Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Naropa Dance Student Upheld


Trungpa’s Tantric College in America to Spread his Cult Teachings and Programming in the United States

EXCLUSIVE: Heartbroken father wins wrongful death lawsuit against Japanese ‘death dance cult leader’ who made 32-year-old daughter his ‘sex slave and plied her with mind-bending drugs’ that drove her to suicide

  • Tibor Stern won a wrongful death lawsuit after a six-year legal battle against Katsura Kan, who he accused of driving daughter Sharon to suicide in 2012
  • Kan is a Japanese citizen who was teaching Butoh, a dance in which students are told to ‘wallow in the darkness of their soul’ at a college in Colorado 
  • He was found liable by a Florida circuit court in March after he failed to attend a summary judgment via telephone; Damages have yet to be determined
  • Butoh features slow, controlled movements and is traditionally performed in white body makeup, it also portrays grotesque imagery or absurd environments
  • Sharon met Kan when she enrolled in the master of fine arts program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in 2007 
  • ‘Kan intentionally and/or recklessly inflicted emotional pain and suffering on Sharon from the day he met her until the day she died’ according to Tibor’s suit 
  • Tibor claims Kan ‘seduced Sharon, abused her physically and mentally, humiliated her, insulted her, and manipulated her’  
  • He added: ‘I’m a very loving father and she was my best friend. I know who she was. I know what she became. The man needed to be found guilty’

From the Daily Mail Article Updated April 9th, 2019  by Donna Anderson for the Daily Mail.


prayer flags on Shambhala Day

“Naropa University has over 6,500 alumni that are leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, and innovators. They start businesses, nonprofits, private practices, and innovative community organizations. They show up differently in their fields because they (sic) unshakeable and grounded while exuding compassion and non-judgment for others. As an alum of Naropa, you shared a journey that shaped who you are today – and who you are in the world. We invite you to stay engaged with the Naropa community and join us for Community Practice Day,  Shambhala Day, Community Week, and various events and receptions throughout the year. As unique as our alumni are, they each share one powerful commitment: “to meet the world as it is and change it for the better.” Explore resources, ways to connect, and share your story with us through the links above. ” From Naropa’s Website. 2019

Thousands of Trungpa’s Naropa graduates,  with their  ‘soft science’ careers and/or tenured professorships at Colleges and Universities;  Journalist Schools;  Environmental Programs and Environmental and International Law; Harvard Divinity and Religious Studies,  and most particularly Psychology programs to help promote Shambhala International and its Tantric, chaotic and undemocratic influence on American soul.

Naropa’s motto, for all who enter its Tantric halls, promoted as just a liberal institution, is to be “Change Agents to Change The World.”

Naropa was set up by  Chogyam Trungpa, and his Karma Kagyu Lamas,  to infiltrate through psychology, psychotherapy, religious studies,  academia, the arts, and create graduates under ‘undue influence’ of his cult; without being aware that they, too, were part of the Plan.  Just as much as the more active, die-hard cult Vajrayana members, who took vows to these despots on thrones.

Katsura Kan, and his cult of Butoh Death Dance, a very Tantric-influenced cult, would have been like a bee to honey finding Naropa’s attitude to ‘crazy gurus’.

This is because the earliest and most fanatic cult devotees of Trungpa run the place. They learned first-class trickery from master tricksters: Lamas like Trungpa; the master trickster of them all.  His early devotee cult members have been training thousands of unwitting change agents for this late Warlord from Kham who are now in our psychotherapy clinics, in the arts, in gender studies departments, in prestigious Divinity Schools across our nation.  Spreading  this medieval doctrine, as secular, liberal and ‘compassionate’  to new, vulnerable college students they recruit.

These harem-keeping ‘no-good-no bad’ chaos-creating early cult members of Trungpa were the most thought-controlled of all;  to help him undermine our Western democracy: Trungpa’s explicit goal with his ‘advanced’ Shambhala change-agent students.

I was one of them.  I took that vow; ‘to perpetuate’  Trungpa’s medieval world. All of Naropa is still staffed and administered by these early cult members; his first inner circle.

