Freedom of Speech in Tibet

Cancel Culture in Buddhism-Part II

Tibetan Buddhist Lamas Infiltration
CCP China’s Soft Power: Thousands of Lamas,

Well, it looks like Amazon has now gone completely WOKE, allowing all kinds of anonymous, ad hominem, 1- point reviews, ignoring their own rules, whenever books they don’t like go up in sales.

Like my book that pulls no punches about who are the enablers (witting and unwitting)  of the “institutionality of the Tibetan Lamas’ sexual abuses” and who are the creators of the  ‘Climate Change “religious part of the Communist Great Reset.  Further, how all this connects to turn us into a colony of CCP-China.

Whether these enablers be the Lamas’ former sexual consorts or ‘nuns’the Dakini Hoax- or popular neuropsychologists, anthropologists,  or the now thousands of ‘contemplative psychologists’ (euphemist label for Occult Tantra Vajrayana)  in our prestigious universities. All this was thanks to the CIA’s long support of the Dalai Lama; and protecting Trungpa’s Naropa, allowing it to become a University with government grants.

 For the last fifty years it has purposely infiltrated our soft sciences and arts; its students unknowingly under the spell of CCP-Karma Kagyu Lamas’   like their founder, and the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life’s Scientism.  

Do they know these Lamas are here  to destroy Western reason, logic and common sense?  And, the family? Probably not.  When under their spell  of Tantra, you become an irrational ‘no-nothing.”  ‘Reason’ is under assault now at all our universities,  and is what the Tibetan Lamas told us- their first change agents to destroy America- would destroy our chances of ‘enlightenment.’   But NO ONE is looking at this factor of a fifty-year influence that is NOT traditional Buddhism, but a CULT, that meets all the criteria of a dangerous, exploitative sect  that kept its own people enthralled and exploited, unimaginably, for over a thousand years.  

Tibetans had no hospitals, no schools, no services for the extreme taxation by the Lamas and their relatives (Tibet was an occult kleptocracy of nepotism, exploiting its own people) but is what Western elite academia has allowed as a model of the New Scientism to replace objective Western Science:

“While science relies on empiricism, technology, “objective” observation, and analysis, the Dalai Lama, Varela, and Engle  ( two students of  harem-keeping, cocaine- snorting Lama, Trungpa, sic) all convinced that well-refined contemplative practices and introspective methods could be used as equal instruments of investigation. They saw the potential not only to make science itself more humane, but also to ensure its conclusions were far-reaching. They formed the Mind & Life Institute to bridge this divide and advance human well-being.”

Naropa graduates ought to instead form a class action suit for Fraud Writ Large,   having believed they were attending a Liberal Arts college to expand their minds. Not a propaganda institution to soak them in  a Maoist/ War Lord Lamaist/ Marxist propaganda vehicle of the Left. Only  to make them their ‘Mindfulness’ change agents’ to get the western world to think as a  “WOKE” herd.  

Naropa ‘University’ is now expanding their “WOKE” program  to get as many of their MINDFULNESS Graduates- under ‘undue’  Tantra influence- licensed as teachers  in K-12.  

There will be NOWHERE their influence is NOT. They will also bring their hallucinatory therapy to dumb our students down to illiteracy; like the Tibetan Lamas did with their own people.  

After all, it was street LSD that made so many of the boomers ripe for guru cults. Gurus that were connected to the CIA.

 LSD had been used on MK-Ultra subjects.   Naropa can now fulfill what those CIA sociopathic psychologists , and Trungpa Marxists, learned about gurus, sex and psychedelics to destroy the family and a nation. 

 This will complete the Marxist Tantra program started by their cocaine sniffing, alcoholic, harem-keeping, sexual, and animal abusing ChogyamTrungpa founder, and his  AIDS spreading Regent and furthered by his equally degenerate son.  Whose trip to China and his endorsement by the Dalai Lama put him in the CCP positive light. 

Who is secretly back, I hear, in Shambhala International,  teaching his loyal inner circle after they obeyed the Tibetan Lamaist Hierarchy by creating three years of faux optics that THIS TIME, for sure, they would ‘westernize’ their sangha, irrevocably seeped in medieval misogynistic nonsense that can’t be ‘westernized’.

