit of Shambhala International with its five Tantric Lamaist Centers in New York, and, of course in Albany, New York.  Not to mention the Karma Kagyu Woodstock Center, Shambhala International’s mother-ship, a few hundred feet  from where Gina Hutchinson, another of Raniere’s victims  was found dead, an apparent suicide.

“Gina loved Keith but hated being in a harem. He was her guru. She was, after all, a Buddhist goddess and he was a great soul. Sometimes, she thought he was the Buddha himself.”

Exactly what the Tibetan Lamas get young women to believe who they seduce into Tantra.

Tibetan Lamaism and Tantra and NXIVM. What a small world. New York is surrounded.

Another Tibetan labrang, i.e. family trust foundation, for Shambhala; created to get the most delusional of western Tibetan Lamaists, the Shambhalians, to fund the educations of these sure- to-be-spoiled, third- generation faux-royalty ‘princesses’ of  the fake Kingdom of Shambhala. So their father, King of Shambhala won’t have to.

These people are bold.

Lady Diana,  the wife of the late Trungpa, with her made-up royal title, puts  the kibosh on the Project Sunshine project; by surrounding it with mostly the inner circle of female sexual abuse enablers from her cult of Shambhala,  making sure they talk on and on, endlessly, with each other,  and emote, emote,  emote,  about the pedophilia and ‘abhorrent sexual abuse’ in their Shambhala groups, that has gone on for decades, with nothing done about it, ever,   She is going to give a  ‘householder’ retreat.  How to create an “enlightened household.”

Will Lady Diana give a transmission on how to be a good female harem-member for her late husband’s cult of Tantric sex?  Along with where to put the silverware and glasses for the Shambhala dinner guests?

I guess Osel Mukpo gave up on having a son.  He knows his girls will be taught by his medieval father-in-law, with a sixty-foot throne in India, to pray to come back in a male body for their next life. That means the Shambhala Snowflake sangha will have to support these always-second-class-female faux-royalty, because the Tibetan Lamaist hierarchy, androcentric to its hard-hearted core, is never going to do so.

Girls are always a disappointment to this patriarchy of corruption.  Although, the Dalai Lama may recognize one of these daughters as the next Dalai Lama. She will have to have certain qualifications, however, and these women may not come up to the Dalai Lama’s  standard as captured on video:

Another Trust Fund opportunity, though, to support the inner circle of kleptocrats;  these family-member Kling-ons to the Mother Lode of Kling-ons- the Tulku Tibetan Lamaist Hierarchy- so admired by the Khans and other dictators throughout the centuries.  These lamas have been making up everything about themselves for the last ten centuries and counting, so why not keep doing it in the West?  It’s their tradition, after all. Keith knew ‘making up stuff’ about himself was in the tradition of  Tibetan Lamaism.

When the western world wakes up, as it is starting to do, over how the Dalai Lama and these Tibetan lamas fooled us with all their masks and disguises?  These lamas better start heading back to China.  Oh, that’s right, they are already there, and have been since 1984. 

Maybe Ithaca, New York,  should think again, about building a 33 million dollar museum to the Dalai Lama, whose only ‘approval’ was the Dalai Lama, himself.  That’s all that is needed these days; Saint Dalai Lama approving his own museum.

The tax-paying citizens and residents, in Ithica, New York, weren’t asked.  But, I bet the tourist part of the Chamber of Commerce was thrilled.  The Lamas have had phenomenal success with liberal progressives in New York. As they have with our prestigious university’s academia.  Not a healthy sign for a democratic country.

Time to dust off the Mongolian Khan history, the  real  lineage of the Dalai Lama as well as get a FISA request for the real Tibetan history under the Dalai Lamas.

© Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

The Dalai Lama and NXIVM

Raniere got the Dalai Lama’s endorsement, not just because of the $1 million plus exchanged, but because Keith was on board the Lamaist Misogynist Train in the West, here to nail all female energy down for their own uses.

Just like the Lamas did in Tibet.

Just like Raniere did inside his cult group, NXIVM.

Some Dalai Lama favorite lamas have kept harems, like Trungpa and Lama Sogyal.  Still being protected by the U.S. media and Sogyal’s Rigpa sites still endorsed by the Dalai Lama in the U.S.