So Naropa University didn’t think anything was wrong when a  Japanese guru ( a ‘visiting’  Naropa teacher on staff for eight years)  tortured and drugged and abused and eventually caused the death of this beautiful young dance student; a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

They looked the other way. Like they always do. But, fortunately, the public and our legal system weren’t cult-influenced by Trungpa and Tantra and didn’t look the other way. Katsura Kan has just been found guilty of contributing to the wrongful death of  Sharon Stern.

Naropa Institute has been one of the main enablers of  ‘Crazy Wisdom’ gurus like Katsura Kan.  Con Artists, and Abusers.  Like Chogyam Trungpa;  and Trungpa’s Regent, who also could do what he wanted, even if it killed students, too.  And Trungpa’s son, biting and abusing and sexually exploiting hundreds of female students. Many Tibetan Lamas on the prowl  have taught at Naropa.

That this is a Tantric cult being run out of Naropa Institute ( now University) under the Karma Kagyu Lama hierarchical Theocracy of despotic Tibetan gurus on Thrones, influencing our American sons and daughters and getting Federal Grants, i.e., our tax dollars, to exist to abuse ‘another day’ is little known. Trungpa’s  early students are experts at keeping secrets; having taken vows to do so to their first guru.

What I find still shocking is how much cognitive dissonance strategies are being used to deny, obscure and hold onto this cult of Tantric Lamaism by those who believe they are addressing the problem while still under the Lamaist hierarchy’s thumbs. They refuse to believe that all these Lamas operate as One. Fooling Westerners over and over and over again. They cannot accept that they are still in the cult of Lamaism when they continue to         stay  in its Tantric net. They are addicts  who still need a guru fix. It is sad and disheartening to see, after all this exposed abuse. That they remain enablers of Lamaism’s institutional abuse by not letting it go is hard to watch. Since this abuse cannot be changed while still in the cult of the Lamas.

Naropa University has its influences in big business, with many enablers outside of the cult, such as  in Boulder, Colorado and at the University of Colorado. Not to mention the billion-dollar Mindfulness commodity, started by two Naropa students and the Dalai Lama,  So, it is not surprising that there is ambivalence and mostly silence in addressing Naropa being complicit with guru abuses.

Naropa, after years of disassociating from Trungpa, is now creating a Chogyam Trungpa Institute within Naropa to teach Trungpa’s medieval Tantra unashamedly again. These Naropa staff and administrators have no shame.  I believe Trungpa’s  inner circle watched and waited and saw how these women who were abused, could be confused again, easily, and that the whistle-blowers were few.

Because, to whistle-blow and truly be a survivor (not just clamoring to take a settlement and sign a non-disclosure agreement with the billion-dollar corporation that is  Tibetan  Lamaism, and the secrets will be kept)  you cannot be part of this overarching, highly organized, multi-sect lineage of the Tibetan Lamist cult anymore. Not in any way. You can’t go off with other Lamas recommended by the Lamaist hierarchy to keep you still in the sticky net.  You must leave your cult friends still in it in any way. Because they can’t be trusted. They are still under the spell. Unable to call the root of the problem out. This is one big Lama cult and that is what has to be seen to be free.

But, winning this Wrongful Death Lawsuit? This threw a wrench in the cover-up mix of Naropa and Shambhala International, and all the  Tibetan Lamas and their damage control plans.  Winning this ‘wrongful death suit’ is Big.  It should have happened thirty years ago when Trungpa’s Regent caused a wrongful death. He was the President of Naropa around this time and a sadistic guru who slept with hundreds of mostly heterosexual male students while knowing he had AIDS.

AIDS was just a concept to this cult bunch and still is. Even when a young dharma brat died.

It took thirty years, for finally a wrongful death suit to be won. It is a start.

When I look out at both these Sharia Islamist and Tibetan Lamaist devotees now? I see  female enablers who would rather be in a sexually, misogynistic cult, then face the truth of their having been in a cult;  enabled the cult;  and refuse to do the hard work of coming out.