This, while their guru,  Osel Mukpo, “Mipham the Great”  hid out until Joe Biden was ‘seemingly’ elected and delusional Nancy Pelosi had more power to push through the CCP’s -Harmonious Buddhist-Marxist  Great Reset plan. 

The Dalai Lama was even put  in the COVID relief bill by former CIA Pompeo,  for his ‘reincarnation.’  

But Mike,  his ‘reincarnation’ is already roaming our halls of Congress.  Surely,  you know that, don’t you?   The Dalai Lama  brought their CCP-pick, their Eco-Karmapa,  into India to stay at one of his luxurious temples.  Where he has been spying for China for the last 21 years.  India knows this. Why doesn’t Mike Pompeo?  

Because Pelosi and the other Globalists, on both sides of the aisle, want to bail these Occult Lamas, out again, since their reputation is fringed, and donations have dried up, to give this other Kleptocratic leader his pay-off for supporting her Communist programs.  The Dalai Lama has declared himself a Marxist, long ago. What’s wrong with our Congress?  

The CCP- and Lama  influence within the Progressive mix,  has been a mental virus just as deadly as the CCP virus released from China’s Wuhan lab. But, unlike that latter, deadly virus,  this one has yet to create a herd immunity. Not when Amazon promotes Tantra Soft Porn, the Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron, and Shambhala cult Mindfulness books.  Not to mention promoting pedophila.  The Sakyong is back,  pedophile Bill Kerelis is “off the hook”. Thank you Amazon. When will you be selling HIS book? 

Here is what they really believe  in youtube video below, about Sexual abuse, while telling the World that they were going to take the sexual abuse seriously and ‘Westernize’ their sanghas.

Hear the Western Buddhists in the audience clapping in video below.  A complete herd mentality that will never criticize their Theocratic Leaders if they don’t want to be shunned and shamed like in any destructive cult group:  

By the way,  the blonde translator  in video above, Anglo-cizing  this medieval claptrap and spiritual blackmail, is one of the Lamas’ many western consorts; told to become translators so they can travel with the Lama,  and the ‘Tantric uninitiated,’ still being marinated  to accept ‘no good no bad’ in their trance, won’t be the wiser. 

About Me

The Shambhala  International cult group is exceptionally savvy, since promoting their own guru’s son’s  books, written by the Lamas’ western devotee translators,  in all cases. These lamas don’t learn English well enough to write books.  Even the ones who went to Boulder H.S.   like Trungpa’s sexually and physically abusive drunk son: ‘His Eminence.’  Lots of his books for sale at Amazon. 

Amazon has all kinds of  ways to censor a book without actually censoring it, which would give it more  publicity.  So, preventing me from advertising the book, keeps it away from people who most need to read it: Women and cult members ready to leave.  Women and men who can be prevented from entering this Tantric Net in disguise. Amazon is also preventing me from reporting on sexual abuse, which I believe is against the law. 

Just like these Kagyu Tibetan Lamas ( when they’re  not burning books)  and their devotees have learned, as well,  to make you disappear.

 If that doesn’t work, they call you a demon. Like those eight people who DARED to expose the egregious abuse of Sogyal, let alone Trungpa, his Regent and his son;  more protected in the United States than anywhere, except at the U.N. and thanks to  Nancy Pelosi’s obsession with the Dalai Lama., we know she is under a spell.  Crazier and Crazier, how old Progressive women inside this cult act, as well.  Hate-filled  harridans  who demand complete control of the narrative regarding their anti-western, Marxist-friendly agendas.

 If you rebel or ‘whistle-blow on the corruption, they tell those, who are still cult-controlled, that those criticizing the  Lamas, harems, and sexual abuse  and grooming of young girls  “are non-human” and ‘destroying everyone’s future ‘enlightenment.’  This is how all Totalitarian cultures, including Tibetan Lamaism, keep a tight-fisted,  authoritarian, really tyrannical  control; dividing Western people away from their own ethical values and traditions, and reasoning good sense. After all, you are  spoiling their bottom lines, as Mindfulness, Soft-porn Tantra and the Dalai Lama really sells.  Amazon colludes with repressing sexual abuse allegations against religious cults they support. So does ICSA, the mother lode of so-called anti-cult sites; filled with ‘Progressive’ psychologists running the show. 