A link and a comment below, to show how despotic the Dalai Lama and his fanatic devotees are in controlling the free speech of his Tibetans in exile in India and now in the U.S.;  as well as the speech of western ex-Tibetan Lamaists who dare to criticize the Dalai Lama.

Shaming and threats, ad hominem attacks, are part of the arsenal of crushing all free speech inside cult groups. Like Lamaism and NXIVM. Birds of a feather.  NXIVM is just a fledgling. A spin-off, if you will. There are thousands of them now. Crazy from Tantra’s spread.

Not only free speech, but freedom of thought is curbed in Lamaism’s net of Tantra; whether done by fanatic Tibetan devotees, or Western Tibetan Buddhists with Ph.D.’s.

The Dalai Lama never lets go of his mental slaves, east or west. Lamas do not have to brand their women, physically. Just thought-control their minds;  have them take oaths of fealty and secret vows; double-bind them; make them feel ‘special’ (like Keith did) and put the fear of hell-realms and hate-mongering by the groupthink, their kind vajra brothers, and sisters,  if they reveal the lamas’ secrets or criticize their groups.

Shaming is a tactic of fascists, totalitarian groups, cults, and despotic religions. Like NXIVM and Lamaism.

Any Tibetan who tries to break free of the iron grip of Lamaism and the Dalai Lama can expect similar or much worse treatment by those still under the Dalai Lama spell.  Now that China is on board with Lamaism, again, in their post-Maoist phase,  it will only get worse for all of China’s population.

I also received a comment post by mail, at my website, from a Tibetan woman in India, attacked on social media for questioning why Nancy Pelosi and Richard Gere are involved in their government in exile.

“I am Tibetan, I wanna know more about Richard Gere and Nancy Pelosi. I raised my opinion against them on social media. The Tibetan Parliament stood up against me by trying to make my Tibetan community stand up against me. I need your expertise! Thank you!  ”

I wrote her back, but she never answered.

This friend sent me a video of another Tibetan woman critical of the Dalai Lama and what is said about her:

This woman, who criticizes the Dalai Lama and says: his brain is empty. “Dalai Lama Brain is empty, thinks a Tibetan woman 2018“.   I do not understand what she is saying because it is in Tibetan.

But very interesting is the first commentary:

“Who’s that woman? Must be a chinese spy. Good-hearted Tibetans are looking to kidnap her, and kill her for Tibetan cause. Thumbs up! Truth will prevail. Fuck you, aunty.“

The video has since been taken down.

Interesting that it is Tibetan women and western women both speaking out against the Dalai Lama and his Lamaist iron grip.

Women I have known, both from Tibet and here in the U.S.,  are very feisty. Despite being told they can only be enlightened in a male body in their future life. If they pray to their lamas to be reborn a man.

They are particularly lucky to receive the ‘special blessings of their lamas’ as the lamas’ sexual consorts in this one. That is what the lamas tell all the women inside their sanghas. East or West.  Hmmm. Might these feisty Tibetan women and the western women join forces. and speak out together?

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

Sex-Branding Cult NXIVM, and Dalai Lama’s $ 1 Million Endorsement

EVERYTHING is censored in the U.S. when it comes to the Dalai Lama.  He has protection from our CIA as an asset, our  Republican and Democratic governments,  and the last four previous Presidents and the New York Times, whose former managing editor’s spouse adores Tibetan Lamas. Old white rich progressive ladies with influence  are the easiest to fool.

   So it should not surprise us that part of the post concerning the 1-2 million-dollar speaking fee for an endorsement of Keith Raniere’s group, given to the Dalai Lama, and of course, denied,  was taken down within two hours by Wikipedia administrators.  The Dalai has only to deny something is true and that is enough for the establishment media. I am sorry I gave Wikipedia that 5.00 donation. I suspected they were censoring news, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

The hardest thing has been for ordinary people to see the interlocking hierarchy of Lamaism that has the Dalai Lama, and his damage control machine, controlling the news about his Lamaist groups in a positive direction,  while quickly covering up its institutionalized sexual abuse, financial skulduggery, use of free western labor for infrastructure, and the secret teachings of his Tantric Kalachakra prophecies. 