Some of them still in the Tibetan Lamaist cult are getting book deals to promote the Dalai Lama’s innocence in all this, and the protection of their own guru Lamas.  They want the public to think Sogyal, and Trungpa, and his son are just ‘exceptions.’ And,  how there is ‘no overarching hierarchy’ of Tibetan Lamaism, a.k.a. ‘Buddhism’ even though they watched as the Lamas of other lineage sects sexually shared their daughters and friends.

It is more important to save Tibetan Lamaism, and Tantric factories like Naropa University, than their sons and daughters from abuse.

And I extrapolate this cult-like behavior to the Progressives who are the Hard Left’s les idiots utile du systeme.  These populations overlap, since Allen Ginsberg days. They don’t care about boundaries, either. Or right or wrong. The end always justifies the means to their similar Utopian dream: The destruction of a Western Democracy by stealth.

Neither do  Tibetan Lamaists care about the boundaries of women, westerners or other Democratic nations that have supported them, gave them refuge.  They have no concept of these things. So Katsura Kan fit right in.  They don’t care about women or boundaries or a democracy of free people, or thinking for yourself.

Tantra is a misogynistic nightmare for women, and Katsura Kan exposed it for what it is.

So,  this is really about cults in our midst.  Whether religious or political.  And warning people when they have dangerously merged.

And the psychologists and anti-cult groups who do nothing about it?  Don’t call it out?  Don’t want to know? Don’t want to see?  Are in their Mindfulness groups?  They aren’t going to rock the boat. They went along with the “new religious movement’ politically correct label that allowed these groups to become wealthy cult ‘Churches’ with no transparency.    How many of these Tantric psychotherapists and Hard Left Progressive academics,  in collusion with these Eastern cults, have infiltrated into Anti-Cult groups?   They have infiltrated everywhere else.  It wouldn’t be the first time that cult-apologists have infiltrated anti-cult groups to weaken them. Fortunately, F.A.C.T is not one of them and calls a Cult a Cult when it is the Elephant in the room.

Winning this suit is a big victory; One of the many to come, we hope.

Christine A. Chandler ©   April 14, 2019








The Coordinated Cover-up of Sexual Abuse by Academic Tantric Cult Members

(updated: October 1st, 2018)

Conversations that Matter: Caring For Community

Above is the link that takes one to the ‘conversations’ about caring for the community that Shambhala International has been having for the last twenty years.
Conversations always controlled by the same cult inner circle,  to make sure legal action against paedophiles and sexually abusive lamas is never part of the discussion.

This is a massive, and coordinated effort by cult members of Tantric Lamaism who realize that their secrets are out, and are now going to rationalize them, with the same Tibetologists, psychologists and academics, who are also cult members of Tantra, with careers built around a sexually abusive cult they pretend to themselves, and the world, is ‘the highest form of Buddhism.’

Making the sexual abuse  ‘a systemic problem’ is also a way to do nothing about it. Never go to the police. Never call out a specific lama. Hell, we could call out most of them, who are engaging in these practices, because that is what their so-called Buddhism is all about. It is what their using the ‘lower teachings,’  the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings, are about:  to prime people into accepting the sexual abuse  by getting them into a passive, non-judgmental state of mind to slowly accept their lamas and western teachers breaking the law.

This whole ‘ systemic inquiry’  into the massive sexual abuse in these Tibetan Lamaist groups  means intellectualizing about it more, just like what Rigpa and Shambhala  cults of Tantric abuse are really doing with their ‘systemic’ events. Tibetan Buddhists just love to talk . And do nothing. They have lost their disciplined, western logical motivation long ago, but not their obsessive focus on creating their ‘enlightened world’ for the rest of us.  Their hubris is impenetrable;  behind their compassionate grins.

The Tibetologists and cult members of Shambhala are also publishing their ‘academic’ Lamaist jargon-filled articles about the real meaning of having an illegal harem of western women in these sanghas.