Here is one of the typical ‘double speak’ anonymous reviews of my book on Amazon, ( my guess is this is a Naropa graduate or fringe- Tantra influenced ‘contemplative psychologist’ not a verifiable purchaser,  claiming to “know me” from Karme Choling, when I lived there, taking care of the late, harem-keeping Trungpa’s autistic son.  I must have made quite an impression, since that was twenty-five-years ago. But, ‘Cowardly’ anonymously gives a typical diagnosis by  Shambhala people who pretend to themselves they have left the Lamas overarching net;   or those still  influenced by the Lamas or their  Naropa-trained ‘contemplative psychologists,’  about a “heretic”, such as myself,  who starts thinking for herself, again, as this ‘reviewer’ falsely recommends.

While demonstrating what these people do, when you do:

Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2021

First, I’ll say, I left the Shambhala cult long ago. Second I’ll say that Ms. Chandler had a front row seat to the Trungpa three ring circus–she and her partner (husband?) took care of Tagi, Trungpa’s son who had autism. I cannot imagine what it was like to live with Tagi and care for a person with such complicated needs as Tagi had. I met them all while I lived at Karme Choling retreat center in Vermont, years ago. Third, while many of Ms. Chandler’s observations and experiences have validity–She needs deep psychological and emotional support. Many people within the Shambhala community have been severely traumatized and while she is a well educated woman in the realm of psychology, such people are often the most vulnerable and least likely to see the depth of her own suffering. I do not condone the horrific behaviors of any cult, including Shambhala or the Catholic Church for that matter. Or any spiritual organization that suffers from egregious lack of ethics and power imbalances. I do wish Ms. Chandler well and do not recommend this book to anyone. It’s more a dumping ground than a guide book to anyone seeking the true from the false on any spiritual path. Trust yourself. And if you don’t trust yourself– seek wise guidance. There are more good apples than bad ones.”

Even better is the example of Mary Finnegan, who attacked me viciously after my book was well-received, and it gave her the courage, with her Dutch pal, who finally wrote their book about Sogyal, while showering me with ad hominem attacks throughout the wider Buddhist world,  pretending they are the new ‘feminists’ exposing sexual abuse in Tibetan Buddhism.

These people are not writing  books to wake people up, and protect them from sexual abuse. They are protecting the Dalai Lama.   Who gave them informal permission to write their books about Sogyal, since his currency was now in negative territory.  But keeping him a ‘rogue lama’; a sacrificial lama.  So this cult could carry on. 

Tantric Western Buddhists, particular those in the most popular Karma Kagyu Lama cult cells, and/or the Shambhala International cells,  ( same thing since Shambhala is a Karma Kagyu front) are now saying ‘they left it long ago”. Long ago was 2017-2018, the years of the explosive scandals in these groups;  when they realize it was not the credential they bragged about on their CVs, not so long ago. 

The ‘deep psychological trauma’ of accepting you have been profoundly fooled?  These dug-in cult members just cannot  face that.

Shambhala International ( Vajradhatu),  always made the person crazy,  so they never have to look at what they continue to enable.  

The sickest young girls and women, mothers included, were the ones in a sexually abusive system, who were in denial and attacked their whistle-blowing siblings.  I know their type too well from my work with sexually abusive families. 

And, like those other dysfunctional abusive ‘families”  on my caseload, this  large extended sick family of  female enablers of Lamaism, called anyone, who started thinking for themself, ‘crazy’ in the groups;  calling them a demon and ‘going to vajra hell’    when I was a witness to their Maoist-Lamaist tactics combined with Guru-yoga.  

After all, most of the early students of Trungpa, and the current President of Naropa, are Marxists. As is the Dalai Lama. 

14th Dalai Lama Poem to Chairman Mao

 And, the worst part is, how these first students of Lamas, and second,  and now a third generation have infiltrated into most all of psychology and social work programs at our most liberal institutions. Like Smith College, who has recently been in the news for censorship and reverse discrimination.  After all, a BLM Smith College Department Head is on two of Shambhala/Naropa Boards.  This is how deeply this Tantra is confusing the Black population in the U.S.  

Trungpa (with I am sure Mao’s approval) started his infiltration through Naropa Institute and his ‘contemplative’ i.e. ‘Tantra-influenced’ psychology programs in 1974, to create ‘change agents to change the world.’  Naropa is under the CCP- Karma Kagyu Organization, as anyone can research, and is well-documented. Although, relying on objective facts and research are taught to be  ‘ego’ to these ‘contemplative’ graduates,  now under the Lamas’ spell.  An “obstacle to enlightenment.”

