A high Tibetan Lama’s Teaching in Non-Duality Dzogchen

Update:   The CAT abuse story about animal torture by Trungpa, as a lesson in Tantric non-duality for his closer devotees,  is no longer up on its Facebook page.

The Establishment Buddhist swamp, who want to smear those exposing this whole sick Tamale of Tantric Lamaism,  Shambhala International and these other Lamaist sects and their institutionalized sexual abuse, have many interconnected tentacles  and ‘friends.’  There are many concentric circles of enabling of these Tantric Lamas, who don’t want the whole truth about occult Lamaism,  and it’s destructive influences and institutional  abuse,  to be made public. They tied their careers to Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and its corrupt lamas long ago,  and will do everything they can to keep covering up for the sexual and other abuses inside their groups.

Will these enablers of Tantra and its institutional abuse, be willing to sacrifice Trungpa,  to protect Tibetan Lamaism and the Dalai Lama and its mindfulness commodity?   I doubt it.   Not Chogyam Trungpa and his  faux- Sainthood;  who  has been the cornerstone icon of all their lies about these Tibetan Lamas.  They would rather embrace a  medieval, misogynistic neo feudalism with its non-duality, and anti-rationalism; its  superstitious dogmatism of Hindu and Tibetan Tantra, than tell the truth about this serial sexual abuser, harem keeper, cocaine addict and alcoholic, and now we find out,  animal abuser of cats to teach about ’emptiness’ and his sick ‘no-good-no-bad’ brainwashing of thousands of students who are now the mindfulness instructors at your local Shambhala centers all over the world. Or at your western psychotherapy clinics and hospital who are embracing this form of meditation, without research or question into its origins. Or at your ‘wellness’ clinics at major college campuses and Religious Departments at our Universities.  They will fight tooth and nail to make sure the public never discovers the truth about their Trungpa guru; their Tantric Master. They have weathered exposure before, and plan to again. The same goes for the Rigpa inner circle of Sogyal. In fact, they are using the same denial and now blaming the victims, again. 

Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’  and its new ‘secular disguise’  and mindfulness movement must survive;  if these enablers, including their flagship magazines,  Tricycle and Lion’s Roar  ( formerly Shambhala Sun) and Buddhadharma ( the propaganda magazine of the Chinese- colluding Karma Kagyu lineage of  Trungpa) ;  their mindfulness-trained ‘contemplative’ psychotherapists;  their Tibetology cult-member ‘scholars’ and Tibetan Buddhist ‘journalists’;  their academics and administrators at Naropa, still graduating more Tantric-influenced ‘change agents to change the world’ into Trungpa’s Tantric world,  are to survive. Few people realize how these enablers of decades are working behind the scenes to make sure no one goes to the police.

I have left this post up with the  link to the article, because there were  important comments here  of the people it helped.  Further, the  link where it can be found at F.A.C.T.- Families Against Cult Teachings  has extensive and documented  information about  this dangerous cult, Shambhala International,  and its recruiting college,  Naropa University, still spewing out hundreds, every year,  under the ‘undue influence’ of  Tantric ‘no-good no bad’ ethics,  unknowingly  programmed  to fulfill its sociopathic founder’s Grand Plan:  to destroy our democracy, its western laws, values and ethics,  from the inside out.  There are many victims of Trungpa’ influence, even after he is long dead. Thanks to his many Shambhala centers, Naropa, and his early western surrogates and  teachers of Tantra.  Who are still covering-up the abuse, now.

Dzogchen Master, Mindfulness Purveyor and Animal Abuser

For one whistle-blower’s report,  whom they couldn’t shut up,  see Andrea Winn’s Phase III of Project Sunshine Report,  and the outside investigator’s report included on the sexual predation and now usual cover-up,  inside Shambhala and by default, Rigpa:

For a well-documented history of Trungpa’s Shambhala and Naropa’s abuses:

May the West wake up from its Shangri-la trance, and soon. It is time for a Federal Investigation of Tibetan Lamaism and its sexually abusive cults Shambhala and Rigpa,  along with the call for a  Federal Investigation of the Catholic Church.  Sexual abuse cults will not be able to deal with their sexual abuse ‘in-house’ for much longer, we hope. – Christine A. Chandler©

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Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.