As Holly Gayley, long-time guru-worshipping cult devotee of Trungpa, the Regent, and Trungpa’s son,  in her latest apologia for the long history of sexual abuse by these Tibetan Lamas, who kept most their people as indentured serfs and slaves, and very young females for their sexual consorts, says:

This article revisits the question, first introduced by feminist scholars in the mid-1990s about whether sexual practices within Buddhist tantra ( heterosexually conceived) are empowering or exploitative to women. The purpose here is to complicate this question, given the different geographic settings and cultural contexts in which consort relationships have been embedded—from eastern Tibet to North America—and to nuance our understanding of the potential and pitfalls of sexuality in tantric contexts- Holly Gayley, Professor at University of Colorado, Boulder Religious Department*
*A university department overrun with Trungpa cult members and ‘scholars’ over the decades, who have helped confuse thousands of American women and directly regressed the women’s rights movement in this country and throughout the world.

Load the language;  make it appear magical and mystical;  and very esoteric and  complicatedembed it in hagiography and Tibetan Tantric memes, because if you can change the language you can change the meaning and eventually control our perceptions and western women will not only ignore breaking western laws , but if they are cult members of these Tibetan Lamaist groups, as are all these ‘experts’ on Tibetan Buddhism,  they will even enable pedophilia and sexual grooming of their own children, inside their cult groups  as participation in the ‘highest of truths’  and a ‘blessing by the lamas.”

Not only their guru cult fantasies are protected, but their careers as purveyors of sexual abuse, disguised as  ‘the highest of Buddhist teachings’ will be left intact.  Their minds so compartmentalized that they believe they are ‘scholars’ and even ‘feminists’; contributing to a better world.

They can also continue to infiltrate our academia with their medieval Scientism and anti-intellectualism;  while using very high-sounding, intellectual jargon and loaded language that obscures and ‘complicates the question.’

What is particularly pernicious about all this faux-academic and  ‘systemic talk’ is that these spiritualized women, whether they be ‘sangyums,’  i.e. illegal members of a lamas’ harem in  the Shambhala or Rigpa cults,   or ‘academic types’ of Tibetan lamas, teaching at our universities,  or both, it is they are purposely using their academic credentials  to give this craziness and misogyny legitimacy with the public.

These are the classic female enablers of sexual abuse;  they want to dress themselves up. We know many of them, and we know how crazy they really are in their thinking. How delusional their world really is. Behind their academic facades. We were in this world, once, and we know these are not ordinary academics and researchers, but are guru-worshipers, who have taken vows to obey their lamas in all things;  who don’t believe in facts, and who are obeying their first Tantric master,  Trungpa, to undermine our western cultural values from the inside out; creating  confusion and Tantric amorality in academic circles. They have done quite a job, for the last forty five years, in obfuscating the truth about Trungpa and all these medieval lamas and their ‘highest teachings.’

We also  know that they are ignoring egregious sexual abuse, pedophilia, sexual grooming of children in their  own Lamaist sanghas, and yet are joining with each other to what?  Protect their despotic archaic ‘religion’ and their  own careers.

This is a massive cover-up coordinated between the inner circle of these Tibetan Lamaist groups:  the high lamas of every sect, including the Dalai Lama;  their nuns and monks;  their academics and Tibetologists, and,  most egregiously, the many Tantric cult  psychologists who are breaking the law, not only by not reporting the abuse, but enabling it, for over four decades now.

The Coordinated Cover up of Sexual Abuse by the Senior Students of Rigpa and Shambhala International, two Tibetan Buddhist groups whose Tibetan lamas have kept harems, illegally, and groomed young girls for Tantric sexual abuse, for decades. Here they are together at Rigpa in  France, right after Sogyal’s abuses hit the mainstream news:

Shambhala and Rigpa Dathun
Here is the letter sent , shortly after Sogyal’s  egregious abuse was leaked. Shambhala and Rigpa went into damage control mode,  together, to create a dathun; a month-long silent mindfulness retreat that got all the ready-to-break free Rigpa students back in line and literally silenced:
From: Sophie Tessier <sophie….@rigpa.org>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 11:04 PM
Subject: MEDITATION RETREAT NEXT JANUARY – Message for instructors
To: ts-commu…@googlegroups.com
Cc: nicolas Schram <nicolas…@rigpa.org>

Dear TS’s & ND’sPlease find below a letter and a video, intended for instructors from Dominique Side about the Datun – a month-long meditation retreat – in Lerab Ling next January. 