This is because the go-to-journalists, who report on the Dalai Lama, when the lamas’ sexual abuses reach the public,  are often western Tibetan Buddhists themselves, and/or former monks, who have taken vows to keep the lamas’ secrets in this Lamaist cult; a sexually abusive cult with vast interconnected influences, and now thousands of centers, world-wide. Their devotees have also vowed to bring their disguised Tantra to the rest of the world, with their latest mask: a global spirituality of faux-feminism and faux-ecology; the new GAIA religion that will nail all female energy down, just as it did in Tibet. 

One way the Dalai Lama  has been protected is through  pro-Dalai Lama journalism and academia (his critics get little coverage in the mainstream news)  who continue to  promote the idea that Tibetan Buddhist lamas   “have no overarching hierarchy”; that all these lamas work “solo.”

So a ‘bad boy’ lama might occasionally appear, but it is only one bad apple in the pristine barrel of Lamaism.

Anyone who believes this hasn’t been studying with all these high Tibetan lamas, who all are connected; who ‘teach’ at each other’s centers; and who even ‘share’ sexual consorts amongst each other.

This has been a purposeful untruth, by the establishment media,  not only to prevent the public from seeing the connections between all these Tibetan Lamaist sects, working together but now in a ‘blended’  Buddhism of Tantra,  Zen, Theravada;  bringing us their  ‘mindfulness’ product: their first cult technique, in a secular disguise, that got us to think as a herd.

Mindfulness, that leads one to ‘not judge’;  eventually accepting all kinds of corruptions and abuses in leaders;  including the keeping  of female harems,  pedophilia, and financial corruptions, inside their own sanghas (their devotee membership)  that that then secretly spreads out and infiltrates into our culture; causing chaos while appearing as a force for good.

The lamas have always been masters of the ‘masked dance.’

And then there is Hollywood, who has promoted, protected, and enabled the sexual abuse of these Tibetan Lamas, and the Dalai Lama, for decades. Even creating Shangri-la films like Seven Years in Tibet or  Little Buddha that featured the notorious Sogyal Rinpoche as the main lama; a favorite of Richard Gere, now hiding out, it is rumored, in Thailand, to avoid the French Courts. 

The Dalai Lama would have no problem with accepting an estimated 1-2 million dollars for one of his many civilization jihadic  Tantric foundations: a sex-branding cult like Keith Raniere’s NXIVM. 

He would have approved of Keith Raniere’s group of sex-branding women, just as he approved of the egregious abuses inside Lama Sogyal’s  Rigpa organization for over forty years.

The Dalai Lama also gave his imprimatur  to the Shambhala International organization,  that put the old Vajradhatu cult on the map in a big way. Today they are finally being called out for their egregious sexual abuses over decades.

Shambhala International is a Tibetan Tantric group that pretends to be ‘secular’ where their late leader-despot, Trungpa kept a  western harem of women, and his sexually exploitative inner circle, including his notorious Regent, Osel Tenzin,  who got young, heterosexual males to  prove their devotion to him, while knowingly having unprotected sex while infected with AIDS.

The devotees believed, and do still, that AIDS is only a ‘concept’ and has no reality. One of the young men died.

The Dalai Lama can often be seen endorsing the most egregious of sexual abusive cults; whether of his own Lamaist sects or a sexual abuse cult like Keith Raniere.  His Compassion rhetoric that supports the nailing of all women down, is always for sale.


But, when are these sexually abusive lamas, with their amoral Tantra,  going to be held to account?   It is their Tantric teachings, disguised as ‘Buddhism,’ that is increasing the amorality around the world. The secret teachings that no one will report on and no one will reveal who is one of the western ‘blended’ devotees.  The Dalai Lama’s theatre of compassion is why Keith Raniere reached out to the Dalai Lama. Both for his currency, and because he had surely read the Dalai Lama’s Tantric texts and its practices with young women and girls for the high lamas’ practices.  Practices that have kept women in their place in Tibet for the  last 1000 years.    

The cover-up of Tibetan Lamaism, and its egregious sexual abuse, that has lamas keeping harems in the West, and sexually exploiting their students in a master-slave paradigm, disguised as ‘blessings,’ for over four decades, and still counting,  has been a story in itself, that has yet to be reported.

Why are these medieval Tibetan lamas allowed to continue to break our laws, and exploit our women and young girls?


Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S. ©