Anyone, in the cult of the Lamas, who starts thinking for themselves is declared ‘crazy’ and the problem, if  they demonstrate any western, reasoning abilities still, or worse, starts seeing through the Tibetan Lamas  scam to get Americans to hate themselves to help CCP China, as they have been doing for decades now, while getting billions as faux-victims of China.  They are here to cause  total disruption in our institutions, marriage, family, academia, religion, and now in our Constitutional Republic.  Pairing sexual abuse with mind control has always resulted in ‘gain of function.’   

If you regain you reasoning abilities, despite being brainwashed to believe “reason is ego” and the “obstacle to ‘enlightenment’ ” and now, as more Marxist black and brown people have joined the Shambhala cult,  is also  ‘white privilege’ ( can you see how this is all connected) then you are ’emotionally disturbed’. or ‘YOU are in a cult’. or you are a “white supremacist.”  

Then, there are the celebrities that have made this cult flourish, such as Oprah and k.d. Lang, who have promoted the number one sexual abuse enabler for ALL the Tibetan Lamas: Pema Chodron.

What happens when you do this Mindfulness too much? , You become a religious fanatic. Intolerant of others, while virtue signalling your pathological altruism. Then,  demonizing everyone that thinks differently from you.  Sounds like our ‘Democratic’ Party under Lama-Loving Pelosi, these days.  Could anything be more dangerous than this?  The conflation of Radical Gramsci Marxism and Tibetan Lamaism? 

And, you might-if you have money, media skills, academic credentials  or are young, nubile and naive, or have other skills for the Lamas, to recruit for them- wind up in a Medieval, Misogynistic Authoritarian Cult that tells you that ANYONE that criticizes the Guru Lamas, and their inner circle are  the Demons, who  must  be shunned if they even listen to their warnings. This is how The-MotherLode-of-Cults exercises seamless Mind Control,  excusing the worst of someone like Sogyal’s sexual and physical abuses, harem-keeping, and physical abuse of the 8 monks and nuns and lay devotees. Devotees  who wrote a letter in despair to the Dalai Lama,  the main wolf in sheep’s clothing,  about Sogyal’s abuse.  

They then send their second-tiered Lamas, and another high Lama’s long-term consort,  who are there to help to demonize the whistle-blowers. She, of course, is very invested in keeping her 40-year enabling of this abuse under wraps.  And her perks and status as an admired cult member/translator/ sexual consort  in the Overarching hierarchy of the Lamaist caste system.

Then there are the  new  Social Work, “Life Coaches”, and New Age Psychologists’  an Army of Change Agents, and the Progressive Left’s replacement for the Police whom they hope to Defund.   Social Activist Types here to normalize more group think, and weakening of morality and the flight or fight response.  Why they are bringing it into the military, by the way. They are everywhere now, all over the United States. Many are now the  ‘white, brown,  and black privileged’- with their trust funds, and/or their degrees from prestigious institutions; Leftist-infiltrated institutions and New Age academia,  that have been brainwashing our children for the last forty years.

 The Lamas. themselves, with their reputations fraying at the edge in the West, are much too busy  in China, South East Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, now. Oh, yes, they are preparing the ground for the CCP with the celebrity Lamas that brainwashed us first. The ones that were the best at trickery and deceit.  Why are they in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and So East Asia; replacing traditional Han Buddhism in those countries with Tantra Buddhism; More  Group Mind. Through its Mindfulness brand and Guru Yoga.

Communist China has been watching,  for years, the successes of Trungpa’s Naropa; and then his two students who helped the Dalai Lama create the Mind and Life Institute for the Lamas’  long march into academia; particularly  psychology, psychotherapy, social work, neuro- psychology, and other soft sciences. Now its exploded Scientism is in the medical profession. as it becomes a CCP weapon to destroy the West’s economies and science, psychology, psychotherapy, and eventually all of Western civilization for China.

Like this bizarre YouTube video of this GAIA GODDESS, control-freak, NEW FEMINIST that the Lama machine has put out, to be the next Disinformation Cover-up campaign; its Limited Hang Out Operation to completely ignore the facts of the long, recurring sexual abuse history, instead  posing, intimidating and excusing, or laughing and joking to minimize the issue of the egregious sexual abuses and pedophilia  INSTITUTIONALIZED IN TEACHINGS, while double-talk pretending  she is there to address the abuse.  