Could you please communicate it to the instructors of your centres.  

Translation of the letter in French and Spanish will follow next week.

Many thanks

Much love



Dear Instructor,

You may already have seen that Lerab Ling is offering a new event next January: it is a month-long meditation retreat open to all mandala students. It will be led by a team of Shambhala instructors most of whom have been personally trained by Trungpa Rinpoche who, in addition to teaching shamatha/vipashyana to all his students, also devised a training programme for meditation instructors.

Six Rigpa instructors, including myself, attended a similar event in India last July to see how the datun is, and all of us felt that it was tremendously beneficial to stabilise our shamatha/vipashyana practice. All but one of us are Dzogchen mandala students, but we realise that in Rigpa we have generally not taken enough time to really establish our shamatha and vipashyana well. And as instructors, we could see how vital it is for us to have solid experience of the practices we teach.

One of the tremendous benefits of this datun is that there will be a large team of Vajradhatu/Shambhala instructors supporting all the participants, and they offer personal interviews on our practice every three days. I found these invaluable, and it was impressive to see how, when instructors are well trained and experienced, they are able to guide students in gentle and subtle ways to help them on their path. So for us as instructors we can benefit from this in two ways: both as students ourselves, and as instructors who take note of how the Shambhala instructors guide students.

The point of this message is to warmly encourage you to attend as much of this retreat as you can. You can come for one, two, three or four weeks. Each week the practice progresses so naturally the best is to do all four weeks if you can, but if you are only able to come for one or two weeks I would say that it’s definitely worthwhile to do this.

At this juncture we are all looking at how Rigpa can improve in a general way, and part of this must surely be to look at how WE are, both as students and instructors. Retreats like this really help us connect with the Dharma in a deeper way, connect with ourselves and learn how to apply the practice to our own mind, so that we embody the Dharma more and can therefore inspire others to follow their own path. I think it is common sense to say that all instructors should have solid experience of meditation, otherwise we will lack confidence and conviction. The point of this retreat is to give us the opportunity to gain such experience.

You should also know that Larry Mermelstein, the main instructor holding the datun, is happy and willing to support us in other ways, such as helping us develop our instructor training. One possibility is that he and other Shambhala instructors might help to train our meditation instructors in the future, provided they already have some experience of an intensive shamatha/vipashyana retreat, like a datun. The principle is that nobody should train as a meditation instructor unless they have solid experience of meditation themselves! So this is an additional reason for you to do the datun. You can see it as part of your training as an instructor.

In order to facilitate the participation of as many instructors as possible, Lerab Ling is offering the concession rate on retreat fees for all Rigpa instructors. To benefit from it, when you register, you need to apply the following coupons depending on your length of stay to the datun:


I do hope you will be able to seize this opportunity and look forward to seeing you here!

Warm wishes


P.S. Please think of informing all your students about this retreat in your courses, especially, of course, students on What Meditation Really Is. More info for them here.

I thought it would be interesting for people to see the picture above and the communications between Shambhala International and Rigpa International instructors. right after the abuse of  eight of Rigpa  Sogyal’s monks and lay students was revealed, in July of 2017. The letter and email  to organize the event was dated  September, 2017.  So, it didn’t take them long.  Little did Shambhala International know what was waiting for them back in the States,  with revelations of egregious abuses by Trungpa’s son, carrying on the Lamaist tradition,  by their own dharma brats, for years, including sexual grooming of children.  These two groups continue with the same lies that ” they are going to change and heal from within”. A religious sexual abuse cult cannot “heal from within.” A half century of abuses in these western Tibetan Tantric sanghas should show that.