    1. Hi Ed,
      I left the community 2 years ago, I’d battling myself with all the contradictory I saw in the community, especially the top leaders. Buddha Gautama left all the luxury and power and beautiful women behind his palace’s life to find the you see a so called fake enlighten teacher/founder -CTR and his son did the opposite by making a kingdom out of this poor devotees, live their lives full of extravagant, with women and luxury all on the donation from the believers.
      I was in my darkest moment of my life when I stepped in Vancouver Shambhala in 2011, but I am not part of it anymore, Not all experiences were bad, there were some friends I made whom I’m still in contact with but overall good to not associate with that crazy teacher group anymore.

      Ed .- Vancouver

    2. Hi Ed,

      Not sure of your background, but Trungpa Rinpoche was certainly not a Charlatan. All one has to do is read any of his books that were taken from his talks. Trungpa Rinpoche was a 20th century Buddha and the farthest thing there is from being a Charlatan, and Vajrayana is not a cult.

    3. There is maybe more truth in reality, than in making a judgment in two possible extremes: CTR was either an enlightened master or a charlatan and sadistic sociopath. Maybe he was just a great Tibetan Buddhist teacher, who crossed some lines too often. Ultimately everyone is responsible for his or her own behaviour. For instance: why did nobody untie the cat.

  1. Who is the Sangyum who tells this story?
    How do we know the story is true?
    Is anyone filing police reports about more recent accusations about Sakyong?

    I have withdrawn my membership in Shambhala, but it would be helpful if the reports and stories were substantiated with names and witnesses.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There are accusations, and then Diana Mukpo said there are rumors and it is wrong to spread them, without saying which accusation she is talking about. She is not taking risks if these accusations turn out to be true, and she is spreading doubt about all accusations. I wish they would go to court and that there would be investigations, like it should happen in a civilized country.

      1. At the age of 16, Diana Mukpo left her English family to follow a young CRT (Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche). and became his first (and only legal) wife. She is treated like royalty in Shambhala circles, and I’ve heard her addressed as “Your Majesty.” She has her own Tibetan title as well that has a similar meaning to “Queen Mother” (although she is CTR’s widow, not the current Sakyong’s Mother). Basically, she is to the Sakyong as Camilla is to Prince William. I’ve seen her treated like the Queen Mother, too (Shambhala has had her horses shipped in to events she’s attended).
        I am also pretty sure she is in receipt of the royalties of his writings, and Shambhalians make up almost all of those purchasers.

        Mitchell was CTR’s personal physician, and was very involved in some of the events referred to in accounts of that time. Ms Mukpo was involved with Mitchell during the time of her marriage to Trungpa, and they have a son together, who is also referred to as a member of the Mukpo clan. She has since married Mitchell, and he is treated as minor royalty in his own right. BOTH are complicit in his behaviours.

        So Ms Mukpo has a whole lot to lose if any stories like this are spread about. I was a Shambhala member in Halifax, and I could never stomach the ‘cognitive dissonance’ (as the author puts it) of what people said about him and his actions as discussed by his devotes who witnessed them.My ‘old guard’ Shambhala friends explained that he was a practicer of ‘Crazy Wisdom’ – which, of course, was inscrutable to less enlightened beings and which, of course, made all this sh*t OK.

    2. Kellie, this person could be easily traced by the reference to her marriage date. WHO she is isn’t important. WHAT she is (and was) is what matters. Furthermore, where on earth would she get witnesses? From Mitchell? From Diana Mukpo? From the Kasung/Kusung who acted as his personal guards? That is just NOT going to happen. Please re-read the introductory paragraph for confirmation.

    3. Also, Kellie, if one has ever suffered abuse, it is often EXTREMELY hard to talk about it. This is one of the sad features of abuse survivors. They just don’t’ feel safe coming forward. And to be demonized for it just ads to the trauma.

  2. I attended various beginner level programs like Shambhala 1, Miksang and Shambhala Art. I found those programs very inspiring and helpful to my life. I remember feeling more kind, focused and energetic for days afterwards at work and in my personal life. I always had a feeling that I didn’t want to delve any deeper into Shambhala because of a bit of an “iffy”, “cultish” vibe. Having a teenage daughter at the time, I also felt that I didn’t want her to get involved with Shambhala because of some of the “predatory” tendencies I read about and heard about the Sakyong from other people practicing Tibetan Buddhism with other teachers. I never had any actual proof but I was following my gut feeling. Thank you for publishing this information as it proves that my gut feeling was right. Also, I think the bottom line is that individuals with predatory, antisocial tendencies can use profound teachings about the nature of reality and distort them to feed their need for narcissistic supply. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Christianity in itself either unless it is misused by confused individuals with an insatiable appetite for narcissistic supply. What I take away from reading all this is that it’s not necessarily the teachings but the individuals teaching/distorting them that we need to watch out for and hold to account.