NO,  she is normalizing it,  because it is normal, and even desired, to be in this hell-realm of exploitation and deceit  of these Lamas.  Captured  permanently by ‘hope and fear.’ Fear of going to to hell if you dare to express any contrary views, hope that this misogynistic sexually abusing, child-grooming cult will be your salvation; your path to ‘enlightenment.’  

We are witnessing, again, the  Apologetic Theatre of Shambhala International, Tricycle, and the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Crazy Brigade of geek psychologists, western Buddhist monks/ philosophers, and eccentric, so-called scientists of the Third Eye, who must be all ‘a twitter’ over getting to think about sex so much.  They will be cranking it up to ’11” because they are desperate to hold onto their amalgam Buddhism, spearheaded now by a misogynistic, occult cult of Lamaism and the CCP.  

 No one can imagine how arrogant psychologists and Western Buddhists can be. And, mix it together?  Tantra and Psychology and every other western soft-science profession?  It will destroy a Nation.   

From academia, psychology, social work, and other soft sciences targeted by the Lamas ( and therefore by CCP China) to be the unwitting vehicles for a Totalitarian change , what better way to make an army of Manchurian candidates inside every American institution ( even our military, intelligence services and the police, all doing Mindfulness, now) than by bringing  the Dalai Lama’s and Trungpa’s Tantric cultural Marxists’ MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT to synthesize irrational mystical thought with Science?

 To weaken Science and destroy it. To weaken the Military and destroy it.  To weaken Academia and destroy it.  A movement that made the early Western Tibetan Buddhists betray their own countries’ values, eschew Judeo Christian ethics, the rule of Law, and our Bill of Rights.



© Copyright 2021. Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.





Published by

Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. -licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. Chandler also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving her unique access to all the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingmapa sects, and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until she managed to extricate herself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that she realized she had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling religious cult that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'': the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism; but using the same techniques and engaging in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

2 thoughts on “Cancel Culture in Buddhism-Part II”

  1. Thank you for opening my eyes, This “so called enlightenment” thing had brainwashing effect on me. This made me arrogant , rude to my family, I was wasting my time alone ignoring my family, no friend circle ,thinking about only enlightenment as only real goal . All this stuff made me think like that I AM BATTER THAN OTHER WORLDLY PEOPLE Who stuck in desires and materialism. I used to think that I am a noble spiritual person who is walking to path of buddha and enlightenment and all other people are stuck in their worldly desires . Slowly slowly this mentality made me arrogant, rude, selfish, a man who has no friends and a man who hate the worldly desires people of the world . This made me sick, and I was in depression. This all things had happened to me because i didn’t want to become a normal person I want to become a buddha , a “enlighten one” who is free from cycle of rebirth. What a life burning delusion that was …… although I didn’t joined any community but this delusion wasted many years of my life.

    So, Thank you very much Christine to free me . You saved my life . So Now i don’t want to become a buddha , I don’t want enlightenment , I don’t care about cycle of rebirth , heaven or hell. All i want to become a normal ordinary person who loves his family , who want loving friends, who take care of other people needs, who spends time with family and friends.

    So, Thank you very much Christine. You have changed my life and my whole perception about the world This is the enlightenment i need THE WORLD is very beautiful and loving place for me now not a suffering as these cults says.

    So , Thank you so much and sorry for my bad English i am not a native English speaker.

    1. Yes, the elitism, that is covered over by increasingly virtue-signalling compassion, ( those are the thickest cult members) or, just as bad, never feeling you can be good enough, kind enough, coupled with believing one is ‘superior’ to have met these teachers and teachings, is a paralyzing, stuck doublebind place. A place that anyone with an ounce of common sense and natural compassion without forcing it, becomes a starting place to help one realize something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Most people can’t bear to admit it. So they stay. You were lucky you weren’t in a group. The sticky net of groupthink becomes overwhelming and puts everyone in a trance that makes them believe they are more awake when they are increasingly asleep. Yes, the feeling of wasted years are a painful state to go through, but it passes. One is just grateful to be free. To be connected to the ordinary world, again, with no more delusional ambitions.

      P.S. your English is clear and direct.

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