It was this dathun form that put all of us Trungpa students and his early  change agents ( eight hours of silent mindfulness meditation and chanting  everyday, for a month) in a mindfulness trance. Mindfulness for long periods, and done in groups, is the main cult technique of these Lamaist sanghas to get us to accept the unacceptable, down the road. It teaches people ‘not to judge,’ things they should judge as wrong. That’s why the Shambhala inner circle was at Rigpa giving that dathun. This is not rocket science. Rigpa students ( and some brave ones did) were getting ready to break free with more of them clear-headed about taking legal action. That couldn’t happen. So Shambhala International’s inner circle of cult members became one of the first lines of defense, along with the usual suspects, the monks and nuns and other celebrity lamas,  in bringing those Rigpa students in line.

Just as they have kept all the many Shambhala students in line, for decades. More mindfulness in groups, more chants to the dead and live celebrity lamas,  more Hinayana vows to make people passive and guilty about even having a ‘negative thought’ let alone speaking it aloud.

We all did these dathuns. Lots of programming was took place; including tightly bonding to the group and its groupthink.

This picture above was taken at Rigpa-France,  right before Shambhala’s own sexual abuse scandals rocked the news for a brief while, in the early Spring of 2018.  They don’t yet know that their own sexual abuses were going to  be exposed, again, in a very big way, and by their own children, back in the United States.

But now, almost  nicely covered up, again.

The Shambhala group of damage-control experts of the Royal Kleptocracy of Sexual Abuse and Sex Grooming were at Lerab Ling France, coordinating a month-long silent dathun (mindfulness lobotomy retreat)  (first time ever at Rigpa) to literally silence the Rigpa students regarding the criminal behaviors of Lama Sogyal; still hiding out with his own harem (oops, I mean ‘sangyum’) until this blows over. Which it always does; for the number one cult group of sexual abuse in the West: Tibetan Lamaism.

This cover-up and coordinated effort, between Rigpa International and Shambhala International, the two largest western Tibetan Buddhist tax-free foundations and/or with church status, with hundreds of centers between them,  has created their cookie-cutter version of ‘Care and Conduct’ procedures to help seal it all over, as usual, with lots of emotions  and sharing and talking it to death; promising to be democratic, in the future, while both these groups are here to undermine all our democracies in every nation with their amorality and chaos and changing nothing.   Making it a ‘systemic’ problem so no one will be held criminally responsible.

These two sexually abusive cults of Tantra are even using the same Zen-compromised ‘Olive Branch’ as consultants. The Shambhala Group would certainly be the true experts to consult, however, on how to do damage control when the secrets of sexual abuse leak out and must be immediately plugged up. They have been able to cover up egregious abuses for the last forty-eight years.

It is not just females who have been sexually abused by this Tantric Lamaism of the Occult.   When Shambhala was ‘blessed’ by having a promiscuous homosexual guru, who seduced many heterosexual men into his Tantric lair, while being infected with AIDS, this sexual abuse was deadly.

Academics used to call out this egregious abuse, until a sociopathic element in our society saw the Tantric lamas’ political uses to help create a ‘more pliable and confused’ population who would willingly give up all the democratic gains western countries had made, including creating a more educated middle-class.

Here is the book on AIDS that mentions the Shambhala/Vajradhatu  “physician” who kept the Regent’s AIDS a secret from all the men he seduced.  It devotes  a whole Chapter: “The Positively Arrogant Mishap” to this episode in Shambhala International.

Unfortunately few people read anything factual about Tibetan Lamaism, Trungpa, or these sexually abusive lamas because academia has been infiltrated with academic cult members, just like Holly Gayley, who are enablers of sexual abuse, pretending to be ‘feminists,” psychologists, psychotherapists and academics.

No system of sexual abuse can exist, without its female  and male enablers. The female ‘academic’ enablers  have been the most effective in making sure nothing is ever done to end sexual abuse. © Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.


A high Tibetan Lama’s Teaching in Non-Duality Dzogchen

Update:   The CAT abuse story about animal torture by Trungpa, as a lesson in Tantric non-duality for his closer devotees,  is no longer up on its Facebook page.