  3. The problem is this: No human can be worshipped like a god. Inevitably you will finally know this even if it takes many years. Give a person that much power and he will be corrupted by that power; then he will corrupt others as well.

  4. Further to my other post. Buddhism is being watered down in our society to the point of being useless. Might as well sit in a pew and listen to the preacher. Eliminating mind’s habitual patterns is not easy or pretty work. Masters for centuries have put their students through trials to enable students to see through their attatchments. Just read about Tilopa and Naropa. Naropa jumped off a cliff for his teacher and went through many, many brutal physical and mental trials in order to reach enlightenment. One cannot reach enlightenment by sitting on a cushion for an hour on Saturday morning. It might make one feel better, but nothing really happens. So yes, call Trungpa a charloten and read this un founded story about the cat while you eat your hamburger in your leather jacket and shoes.

    1. Yes I agree that we can’t enlighten just sitting on our comfort zone. But i thing you also have to know that when Naropa went to many brutal physical and mental trials in order to reach enlightenment, at that time his guru also help him to come out from his physical pain and solve his mental problem too. Without afford of togetherness is impossible to attend enlightenment.

    2. Interesting! The cat story is unfounded as told by one who was allegedly there, but the story on Tilopa and Naropa which happened over 1,000 years ago and was told to you by the very teachers who are increasingly coming under ill repute, that story is credible to you? What universe are you living in?

    3. Bruce, how do you know this story is unfounded? And are you saying abusing animals is OK because it is in the cat’s karmic best interests? That being abused is necessary to achieve enlightenment? That those who are not can never achieve it? That a fully ‘enlightened society’ (the Shambhala end goal) must necessarily contain abusive elements for all members if it is to thrive? And, I wonder, which of the Buddha’s teachers tortured him to get him to enlightenment?

  5. Well Bruce , the comment ‘unfounded story’ seems like your dismissing a very large group of people who may be well intentioned searching for some guidance in life , help on life’s journey and quite possibly has nothing to do with meat and leather.
    Thank you for the inspiration to communicate the unsaid something absolutely lacking in shambhala kingdom/queendom. where in recent years the power structure has increased it’s grip on limiting communication. Many ‘shambers’ are unlikely to offer their name to a comment because in reality they fear loss. This current time exposes a certain level of hypocrisy of the so called fearless leaders. Take for example yawning duplicitous ethan nichtern who has not commented on his public facebook page since June 23 rd. It is common for he to post at times everyday if not multiple times a day and the silence is expected. This is how the power communicates unlike the preachings.
    To my point ; you hint at the non validity of the cat story so I made an attempt at an explanation and will recount my experience and can offer names because it may be relevant and I am not afraid.
    In the early nineties I spent seven months at Gampo Abbey interviewed by Ani Pema and in the first week of stay during my first interview with acting abbot in Pema’s absence was matter of factly told by the Abbot in her nun’s robes ,currently living in Quebec ,that their is no right and wrong. Very interesting. My boss , as such , the maintenance department head recalled a story to me in private that on an occasion (to which he was the driver) after the vidyadhara gave a teaching in Halifax at Dalhousie University he was leaving the building and snatched a cat and swung it by the tail , squealing, as he threw it across the courtyard. This was relayed to me simply as matter of fact during car drive and possibly as a teaching of not judging the gurus actions as they may contain some deeper meaning. A lot of misdirection especially for the cat.


  6. one of the senoir students in the Netherlands also told me that story about CTR swinging a cat from it’s tail and throwing it away. With the motivation that cats are born into the lower realms.

  7. Dzongsar Khyentse always raved about CTR. Of course he is also a muti millionaire with a harem of ‘consorts’, enjoying the high life, basking in fame and notoriety. Same set up as so many of these Western Tib Bud groups – surrounded by unquestoning, fundamentalist servants tripping over each other to offer more and thereby gain His attention and favour – oops – ‘blessings’! ;)
    He speaks albeit very eloquently in public things that he contradicts totally in private.

    Interesting childhood he had. Maybe that explains everything?

    1. All these tulkus were raise in superstitious, medieval, misogynistic authoritarian environments, whether in Tibet, or later as refugees in India, Nepal or Bhutan, under these same lineage holders of 8th century thinking. They are not allowed to have independent, creative minds. They were scared to death very young, into their positions. And scared us to death with the same nonsense.

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