The Establishment Buddhist swamp, who want to smear those exposing this whole sick Tamale of Tantric Lamaism,  Shambhala International and these other Lamaist sects and their institutionalized sexual abuse, have many interconnected tentacles  and ‘friends.’  There are many concentric circles of enabling of these Tantric Lamas, who don’t want the whole truth about occult Lamaism,  and it’s destructive influences and institutional  abuse,  to be made public. They tied their careers to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its corrupt lamas long ago,  and will do everything they can to keep covering up for the sexual and other abuses inside their groups.

Will these enablers of Tantra and its institutional abuse, be willing to sacrifice Trungpa,  to protect Tibetan Lamaism and the Dalai Lama and its mindfulness commodity?   I doubt it.   Not Chogyam Trungpa and his  faux- Sainthood;  who  has been the cornerstone icon of all their lies about these Tibetan Lamas.  They would rather embrace a  medieval, misogynistic neo feudalism with its non-duality, and anti-rationalism; its  superstitious dogmatism of Hindu and Tibetan Tantra, than tell the truth about this serial sexual abuser, harem keeper, cocaine addict and alcoholic, and now we find out,  animal abuser of cats to teach about ’emptiness’ and his sick ‘no-good-no-bad’ brainwashing of thousands of students who are now the mindfulness instructors at your local Shambhala centers all over the world. Or at your western psychotherapy clinics and hospital who are embracing this form of meditation, without research or question into its origins. Or at your ‘wellness’ clinics at major college campuses and Religious Departments at our Universities.  They will fight tooth and nail to make sure the public never discovers the truth about their Trungpa guru; their Tantric Master. They have weathered exposure before, and plan to again. The same goes for the Rigpa inner circle of Sogyal. In fact, they are using the same denial and now blaming the victims, again. 

Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’  and its new ‘secular disguise’  and mindfulness movement must survive;  if these enablers, including their flagship magazines,  Tricycle and Lion’s Roar  ( formerly Shambhala Sun) and Buddhadharma ( the propaganda magazine of the Chinese- colluding Karma Kagyu lineage of  Trungpa) ;  their mindfulness-trained ‘contemplative’ psychotherapists;  their Tibetology cult-member ‘scholars’ and Tibetan Buddhist ‘journalists’;  their academics and administrators at Naropa, still graduating more Tantric-influenced ‘change agents to change the world’ into Trungpa’s Tantric world,  are to survive. Few people realize how these enablers of decades are working behind the scenes to make sure no one goes to the police.

I have left this post up with the  link to the article, because there were  important comments here  of the people it helped.  Further, the  link where it can be found at F.A.C.T.- Families Against Cult Teachings  has extensive and documented  information about  this dangerous cult, Shambhala International,  and its recruiting college,  Naropa University, still spewing out hundreds, every year,  under the ‘undue influence’ of  Tantric ‘no-good no bad’ ethics,  unknowingly  programmed  to fulfill its sociopathic founder’s Grand Plan:  to destroy our democracy, its western laws, values and ethics,  from the inside out.  There are many victims of Trungpa’ influence, even after he is long dead. Thanks to his many Shambhala centers, Naropa, and his early western surrogates and  teachers of Tantra.  Who are still covering-up the abuse, now.

Dzogchen Master, Mindfulness Purveyor and Animal Abuser

For one whistle-blower’s report,  whom they couldn’t shut up,  see Andrea Winn’s Phase III of Project Sunshine Report,  and the outside investigator’s report included on the sexual predation and now usual cover-up,  inside Shambhala and by default, Rigpa:


For a well-documented history of Trungpa’s Shambhala and Naropa’s abuses:


May the West wake up from its Shangri-la trance, and soon. It is time for a Federal Investigation of Tibetan Lamaism and its sexually abusive cults Shambhala and Rigpa,  along with the call for a  Federal Investigation of the Catholic Church.  Sexual abuse cults will not be able to deal with their sexual abuse ‘in-house’ for much longer, we hope. – Christine A. Chandler©